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NPR News: 08-01-2020 10AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder President Trump says he will ban the popular short video platform Tik Tok from operating in the United States over concerns that the Chinese so that may be passing on data from American users than beer simplifying reports. The news comes as scrutiny over Chinese companies increases in the US to talk several news reports and Microsoft was in advanced talks to acquire Tik Tok Chinese Tech Giant bytedance owns Tik Tok that Chinese ownership has raised concerns. The app is passing user information to China communist party by dentist strongly denied the allegations same tick tocks us operations are separate from those in China last year the treasury Department opened an investigation against Tik Tok over National Security concerns and in recent months bytedance have been seeking potential us buyers for Tik Tok as pressure for it to divest grew Emily saying NPR news Beijing

I'm going this weekend with a major sticking point being that $600 Federal Unemployment. Benefits have been if it expired last night both sides blaming each other for not yet reaching a deal before the start of this morning's talks house Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she remains opposed to a short term agreement hurricane easy houses is bettering the Bahamas and will move toward Florida's East Coast later today in Paris, Greg Allen reports that the storm will bring rain and winds as high as 85 miles per hour to community size of Florida's Coast to Coast but hurricane-force winds Stinson 35 miles from the center Palm Beach county is ordered evacuations for people who live in Mobile Homes County. Mayor Dave Kerner says for those who need them shelters are available with covid-19 safeguards in place. We will have areas where families can be with proper social distancing 60 between family unit is somebody has a fever or sick or otherwise infected with covid-19. We have procedures in

Desegregate that person officials in Florida are warning people Sheltering get home to avoid large Gatherings and hurricane parties that could spread the virus Greg Island NPR news, Miami Hurricane approaching Florida. It's bearing down on one of the country's coronavirus hotspots this week Florida set records for the number of deaths 4 days in a row, the governor has so far not issued a Mastiff and a Pug Miami mayor Francis Suarez thinks he should what evacuation centers with coronavirus safety measures are on standby. If needed the Justice Department's is three people have been charged in the hack earlier. This month of Twitter accounts belonging to Provident users is a seventeen-year-old from Tampa Florida to master mind and will be prosecuted as an adult in the scan the two people out of more than $100,000 in Bitcoin.

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Authorities in South Korea have arrested the founder of a Christian religious sect at the center of the country's largest coronavirus outbreak investigators are looking into whether the church hid information from contact racer and underreported Gatherings more than 5,200 cases of covid-19 at the length of the church more than a third of South Korea's total infections to NASA astronauts getting home from the International Space Station the plan to undock this evening and returned to Earth tomorrow afternoon, but it's empty or has no Greenfield police reports of weather may not cooperate banking blasted off in May the first people to ever ride a commercial space vehicle into orbit there SpaceX capsule is designed to Splashdown at one of seven locations in the waters around Florida the with the hurricane in the area Mission controllers are watching the winds and seas closely Hurley says, they're prepared in case they get seasick while waiting to get hauled out of the water.

Bags if you need them, I will have those handy will probably have some towels handy as well. This will be the first Splashdown by American astronaut since 1975 NASA space shuttles land on a Runway Nell. Greenfieldboyce. NPR News starts league is heading into an expanded playoff format with games and to HUB cities to reduce the risk of infection. So subsidies Toronto and Edmonton the first game between the New York Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes. I'm trial Snyder NPR news.
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