NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-01-2020 1PM ET

NPR News: 08-01-2020 1PM ET

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Live from NPR news on bar Brookline hurricane ECS is making landfall in the Bahamas NPR's Greg Allen reports. The storm will bring rain and 85 mile an hour winds as it heads up Florida's Coast later today from the center Palm Beach county is ordered evacuations for people who live in Mobile Homes County. Mayor, Dave Carter says for those who need them shelters are available with covid-19 safeguards in place. We will have areas where families can be with proper social distancing 64 family units if somebody has a fever or sick or otherwise think they may be infected with covid-19. We have procedures in place to segregate that person officials in Florida are warning people Sheltering get home to avoid large Gatherings and hurricane parties that could spread the virus Greg Island NPR news, Miami.

U.s. He says security officials are concerned. The chinese-owned app could be used to collect personal information about millions of Americans the general manager of tick tock you Wes has issued a video statement saying user data is stored in the US with strict controls in Portland, Oregon social justice protest ended without any major violence or rest for a second night in a row last night. It follows a drawdown of federal officers this week James Murdoch has resigned from the board of News Corp founded by father media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, James sites disagreements over editorial content News Corp owns among other things the Wall Street Journal and Far Eastern Russia, the protesters took to the streets for the 4th weekend in a row to denounce authorities in Moscow. Seven time zones away is NPR's Lucy and Kim reports from the Russian Capital the pro.

That's what triggered by the arrest of a popular provincial Governor despite pouring rain thousands of people made their daily protest March through the Central Cabarrus the regional Capital. They're angry. Their governor is facing murder charges in Moscow for thousand miles away and unhappy with his replacement from President Vladimir Putin appointed to run the Regent.

Russia without pooping bait Shanty the protesting are among the largest and most of Spain in Russia's regions secret power 20 years ago. The Kremlin spokesman says things will calm down new governor gets to work Lucian Kim NPR news Moscow in Germany thousands of protesters are demonstrating in Berlin against the country's coronavirus restriction. They say the end of the pandemic has arrived but authorities say they're concerned about an increase in infections. This is NPR news.

In Nicaragua a firebomb attack on the cathedral in the capital of Managua has destroyed a 400 year old crucifix Maria Martin reports. Nicaragua's government and the church disagree on what was behind the attack. What does it say a hooded man? Enter Mahna was revered Cathedral Friday night and threw a Molotov cocktail starting a fire that completely destroyed the historic and beloved crucifix was Cardinal a premeditated Act of terrorism, but the police say no gasoline or other combustible cost of fire. Vice-president Rosati Mario says, it had been caused by burning candles. All of the church says no candles were nearby the incident is just one of a number of recent attacks against Catholic churches in he got out what many supporters of the Saint Denis the government of The Millers. They got to see the church as opposing Ortega for NPR news on Maria Martin.

The United Arab Emirates says it successfully begun startup operations at its first nuclear power plant. It's also the first in the Arab world. It's built by South Korean power provider. Kepco 10 days ago the UAE became the first Arab country to launch an interplanetary Mission sending a probe to Mars to SpaceX crew Dragon astronauts the prep preparing to leave the International Space Station later today. They're due to Splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow afternoon. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.
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