NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-29-2020 10AM ET

NPR News: 07-29-2020 10AM ET

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Mine from NPR news. I'm Korva Coleman in a move. By President Trump. The u.s. Is going to withdraw about twelve thousand troops from Germany about 6400 troops will return home another 5400 will move to other European nations us officials say this could start in weeks or months from this complain. Germany isn't spending enough for defense stocks open modestly higher this morning as investors away the outcome of a Federal Reserve policy meeting and PR Scott Horsley reports the Dow Jones Industrials Rose about 20 points in early training central Bankers, which was David this afternoon following a two-day policy meeting no changes expected in interest rates, which are already near zero and likely remain there for the foreseeable future investors will be listening though is fed chairman Jerome Powell speaks to reporters Al and his colleagues Walker their assessment of the economy and its Halton recovery from the deep coronavirus recession.

Amazon that recovery may not be rapid the FED has extended some of its emergency lending program that were set to expire in September. I'll run through the end of the year Congress mean while it's still negotiating is next round of coronavirus release measures supplemental unemployment benefits are set to run out in 2 days. Where's the NPR News Washington Federal Law Enforcement Officers deployed to Portland. The ACLU says they're violating a court order protecting legal observers and journalists covering protest. Oregon public broadcasting is Rebecca Ellis has more ACLU attorneys alleged Federal officers violated the order almost immediately. They've now asked a federal judge to intervene. Once again last Thursday a temporary restraining order against Federal officers Center Portland to Guard Federal buildings. The judge said officers couldn't use Force against anyone who they should reasonably know is a journalist Observer unless they thought that

Person who committed a crime they also can order observers or journalist to disperse leadership from the Department of Homeland Security including acting secretary to appear in court to defend the officer's actions from here news. I'm Rebecca Ellison Portland Vietnam is scrambling to contain a new outbreak of coronavirus infections after going three months without any cases Michael Sullivan reports from Thailand and fewer than 430 confirmed cases of local transmission since the pandemic began that ended Friday when the First new case was discovered in the Central City of the knob packed with domestic Taurus to now appear to have taken if I was home with them to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City formerly Saigon Michael Sullivan reporting the dad was up about 50 points at 26430. The NASDAQ is up one.

106 points or up more than 1% This is NPR.

The CEOs of for big tech companies will testify in a virtual hearing before a house panel today the leaders of Amazon Apple Facebook and Google will be asked whether their firms try to stifle competition from smaller companies. The CEOs have released their opening statements defending their business operations. The four tech companies are all Financial supporters of NPR accordion. Spain has struck down a low emissions Zone in Madrid that was created to cut back on air pollution. A judge says it was set up without any process for public disclosure Lucy it Benavides reports. The project has already gone back and forth various times. It was passed a few conservative mayor, but only week after that a local judge reinstated the car ban.

Environmentalist groups challenged the Court's decision in a report by the European Federation of environmental Association Strode decrease 32% during the time. The car ban was in place for NPR news. I'm Lucia benavidez in Barcelona Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. Saudi government has banned International pilgrims because of a coronavirus pandemic only about a thousand Saturdays and 4 and Muslim residence already in the country will be allowed to join the pilgrimage on Korva Coleman NPR news.
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