NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-01-2020 8AM ET

NPR News: 08-01-2020 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on trial Snyder another round of negotiations over the latest coronavirus relief package expected to get underway on Capitol Hill this morning house Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said to meet with treasury secretary Steven mnuchin and acting white house chief of staff Mark Meadows in Paris Windsor Johnson reports of Democrats and Republicans remain far apart on the next round of relief relief legislation, the relief bill including what is anything will replace the $600 a week in extra jobless benefits house Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blasting Republicans for wanting to lower that amount moving forward for 200. But the $600 is essential in the lives of these families and they question or maybe somebody staying home making more money than they will want you suggest those high rollers that I same scrutiny.

As to whether that money was justified. The White House has suggested that it's willing to extend the extra benefits short-term, but it hasn't been able to reach an agreement with fellow Republicans Windsor Johnston NPR News Washington sharing app Tik Tok as soon as today. The app is owned by a beijing-based company that has NPR's Jason slotkin reports the Trump Administration along with the US lawmakers for the Chinese government May access state of some us users Tik Tok dance and the Trump Administration lawmakers have concerns the company could be compelled to hand over data on millions of Americans to Chinese authorities. Tik Tok says this hasn't happened but that hasn't he's a concern to Congress who recently Advance legislation to keep the app off devices issue to federal employees. Currently Microsoft is in talks to buy the apps us operations to

Has issued a statement saying it is committed to protecting user privacy and safety. The company says it's user data is stored in the US under strict controls residents of the Florida coast bracing for heavy rain and strong winds as hurricane. Isa is makes its way across the Atlantic and towards the east coast in. They've missed each other more hurricane TCS hundreds of thousands without power in Puerto Rico in the Dominican Republic Thursday while I was still a tropical storm. It was upgraded to a hurricane early Friday morning. He said he has is now making its way through the Bahamas or dangerous storm surge is expected for Saturday meteorologists. Say the same conditions are expected to hit Florida through the weekend. The National Hurricane Center says life-threatening flash flooding is possible and low-lying and poorly drained areas across the East Coast from South Florida to the Mid-Atlantic Dave Mustaine NPR news, and you're listening to NPR news.

Authorities in South Korea have arrested the founder of a Christian religious sect at the center of the country's largest coronavirus outbreak investigators are looking into whether the church hid information from contact Racers and underreported Gatherings more than 5,200 cases of covid-19 have been linked to the church more than a third of South Korea's total and Portugal the lockdown has been lifted that was imposed in parts of Greater Lisbon to start of July following a series of Corona out Brakes in that region move, since even several other European countries are tightening restrictions has cases search Alice Roberts reports months-long lockdown around the Portuguese Capital has now been to science to what the government says is a downward Trend in ukases some restrictions remain in place across the region including Gathering being limited to 10 people and the band on the consumption of alcohol in public places. The situation will be reviewed in 2 weeks. The decision to ease Lisbon's partial lockdown comes after Portugal.

Turn off the safe travel list several European countries itching. It's crucial tourism sector hard. Meanwhile neighboring Spain with was on the UK's safelist has now been struck off it as cases search there in Lisbon. According to data from Johns Hopkins University Mexico's total tops 46600 in Southeast Asia. And EI reporting its Steve is Spike and new infections over the past 24 hours more than 57,000 Schneider NPR news.
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