NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-01-2020 1AM ET

NPR News: 08-01-2020 1AM ET

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Live from NPR news on your ROM the nation's leading infectious disease expert. Dr. Anthony found. She told her Congressional panel. Friday progress is being made towards the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus guarantee that you're going to get a safe and effective vaccine, but from everything we've seen now in the animal data as well as the early human data, we feel cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year. And as we go into 2021, he said once a vaccine is a fruit as safe and effective Americans should have widespread access within a reasonable time hurricane warnings are posted for the Florida Panhandle has hurricane easily LaSalle Street approaches with maximum sustained winds of 80 miles per hour is expected to hit Florida sometime Saturday with heavy rain strong winds and deadly storm surge has President Trump says, he will ban the popular short video platform.

Tick Tock from operating in the US over concerns the Chinese own app, if you passing on data from American users NPR's Emily Fang reports, the news comes as screwed me over a Chinese company increases in the US Army hours before Trump told reporters on Air Force One that he was Banning Tik Tok several news reports and Microsoft was in advanced talks to acquire TiK ToK by Tech Giant bytedance owns Tik Tok that Chinese ownership has raisins are in the app is passing user information to China communist party by dances strongly denied. The allegation thing Tik tok's us operations are separate from those in China last year the treasury Department open investigation against Tik Tok over National Security concerns and in recent months bytedance have been seeking potential us buyers for Tik Tok as pressure for it to divest grow Emily saying and cheering use Beijing three people have been charged in connection with the hack of prominent Twitter accounts, and they are Shannon Vaughn reports Frost yourself, Florida teen

Anchor masterminded the attack attack targeted accounts of users including Barack Obama Bill Gates and Kanye West the hackers posted messages asking followers to send Bitcoin Andrew Boren estate attorney in Florida says the seventeen-year-old Tampa resident charged with a hack reach more than $100,000 from the scam seventeen-year-old kid. This was not an ordinary 17 year old teenager was arrested on Friday morning and charged with 30 felonies Federal prosecutors. Also charged to other people involved in the hack one in Orlando. And another in the United Kingdom. Shannon Vons. NPR News, San Francisco Federal appeals court Friday overturn the death sentence for Jahar Tsarnaev who was convicted of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people he and his brother had set-off homemade pressure cookers near the finish line and appeals courts held the trial judge did not properly strangers for beyaz, this is NPR.

7 Marines and the Navy sailor are still missing after their Insidious assault vehicle sank off the coast of Southern California during a training Mission Thursday one Marine dies seven others were rescued officials say they are suspending waterborne operations of all Us in phibious assault vehicles until I cause can be determined Europe's economy has shrunk again as a result of the pandemic down 11.9% from the previous quarter as SB Nicholson reports many European economies have seen their biggest slums since records began Spain which like Italy was hit particularly hard by the coronavirus is reporting the biggest Fountain this culture with its economy dropping 18.5% Even Germany, your largest economy is down 10.1% this quarter but business confidence that is off again for the third month running and unemployment figures it down from last month. Well coronavirus restrictions of being east across the continent.

Business is a bad cough and running the Outlook remains uncertain as infection rates. Go off again. Eud does have agreed on a 750 billion-euro Recovery Fund to be fine on my shed. Trimpe on use. I'm Esme Nicholson in Berlin. The family of Alan Parker says the British filmmaker died Friday after a lengthy illness, his film credits included musicals and dramas and thrillers such as a Vida, Mississippi Burning and Midnight Express together his movies one at 10 Academy Awards and 19 British Awards. Alan Parker was 76. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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