NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-31-2020 7AM ET

NPR News: 07-31-2020 7AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman. There aren't serious problems with the Trump administration's new database that tracks Hospital data about the coronavirus pandemic. This information used to be collected by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention and Piers pink one says now it's gathered by the Department of Health and Human Services. Trump officials argued CDC wasn't managing to get every single hospital to reporting that was one of the reasons for the switch. But what we're seeing now is that they also have managed to get 100% possible to report and also rehab and Veterans facilities are not included but they were for the CDC data NPR Quan reporting the date. It was supposed to be updated daily. Nothing has been reported for a week and some data from States is obviously wrong that special house panel is meeting today to review the US response to the pandemic one key witness is the head of the CDC Doctor Robert Redfield protests continue to in Portland Oregon last night, but Oregon Public Broadcasting

Jonathan Levinson reports. It was the first night in more than three weeks at Federal officers were not present Williams talk about racial Justice.

But as the night wore on one thing was absent the police, Oregon governor Kate Brown struck a deal with Federal officials early Wednesday to remove Department of Homeland Security and other Federal officers from Portland streets replacing them with Oregon State Police the determination of protesters hear Let DHS acting secretary Chad wolf to agree to the deal pulling out federal officers are the early morning hours and other State Police North Federal officers have been seen at the protest for NPR news on Jonathan Levinson in Portland International finds that children who survived the Isis genocide against the yazidi people have been effectively abandoned by a rock and by the International Community & Beers Jana Raff reports that use these are an ancient religious minority in Iraq.

6 years ago Isis sweats room Northern Iraq killing is eating men and taking women and children hostage girls as young as nine were held as sex slaves hundreds of boys were trained to fight the roughly 6000 yazidis believed to have been captured about 3,000 eventually escaped or were freed with their homes destroyed most are in camps for displaced families in the Kurdistan region of Iraq amnesty interview children with shrapnel still in their bodies boys and girls were deeply traumatised who aren't getting psychological help and women haunted by being forced by how do you see the community to give up their babies for mices father's Embassy says all those issues need to be addressed and dizzy D's help to rebuild their homes Jane around NPR news. You're listening to NPR.

The National Hurricane Center is issued warnings about hurricane. He said he has four parts of the Bahamas. The storm is Tom sustained winds of 80 miles per hour and it's moving North the Hurricane Center says it could Menace Florida by tomorrow or Sunday and Afghan officials as a Car Bomb sound of Kabul has killed 18 people and wounded more than two dozen the blast occurred on the eve of a rare 3-day ceasefire as NPR's. Diaa Hadid reports a video of the incident shed line of gone reporter shuttle Hospital in chaos after the blast some wounded including children lay bloodied on the floor others were attacked the drapes a provincial official House of stomach that I blame the Taliban for the blast. It occurred hours before a ceasefire announced by the insurgents meant to spark a Stoltz this week. The Taliban said that released a thousand Austin security forces in their captivity the government already free thousands of Taliban fighters, but the insurgents demand the release several hundred more before paste Wilkins. They all found President says he wants to

The National Assembly to discuss the release of any more Taliban fighters that could be a way of getting political cover for the controversial move or delaying their lease, even further the a deed and pee on you. As long as I'd former u n Ambassador Bill Richardson says to American oil executive jailed in Venezuela have been released to house arrest in Caracas. He has been working to free them and several other Americans detained in Venezuela Richardson has often work to secure the release of Americans held in other countries such as in North Korean.

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