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NPR News: 07-26-2020 9AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder another night of protest in the Pacific Northwest police in Seattle and Portland declared riots in their cities dozens of people were arrested in Seattle and Portland Police and federal law enforcement again used tear gas to disperse protesters to a breach the fence surrounding the cities of federal courthouse. One person is dead. After please say a motorist open fire that protesters in downtown Austin last night, Texas public radio's Jalene armendariz reports holding signs. When a vehicle tries to drive through the demonstrators honking can be heard somebody shots for people to back up and then 5 gun shots ring out in the crowd moments later. Three more shots can be heard. This is Austin senior officer Cucina Radcliffe.

Suspect vehicle video does not clearly show whether the deceased person was armed nor does it show exactly what happened around the vehicle prior to the shooting police said no other people reported injuries. I'm chilling on the. Is in San Antonio weather situation in Aurora, Colorado last night, please say a driver's Dyrdek are toward a group of protesters and that a protester fired a weapon striking at least one person who was taken to a hospital in stable condition overnight in Omaha, Nebraska roughly one hundred protesters were arrested as a March showing support for the Portland protest and Lee Chen Newton in Omaha reports Medics and media were also detained. Please follow the protesters as they marched onto an overpass where police vehicles block their way on the other side pepper balls were deployed into the crowd as the demonstrators were told they were all

Subject to arrest chiefly for obstructing a roadway jezari qual a reporter who was arrested and later released said they would know what to go several at the scene also report seeing the legal Observer being arrested among the 100 or so others on the bridge for MPR news. I'm Emily Chen Newton in Omaha during for flooding today from what is now tropical storm Hannah and it was downgraded overnight after coming ashore in South Texas as a category. 1 hurricane Houston Public Media is Katie Watkins reports of State leaders urging residents to continue taking coronavirus precautions Governor, Greg Abbott told residents not to let the hurricane further stop the spread of covid-19. The governor says they are sanitizing shelters and also deploying additional personal protective equipment and virus testing teams. Hannah is the first hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic season in addition to Gus.

Winds and flooding. It brings with it the threat of tornadoes to the area near Corpus Christi.

This is NPR news.

Parts of Hawaii are starting to feel the impact of hurricane Douglas as it moves closer to the island chain, Hawaii public radio is Casey Harlow reports of residents are getting ready for the storm to impact especially on the wall who home to the state capital of Honolulu hurricane Douglas is expected this week near or directly over parts of Hawaii the latest track as it headed directly for Oahu the most populated island in the state and home to nearly a million residents money spent Saturday making last-minute preparations anticipating Heavy Rain High Surf and dangerous wind early Sunday morning into Monday at the same time the state continues to see Stark increases in new coronavirus cases counties are preparing the Emergency Shelters with physical distancing and opening them slowly due to health concerns State and County officials are advising residents to only go to an emergency shelter as a last resort for NPR news on Casey Harlow in Honolulu per session across Selma Alabama is Edmund Pettus bridge is set to get underway.

A couple of hours it will Mark the last time at the lake Congressman. John Lewis will cross the bridge or he and other civil rights activist were beaten 55 years ago on what's known as Bloody Sunday Lewis's casket is to be carried across the bridge as part of a series of events celebrating his life in France a church volunteer from Wanda's being charged in last weekend's fire at a fifteenth-century cathedral in the city of Nantes French media quoting a prosecutor is saying the man confessed to setting Three Fires at the Cathedral. He was previously questioned and released on trial Schneider. This is NPR news.
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