The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast - #228: Joseph Morales // HamiltonCHI & Philip Co. // Part One

<p>In part one of two with Hamilton CHI & Philip tour's Joseph Morales, he tells how he booked the role of A. Ham, shares his love of great food, traveling, and friendships, and how it all adds up to make some truly incredible vlog footage.  </p> <p><a hr

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Hi, I'm stage and stages lin-manuel Miranda and you're listening to the hamilcast.

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the hamilcast. I'm Jillian and I'm here with finally Joseph Morales. Hello, finally your microphone with thank you so much. It's my hobby to just like set up a set up and really have nothing to do with it yet. Like I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I just like my hobby to build it.

Okay, first of all, we don't if you guys don't know who Joseph Morales is like get it together in the Heights on Broadway the ham alternate in Chicago Hamilton in the Philip tour. I saw you when we were in Vegas. We did the big group recording. This is been so long in the making your injured in St. Petersburg right now. You're in Florida. This is yet another remote recording. This is still very new for me. So long in the making because I remember you we were we had a schedule we had you were booked for when you were rehearsing the Philip company and then you got sick and you were like, I'm in rehearsals. Like I can't I would like to stay home. Oh my God, you're Monday October. Don't come drink with me. I don't want Tommy to get mad at me like just stay home. And then we saw it then we went back and I went to Vegas and did a big recording and saw you in the show me so great. But you were on like when we were doing the big recording you were like on a plane to some beautiful tropical island. I was going to Bali I remember like Nick and Kyle.

Will you leave him alone? It's Folly to change my trip had known you were coming so hard to do all that, you know, like plan with everyone. I just sort of show up to the cities and they turn around and make it happen again. We did we made it happen. So we have some some virtual cocktails with your Cheers Cheers. Do you like them extra dirty olives in general or in your drink every however many years your palate changed and I'm liking things. I always had like no way I can get off sometime. So now which means that they're in my drink David korins is also a big fan of Olives nice. I served him a bowl of Olives, but usually I have a very good like Nate like hammer.

The name or you related name for the cocktail? So I got some help from some from a friend of yours is called. I don't know why I talk about why this drink is called the Soho Beach House special yat give you the backstory. It's such a strange thing. So I took Nick. I'm a member of Soho house and I took Nick to Soho House in Miami and he just never got over it and he's constantly giving me shit about it. You just couldn't believe that I would have a membership to Soho house, but I love that place membership in Miami. Do you have it to all of them? There's like a world membership and then there's an individual house membership. So I have the one I mean because I travel so much. I have the one that you can get into all of them. But it's I like it because it's it's like a place you can count on to be like fun and clean and good service no matter what

You're in you no answer and Nick just thought it was way too. Bougie. So he gives me shit about it all the time.

I want to hear from you... I won't like it. Nick Walker fashion. I thought and then I was like, oh no like what store am I going to be blacked out horribly inappropriate and it's just like you have good taste and Nick Walker gives you shit about it. That's really really that's what it comes down to see loves you so much. He said like the greatest things about you on his most recent sent on the Pod just about like your bond and I will get to that when we get to the tour of Hamilton cuz you have a whole story you've been around you've been around the cabinet and this whole scene been around for a while now. Yes. Yeah. I want to hear that the Joseph Morales story in general and I want to hear your Hamilton story and I'm sure those Desert Wind so I want to hear it. I want to hear it all we got all the time in the world. Let's see. What's the Joseph Morales story. I suppose the Joseph Morales story is let's see I grew

Stop motion Hawaii. My dad is in the Army and we travel around a bunch. So every three years we would pick up and move and I figured out that every new city. I could just join the drama program and meet new people and find friends. So that was like the reason that I started theater. It was really just to meet people and then it kind of stuck and I just continued with it. And then when it came time to go to school and decided I was going to do I went to college I went to Southern Oregon University because we used to go and watch the Oregon Shakespeare Festival as a school group every summer we go and that's why I went to Southern Oregon University 4-year and decided School wasn't for me and move to New York. And then that's kind of how it all happened Heights was one of my first big auditions and I started off in The Ensemble covering snobby on the tour and that's how I was introduced to Tommy and Alex and Lynn and Andy and yeah.

Can I set you cover a couple girls on Broadway? And then you actually see it laying on the table. I didn't I never did the show on Broadway. Really? Yeah, a lot of people you got to tell him I said that is it on Google it says that you were in the amount. I mean, I knew you were part of the I started on the tour that you were an understudy fruits Navi and sunny. Like just generally was it like Wikipedia. I spent a lot of time with my goodness. I've always wondered because when I do interviews people always bring up Broadway Dance, I didn't ever do Heights about yeah, it's okay if that's what it says. That's what it says. How are you? How can you know, it's so weird because I have been to come up like yeah, you know what I mean, though, I start yeah. I started I started with Heights on the door so that the world knows.

So then like but then you went to school again if you like what the score for the OU engineering which I did so sad story. My dad was in the Army was killed in Iraq in 2003, but because of that I got free school, but it expired at a certain age. So after the heights tour I decided to use those benefits and I decided to go for audio engineering and Alexa. What's the Los Angeles recording school? And I got my degree in audio engineering and I'm somewhat using it now with although I don't remember anything. So I'm teaching myself again. I did any any any creative thing whether it's the Webster is my husband and I made her any of the podcast. I do like I did know how to do any of it and just dive into the deepest end of tread water and you'll figure it out because he's way to learn technology changes so quickly that even you know, five years ago when I was in school, it's totally different now, but it's fun.

I love that. It's still like coming back to you. Now, you know, yeah, I just always had this weird thing was sounding and knowing that it was so important particularly to like a good theatrical experience sound is so important in people don't realize it unless it's bad. But when it's great, you're like so tapped into the experience that you don't realize that the sound is such a huge part of it. And I don't I'm fascinated with that Crystal was just here. He said the same thing like hundreds of speakers and setting up for different theaters on tours everything. So like yeah, it's crazy. So I wasn't I wasn't committed enough to be good at it. You have to be a freak about audio engineering and a good Problem Solver and that's just that's not me. So I'm glad I know a little bit about it and I've been able to use it in like various ways in my life, but I could never be an audio. Junkie like I would need to be to be good at the job. It's such a hard job like flying by the seat of my pants.

Things go wrong. If that's the thing. It's if makes me sweat just thinking about it. I don't I don't know how to do it yet because I really am I just got like 15 degrees hotter in here thinking about it. But like it's very hard to fix shity audio like you were right the first time when you don't know what you're doing and you're just like like for example like Tommy Kellis in front of you and you're not looking at the level that you realize he's been peeking for the first 40 minutes and you're like, well there goes that incredible conversation right now. I'm going to spend my entire weekend trying to make him sound like he's not underwater cramps. Now, I know what it's like you okay, you learn by doing and now, you know, there's a huge learning curve tell me tell me your whole like I love the ham stories like what to do. You knew about it clearly. I mean you don't live under a rock like ham was happening while I was still in school, so I wasn't really auditioning it was

MLA wasn't sure what I was going to do. If I was going to go back into acting or if I was going to I don't I had no idea. I was exploring options and I ended up doing the tour of if-then is a swing right after I graduated from school and during that tour was when Hamilton Chicago is casting so I would send in videos and went to New York a few times for the auditions and and then that ended up painting outside end up being in the original Chicago company as the alternate to Miguel 15 18auditions stories, you know, I didn't and there's two reasons a because they think they knew me but also being on Tori and I could only come in, you know one or two times because I ain't had a job and so it would be with me flying back and forth. So I I think I had to in-person auditions and then they had me fill in some additional stuff on tape. So compared to like other stories I've heard

When was pretty easy breezy, you know, it took some months while they were figuring things out to hear but the actual audition process was was pretty pretty mellow in comparison to what I've heard ya did you hear it? And you were like, wow, like, I mean knowing that team from working from being in Heights for you just like this is Lynn's next thing like, oh my God. Yeah. Absolutely. I'd seen it before I started auditioning for it. So I was already superfan just so you know two months into that or whatever. I have to pinch myself knowing that I was a part of it cuz I'm such a huge fan of the show and a huge fan of the creative team and Lynn and I'm just a big nerd for all of them. So yeah because I'm also like obsessed with your Vlogs and I keep wanting to call them video blogs because I'm 88 years old video blogs.

Our first of all these beautiful as they say in the Queen's back in the closet like backstage in Chicago. So if you could just like you can it just comes through that you loved your time and and the cast their side and Miguel and just all the goodness. It was my first time ever being an alternate off stage. So I had a lot of time which is where the the videos came and I decided to, you know, have some sort of hobby. So that's how the video blog started but in terms of my experience with Chicago the people were just so incredible and the city is so incredible and it was where I met Karen olivo and Daniel breaker who are two of my really good friends now and Chicago for us was mostly about food it's where I discovered my love for food the food in Chicago the restaurant Community The Shadow

They're magical and wheat with Daniel breaker. Just has this this huge passion for food. Has he been on your podcast?

I've been very nervous because it's like what do you what do I serve? What kind of cocktail do I give Daniel Foraker? Let him come up with one. He Master. Yeah. So yeah when Daniel join the cast, I mean that I was just talking to Cara and it's a couple days ago about it. I mean, it was just like the most magical summer of my life. I think it was so, you know just eating and hanging out and doing this show and feeling so love by City And is pretty special for sure you love Lou Malnati's. What are your feelings on a pizza? I oh, okay. Okay. I don't think I don't think they have the best sauce. My favorite was since you've Anis is that the other one? Yes. Exactly. Joe Jonas's I think that was my favorite. Yes, because I went to Chicago last year with qu, obsessed. We did some some live shows there and I figured we'll let me double.

The weekend and I'll go see Hamilton and then have a a big recording but I have a lot of friends in Chicago from Chicago and everyone. So we wanted to go to Giordano's and Mike and I we told the story but we went there and they they're like the pizza oven isn't working but you can order salads you ever why would you do that? Why would you go and not have the pizza or when do we have a full day's I was like doing both of my podcast on the list and we saw all the people that were waiting outside your dad. Like, hey, we just went to the other place for the sauce sauce sauce is important because I don't even think we can agree to disagree.

Sites, there's more to Chicago than food. Is there though yes is no we just we ate a lot in Chicago's kind of where I discovered my love for food. I always knew that I love food. I didn't know why and Daniel breaker. Just kind of like made it all makes sense. And yeah, so tell me about like diving in to the character of Alexander Hamilton as an alternate. It's a lot of watching the rehearsal process was interesting for me because Miguel had already gone into the Broadway production by the time he started in Chicago, so I wasn't watching him being taught which is normally how it works. Usually learn by watching the actor get direction button Miguel already had all the information to is really just studying McGowan what he was doing which was fantastic actually end it with such a a layered and intense roll. It was nice to have that kind of time to just sit back.

And watch him do it and then me try it once a week, you know, and and then have the week till I figure some stuff out and then give it another shot. And so that was kind of my process was was are they when they were baby steps and just watching a lot of Miguel who was so supportive and such a great guy and so talented and yeah, I just say to me because I haven't been lucky enough to see you both to hear you say that a lot of the process was watching Miguel who plays Hamilton so differently than you. Do. I love that so liked it for the listeners. I mean, how would you describe it? Will you I'll let you tell it like how would you describe your house? So I think what I would I took from Miguel was his honesty and all I can do for myself is play honesty as well. And of course it's going to come off as a different color, but I could only I could only be the Hamilton that was inside of me. I didn't want to ever Force anything and and that's what I took from Miguel. He never forced anything he was

Who is coming from a place that was real and true and wherever he was that day is you know what you got and and and by watching, you know his interactions with Tommy and and lack and lie, and it was always just about honesty. So I think that's kind of where it came from. Although my version of honesty is is a different color than Miguel's it's rooted in the same kind of fundamentals. I think it was just what I learned from Miguel very different. If you see any Hamilton specifically the role of Hamilton and I think everybody plays it differently because I think this show relies on like being truthful and that's going to look different on different people. That's the thing about like from the very beginning. I've been saying like the show is the show is the show because when when when this podcast first started and January 2016 first one had seen the show yet, but eventually what I did to know when people were were when it was like this like the

Broadway cast was like this thing that's Untouchable thing and then getting emails of people or hearing stories on Twitter of people like being upset that someone wasn't in or whatever and like that was sort of when the podcast like took a pill I took a stance and also became like just a sounding board for like the show is the show is the show everyone. It is fantastic and the beauty of it and also just like theater is that you're never going to see the the shape the same show twice and so like the idea of like who's on the insert today who's playing Han was playing that like the listeners of this podcast love that and I think that that is true of all shows but the soap there's something about Hamilton where maybe there is so many people playing these roles in so many Productions on it. Once that like the listeners the Patriot Pizza specially or just like it's almost like collecting baseball cards or anything. I mean a dream would just be seeing every version of the show with everyone and every raw it would take years to do. I never mind. It's an impossible thing, but that's that's the wish you know, that's going to happen though. You see people jumping into different castes and it'll be interesting to see what happens when

The all these companies are opening up again and how they piece it together and I have no idea how it's going to work. But I think that there will be a lot of that. You know, these all stars going into different Productions in which is really cool so much about your Chicago experience only if only through the Vlog where the one the challenge where you made the block like entirely during the show. Oh, yeah fan mail. Look at Jose always gets the most what a stud a circle Tangled.

I don't know. You're so busy. So it's getting ovaries hurt at the moment.

You do stabilize speaking of saving my butt need some saving soon from Chicago to Broadway. Like Robbie Sorrentino. Like they're old people who have jet like it's there's something about that Chicago company that is like really really every company special cuz I have some shit to say about the fellow companies like when we get there, but there is there is this beauty that you captured so well and your Vlogs while we were the first out of the gate or after Broadway, so and I think it was very exciting for all of us and it was new for everyone and it was new for the creative team putting it up for, you know, only the second time and applying what they had learned in the first process to us. And then we were like the First cast with like a turntable in the rehearsal room and you know things like that so she sold very like badass in like new and fresh and being in a new city like Chicago who embraced us and it was it's a really special time.

Wait, what? Can you just talk a little bit about that the Vlog that's if you challenge yourself right now. So once you learn the role and you're not really stunting anymore in cycle, what do I do for these three hours? So I gave myself the challenge to film a bunch of footage and edited in the course of the 3-hour show and I haven't actually watch that in a while. So I don't really even remember what's on it, but I need to know that I did I interview a bunch of people and it was just you would like your fancy-ass camera. Yeah. Yeah. I think it was when I was first just kind of like playing around with things in editing and would catch people off-guard and follow them during their show and try to give people just you know, a different look backstage. I have text back now, but like like just be beautiful gorgeous statuesque Aubin wise was just like you were just like I like you surprise her and she was like two of us.

Catching people off guard was my favorite thing.

Daily, keep having to remind me.

Oh my God here.

10% if I start making money, I promise.

Oh my God.


That's it. You found the worst thing in the world. I do you like it.

Lakers New Jersey I'm awake and it's funny cuz Broadway and Broadway and it's like where they all started. Yeah, that's cool. I should watch it again. It's been a minute. I captured you and I captured that crew and a captured the five and like if it's just it's really special and it's it's so lovely that you you all have that moment. Yeah. Yeah, totally I have so much but it's from the Philip to work and I've been putting it together and I started right after we were shut down and then I just had to stop you just made me to sad I do like time to process everything is just too much but there is another video coming fellow company. Yes, Chicago to Hamilton on the felt or I'd let them know that I was interested in doing it and then it was a matter of just waiting and hoping that they were going to let me do it and what was it? I remember I was like flying my new

Grown and I always have to have a new toy. I always have devenuto. I don't know what it is. I'm such a nerd.

Play the audio stuff. You have a Shore microphone with just I don't know is like super fancy. You have already W have the super fancy like cushy chair beside to have fun by here, like dressed to the nines. Basically a good news. I like being prepared. I suppose for the right opportunities. Who knows in the hobby for me is like putting it together like putting the thing together and then whatever happens after it's whatever happens. But yeah, I just got a call from agent and they offered me the actual role of Hamilton on the second national tour. And then that's that's how it happened. You put it out there from someone by the way, did that to like hey are you happy?

What people know what you want? Otherwise, you may assume you're happy or you just you don't know. You don't know you say you got it, you know, you got to just let people know I think it's a good lesson I do too. And I think people are thinking I can do that. I haven't learned that I'm not but then it's not even because on the business side of it. That's not really even what they're thinking. It's there are so many other factors. So the fact that they know that you want to put your name in the Hat is he is he it's like good news for them like a great exactly. They've got a problem to solve and if they have some solutions and you know if it works out for you or selfie, if it doesn't you at least you know, you know that you did your part sew it happen to workout. And yeah, I went right from the Chicago company to rehearsals for the Philip tour like Fergie and Julian came over together. I remember them talking about it and yes about their episodes about like anxiety and just like stigmas and fucked.

Sigma Zachary of us in that like that was kind of experience. I think we all kind of bonded and just like our Humanity like we're all just like trying to like deal with the same shit doing this monster show and just realizing that might be just like human beings like doing the thing and that was kind of a big part of our bond. What was that?

Like just really stepping in full-time to Hamilton it was different and I think that's where Nick and I bonded very quickly was that you know, we were coming from this whole other experience. He was coming from the Broadway cast and I was crying from the Chicago cast and what was the same show they were totally different colors and then trying to you know, apply them and and build this whole new thing with a whole other group of people a lot of it was just figuring out how to build something almost completely new in a lot of ways we we we built from the bottom up again and I just found this like new thing and it was something that the creative team encouraged in us and yeah, you would think that it would be easier to go into something having already done the role, but it's it's a whole new thing trying to find just new colors in figure it out with a whole different cast.

but that can all change and then one now, it's it's all these new people at a completely different experience and again like every cast is so special because I have like I have such a visceral feeling thinking of all the shows I've seen are the companies I've seen like I can really feel like

they just feel different if it's a good tangible intangible thing. But like just like what Chicago the feel of Tours like where is the party because the film towards throwing it like that stuff out of how it feels to tell me where the after-party as we had so much fun together. We had so much fun together. I didn't feel like work at all. He was saying that you guys were the tour where his notes were like great. If you could try to pull back if you could try if you could just maybe not at a hundred if you could maybe Sprint down and we are always there to rage. Yes. We were like the Hamilton the concert experience. I was very Yeah Yeahs seen you guys in Vegas like Vegas whatever has all this like that's another a whole other Vive attached to it, but I knew going in cuz I knew Nick and I knew Fergie and I knew Tyler I knew that these guys.

Weather like in Julian and I was just like this is so all the stuff online and then all the listeners the patreon peace like a good a Facebook group was just like this Phillips or something else you guys like I don't know the vibe is just it's different. Yeah, we were hyped always happy to be there and let you know I guess when you're playing these huge houses. It's very different than the intimate house. That is Broadway, you know. Oh, yeah, but we had a lot of fun together and you just talk a little bit about your your relationship with Nick. He loves you like I do we have such a special bond. It happened super quickly and it was one of those things where I think we met at like the Hamilton Christmas party in New York when I just got in there for when was it? Actually? No. I lied. We were both hired at the same time, but I was hired for Chicago and he was hired for a New York. So while Chicago was rehearsing they were short of Hamilton for rehearsal on Broadway. So they sent me to the Richard Rodgers to rehearse with the Broadway cast.

And that's how I met Nick and I think he was playing like Washington or something and we we he played a bunch of rolls, but for that run through he was playing Washington and we had maybe you'd like a quick conversation. But I knew that he was a cool guy. And once I heard you're doing the show together, I just heard from everyone around me that that was going to love and so there was all this like expectation and he didn't disappoint. He's such a great guy. He he is who he is and is always going to be real with you and he carried me through that whole experience. Yeah. There's there's something about doing something like Hamilton on the road and knowing that you have somebody there, you know by your side no matter what happens and we live through that experience together and I it's it's I'm really grateful to have had that with him Hamilton and Burr could have been if it was like a choose-your-own-adventure.

Why does it go the other way absolutely could have been Friday had they did have a lot in common that you have been like thick as thieves by my gift to him when he left was some Arts from did you see that about skipping out into the sunset? Yes. So that was the alternate universe where they don't they don't end up shooting each other and Skip off into the universe and that that's me and Nick. Yeah, I love husky pants pants original myself for me and I'll show it to you. But it's The Big Chill album, which is like one of the best soundtracks of all time. They didn't know this but I used to listen to that with my parents on like long car drive. Anyway, we are like this podcast is all about no, chill. So it's like me and the cabinet as the album and it's like it says the no chill & like Mike is like pairing up and feel like I'll show you if you could like hit like Rafael's like his attention to detail is fantastic.

Style of Animation is like some of my favorite style of art like it's just so cool and style eyes and just leave it was think I commissioned him to do a family portrait. So he we have at him hanging in our in our house. Yeah. Yeah. It's the greatest. Oh, I meant to ask you. How is Duncan your dog? He's good. He's with my mom right now in the other house. He's good. He's living his best life in Florida. He's got a huge yard here. And he was healed. He has been with me on the road multiple choice now, so when Abby came over just don't get you. Was it has been invited obviously, he would have come we have a whole set. We don't have pups here yet. The pups are at my parents house. But like we have like treats we have. We were like prepared should have brought him in here. I thought about it. No, it's okay. I always say Alex Brightman almost brought Kevin over when he was here in the in the before times, but I was like, you know what the parents always know better.

They know if the dog is going to be comfortable or like anxious or whatever. So slowly trying to take him away from me. She's she's she's going to have a hard time when we leave. She thinks he's going to stay but yeah that hurt she's got a dog a little Chihuahua as well. Her name is mochi and an emoji and Duncan are the best friends now, it's going to be really hard to separate them when you go somewhere again. Where is Italy a timeline? I've no idea riding it out. We'll see if I really hard today. I've been emotionally trying but I got my camera out again. I'm going to start filming some stuff. I'll take him out to the park and we'll see what we get into.

I don't know as much as you but you know, I love you as much as

SPG of your videos that you did this this blog about Hamilton on tour, right and in Florida. Yes, I did it myself. Yeah. I did see watching that. I didn't know you had a drone. Yes. I did all that myself. Yeah, that's that's like I want to say it's like an ad but it has too much like heart and soul or whatever store. So that makes everyone cry that like a dog like wood.

brand new year 2019

I have loved to travel in the country with the show. Every city has its own unique energy. That is so specific to the people that have it in Florida has felt like a new beginning the sunshine warmed the Cooper He's a chance to reset. I feel so lucky to be sharing this experience with this company.

Roll a bunch of Wanderers so ready for the next adventure. I think the shows changed all of us.

We have a very limited amount of time on this Earth.

Seems to be getting faster and faster.

Fort Lauderdale was a busy City for us if you company members have left us and a few more join the family. The only thing constant for us is change.

There's never a dull moment at the office.

We work hard but we have fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about the work. He can't imagine being on this journey with a better group of people.

By the way, that's the Alex lacamoire. They came to visit and even conduct the show for spending time in Florida.

I have no idea what this next year will bring but I do know that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be taking it day by day minute by minute and never looking back.

How lucky we are to be alive right now.


Sorry when you do this, thank you. I I want to do it more often, but I think it takes a lot out of me and it was hard to do on tour in addition to doing the show every night and but it's definitely need it's definitely a hobby. It's something I love to do. But I go I go in phases. I like video all the time and it's like no I'm done with that for a minute and then I'll find my way back to it tomorrow. It was so beautiful. Getting harder and harder to drone though cuz they're more laws about it. And it's like literally doesn't fly in some areas anymore. I tried. Yeah. I try to fly it here will like the the I don't know. I don't know what the technical terms are. But like if you're in too close to an airport or like my my place here in St. Peters near a hospital. So like the signals don't even work to get the Drone out of like into the air. I just making it harder to even use so I have to I have to find places where it works here, which I hadn't been able to do the Drone has the camera in it. So it's basically just

This like flying camera. No, no, not at all. I mean it's such a hoot. Nobody knows anything about trying ones like that. But this particular of the DJ Maverick and it's really just like a camera with wings and it goes up into the air and you record stuff is like a cat you can you control it on your on your phone. You can't roll it on it like the remote hooks up to your phone and then you yeah, it's like playing a video game those things technology. Yeah. I'm sure it's only going to get better. I really am 88 years old and like the technology on that thing. I think you need a drone you would never be able to fly to New York. So good luck, but they're really fun there actually kind of scary.

This year because I get really high and then you lose you lose them. I brought it to Bali and lost it I ended up finding it but I was flying around the resort what you're not supposed to do and it got caught in like somebody else's Cabana tree climb up into the tree. They were very angry. Thank you. I won't do it again worth it. I would say yeah, right. I'm sure the volume for the footage you got was like, yeah. I know. I understand your whole YouTube. I'm going to quiz you. So no I didn't even know what my videos where are you were telling me things I have now.

Puerto Rico benefit to oh, yes, Jose Ramos put that up here pretty soon whole thing almost like praying over it while I totally understand to not have the audio of the performances but it was such a beautiful like you just got it like you divide came through if I am using this is Yaya, raise a lot of money. Yeah. Yeah saying I'm a big kid. Thank you next. Well, I asked questions. I got no answer for that. Let's talk about how amazing Karen olivo is. She's special. She's just you know, I'm I gravitate towards people who are just so authentic and and would die for their craft and it's just one of those p

She's she's just a true artist and a wonderful friend and we'll tell you tell you tell you you know, what you need to hear not what you want to hear and you know, she has a really intelligent and keeps it real with me and I love her family and that whole Chicago experience was just so special because of her. So I know we're doing this podcast together. There we go. Okay, so I was going to lead you into tell me everything me and it was all about the well, it's very new. We just recorded our first episode so I'm in the middle of editing what you know is very time-consuming anything you need. Thank you. Thank you, you know, it's like good sound a good podcast makes it look easy because it flows and but that's not the reality all the time when your recording or I didn't you know, so it's there's definitely a learning curve for sure.

Will tell me the name of the podcast what if it's called the white room. So the white room in theater terms is when you go up in your alliance and you look like an asshole on stage and you like you go into the white room like you forget everything. You're out of your body. Like I like you and Mary Poppins account on Lavelle practically perfect in every way you guys go up on their lines. We absolutely do and see if you know, it's a little bit about theater a little bit about acting but what about just being human cool and yeah just about arts and where we are in the world and how it's going to affect the Arts and messing up and failure and success and all of everything in between. So it's just still a lot of conversation Daniel breaker be one of our first guests. Oh, yeah. Yes. We are my God. I can't wait to share it.

Stop premature. I hope people care. Are you kidding me? See my face that they are already already. I just love listening to her talk. You know and I just feel like I feel like people just need like a way into that is pretty much my kind of inspiration for even doing a podcast with her because I just she's got so many nuggets and it's just the real deal and you see the all of the success that she has and she still so like real about it. And that's what I was so inspiring for me is that you liked on my dream list of people to talk to you absolutely should talk to you we've met she's ready to record. Yep. She knows how to do the clap in Chino salt looks

I just love you Karen. I hope want you to like me. That's really think Karen if you're listening to I just want her to like me to she's great.

I'm actually surprised that she hasn't been on she would she would totally do it. She's so easy to talk to you. That's the thing. Like I know it's going to be it's going to give like Lynn a run for his money first episode like once we get going we'll just talk and talk and talk like that's the dream. I know it's snowing and a tangent the tangents are kind of like the Nuggets you never know where it's going to lead. So you don't want to like steer anything. You just want to see where it goes. Every time we talk. It's like 2 hours since like, how am I going to edit all of this? It's too it's too much episodes now, so

Okay, so far Joseph has two episode of the podcast with Karen olivo and two episodes of hell. Guess I'll take it next week on part 2 Joseph takes questions for the future. Keeps Nick Walker submitted some questions as well. So that's fun. And we got real talk about life and adjusting to whatever this post covid-19 world is going to be so until then stay safe. Stay healthy inside if you can wear that mask. I love you Angie. Pain.

Battlecast is brought to you by my love of the sing TM and my complete lack of jail. Please join me in raising glasses to Sir Alex. I can work for generously making my intro music and this custom Yorktown Arrangement that I will never ever get over. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to become a patreon peep and get the chance to ask questions to get tons of behind-the-scenes access and I join the best kindest and most welcome in corner of the internet go to the holo-cast. I love you guys to thank you. Hashtag team. No chill. I'm at the hamilcast on all social media, and you can listen to wherever you get your podcasts. There was a choice as my web series with my husband Mike, you know, Mike I can be found at the residuals. TV True Crime obsessed is my True Crime comedy podcast with my podcast soulmate and Broadway royalty Patrick kinds of theater people and Broadway backstory Fame. Thank you again so much for listening. It means the world to me.
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