NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-02-2020 12AM ET

NPR News: 08-02-2020 12AM ET

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Fly from NPR news on your ROM California has become the first state in the country to hit half-a-million covid-19 infections as NPR's Matthew Schwartz reports. This comes as the state is seeing Morton daily deaths than ever before 219 people lost their lives to the coronavirus in one day California Health officials reported Saturday. It's the state's highest daily figure since the pandemic began bringing its total fatalities 2/92 hundred including the state's first loss of a teenager which officials announced this week with more than 500,000 total cases of the virus, California is leading the nation edging out Florida, which has 480,000 confirm cases. According to data from the Johns Hopkins coronavirus tracker, the u.s. Saw 1.8 million new cases in July the worst month on record Matthew Schwartz NPR News, Washington treasury secretary Steven mnuchin.

Congressional Democrats say their tongue Saturday were constructive but they're not close to agreement on a coronavirus relief package extra Federal Unemployment Benefits have now expired $600 a week for millions of jobless Americans Administration and Congressional staffs are to meet Sunday and the principals are to resume negotiations Monday in Wisconsin a Statewide order requiring Mass to be worn in most indoor public places took effect Saturday, but is Chuck quirmbach of member station wuwm reports some County Sheriff say, they won't enforce the order Democratic governor to sign the order this week adding Wisconsin to about 30 other states that have a mask requirement reducing the spread of covid-19. But more than a dozen Republican County Sheriff's say they won't enforce eavers is order with some complaining. They don't have the resources Democratic state.

Senator Jon erpenbach says the sheriff's reaction is curious or when it comes to seat belts The Mask order also applies to outdoor bars and restaurants But it includes several exceptions including for eating and drinking or NPR news on Chuck quirmbach in Milwaukee to NASA astronauts are on their way back to Earth after spending two months on the International Space Station. They boarded spacex's new dragon, which decoupled from the orbital Outpost Saturday evening Dragon supporting.

Dragon SpaceX separation confirmed Sunday afternoon into the Gulf of Mexico near Pensacola away from topical storm EOS, which is approaching the east coast of Florida. This will be the first flash down for astronauts in 45 years. This is NPR news.

Authorities in the northern Indian state of Punjab say at least 62 people have died in recent days after drinking tainted liquor police have reportedly arrested at least 10 Bootleggers illegally brewed liquor is widespread and India it sometimes boost it with chemical to make it stronger in Nicaragua a firebomb attack on the cathedral in the capital of Managua has destroyed of 400 year old crucifix Maria Martin reports a hooded man in terminal with revered Cathedral Friday night and threw a Molotov cocktail starting a fire that completely destroyed the historic and beloved crucifix was Cardinal the appointed Supreme meditated Act of terrorism, but the police say no gasoline or other combustibles caused the fire vice president or Saadia Mahdi osis. It had been caused by burning candles. Although the church says no candles were nearby the incident is

It's one of a number of recent attacks against Catholic churches and he got out what many supporters of the Saint Denis the government of vanilla see the church as opposing Ortega for NPR news summary of Martin. I'm sorry is in Brazil safe. Fire is in the Amazon rainforest or up 28% last month can pair of his last July This concerns environmentalist because of Fire season in the region usually doesn't begin until August. The increased comes amid, domestic and international concern about presents that year bolsonaro is calls to clear land of the Amazon to allow Economic Development. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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