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After 32 years, you are still an enigma, says Lucy Kellaway 

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Are you happy to keep bold ideas to yourself. Neither. Are we at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business? We see challenges as opportunities with campuses in Chicago London and Hong Kong's the booth MBA is for people who tackled have problem. Learn more at Chicago Booth. EDU.

Summarize the chorus way to leave a company where you of what's happening for decades as always thought it was three things well-behaved people never did they don't poach colleagues around off to its butt make a clean break and they didn't guess embarrassingly emotional. Each of these rules makes sense. But now that I'm finally leaving the Ft after 32 years. I find myself in flagrant breach tripl3. I spend much of the last year coaxing older colleagues and aging Professionals of All Sorts to quit and join me as teachers and Anna Lundin schools. That's for a clean break when the ft's suggested I go on reising a dozen Oskaloosa. Yeah. I grabbed it. I like writing the extra cash will come in handy and I want to write about teaching.

But the third rule, I'm breaking unexpectedly and unwillingly as I sit down to write this last column. I feel so wobbly I can hardly put one word in front of another busy taking me quite by surprise. I announced I was leaving so long ago I've had the ages to get used to the idea and it's not as if I'm requesting it. Although I still love my work. I knew it was time to go once I realized I'd stop being frightened of rushing useless columns fair is life's biggest motivator and without it you have to move on when I started to clear out my desk last week. I felt fine. I simply scoop top 32 years of what place the traitors and dumped it in the bin. I barely glanced at the last cuz I've been preserving and desk drawers for decades. I marry condo the loss into paper recycling.

I pull was briefly over the collection of Dusty trophies awarded by organizations that are now defunct my dilemma was whether to put them into the mix free so I can bend or the general run has Claire. I went downstairs to get a Diet Coke from the vending machine. I'm pumped into a man who works in the library. I miss being at the Ft almost as long as I have. He said we go way back.

Out of nowhere. I was hit by the momentousness oversold. The financial times has been a constant for virtually my entire adult life. It's being part of my existence longer than any of my children who are now grown up. I just told an old friends. I'm beset with an odd sort of grief and she pointed out and a slightly backhanded way, but my relationship with the FTC has been one of the longest and most successful of my life and now I'm ending it.

If she's right to say it is a relationship. The question is who or what that relationship has been with its a molding with a group of colleagues as they have come and gone of all the people I joined with in 1995 only the editor is still active.

It's more than a relationship for the building although a particular commute my view over flat roof. My often-repeated jokes with the doorman have been the scaffolding of my walking days instead. I feel I have a relationship with an idea of the financial times that idea stands for judgment and knowledge and decency that it's Sophie to say so it's in my dear I cling to one that fills me with pride list of all the relationship is the slightly lopsided one I have with Rita's. Do you know me or the side I choose to write about but I don't know you even after 23 years of writing this column. I still can't walk you out. Sometimes I write things that volzke amuse me like how Jeff Bezos keeps his vitamin pills in his socks, which you judge stupid. But then I write something I think of it lame.

It's good to say no and you like it alot. It doesn't matter. If this can be an enigma to me. You do read the stuff then you wrote to me until you have one when another paid my salary which I'm eternally grateful.

I'm not frightened of losing the status of St. Club membership. It's the source of being without the safety blanket of your response, but its approval and disapproval the thumb nerve.

Get even this doesn't scare me as much as the source of teaching ratios the bus from set you at 9 that truly terrifies me, which is precisely the point.

Are you happy to keep bold ideas to yourself. Neither. Are we at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business? We see challenges as opportunities with campuses in Chicago London and Hong Kong the booth MBA is for people who tackled tough problem. Learn more at Chicago Booth. EDU.
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