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NPR News: 07-25-2020 9AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder negotiations in Congress over the latest coronavirus relief package remain in flux Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised to Republican proposal will be ready next week. But Democrats are warning that the GOP is wasting time as beefed-up. Jobless benefits expire Congressman Richard Neal is the Democratic chairman of the house Ways and Means Committee. They knew that eventually despite the procrastination the argument that they were waiting to see how this would play out now brings us to the eve of an economic catastrophe if unemployment insurance is not extended that I can Marge Congress authorized an extra $600 a week on top of state benefits, but that runs out next week the house included an extension into 3, trillion-dollar planned. It approved back in May but Republicans remain undecided on how to move forward a pro Trump Super PAC says it's giving back a donation to receive from a white nationalist. Who's

Racist web post word link to the mass shooting at a Charleston South Carolina church in 2015 and Piers Tamara Keith reports Group return the money after NPR asked about it donated $1,000 to the committee to defend the president hold leads a white nationalist group called the Council of conservative citizens in 2015 Republican candidates race to return his donations after dylann roof killed nine black parishioners at a church in Charleston cited Holtz writing when alerted to the donation by NPR Dan backer an attorney for the committee to defend the president responded rapidly saying in a statement quote with hundreds of thousands of contributors. We were not aware of who this when was my client has already refunded his contribution. The Super PAC has been running ads accusing former Vice President, Joe Biden a being racist Tamara Keith NPR news.

Block the Trump Administration from carrying out the president's memorandum about the census in Paris on Sela Wang reports of memo is seeking to change who is included in the census numbers that determine eat states share of congressional seats, the fourteenth amendment requires accounting of the whole number of persons in each state for President Trump signed a memo calling for unauthorized immigrants to be excluded from the Census in general but specifically from the account used to redistribute seats in Congress. The president now faces multiple Federal lawsuits New York State Attorney. General's office has filed a complaint that site Sanchez reporting and claims that the move is not only unconstitutional but also violates administrative law by making an arbitrary and capricious decision to exclude unauthorized immigrants when the patient does not have the data to reliably do that. The justice department declined to comment on the lawsuit on to the one in here to New York and you're listening to NPR news.

Federal law enforcement officers again used to tear gas to disperse protesters outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon last night thousands turn down for this latest demonstration after a federal judge denied Oregon's request to restrict the activities of federal officers in a separate ruling a federal judge last night block. Seattle's ban on tear gas from taking effect. Hannah is now a hurricane forecasters upgraded the storm status this morning as it moves toward landfall along the South Texas coast for cashiers expect Hannah to be coming to come ashore by early this evening in Hawaii hurricane. Douglas is expected to bring strong winds heavy rainfall and dangerous surf to the islands beginning tonight. The Eisner Awards Oscars of the comics industry giving out every year on the Friday night of Comic-Con International in San Diego this year with a convention online on like that meant a stripped-down YouTube ceremony in amperes petramale reports. I wasn't the only issue with this year's ice.

Instead of a big hotel Ballroom host Phil LaMarr appeared in front of a virtual comic con logo background. The awards went to a mix of old favorites like Stan Sakai creator of the Samurai rabbit series usagi Yojimbo and newer voices like graphic novelist ebony flowers for her highly priced story hot, but the online voting was marred by a glitch in the platform that allowed voters to see other people's information and possibly change their votes Isner officials eventually decided to scrap the entire process and do it over touch your mayor NPR news.

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