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NPR News: 07-25-2020 10AM ET

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Fly from NPR news on trial Snyder another night of protest into Oregon led to the use of tear gas by federal law enforcement officers sent to the City by President Trump thousands gathered on the streets outside the federal courthouse after a judge rejected that Fruit by Oregon's attorney general to restrict federal law enforcement agencies as a police protest in downtown Portland, Oregon public broadcasting Conrad Wilson US District Court, Judge, Michael mosman said the state like standing to bring the case in part because attorney general Ellen Rosenblum failed to show the interest of the state of Oregon itself have been harmed rozenblum in our legal team argued this week that Federal officers in Portland for violating the first fourth and fifth amendment rights of oregonians by arresting protesters off the streets and unmarked Vehicles without wearing identification and without a warrant or probable cause the judge said that although the case involves allegations of harm to protesters by law enforcement. No protester was a plaintiff

Rolling a federal judges temporarily block the city of Seattle's ban on the police use of tear gas and other less lethal weapons from taking effect that Seattle City council passed the law get animus late last month, but it was challenged by the justice department unemployment benefits per week to expect to expire at the end of the month and pure Susan Davis explains. Why Congress is likely to continue some form of expanded benefit just not in time to meet the current expiration dates Democrats want to extend the additional $600 per week benefit through January Republicans oppose that because they say it's too much and it's stopping workers from going back into the workforce. Republicans are coalescing around a plan supported by the White House to provide up to 70% of a workers pre pandemic wages. As long as it doesn't exceed $600. Either way a deal remains out of sight Senate Republicans have yet to release a formal proposal?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday. He expected a deal in a few weeks. Susan Davis NPR News Washington pandemic with one and a half million more children are going hungry like farmer member station wpln reports 2% said they were able to afford all the food they needed before the pandemic but not anymore. Dr. Steven Patrick of Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the lead author recognize by their teachers schools in the source of food for kids that are appearing in the pediatrician's office less frequently patch of his single parent household seems to be the hardest hit not having the money to buy enough food was tied to higher levels of stress and poorer Health overall Frontier news on Blake farmer in Nashville, and you're listening to NPR news.

For the third weekend in a row protesters took to the streets and rushes Far East today in pure so seeing Kim reports from Moscow locals are unhappy with the arrest of a popular Governor thousands of people took to the streets of the regional Capital Jabara. Ask for thousand miles east of Moscow on the border with China. They shouted slogans in support of their governor who's in pretrial detention on murder charges in Moscow, but they also directed their anger at President Vladimir Putin Putin Central Square on Monday Putin dispatch, the new governor to Cabarrus. He avoided the protest by traveling outside the city Lucy and Kim NPR news Moscow people in South Texas preparing for what is now hurricane Hannah for cancer. Say Hannah strengthened into a hurricane this morning and is expected to make landfall by this evening James Rodriguez lives outside Corpus Christi.

I'm just in case you don't want to hear you. Never know these things can turn out in the golfin and turn into a nightmare at the same time official say Douglas will likely bring strong winds heavy rain and dangerous surf to the entire state public service is honoring civil rights activist and Congressman. John Lewis are set to begin today in Troy Alabama services to be held on the campus of Troy University tomorrow. It was his casket will be carried across Selma's Edmund Pettus bridge where Lewis and other activists were beaten by state troopers in 1965 Snyder NPR news.
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