Global News Podcast - Facebook forced to block pro-Bolsonaro accounts

The social media giant vows to appeal against the Brazilian Supreme Court ruling. Also: TikTok "here for the long run" in the US after president Trump said he would ban it, and Japan's Kabukiza theatre reopens.

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I'm do not to live and in the early hours of Sunday the 2nd of August. These are our main stories. Facebook has blocked the account of some supporters of the Brazilian president tribal scenario. If he were accused of spreading lies about Supreme Court judges, the Chinese own video sharing app. Tik Tok has said it's in the US for the long run off of President Trump said he was going to vented there have been dozens of arrests across Russia as protest continue against the Detention of a popular governor in the forest of the country.

How Japan traditional Kabuki theater has managed to reopen five months of being shut down because of covid-19.

Facebook has complied with an order by Brazil Supreme Court to block the accounts of about a dozen prominent supporters of presidential bolsonaro who are accused of spreading fake news against judges Facebook describe the order as extreme and a threat to freedom of speech and said it would Appeal on Friday Brazil Supreme Court had find Facebook for refusing to block worldwide access to the accounts on Latin America's editor is Leonardo Russia these people being investigated by the Supreme Court for allegedly producing fake news and quite aggressive messages against the Supreme Court judges what the Supreme Court believes is this investigation is that this businessman sponsoring the production of fake news in large-scale to help, you know, president bolsonaro or two to put forward his ideas about having to comply

With the judge's order send it it plans to pick grounds of these people were arrested last month and they were released after a week or so then the Supreme Court Judge Alexandra Morris who is overlooking this investigation. He ordered that Twitter and Facebook blocked the accounts globally Facebook only block the accounts that could be accessed in Brazil and that's why they were fined on Friday for refusing to comply with it with the ruling with a full Glory what the judge says is that those accounts can be accessed in Brazil by other means so they have to be blocked globally and Facebook says that goes beyond the limits of the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Facebook is saying this is a matter of a freedom of speech but Facebook along with other social media companies like Twitter is coming under increasing pressure to to stop the spread of hate speech and false information. How big a role does social media play in Brazilian in doing those things. It's very popular the problem that we have here. That's the ruling from the Supreme Court. They said they hate speech and fake news doesn't amount to freedom of speech. Some of the message was quite disturbing some of these people who are being investigated. They openly called for the children of Supreme Court judges were named buy them online to berate and to be murdered. They said they would set you know, Camp outside the houses and they would threaten them if they would kill them. So it's quite aggressive and it looks like they they went over a Redline there in presence is a tablespoon.

Has been very quiet about the whole thing. It is. It looks like he wants to distance himself from that because that could have implications even for his campaign for his Electro contain when he was accused of producing a fake news in a huge scale general manager of Tik-Tok has said the Chinese and video sharing app is here for the long run of the President. Donald Trump said, he would outlawed in the US. Mr. Trump said he could sign an executive order to ban it very soon and it concerns the app could be used to collect data. The general manager said ticktock had received an outpouring of support from millions of people who use it everyday the app denies any Chinese control Sofia Smith Gala is a BBC digital journalist and Tik-Tok user and whatcha very very video.

Simply keep your eyes glued to the screen. It's not only about lip-syncing. I'm dancing pick up his phone. So I got the looks of informational educational videos O'Mara's while it's not just people having fun and games of tech talk is that we didn't before existed as a short-form easy to use video on ISO someone described as Colour by numbers, which is really good description of it. I think this is what is it can be put in the hands of someone who knows how to edit video. You're not nice and that provided with Trends content ideas in at editing instantly. Sometimes the company has offered to sell most of its stake in the platform not good enough that the White House. So on Saturday, but Donna said it would give up control. Damon had more, North America.

Despondent piece of those concerns in the United States about potential harvesting of data from users, but the weather in behind the scenes, they are considering this offer to essentially offload take talk to to micro that soft top stuff happening in the background and they're trying to figure out whether this would that would make sense for the administration the general manager in the US has been speaking Vanessa Papa's what she been saying form saying that said, there's been an outpouring of support for the option of the millions of Americans who use it everyday and she said interesting without really elaborating. She said, we're not planning on going anywhere and she cheated address to some extent the concerns about data security. She said when it comes to security they are developing the

Safest up because she said they know it's the right thing to do. Why would Microsoft want to talk because they've been focused on business really on other platforms obvious reason would appear to be the number of people that are using it and it may want to be a strong investment because this is something that uses a getting quite uniquely from it as opposed to that say YouTube which is maybe a more formal video platform for people to use in some respects and educational one and it would perhaps if they are to be a good investment for a huge company like Microsoft tooth as you suggest take a little bit of a does that mean business focus, but it's very clear that a lot of people enjoy this. This might want to sway the president. There's a lot of jobs in

Maintaining the op in in the United States hundreds of people in the company sign potentially many more will be employed over the coming months rooted network has resigned from the board of news corporation citing disagreements about editorial content Journal reports James Botox well-documented views on tackling climate change live the heart of his sudden departure. These opinions are at odds with the editorial stance taken by Outlets within the stable of newspapers and TV channels controlled by James father Rupert Murdoch Fox News on the Australian newspaper of off on hosted commentators and presenters who openly questioned whether climate change is happening or is man-made James Murdoch has also reportedly made very generous contributions to the Joe Biden presidential campaign. Wild Fox News is Donald Trump's most vocal supporter.

55 people have been arrested across the country after another day of protest against the Detention of a popular governor in the Far East. Most of the arrests were in Saint Petersburg and Moscow in Cabos region where Sergei Frugal served as Governor thousands of demonstrators took to the streets for the 4th weekend in a row, the protests have become an unprecedented show support for the popular local leader and against President Putin as a DVC steel toe Kozlov reports.

Shouting Freedom unity and we have come over volition local people who join today's protest. I'm not showing any signs of giving up. They will not stop by The Heavy Rain that determined that the ex-governor who became the popular local leader after a surprise election Victory is brought back. He was arrested and is currently in Moscow accused of organizing country killings 15 years ago. He denies the accusation.

Cabarrus is over 6,000 km away from the Russian Capital the Protist became it demands for the voice of one region and its people to be heard by Moscow the buchanans evil characters behind Putin and all they want is to enrich themselves. They have already let the people dry their stolen so much and it's still not enough for our children and our grandchildren future. This is outrageous the smallest on the boss of all authorities. This is day 22 of the unauthorized protest. There are signs that the rallies has supported by a wider population here in the forest, but also elsewhere in Russia with support shown in other cities and towns saying they're instigated by Outsiders and foreign agents.

Hilltop Called Love reporting from Copperas possible vaccines are being developed around the world to try to stop the covid-19 pandemic Final Phase 3 of human trials about vaccines being developed in the Westin China, but not Russia's Health Minister says his country is getting ready to start a mess vaccination campaign against the virus in October. I also told her if she know of BBC Russian what exactly do we know about the Russian faxing Publications from the Russian side about the essence of the Maxine about that test and that's why it's really hard to fact-check it to to cross-check. It's whether what he say, whether it's even been properly tested. This is an interesting thing as well because he's who having making that vaccine actually tested it on themselves and they are all alive.

And they say that's absolutely no more. He's also concerned because many other scientists and experts say that this may be a sign of tremendous rush and doing tremendous effort to be the first and maybe neglecting some procedures do they plan to roll this out? Because she said they said they've tested it on the scientists and they're going to vaccinate session groups first. They say, yeah. I'm inside this was not the only ones who try them asking they were also was some groups of volunteers, but it's unclear whether they'd have introduced the mass of the year. They're trying on big groups of volunteers as the British scientist have done. So in the shade but officials say that and the only thing which is liking at the moment is the official registration and that's Beauty being finished soon and other Russian officials claimed that the masked vaccinations would start from October and it comes after the UK vs USA.

Just said a Russian hacking group have been targeting organizations involved in developing vaccines and was trying to steal information that I've used in Russia which work on the development of the boxing and one of them is actually working in cooperation with the Oxford University. So they say it has always been a combined at 4 at the end. There is nothing to be accused of another interesting fact is that old major centers in Russia, which was on the development of the vaccine to work together with the Russian Ministry of Defence will Russian officials say this is done to speed up the process to give scientists extra possibilities extra Working Hands and extra volunteers, but it creates again say that this is a sign that they have been oldest from the Kremlin to be the first at no matter what the price it's all good if she

Police in Berlin break up in value of about 20,000 people angry at the German government coronavirus restrictions on Saturday menu of the demonstrators didn't wear face masks and ignored social distancing rules in favor of our children being children again, I believe in conspiracy theories. I'd rather be leaving them then the government the demonstration was condemned by several politicians. One of them cool to protest has Covidien with jeopardizing the success of measures to contain the disease. I had more of my correspondent Damien McGinnis. It was that the writing these are pretty major protests tens of thousands of people gathered in one spot in a century by the new the Brandenburg gate not that protest I didn't see anyone wearing a mask. In fact, there was absolutely no social distancing. These are people can watch

Nia movement effectively began because no more I'm asking because there's no distance thing after a couple of hours, please broken and stop the protests in its tracks. So they cuss off the Mike Smith speech on they went onto the stage and they said this protest is illegal. You can I have to leave at that point people such I'm saying it been quite a peaceful almost policy atmosphere sing sausages for angry angry and started shouting at the police. Suddenly. There's lots of anger and receive Aries that these people projects about saying that his dictatorship believe they have no free speech and I think the fact that the police felt they were fools to stop this demonstrations going to play inside Naruto 7 is ready going to fight them up and ready support them in that cause well, they say this idea of having to wear a mask and having to go through certain regulations is something that denies them that freezing. That's what they believe.

Jamie McGinnis in Berlin and Cuba the government has taken drastic action to make up for the shortfall in dollars and Euros coming into the country as a result of the lack of Taurus Administration has a 572 so-called dollar stores were essential Goods must be paid for in the currency of the islands ideological enemy. But what does it mean for those trying to get will ground reports from Havana?

Some gathered from Before Dawn to reserve a spot in the queue for the time the sun rose in the police open the gates the line to enter the supermarket stretched around the block and inside the shows with fully stocked with some of the most urgently needed Goods in Cuba on the right off the road of tomatoes sorcerer olives rice at the other end of the supermarket that is refrigerator is full of beef and fish Orlando it is the significant step up from what's normally available in supermarket in Cuba each unique acceptable method of payment.

As customers pushed that heavy carts to the tools. They didn't have to produce rolls of dollar bills to pay for the extra thing either link to a Cuban bank account in dollars or Euros for an international credit or debit card, excluding of course bonds issued by American Banks said one shop at Bonita morricone Leonard touchdown. One of the key criticisms of the measure cubers heavily over dependent on Imports accounting for around 80% about the island consumes. The coronavirus lockdown tourism. His house is completely in Cuba's vital foreign exchange earnings have fallen sharply with no.

Effective immediately. I am canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with Cuba.

Add to the islands pay in there is being a sustained effort by the Trump administration of the prompts for years to ramp up the US economic embargo on Cuba and Pershing harsh new sanctions on shipping in remittances.

In a park near one of the dollar Supermarket to friends for pesto and Miguel and those with access to dollars or Euros on the currency that the vast majority of people don't have access to government to pay for things from abroad and what is the national debt, but it creates a new program for the people. Where will I get the donuts from ground in Havana?

Austin podcast with many people around the world wearing plastic face masks and gloves to protect themselves against covid-19. We look at the environmental impact of this disposable protective equipment.

It's another milestone for the United Arab Emirates Mission launched last month. The UAE has began operating the first nuclear power plant in the air. Weld the Gulf States has the shows at our country's canvas. You ambitious scientific projects. I also Middle Eastern list Johnston why they all rich UAE is getting into nuclear power muscle sources of oil and gas, but he does want to ditch fossil-fuel move to Patrick and Associates of that energy and it is lucky in it. It has lost a valuable power lost his son lots of wind and they'll provide 50% of its energy needs by the middle of the century.

Can you clear politics and provide 25% of what's required? There's cleaning cities in the desert Dubai and Abu Dhabi fending Off the Grid electricity. Do you think this nuclear power has a role to play that goes like this the right you never to be safe you can sense because I don't think of places around the world that he should have told checks have run into trouble but they say that the location of this particular client has a potential problems it even a difficult neighborhood. Is it potentially volatile place a major attack on a oil refinery just lost her family would say to that shows how vulnerable big energy institutions like that in that region Fila Roxy's dismiss. Coming to say that completely committed to making sure.

Highest levels of security at school country with big Ambitions and it doesn't want to be seen as a leader in the areas of Science and Technology as you mentioned. We owe you a lunch. Space mission to Mars gets lost mountain this groundbreaking pioneering in the Middle East with nuclear powers or part of that image the UAE likes to build a bit south of The Cutting Edge of Technology Houston to all the damage being caused by the coronavirus pandemic must be added the environmental costs of the Disposable protective equipment. We're using if you're being cautious about spreading infection, you might be wearing a protective mask and changing it often. Perhaps you've been advised to wear disposable gloves when Elsa home where is all that plastic going into the environment.

It's joint old are the plastic that's already coolest harmed the planet. And I even spoke to Mark Madoff Nick do they sell plastic waste Innovation Hub at University College London that be reusable cup momentum. I think we'll talk in the UK and many other countries has really come crashing back down again. And this is also happened in lots of the other takeaway scenario. So knives folks Place lots of restaurants. Now, the only way to survive has been to increase that take away output and not have people in there restaurants that serve a lot more take away and go traffic is now being pumped into the system to worry about whether they can catch covid-19 loose vegetables and fruits to use to protect ourselves gloves.

Disposable face masks are they plastic? They are they infected you don't miss this equipment and then you immediately oficina patient take that coming off and it goes to incineration. So there's a system sets up to dealing with that is no idea what the health benefits while what drive that that's now Spilled Out into the general public people are buying these things on using them in situations where there is no disposal mechanism available. I eat instead of on the floor and everything rivers and oceans with this in other ways. You can do a lot with bamboo. Don't you my magazines come wrapped in potato starch. And so what if we have been thinking about this, could we have

I think it's a p p a a reusable for the public is the way to go. So you'll talk about potato starch by the credible rapper. But again, it is still single use it. It will have its play something that we can be wearing everyday looks like Uncle I really that's a lot of people wearing a lot of marks. It makes no sense to have something sent. That is the most vitamin C Y to go forward always learning Something New Zealand during this coronavirus pandemic that we can do the things we used to do take away food the kind of reusable stuff that we were doing with plastic. We can't do it without the materials one problem like Harvard by just trashing the environment and I'll give you the reason we got her in the first place is because of our relationship with the environment.

Oldest face mask set of clubs are real case in point where they are wearing gloves. One of France's most celebrated is facing allegations of rape investigation to be an actress in her twenties has accused him of assaulting and raping her at his home in Paris charges. He denies David Shazam reports of raping her at his parents townhouse in 2018 while they were rehearsing together to set that failed to gather enough evidence to charge the 71 year old star famous for his roles in films such as on the floor.

Balloons legal proceedings by bringing a civil action against him under French law. This normally means the case must be examined find investigating judge on the Frances favorite actors renowned for his flamboyant personality and provocative comment. He took up Russian citizenship in 2015 saying President Putin like what he told his best performances of the Japanese dance-drama Kabuki has reopened it shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic strict social distancing measure to replace the famous. Kabukiza theater falling a record number of fresh infections in the City Java Shack on reports.

Kabuki performances are an important part of Japan's cultural landscape. So that disappearance during the coronavirus. Shut down was a lost and keenly by many now they're back in Tokyo's main venue members of the audience filed and slowly one by one had the temperature checked and such much further apart than they normally would have this Tokyo resident said she felt rejuvenated. They reopened despite many difficulties. There wasn't much to look forward to join the last 5 months. So I feel as if I finally come back to life.

They were fewer performers on stage all of them wore black mask and it's me traditional part of the act in which Spectators shout out phrases to use. The stage was drought the Tokyo reported over 417 new cases of covid-19 on Saturday a record rise for a third successive day. The manager said he wouldn't hesitate to take more precautions if required for government. We need to respond appropriately and finger up the way to adapter performance depending on the situation include having to stop halfway through the Run remember effusions to the Japan times was the first show

Patch with a public promise as he do his best on stage while praying for an end to the covet crisis.

That report by Charles Schulz on all the topics covered in it. You can send us an email. The address is global podcast at BBC. Co. Uk, do not travel until next time. Goodbye.

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