NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-26-2020 5AM ET

NPR News: 07-26-2020 5AM ET

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Fly from NPR news on Giles Snyder in Portland, Oregon thousands of people impatient with mayor Ted wheeler has response to the police departments use of force against are in their 60th nights of demonstrations in Paris Vanessa Romo was there she filed this report as his latest protest was gathering Steam.

I'm standing in front of the Multnomah County Courthouse in downtown Portland dozens of labor union members have just ended a March through the city streets and are gathered in front of the building. They're holding signs that say fight racism with human power and chanting the names of Brianna Taylor and George Floyd. The broader crowd is yelling profanities at federal agents would have been sent to the city to protect Federal properties and quill the protest. They can be picking out from the balconies up above Vanessa Romo NPR news downtown at a show of support for the protesters in Portland. OR tensions with federal police have been boiling hurricane Hannah has weakened into a tropical storm over Texas, but a storm surge warning is still in effect. The storm came ashore and South Texas late yesterday in the region is bracing for flooding today parts of Hawaii starting to feel the impact of Hurricane Douglas's

Lou's closer to the Islands Hawaii public radio's Casey Harlow reports at residents are getting ready for the storm's impact, especially on Wahoo home to the state capital of Honolulu. Hurricane. Douglas is expected this week near or directly over parts of Hawaii. The latest track has it headed directly for Oahu the most populated island in the state and home to nearly a million residents many spend Saturday making last-minute preparations anticipating Heavy Rain High Surf and dangerous winds early Sunday morning into Monday at the same time the state continues to see start increases and new coronavirus cases counties are preparing the Emergency Shelters with physical distancing and opening them slowly due to health concerns State and County officials are advising residents to only go to an emergency shelter as a last resort for NPR news on Casey Harlow in Honolulu with Siri Steven mnuchin's as a senate Republican coronavirus relief plan will be ready to go this week.

Productive meeting on the staff level work through the final documents as you can see, we're just finishing everything up as we said on Friday. We have a fundamental understanding and we just want to make sure all the paperwork's ready and finish so can be introduced on Monday. Medusan says the president will support the plan which is to include extra Federal Unemployment Benefits the current supplemental Aid 600 Byron Avenue Oceanside some new assistants will not be that high but might be as high as 70% of workers previous packed. You're listening to NPR news.

Brazil's president says he no longer has covid-19 and Pierce Philip Reeves as how your bolsonaro made the announcement on Twitter experts were surprised kid repeatedly ignored social distancing rules appearing in public without a mosque now bolsonaro says, he's tested negative without saying when that test took place Brazil has more confirmed cases and deaths than any country except the US.

Trustees of Vermont Law School in Royalton, what a mural depicting the state's role in the Underground Railroad removed because they say it's racially insensitive on Kayla Shreveport to Murrells been on display for more than 25 years on Friday the Schools Board of Trustees gave artist Sam curse in 90 days to remove the mural for the school will either paint over the artwork or take it down the most recent questions over the mural come in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing and protests Against Racism that have swept the nation sins to Vermont law students denounced the mural for what they say are it's over exaggerated black feature. But Kirsten says his images are not racist. They're just done in an expressionist folk art style person says, he's not sure what he will do next for NPR news on John. Kalish Congressman. John Lewis will cross Selma's Edmund Pettus bridge for the final time this morning. His casket will be carried.

Cross the bridge where he and other civil rights Marchers were beaten by police 55 years ago his body will then lie in state today at Alabama's capital on trial Snyder NPR news.
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