NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-02-2020 1PM ET

NPR News: 08-02-2020 1PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein supplemental jobless assistance from millions of Americans remains uncertain after lengthy talks yesterday between Trump Administration officials and Congressional Democratic leaders participant said some progress was made but today they found out on the Sunday talk shows reiterating their positions gives treasury secretary Steven mnuchin on ABC's this week. We have to be careful about not piling on enormous amounts of death for future Generations. So the president's determined to spend what we need to spend and we're acting very quickly now speaker Nancy Pelosi says workers should be the priority subjecting somebody who gets $600 to scrutiny that they won't subject some of the people are getting millions of dollars in the PPP. So this is about putting workers first nation is pushing for 1 week extension of the extra $600 in jobless benefits Democrats called.

Political stunt a powerful tropical storm E36 is brushing, Florida Central Coast and expected to stay just offshore as it moves northward overnight Jessica palombo of member station WJCT reports in St. Augustine Historic still recovering from NASA floods during Hurricane Irma few years back forecasters are predicting up to a couple of feet of storm surge as of noon County Emergency managers there had given out more than 10,000 sandbags at people's scrambled ashore up homes and businesses Florida's First Coast could also see 4 in of rain and tropical storm-force wind gusts. But with the worst of conditions expected to stay offshore no evacuation orders have been issued and shelters remain closed for NPR news on Jessica Palumbo in Jacksonville virus infections in the Australian state of Victoria has let officials to declare a state of disaster.

Rachel buongiorno reports officials are now imposing the tightest restriction so far including a nightly curfew and limits on shopping exercise and education that are to a last for six weeks eat the bars in Italy during recording only a handful of knowing you tight as a day, but in early July the number of community-acquired cases sold into the hundreds just weeks after initial restrictions lifted Victorian frame you Daniel Andrews raised concerns, not just about the growing number of community Transmissions, but also add the number of cases to Combichrist that Community transmission is in many respects at biggest challenge. And the reason why we need to move to a different set of rules show with a hotel quarantine if returns Travelers, which is thought to have contributed to the states that can wait Frankie on use on Rachel and Rose in dome in Melbourne. This is NPR.

Mexican officials say security forces have captured a nouturios drug cartel boss known as El Mato Jose Antonio yepez is suspected of being behind a deadly violence Major League Baseball continues to have a rocky start to the 2020 season as teams contend with the threat of the coronavirus Emily files of member station wuwm in Milwaukee reports.

The three-game weekend series between the Milwaukee Brewers in St. Louis Cardinals was postponed after one more player and three staff with the Cardinals tested positive for the coronavirus on Saturday to Cardinals players had already tested positive on Friday Also Saturday, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain released a statement saying he was opting out of the rest of the season. He said it was the right decision for himself his wife and their three young children, Miami Marlins second. Baseman isan, Diaz also removed himself from the season over the weekend out of health concerns. The Marlins season was put on hold after an outbreak infected more than 20 people affiliated with the team for NPR news. I'm Emily files in Milwaukee astronauts Bob behnken and Doug Hurley are heading back to Earth aboard spacex's crew Dragon capsule after more than two months in space there expected to

Splashdown off the Gulf of Mexico are Florida's northwest coast next hour completing the first man Mission aboard a privately built capsule. This is
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