NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-28-2020 1AM ET

NPR News: 07-28-2020 1AM ET

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My from NPR news on Shea Stephens more government agents reportedly are heading to Portland as NPR's Siegler reports has been no let-up in clashes between protesters and federal officers. The Trump Administration says are needed to protect government property dozens of people are now facing Federal criminal charges for their alleged roles in the nightly clashes that occurred here between demonstrators and federal authorities. Oregon public broadcasting is citing multiple federal law enforcement sources as saying the dozens more officers are being deployed here in addition to the hundred and fourteen on the ground. The beefed-up law enforcement presence is widely seen is not helping to deescalate the tensions the latest civil rights suit to challenge the administration's authority to be here comes from the ad hoc wall of moms group of protesters. They accuse Homeland Security of repeatedly tear gassing them allegedly been vomiting and unable to sleep or eat Kirk Sigler NPR news, Portland.

What is acknowledging the need to reach a deal with the Democrats over the latest coronavirus relief proposal mecanicos, the one trillion dollar plan that Republicans have unveiled a starting point from NPR trial Snyder speaking to reporters at the Capitol Senator. McConnell said every bill has to start somewhere. The Republicans are in the majority in the Senate. This is a starting place and we'll get you all have plenty of stories to cover along the way the kanokon to send it to you o p proposal another fold framework to healthination saying it's tailored and targeted to get kids back to school workers back to work in winning the fight against the virus but Democrats say is not enough and some conservative Republicans say the priority should be on restarting the economy to go see a shins began. Monday is enhanced unemployment assistance an eviction protections are set to expire this week. Trial Snyder NPR news in misery tropical storm Hannah pound of the region with a half a foot of rain over the weekend.

As the state battles a surge in new coronavirus infections 66 year old Laura Esquivel of Westlake. Oh says, she stayed home most of the time since the pandemic began in March, but now has to deal with flood damage and a greater risk of exposure to disease.

Or dying.

Texas governor, Greg Abbott says additional prove it testing supplies are being sent to hospital Personnel in South Texas communities impacted by Hannah. The storm also was blamed for at least two deaths in North Eastern Mexico near Monterey Wall Street stocks close higher Monday a head of the federal reserve's meeting this week on interest rates. The Dow Jones Industrials gained a hundred and fourteen points the NASDAQ Rose 173 and the S&P 500 added 23 US futures are higher. This is NPR news.

It was Factory orders were Big Ticket items Rose 7.3% in June. It was the second monthly gain in manufacturing of durable goods Commerce Department's is the June game was better than expected following a 15% rise in May Factory orders declined sharply at March and April and wake of the pandemic related closings in government is relaxing one of its border restrictions to Spicer covid-19 cases in the US has Dan parpan shop reports. It will now be easier for you as College freshman to study in Canada. It would have been almost impossible for first-year students from the u.s. To enter Canada now a student coming from South of the Border May no longer need a visa like study permit that was issued on or before March 18th. That was add a border restrictions were first announced a group of us parents lobbied senators and members of Congress as well as the acting ambassador to Canada to get the restrictions eased Canadian border agents will now accept a Port of Entry letter of introduction that show

The student has been approved for a study permit the exception only applies to American students and not those from other countries later Year American students with pre-existing permits could still cross the border easily even after having spent the summer in the US for NPR news sometime carpet junk in Toronto Mila's house has passed a bill to open a Smithsonian Museum that would showcase Latino history art and culture in the US that at the Congressional Hispanic caucus says Latino history is part of American History the measure now goes to the Senate where it has bipartisan support on Shea Stephens. This is NPR news.
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