NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-01-2020 11AM ET

NPR News: 08-01-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara fine house Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top Trump Administration officials are back in negotiations today on a new coronavirus relief package pandemic enhanced unemployment benefits expired last night and NPR's Windsor Johnston reports Democrats and Republicans are still far from a deal for his provisions of the relief bill, including what if anything will replace the $600 a week and extra jobless benefits house Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blasting Republicans for wanting to lower that amount moving forward. They've offered two hundred but the $600 is essential in the lives of these families and they question or maybe somebody staying home making more money than they will want you suggest those high rollers to that same scrutiny as to whether that money was justified. The White House has suggested that it's willing to extend the extra benefits short-term, but it hasn't been able to reach

In agreement with fellow Republicans Windsor Johnston NPR News Washington. Meanwhile Johns Hopkins University is confirming more than four and a half million coronavirus infections in the US and more than a hundred fifty-three thousand deaths hurricane Isa Isa sza battering the Caribbean with sustained winds of 85 miles an hour meteorologist. Rob Marciano says the storm is now heading to Florida Miami later on today. And then tonight then Melbourne and the space coast and then eventually heading into the end of the Carolinas during the day on Monday Tuesday and then clipping the Northeast so we could we possibly could see three landfalls with this regardless. It is going to affect millions of people the way this is parallel in the u.s. Coastline ECS is already damaged homes and knocked out power to thousands and for Tirico.

James Murdoch has resigned from the board of directors of News Corp. The publishing arm of his family's media Empire as NPR's David folkenflik reports. It's a very public evidence of the rupture within the Murdoch family owns The Wall Street Journal the New York Post in major papers in the UK and Australia is sister company Fox Corp owns Fox News. It was all built by Rupert Murdoch who gave his two sons Lachlan and James against each other to succeed him Lachlan who's more conservative prevailed in resigning James cited, unspecified editorial choices by the company you earlier criticized the murdocks Australian papers for discounted. The role climate change has played in deadly wildfires there more recently the journals opinion section spark objections and its own Newsroom over claims about the pandemic and black lives matters protest what Fox News is technically separate some of its recent segments have been widely denounces racist even buy some Fox News staffers and it's provided strong support for President Trump David folkenflik NPR news.

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Authorities in South Korea have arrested the founder of a Christian religious sect that the center of the country's largest coronavirus outbreak investigators are looking into whether the church get information from contact Racers and under-reported Gatherings authorities. Say the actions allegedly hampered antivirus measures Portugal is lifting a coronavirus lockdown that was imposed last month in parts of the capital Lisbon Allison Roberts reports the move comes even as several other European countries are tightening restriction months-long lockdown around the Portuguese Capital has Melvin age to science to what the government says. Is it downward Trend in ukases some restrictions remain in place across the region including Gatherings. They limited to 10 people as a band on the consumption of alcohol in public places. The situation will be reviewed in 2 weeks. The decision to eat Lisbon's partial lockdown comes after Portugal.

The safe travel list several European countries itching. It's crucial tourism sector hard meanwhile neighbouring Spain which was on the UK's safelist has now been struck office has cases search there in Russia is resuming some international flights today. They were grounded at the end of March to curb the spread of the coronavirus flights are resuming with turkey Tanzania, and the United Kingdom Moscow says flights to Geneva will resume August 15th on Barbara Klein NPR news.
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