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Slowly but surely, restaurants are emerging from the coronavirus lockdown, introducing us to a new world of dining out, with added hygiene and distancing measures. But some outlets aren’t able to open safely yet - some may never open again. And althoug

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BBC sounds music radio Podcast. Hello, you've downloaded a podcast of BBC Radio 4 has the food program Welcome to our world from cooking to culture politics to pleasure. We hope you enjoy it about restaurants.

It's at this point you think I brush my hair. I'm looking at myself on the video and the answer is no but what the hell joint with video.

Play Lucy. Hello. Well now we can see that's the that's what happens. I knew this would happen. So we're going to have to pause a minute while I go and see what the problem is out the door like hearing from Goethe.

How are things in Anglesey? Have you had a chance to them guest house and go to a real restaurant yet? I have a choice. So I've only been to one place. It's a restaurant that's a little take away but also on Thursday and Saturday nights pizza. So it's a real experience. You have a 10 minutes law and we have a walkway and you have to walk the right way and you know, it's all terribly safe and it's it's not very sociable, but it's so fun. I don't mean to be so what about you we went out for dinner first time since reopening and butts Festival how pleased the software to see everyone they were just that was so lovely. They really wanted to chat even though you know, they're wearing of eyes and keeping a distance and also how thrilling it was to have someone bringing you food that you didn't have to cook and that you didn't have to wash off all stuff.

Exactly. I loved it.

Slowly steadily restaurants across the UK are coming alive again introducing us to a new world eating out with face masks and just been saying it comes to wipe Downs a lot aren't yet open and some never will you listening to the food program that place for Hungry Minds? I'm Sheila Dillon. And today we're looking at how Britain's 130 billion pound Hospitality business is managing its come back for the last two weeks. We've been following the fortunes of one's moral North London restaurant Cuckoos until March 23rd. They were one of the capitals real places serving Nigerian inspired to pass now that preparing to be hot again.

I'm famous Frederick and together we which is the weld fast Nigerian Tapas restaurant Thursday the 16th of July. It's 12:58. We are just about to go live on Instagram to let the people know about what if I hadn't done it so exciting because it was literally it was an exact same position for months ago. When we decided to close the restaurant we started doing back to Supper Club series in Hollywood Netflix parties. We've learned a lot, but I'm definitely looking forward to getting the restaurant back open again.

It's 2:25 on Saturday the 18th of July and I'm absolutely buzzing. I was up early today putting the finishing touches to a pecan settings testing everything at one. We send the newsletter out giving people a d access to book for re-opening and the response has been sorry incredible. Someone made their Beacon inside at the same time. I'm so excited for you to open your I live in to fill up down tunnel and I think they've been so much on sat and see and in this. Of time was writing this to come out and see if he has filled me with a la competencia de

The first one I said, oh, well, the restaurants I have on my list. They will shut eye review and if it's a great day to take away, so I just don't want is pizza with my husband loves. I just think it's disgusting Chinese old is food critics The Spectator magazine. I also have sheet manage work cuz you know what the good thing about it is is that usually interesting ice reviewed monster Munch crisps one week.

So, how is someone who's working life revolves around eating out found the new covid-19 shoes restaurant world. I came to London two weeks ago and I went to sleep and they were actually lovely but they all the same and it's very easy to pretend that it has a cold. What does that mean? Do you think for this enormous industry that and it was so much part of the British economy. I'm very early on I ran out some people in the restaurant right amazing the 30% of British restaurants are going to close because what I think is is not widely known is it on like all the businesses restaurants 10th 10th win the premises that are accruing rent all the time until the office of national statistics. They were uncomfortable about dining inside restaurants. The tourist trade is not here.

And I'm also hearing that often and initials of the pump with opening when I was foolish. They could be I mean some distance away until it goes away and some will some some went but these restaurants they just filled the large ones and that they're not coming the people aren't coming anymore. And then of course aside from the tourist trade that you supposed to businesses and people shout then Gordon Ramsay said Andre Wicks is podcast that he thought a lot of poor restaurants would go out of business and that's not really, you know, that's good. And he said I think it's exciting times because it's Flushed Away The Unwanted that's so fast. That's not truth. Yes. Lots of bad restaurants have been closed but also some wonderful restaurants against close as well. If people don't support him, I would say the good restaurants have the best of trump the best

That sounds very much to me like restaurant eugenic, but I really want to get fired because of twistable with him and he can get quite vicious. But one thing I have to do during this time that make is because quite often in my reviews on so I can be and I'm kind but I've realized how much I love restaurants and how much I love people he wasn't such a beautiful thing to do with your life and love beautiful place of food.

This is some between chef-owner weather like at st. Paul Manchester.

I'm in the kitchen at the moment. Just putting some finishing touches to pick up the menu for this week does initiative we've been afraid to me for three months 6 or 7 cost when you read something for breakfast that we deliver to homes in the seven mile radius and this has been really nice to put some food out stealing be part of the community and keep up business out of the present. We decided not working on the 4th of July free felt maybe was good to just do a little research and just see how people take 2 coming out again. We've also been building this pain for the past three months. Do we call the landing at Saint urban urban Green Space on the rooftop of stop off Midway Precinct. We're going to have dining space out there for tennis club rates in middle of the chefs. I'm also going to do one of the benefits DJs and musicians. It feels like a nice space to be able to be distant without feeling any undesired see about it.

Hi there. My name is Janet Hulme and I am part of the Hendersons family and a few working at Henderson's net and bread vegetarian restaurant. I found the wrong business started by my grandmother in 1962. So we are officially the longest-running vegetarian restaurants in the UK and we have taken the the super hard decision to close our doors permanently. I'm as you can imagine the family where you were truly devastated. There's various reasons. We didn't qualify for all the government funding Hazard baseball values were too high. So we are bugs at the thresholds. We did our cell phone for a low but this is still a cost each month to compete us 40 stuff. We still have our rentals or service Agreements are utilities. And so all these calls.

I'm just overnights tourists and office work since she didn't they were suddenly all gone within a Flash and it doesn't look like they're returning anytime soon. So unfortunately, we didn't see how we could ride this wave the family Rhapsody heartbroken.

Tanya what do you think of the government support so far for the industry? What is the massive continuity 80 again? That's working for the big weld on chain is the capacitance to customers understand that some middle-ranking restaurants console. See that is they simply don't have the money in the bank. I do know that the solar system did not work many races because it didn't include tips and so a great many races and restaurants off exit off as well because they share it didn't have anything like the expense their income that you supposed to have.

And I think that doing the best but they wouldn't be able to hold everyone up. It's it's just a sort of stopgap isn't it waiting for the time when people return to restaurants in great numbers. So on the whole you'd say you might be optimistic about the future of the restaurant industry icon say that I'll say that people will always eat out when given the opportunity but I think it's going to be Carnage coming with him for restaurants. And that's why I've already have anything to say to this disk, you know, if you have a local restaurant that you value them now so they know it's going to be here anymore. Turn your gold on. What matters well we are asked you to get in touch to tell your thoughts about returning to restaurants and the mood is mixed.

Hi, my name is Sue and I come from sorry personally. I feel it's a little too soon to attend to restaurants. I won't be eating out for a while yet. Sadly. I miss it though. I love cooking everything from scratch myself, but it's nice to have a break to harm them from London. I'll tell you that restaurants are opening is pretty much the whole thing to happen. So far in 2020. My * 7x months is to spend all the money that I saved a long time and it seems likely independent restaurants as well as taking potions real seriously and there's a real Buzz about getting back up and running. So if you haven't gone out yet, I highly recommend it a little family room place here in time. I've been going there for years on a really kind of way to get back on you to always have the spaghetti cargo.

Find jingle bell sounds of the Boston people saying cheers and all that kind of thing having it will be when I'm so looking forward to it from nothing in the way. I'm ready to go in and sit down yet to feel almost like a Sitting Duck. It just doesn't feel safe. We feel really bad when it comes to Blue yet. We don't want the restaurants and pubs near is to close. We genuinely a worried about them. Look at some takeaways from them instead and we're considering staying getting someone without tool typos. But inside is to sing for us.

We are still Keen to hear your thoughts about eating out. You can reach his on Twitter and Instagram at BBC food or email us at the food program at BBC. Co. Uk.

What are the options for making diners feel welcome in this strange new keeping your distance Universe? Let's get back to the team chuku's Moon and everyone. Has it been feeling. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back.

It is 11:10 on Friday the 24th of July this time next week will be a pain in the ass. After the first time in months right now with what the team in doing some kitten training. We going through the corner of health and safety and menu trade-in. It's been so long since you have the whole team in and unpack me quite happy to see me smiling cuz I had my mouth but it was such a joy to see them and it's just exciting dinner's ready.

It is 112 just about to go through the new menu with a head chef. We have be making some changes over the lockdown couple of new dishes coming on side seat for a new chicken. I didn't ditch witch the spicy one of the signatures structures are true. Love quinoa caramel curry curry chicken. Asia. Meatballs orders will be here on a new menu, which is essentially a mix of traditional Nigerian dishes as well as those with a contemporary twist, but there are days that all of those are rooted in aventik Nigerian flavors.

We'll hear more from Anika and if a in a few minutes.

It seems like small independent places must be most seriously affected by covet on blocked on but the Giants aren't immune 25 of the globe's biggest chains including Starbucks and McDonald's could lose up to 33 billion dollars. That's 20% of that brand value says a recent report from Consultants Brown finance. And then in the UK eat Chiquito and Frankie and Benny's have already closed hundreds of brown shoes in spite of government support their fingerprints the stuff rotoscope a cartoon that to 5% and the new eat out to help out meal discount that launches this month. Is it enough?

A my name is Martha Lewis on the chief executive of hospitality action the benevolent charity full the UK hospitality industry. We really is pretty freaky that they was going to be a huge need for financial support then across the lowdown began properly. And I know that point we certainly had a huge Avalanche of calls coming our way people have been other light off or overload. You just simply didn't know how they're going to make ends meet in the in the coming weeks and months so weak rates in the mergency type a landing emergency grounds, which people could apply for which we give them 250 pounds just to tide them over at while they waited for Universal Credit to kick in we open for applications that on the last Monday in in March by the end of the day, we had 20 mm. Vacations so that gave us to send pretty quickly off the need that was out there but Mark believes lockdown has made us realize how much we value the food and drink industry and Hospitality action is counting on that public good.

Fritz new campaign bring the lights on to touch to an Oscar. So what we're asking is for Hospitality operations to add a bowl of invisible chips that has nothing as a menu item just saying can we put a pound on the bill at the end of the night? It's about having a conversation and The Loft at table. So when the way to start the pressure Table Lake and say look we taking you all that we got your wine old abouts on the way, but would you consider also advise me invisible chips to help the people in our industry whose life is a disappearing. So that's the idea. We've got some great name is involved already at the Fred sirieix for the video together by kind Leaf of which it is now on our website.

But these are very tasty actually I'm having some fun with it. But the message is an important one that says live your heads on disappearing. So, you know, if people can shape in and put an extra few pounds on that building that gives us the opportunity to give more crying sound to people in need.

Anton front one of the directors and found his hair in Bristol and yeah, what a journey is the 4th of July announcement really encouraging for the industry as a whole. We don't have the space to accommodate social distancing measures we've continued as take away we reopened in the day is a deli and Cafe has been really nice to get some of our regulars back in that's one of the great fears and insecurities like a factor that sister know after 9 or more years. If ever stop pushing regular custom bass. What do you will still hold on to that?

Howdy Folks, it's Shawna hear from the Hi-Fi Southern Kitchen in Bari Via restaurant in wheels on I am currently in front of a muntin of government guidance as we actively we plan to open up a restaurant the week beginning 3rd of August. I've been done to the restaurant with my tape measure is measured. I want to meet social distancing would be on tried to work on a table plant based on that to be honest. It's the most depressing thing that I find so far Wheels really really need to reduce the social distancing requirements to 1 meter or 1 meter plus because we really need to fill it up with a few more table just to make it profitable to open. Obviously. We have to make sure that the staff is safe and that our customers fee to save but it's the social distancing goes down to one-meter 1 + and we can open up with 70% capacity. We will be getting back to something like what it was prior to the 21st of March.

Hello, my name is Autumn Tomlinson on the chef night at the Old Mill House Bistro and little Patrick. Just outside of pet store in Kumho. I remember sitting thinking to myself. I don't honestly see a way through this and I don't see why it we ever going to be able to react Ronaldo's. I have to say I think the government support has been fantastic. It resized business. The one issue. We have had within the first seven days being opened. Once we lost 41 covers three other people can swim in the very last minute or not turning at 4 to load.

It's quite stressful really we have had to look at different options. We looked at the deposit root tip realtor Rising cards at the moment. I'm hesitant to do any of that because I want people to come to the beach to relax from the movie like book a table with us. Sorry on how you feeling that this trend of nice shows with that is declining now continues to decline because if it doesn't then we are going to have to step in and do something at my kitchen table. It's time for another Zoom cool.

Turn and introduce yourself. If you would I work for a firm called Nature's choice where based in New Covent Garden Market in London and Prime business is we Supply restaurants with fruit and veg. But also we working with the farmers to grow the spoke for the chefs an integral part really of the restaurant business.

What happened when lockdown me to even look that happened? We went to zero. I mean literally all restaurants that just closed. So I might see land within 24 hours. They have built a website where people could then go on and order and we went we went to next day delivery of produce. It was coming in from my thumbs. I think we did about 16:33. It was like a hundred and bite a 7 we had 600. It was just that quick established.

Customer business, what are you doing now restaurants are reopening a combination of the home delivery. We don't do but we still enough to make it work. And also now we can do anywhere nationally, except the highlands and Islands. I'm not approving really successful and restaurants very different now before I shoveled snow expected that by the next morning very different is a cool name. I tell them what's available then they create their menus out of that. That sounds like a good development. But on Twitter where you're quite active on the 23rd of June, you said completely baffled by some restaurants claiming their opening, July 4th. You haven't paid your invoices since February and you expect me to start Supply and you

What was that about so we had a few clients from this whole time. Not even one little drop of communication. No response to an email. No response study telephone calls nothing and as I was coming out restaurants having activity and that's where I came out. We went with without tree quite shocked, but it did take a treat like that to wake a few people up all this changed then the the the terms of payments to you. Yes, it has very much. So so anyone news is coming in is not a strictly on the 7-Day tub. And any of the old clients who are on a payment plan until a plan and clear varnish and I terms is not used to taking the payment from the customer and then giving it to me 60 to 90 days lights at the we were by SIA bank. So that's changed.

Diffidently, should that be a second peek at least is there is there any 7 days instead if it was 60 days again, then we would not be able to Vernon. What's your prediction for the future of your business? The main difference is that our product range the man of different products that we will carry will be much much less volume at which has grown men use will be written with chestal King to me instantly. Shuts giving a menu to me and say that I am finding it. It's me saying okay with all available this this this and this and then they have to write a menu from the palace. I think it's great. You look like

Vernon mascarenhas making the Linksys often ignored in the current analyses of the hospitality business behind those now socially distance tables. There was a farmer has Growers Bakersfield German butchers cheesemakers smokers Miller's on without them. It's not fair what Britain will become what is clear is that it's a hard time to be working in restaurants and cafes. Can we imagine and work towards a return to normal or even something better than normal a lot will depend on house in Wales. I noticed the Denbigh business group had put their thoughts into posters the posters say before you go canoeing around the block for Starbucks customer Greg's Burger King KFC and McDonald's remember those huge fast food companies will be fine off to look down spend your money with local cafes and takeaways who are fighting to stay in business ever.

Single day, I'm not to take that gets the thumbs-up from food critic time you go. If you have a local restaurant that you value use them spend your money that whether it's take away or eat out to you too, because eventually this will be over and my great fear is that if we don't eat out as much as we can and bear in mind these places that that means they must at the end of Desert Eagles beat the policies of the super rich and places like subway. It will be like a paradigm, you know, if the economy the very very rich in the pool and the gorgeous creative local restaurants will go

This could a final word from America and if a Frederick a choose to people with a kind of optimism we could do with morel.

6:49 p.m. On Friday the 24th of July in a long week, but productive has the team back in today thinking about the prep that needs to be done next week getting them retrained can F-1 alignment with you anytime you solve covid kotion positive life as well launching another episode of March to charge TV series, which we decide to Mystical and talks a lot about African culture and identity. They felt quite a 15-1 to be releasing so close to REI opening and but the weekend is here kind of I'll be working on it.

How about this week as we go ahead into the reopening update on social media app Seafood probe this weekend watch this space.

Thanks for listening. If you want to hear more food programs, then there's a treasure Trove of them going back to 2007 on the BBC Radio 4 food programme website.

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