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NPR News: 07-27-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer Republicans and Democrats were made at least 2 trillion dollars apart the start of negotiations for New Wave of pandemic relief Aid NPR's Claudia grisales reports the talks began after Republicans Finally Revealed their proposal to include some direct payments to Americans unemployment money made for schools. Also there 1 trillion dollar proposal is just what Americans need now to the heart of three distinct crisis facing our country getting kids back in school getting workers back to work and winning the healthcare fight against the virus Publican plan is too little too late.

The Republican plan is weak tea when our problems need a much stronger blue Cloud Atlas NPR News Washington a tribute to the longtime Georgia lawmaker house Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Let a delegation to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland where Lewis's flag-draped coffin arrived today motorcade bearing the body stopped at black lives matter plaza near the White House that made its way to the capital. It was will be the first black lawmaker to lie in state in the Capitol rotunda. More Federal officers are reported to be on their way to Portland, Oregon NPR skirt steak the reports the nightly clashes between protesters and police agents sent by the Trump Administration to protect Federal Building show no sign of ending.

Dozens of people are now facing Federal criminal charges for their alleged roles in the nightly clashes that occurred here between demonstrators and federal authorities. Oregon public broadcasting is citing multiple federal law enforcement sources as saying the dozens more officers are being deployed here in addition to the hundred and fourteen on the ground. The beefed-up law enforcement presence is widely seen is not helping to deescalate tensions the latest civil rights suit to challenge the administration's authority to be here comes from the ad hoc wall of moms group of protesters. They accuse Homeland Security of repeatedly tear gassing them a legendary vomiting and unable to sleep or eat Kirk Siegler NPR news, Portland Maine Federal Court calling it harassment and following a Rewritten lawsuit challenging The subpoena on grounds. They believe can form with how the Supreme Court said The subpoena could be challenged High Court ruled early this month in Manhattan.

Cuticle subpoena Trump's tax returns over his objections, but the court said trump. It also challenged The subpoena as improper. Gain ground today the Dow 500 Fourteen Points the NASDAQ Rose 173 points. You're listening to NPR.

Retailer Target says it will join rival Walmart in closing its stores on Thanksgiving Day ending a decade-long tradition of trying to jump-start the so-called Black Friday sales holiday is coming as stores rethink the annual retail tradition and also work to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus doors began staying open on Thanksgiving day ahead of the Friday after Thanksgiving the destroyed Lee had been the busiest shopping day of the year created a new tradition of Shoppers heading out to stores after the annual Thanksgiving feast but some retailers and I'll be thinking that no research suggests vaccines against the flu and pneumonia could reduce a person's risk of Alzheimer's disease of yours. John Hamilton reports on to study be presented the Alzheimer's Association International Conference. This text looked at the medical records sold. One of the studies found that those who got at least one flu shot where 70% less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Maria Carrillo is Chief science officer of the Alzheimer's Association overall health from Target of a memory decline that are associated with Alzheimer's or another dementia batteries for costly manufactured goods designed to last drop a solid 7.3% Last month Commerce Department says the June rise and durable goods orders was better than expected Falls an even bigger up kick the previous month. I'm Jack Speer NPR
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