NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-02-2020 12PM ET

NPR News: 08-02-2020 12PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein, Florida Today reports another 7000 New Delhi coronavirus infection while the state is still adding more cases every day than any other. The number of new cases is slowly falling California and Texas are the next in line each reporting. Well over 6,000 new cases yesterday Australian authorities have declared a state of disaster across the country second most populous state of Victoria, including its capital melvern following a surge of covid-19 infections Louisa Lim reports. Some of the most stringent restrictions yet are being imposed mean if your transmission what you say people are not following you. Please check found a quarter of positive covid-19 cases.

Does a nighttime curfew in a new one person is allowed out of each household once a day for shopping that will last for 6 weeks Louisa Lim in Melbourne. Coronavirus cases are rising in South Africa, but NPR Zeta perel to reports the death rate is comparatively low world over the past 24 hours the country reported more than 10,000 ukases putting it over the 500,000 Mark. However, the government points out that the death toll in South Africa is one of the lowest in the world with about 8,000 reported deaths. It has a fraction of the deaths of most countries with that many covid-19 cases that said scientists looking at X Fest Des save the official death toll is likely and under count by their estimates. The real death toll could be three times that later Alta NPR news, Nairobi.

The Marine Corps has called off the search for seven Marines and a sailor who've been missing since their amphibious vehicle sank during a routine exercise off the California coast Thursday and pears Dave Smith Dodge reports all late are presumed dead. 16 people were on board the roughly 26 ton amphibious assault vehicle Thursday when it began taking water and sinking into the Pacific they were more than a half a mile from San Clemente Island located off the coast of Southern California 1. Marine was killed two were injured and five others were able to swim back to their ship for the military kicked off a 40-hour search mission for those missing. They were from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit based out of Camp Pendleton near San Diego the circumstances surrounding the incident or under investigation. Meanwhile General from Camp Pendleton has suspended other exercises involving the type of vehicle that sank Dave Mystic NPR news.

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30 years ago today in Rocky soldiers and tanks stormed into neighboring Kuwait the opening stage of what became the Persian Gulf War and is NPR Jackie Northam reports. It was also the beginning of an active us presence in the region by araki leader Saddam Hussein to invade and occupy Kuwait in 1990 to immediate condemnation from the International Community. There was added concern that are rocky forces could push into Saudi Arabia within months hundreds of thousands of troops from about three dozen countries or mast in the Kingdom for a military operation known as Operation Desert Shield in mid January 1991, a massive us ledare campaign was Unleashed followed by a ground campaign pushing a rocky forces out of Kuwait in just weeks and across the araki desert then President George HW Bush stop short of taking Baghdad 12 years later his son.

President George W bush did go into Baghdad to topple Hussain US troops remain in a rock to this day Jackie, Northam NPR news.

Actor Wilford Brimley has died. He's best remembered for his walrus mustache and often Gruff characters in films, including cocoon absence of malice and the natural he did dozens of films as well as in commercials for Quaker Oats as a kind of grandfatherly figure from Lee's manager says he died in a Utah hospital yesterday at 85mm Barbara Klein NPR news.
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