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NPR News: 07-27-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly nightly protests are continuing in Portland, Oregon NPR's Kirk Siegler says the demonstrations against police brutality and racism have been occurring for 2 months and there's no indication they will end anytime soon or loud energetic and sometimes with thousands filling downtown in the evening. But lately what's been making the headlines are the classes that occur in the early morning hours between those protesters Who Remain and federal agents over the weekend the assistant us attorney for Oregon Craig Gabriel acknowledge were in an unprecedented moment of unrest in his office supports people's rights to protest against the legacy of racism and Justice facilities Federal authorities have filed criminal charges against dozens of protesters Gabriel says several Federal officers have been treated for injuries Kirk Siegler NPR news, Portland.

The body of Georgia Democratic congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis at the US Capitol for the weekend Louis was honored with services in his home state of Alabama gas it with Troy Public Radio reports from Montgomery on Sunday. There was a long line of alabamians waiting to say goodbye and file past Lewis's flag-draped casket in the Rotunda of the Capitol building in the evening soldiers. Follow me. Carry the casket out Louis will now lie in state in the US Capitol building in Washington and later in the week. Funeral services will be held in Georgia. Kyle Gass it with Troy Public Radio Lewis died at age 80 from pancreatic cancer flooding in power outages. Remain a problem this morning among the Gulf Coast of Texas from Hannah the storm came ashore Saturday as a category 1 hurricane near Port Mansfield, that's about 130 miles south of Corpus. Christi. Hannah is now a tropical depression Cherry Clayton with t

Does public radio says some areas have received more than a foot of rain in Port Mansfield on the Texas Gulf Coast took a direct hit from Hurricane Hannah Amanda. Stephen is the owner of the sunset House Motel & RV Resort there in the ditches. There are shingles everywhere palm trees down roof ripped off either yesterday, Texas. Governor, Greg Abbott announce the Federal Emergency Management agency approved a federal emergency declaration request among other things that will make direct federal assistance available. I'm Jerry Clayton in San Antonio forecast for say hurricane. Douglas has been bringing heavy rains strong winds and a storm surge to the Hawaiian island, but it appears the region has been spared the worst of the category 1 storm. It moved within 65 miles of Honolulu late last night.

This is NPR news from Washington.

Senate Republicans are expected to roll out a trillion-dollar coronavirus relief package today. GOP leaders have been working with the White House for days on details of the a bill including what to do about expanded unemployment benefits, which are expiring the Pan American Health Organization says, it's still waiting to hear if its experts will be allowed to visit Nicaragua to assess the impact of the coronavirus in that country has Maria Martin reports. Nicaragua's president reportedly has contracted covid-19 has been ill with a coronavirus infection according to his brother-in-law Ortega has really appeared in public since the start of a pandemic. He made an appearance a week ago and said that like a capitalist countries the death toll from the virus was slow in Nicaragua and the virus has had no impact on the country's economy or health system, but the Pan American Health Organization has been expressing.

Concerns about a lack of testing contact racing and reliable data. They want to send experts to check then he got a one government claims 108 deaths from the virus. But according to Independent Health monitors. The number could be 22 Times Higher for NPR news on Maria Martin on to a record high of more than $1,900 an ounce Wall Street Futures are higher this morning following a day of losses on Friday Dow futures are up 72 points. Nasdaq futures are up to 60 on Dave Mattingly in Washington.
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