Global News Podcast - WHO head says pandemic will be felt for decades

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says there will be no return to the 'old normal' soon. Also: Maxwell-Epstein emails shown in new court papers, and the 100th Salzburg Music Festival opens this weekend.

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Valerie's home to send under the area as of Saturday the 1st of August. These are our main stories ahead of the World Health Organization says the effects of the coronavirus will be felt for years to come white house is condemned Hong Kong's decision to postpone local elections for year is electricity. You cannot replace.

Positive pandemic Define story The 100 Salzburg Music Festival gets underway this weekend.

Is anyone had any lesions that the world could quickly recover from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic disappointed by the latest comments from the World Health Organization as an emergency committee meeting its director-general Tedros. Adhanom said the effects will be felt for a long time to come outside declared a public health emergency of international concern there were less than 100 cases and to be exact 98 gauges and not theirs is outside China. The pandemic is a once-in-a-century Health crisis the effects of which will be filed for decades to come in Geneva. I think this is it. This is a marathon not a Sprint were used at the beginning by the World Health Organization including by number of Health.

The one here in Switzerland. He also told us that but I think a few weeks couple of months. He told could be years. It could be decades. His problem is just fire as his race around the world more than 17 million people infected 675,000 deaths new vaccine really reliable treatments yet about a pandemic and it wasn't if it was way is there any sense that we should have been better prepared. The world should be better prepared for this year old is from the day I started when I went and introduced myself to World Health Organization officials. They said this is on our radar. This is something we need to look at we have that morning with switch.

Flu about 10 years ago, which luckily for the world proved to be quite so serious all so many people that died. This one is devastating to go to economy children not going to school people up and thrown out of work countries fighting Ebola have been able to do if identifying cases tracing all the contacts and isolating them that many very very developed very wealthy countries don't have those systems in play, you know, it shouldn't actually happen to Children across. For example, Western Europe many of them has not been to school since March the W H. I would say that should not happen in wealthy countries, but it has am I think the WHIO would say that's a clear indication. You didn't listen to us and you weren't prepared in Geneva.

United States top infectious disease expert talked to Anthony falchi construct an optimistic notes when challenged on progress towards a vaccine for the coronavirus. He was speaking before a House of Representative subcommittee hearing on the country's handling of the pandemic never a guarantee that you're going to get a safe and effective vaccine, but from everything we've seen now in the animal data is what was the early human data. We feel cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year. And as we go into 2021, I believe it's a reality and will be shown to be a reality. Cheese comments, the end of the month which saw almost 25,000 Americans died from the virus part of an overall death toll of more than $152,000 US currency. Fondant Barbara by Tasha has this assessment of what politicians on both sides achieved in this year.

Pandemic and the Democrats wanted this hearing because they say there's no unified national response. And that's the reason why the country has struggled so much to contain the virus said that the political narrative there is a plan. In fact, he's Public Health officials have written up reams of guidelines, which has been sent out to the States on how to reopen the economy Which Way, but they have also in this Committee hearing use their political views to do not approach topics that are controversial why whether it's safe to reopen schools, whether the political protests have led to a spread of the virus and some of the Congress people have sometimes turn to their house officials to kind of bolster their political narrative. I think they may have a coordinated ahead of time. They keep singing. Just make sure you wear

I sent it as if we would shut down the economy Again Usher designer frocks or free champagne at this year's back to Television Awards for the word a few surprises us virtually because of coronavirus report.

I hope

The comedian and musician Tim Minchin open the show with a song about the occasion tongue firmly in cheek. He was in the store has accepted our worlds by is there any more pre-recorded videos which meant we missed out on the full smiles and comforting from

when every atom of uranium is like a bullet penetrate Glenda Jackson who's 8474 absolutely stunning. Thank you very much indeed. I mean it was a privilege to do this show even more of a privileged process. That should be forewarned.

Tonight's but anyway, thank you very much, How many category on screen sister Sean said he paid tribute to her friend and Kiest off.


I wouldn't even be here when they see is the powerful Netflix drama about a miscarriage of Justice took the international award will change with that because of coronavirus and it won't be the last with the Emmys also having a virtual ceremony in September events changing about that might have to be canceled at the last minute Charlotte Gallaher many of the world's top music and theater Festival to being cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic but the Salzburg Festival in Austria, which is marking its 100th anniversary is due to open today Saturday. The policy of the lineup is still impressive the Vienna Philharmonic the Berlin Philharmonic Daniel barenboim west-eastern Divan Orchestra The Pianist Igor levit and the Ark

Anna netrebko Bethany Bell reports from soft rock

a dress rehearsal to the Opera Elektra which opens the Salzburg Festival this year before coronavirus that with plans to Stage 10 different operas as well as plays until the concerts this year that far fewer Productions that the singer Derek Wilson who pays arrestees cuz he's happy the festival is actually happening Oprah as an art form of music is not for I think we all feel you aware of of how important this is for the future me to post coronavirus world with Oprah and music with very excited to be back and very excited that we can have a public the atmosphere you have when you know that it's happening real-time this electricity you cannot replace.

Inside the fresh-kill healthier to there's no mistaking. This is a time of coronavirus. Everybody is wearing the most including me and on the mass of the stuff here. It says One Hundred Years of the Salzburg Festival. The festival has huge plans to Mark its 100th anniversary, but nobody quite thought it would be like this.

For a while. It wasn't certain if the festival would take place a tool the organizers with the Tim and to go ahead and develop a complicated safety plan. The executive director of the festival do Cascade pods to the performers and stuff get tested regularly for covid-19. And the strict rules to the audience's to the maximum audience with an end for the building is 1000 + outside 1250. That means that people are sitting on a like a chess board pattern as a member of the audience you are asked to wear at the mosque during the whole stay in our Avenues. So also on your seat during the performance we decided not to have any information and not to have any Buffet because those areas are normally very crowded.

Mini Lite Cruiser happy to see live music in Seattle return to the city. But there is some concern to Aaron Snell lives in Salzburg from the beginning Austria did such a good job of locking down and taking precautions to protect its citizens. And of course by opening up the festival it puts everyone really at risk. So we have to be extremely careful and take a lot of personal responsibility to protect ourselves, but also to protect everyone who's participating in the festival to taking place this year sounds good news. The world is watching.

That's me bad reporting from South Park.

You're listening to the global news podcast on the BBC World Service Phil to come if he wants it, like being an absolute control of my work if my films and out well or standing light. It's no one's fault, but mine.

We look at the life and work of the film director Alan Parker.

The United States has condemned the decision by the Hong Kong government to put back territorial elections for 1 year Hong Kong chief executive Carolyn said the pool couldn't take place is originally scheduled in September because of rising coronavirus infections the White House spokeswoman Kaley mcananey said it undermined the Democratic process. We condemn the Hong Kong government's decision to postpone for 1 year, its legislative council elections and to disqualify opposition candidates this action undermines the Democratic processes and freedoms that underpin Hong Kong's prosperity. And this is only the most recent in a growing list of broken promises by Beijing Steve McDonald have to be rubber-stamped through the standing committee of the national people's Congress in the Chinese Capital. It's on existing legislative Council will simply be extended for 12 months or the Beijing.

Mother temporary cabinets Arrangement the pro-democracy camp it's yet another blow that doesn't high-profile pro-democracy figures who disqualified from standing in the election because they were judged with insufficient allegiance to Hong Kong under the leadership of mainland. China. Critics of the government of saying the coronavirus is being used as an excuse not to hold a boat. We could turn out badly for the pro Beijing cab after the introduction of a controversial State security law, which is seen is severely restricting freedom of speech without any hospital. They just like his directly elected and the other half selected by committee stacked with pro-beijing supporters. It's virtually impossible for the pro-democracy cab to take control of Hong Kong's assembly. However politicians loyal to Caroline's Administration suffered a crushing defeat at the most recent district council elections, and what's expected the coming legislative Council vote to be something of a referendum on the new security law.

Steve McDonald the United States has imposed sanctions on a powerful Chinese government body over alleged human rights abuses in the western region of xinjiang Beijing insisted detention camps for Wig illusions of vocational training centers with the details. He is our Washington correspondent Nima pool the new sanctions mean the freezing of US based assets of the power potion Jang production and Construction Corporation a Chinese government body that in effect runs Townsend Enterprises across the Northwest inch engine regen Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sister group is directly involved in the incarceration of Wiggins and other Muslim minority groups something he described as the stain of the century in recent years. China's been accused of severe religious persecution. Realization, and the detention in camps of around a million week is in comments earlier this week Mr. Pompeii have said he was disappointed in the lack of response.

What's from Muslim countries that these new sanctions which also targeted individuals the state department implicates in human rights abuses against Tweakers may not be the last China has gold previous sanctions related to Shinju interference and has promised to retaliate in Washington skinemax with the friend of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. She was arrested earlier this month and has pleaded not guilty to charges of assisting at Steve's to traffic and abused underage girls James coomarasamy had walks in documents from our New York correspondent Nick Bryant. It's a series of documents that relate to a defamation case. The Virginia giuffre who is one of the people who was accused Jeffrey Epstein and Glenn Maxwell of abusing her a defamation case that she brought against Elaine Maxwell in 2015 that was settled in her face.

Example of an email that was written to climax for the 2015 from her former boyfriend Jeffrey British socialites. You sad or sadder? If the one-time press Byron Robert Maxwell, you have done nothing wrong and I would urge you to stop following a request for The Miz Maxwell to downplay the one-time relationship. Go outside head high is an escaping convict go to parties deal with it. These documents documents as well pipe is released by the new New York cool tool kit back and make the accusation the Jeffrey Epstein beneficiate when he negotiated plea agreement number of years ago the beneficent from his high-ranking friends senior politicians high-ranking friends in the allocation is made in one of those documents one of the people

Is prince Andrew that is an accusation. It doesn't cite any evidence to back it up and not some I'm sure would be denied by prince Andrew but that is the nature of the things that we are reading in this document and the significance of of that email exchange in 2015. Is that what the the Maxwell legal team is said that she hadn't actually been in contact with that stand for for a decade. So that would have had to come to dig that.

Yeah, one of the things that I said and cool when she was charged was that she had nothing in contact with Jeffrey Epstein a tool in the past 10 years, but this obviously chose an email correspondence between them. It's all documented. It seems to contradict that we sleep at work. She did say in court you remember chords to she was arrested earlier this month on cancel cancer sex trafficking of the minor into cancer for the jury. She of course has pleaded not guilty for that. The trial is set for next July but we're also expecting more including a deposition that suck delay Maxwell herself gave in relation to that defamation case that she is trying. Once again. To appeal against the release of that document. She sang is going to Prejudice a trial she sang. She cannot get a fat chihuahua. All of this information is swelling in the Press, but at the moment the judge who's adjudicate

This civil action is minded to actually release as much information as she can is the public tonight in New York. The world is all in the plaza of more than 10 french birds were founded before its biggest competition thousand kilometer Flight of the Pyrenees and it's the biggest endurance race of the year. The Tour de France of international Pigeon Racing if you like $300,000 in prize money up for grabs, usually the pigeon thrower gather together in one place, but this year because of coronavirus French pigeons were brought together in a town in northern France 11 of those pigeons were found dead in another seven seriously ill an autopsy has revealed metal trim fluid to be the cause and that it seems came from a watering can used by one of the volunteers very mysterious.

As a consequence of the Club International Francais has withdrawn its two thousand birds from the annual event the race and they wouldn't be a closer investigation as for the race. It's still going ahead. But of course with a thousand pigeons this year Alan Parker has died at the age of 76 is working to did Fame Midnight Express and Visa are Arts correspondent, Rebecca Jones.

We could have been anything that's going on at the musical set during Prohibition in New York in the 1920s with a cost comprising Tony of children Olympic ice plus feature film couldn't be more of a contract Midnight Express a controversial American imprisoned in Turkey for drug-dealing Imagine. I'd like to do different things each X Head Island Parker as a way of staying create to be fresh. He was born in London and began his career in advertising is a copywriter before moving into writing and directing commercials, but he wants to be taken seriously as a filmmaker.

You can write 214 films including Fein about a performing arts school in New York.

Commitments about amateur musicians in Dublin for me soul bands and Pink Floyd The Wall the adaptation of the successful Rock album call Janice Briggs & Tackle way to your subjects in the Civil Rights, Mississippi Burning and the horror Thriller Angel Heart. I've lived a Charmed Life. He wants that being an absolute control of my work if my films and out. Well, or if than light it's no one's fault, but mine.

That reports on The Late sir, Alan Parker by Rebecca Jones.

And that's it for now, but they'll be an updated version of the global news podcast later. If you want to comment on this podcast all the topics covered in it. You can send an email at BBC. Co. Uk on Valerie's home to send tonight time.
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