Global News Podcast - NASA astronauts make landmark splashdown

The SpaceX capsule touched down off Florida, in the first crewed US water landing in 45 years. Also: top US Democrat rounds on virus chief Birx, and New Zealand's most popular albatross chick needs a name.

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Angela actually landed early hours of Monday the 3rd of August, please our main story mission to the International Space Station has Splashtown off the coast of Florida overseeing the White House response to the coronavirus has wounded the United States has entered a new phase of the pandemic. What is the most important figures in the Indian government? The interior Minister Amit Shah has tested positive for covid-19.

Baby, baby, baby, baby. Oh say this podcast. Some people are just interested because they look amazing. This chick is Ivan Oinky Lowe's now massive wingspan when her parents come flying in that's really quite impressive will hear more about the albatross chick that's captured the hearts of thousands online.

Two US astronauts have Splashdown successfully off the coast of Florida as a first commercial manned mission to the International Space Station return to Earth. The SpaceX crew Dragon capsule is the first spacecraft to land in US vs since the final Apollo moon mission more than 40 years ago it once again, give them a way of getting its own people into orbit and the astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob behnken lost it off at the end of May part of NASA's plan to handle the space station flights to private companies NASA commentators for the final moments of the SpaceX capsules return to us about 20 of the ocean.

Splashdown as you can see on your screen we have visual confirmation for Splashtown.

Boston and Maine

Endeavor has returned home.

NASA astronaut Doug Marshall from the NASA Mission Control at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, so hot to Splashdown gone as hoped to miles per hour. They could have been water skiing out in that water. And so that was very helpful. We watch the parachutes have been a challenge and they worked with no issues whatsoever. So, yes, it was everything we had hoped for what do you think you proved with this Mission and we built and we flew launched and flu rockets and capsules now, we've got commercial industry doing that and we want to be one of many customers.

In low earth orbit, you think about it? No private companies ever launched and brought back humans from space and SpaceX has just been a tremendous partner year. They invented these two astronauts in their facilities. So that the people that were building the Rockets and the capsules got to know them they call them the dads and this really started with Elon Musk and went down to the line worker. It's been great working with them. We're really in a transformative era. Is it between you didn't just hand everything I would do SpaceX. Absolutely. We both learn from each other to be honest with you and they've driven us and we've driven them in good ways. I'd say this is about competition. It's about reducing costs. It's about Innovation and it's about safety and we're just getting started. It just takes on a mission like this one.

Massive buds Reddit if for instance to a mission to Mars mission to the Moon relatively minor would you subcontract that kind of Mission to Space X, you know, we have one campaign in three domains. We're working to try to expand the economy at low earth orbit. And you know, we've been in lower throat obviously with the space station and we've been paying the Russians 90 million dollars a seat. So that's going to stop and hopefully we'll be sharing seats with them back and forth but still complicated getting to the Moon of course with the radiation and it's been 48 years since we were there last so their new challenges there and we're really going there per the president's direction to prepare to go to Mars, which is very complicated. So we'll use the moon as a stepping stone to get to Mars the complications increase, but this is a

Crew transportation system in low earth orbit that is going to be certified with what they've done and that's going to allow for a greater demand that we have for research and development in microgravity. And our hope is that will have commercial space stations that will start coming up in his face and we'll use a screw transportation system to get their missions like this more than just a technical feet. It is it really is about inspiring the Next Generation, but it's also to bring home to many who are suffering right now and that's what math is about. It's about improving The Human Condition of mankind. That's why we're here and we're going to continue to do it. This is Deputy Administrator. Jim Moore medical advisers has wounded the u.s. Is entering a new phase in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Deborah Brooks told CNN the disease was extraordinary widespread across the country and a greater threat and when the outbreak Fest begin talk to books Southwest to step up measures to deal with a virus the US has recorded more covid-19 cases and deaths than any other country. I also correspondence in California. He supposed to say the outbreak the coronavirus pandemic is different now, she said it's extraordinary really widespread and what she means is that she explained this in some detail. It's affecting rural communities as well as the big urban areas near remember the beginning of the outbreak has a virus is spreading quickly here in the states and mulch. It was those big cities in special in New York City this world hardest test in that situation has changed entirely now and that you are just as likely it seems to be infected if you live in

Rural and the California as in one of the big cities in this area like it Hampstead Central Los Angeles or San Francisco and it talks about families that lived in homes multigenerational homes in and she said that the situation was so serious. Now that people in those situations should consider wearing a mask a face mask even while they're at home. And she refer to those being on holiday almost certainly been on holiday somewhere in the United States, He said they should assume self-isolation not my President Trump. He's often been at odds with top medical advisers, but by seeing it Democrats Nancy Pelosi on ABC this week in the present is spreading disinformation about the virus and she is his a point too. So I don't have confidence there. No,

He said that she had tremendous respect for the speaker. And she said she has tremendous respect for her long dedication to the American people but only specifics of the allegation. She said that she had referred to herself never being pollyannaish or non-scientific own own data-driven which seems to be against her that she hasn't been following the signs since she strongly defended herself on that front. Why does the situation there seem to beat the T-Rex cost to live in one of those rural areas of California? And if you'd asked me a couple of months ago what the situation was like the country and I clearly isn't the case now in purely anecdotal observations wandering around town Bob second to the beach once as I did last week and seeing how people at behaving is as if there isn't it

And I see a lot of people not wearing masks even though it's mandatory if you're outside in California at my estimate roof estimate was about 5% 5% of people on the beach or actually even though there was signs posted around the the park that people have to cover their faces. So people are named in general terms of following the orders when they go to doctor's office when they go to the supermarket to everyone wearing masks. Going down launch numbers when they feel as if they're safe, but that probably not along with the Caribbean is now the second worst hit region in the world from covid-19 more than 300,000 people have tested positive for Coronavirus in Columbia the death toll that now exceeds 10,000 say that the City's health system has collapsed with catastrophe living

Colombian capital intensive care with breathing difficulties after testing positive for Coronavirus for 2 weeks on my cell is father has regained Consciousness and doctors say he's over the worst. But now he's well now he's eating thank God we've come out of this continue to rise counseling more than a third of the country's total cases and over 20% of its that's how it is up to 43000 could be dead by the end of the year.

Altoona Hospital is dealing with the most serious cases of coronavirus each Wars been converted to a high dependency unit for the best year of full and is no more room to expand Medicare concerned. They said the only thing that preventing absolute disaster is the death of patients.

Dr. Jonathan Sin Cara mancipe is the head of intensive care unit or I see you as soon as the patient leaves another arrives. He says when it becomes available through three or four people waiting for it each time. He called a catastrophe has intensive care units of 93% of increasing each day, but the figures also show that more than 60% of hospital deaths occur on the woods before patients are admitted to ICU. So I'm waiting up to three days in intensive care bed. Talk to Herman by Jana is the head of College of Medicine.

New patients are having to wait long periods of time. So we need to examine each of these cases and figure out if there is something blocking and Elaine access to ICU hospitals have ulcer medicines many don't have the drugs. They need to sedate patients for intubation emergency departments are overflowing and threw a major staff shortages. It's a grim picture says, dr. Bayona importancia. That's how I sum up our situation at the moment. I think that could have been prevented if we'd taken a more aggressive attitude towards prevention respond to requests for more information. But Mary Claudia Lopez is the night at bogus as hell system has collapsed. She consistently point south of intensive care capacity in the city has been increased but she's also

Set the days and weeks ahead will be difficult. That was Matthew Charles in Columbia. The hardest-hit African country South Africa has now registered more than half a million coronavirus cases with mole not his pull Hawkins morning another life taken by coronavirus 8153 people have died from it in South Africa, but it could be much higher the South African medical research council is the number of people dying from natural causes from May 6th to June 21st is 60% higher this year compared to the same. In 2019 and 2018 government so that we know the half a million confirmed infections in the country. That's at least half of all the coronavirus cases on the continents.

And I said if they were encountering Province what hospitals like explained as well, and that doesn't have a covid 19% So, how are we keeping we are not.

South Africa imposes strict lockdown in April and May slow the spread of the virus began a gradual reopening in June. However. Wild South Africa is the fifth highest number of typos covid-19 cases. We have only the 36 highest number of deaths is a proportion of the population, but that's little consolation to South Africa. If it's something the pandemic is exposed shortcomings and its Health System. That's the thing is is failing all people. It's filling the entire country. It was not ready for this aggressive. Damn. That's no guarantee of success against this deadly virus deaths compared to other nations.

But the authorities in southern states of Victoria had imposed some of the world's toughest quarantine measures Daniel Andrew's Estates on Sunday Metropolitan Melbourne from 8 p.m. This evening and it will run from 8 p.m. To 5, inha and every day and the only reason to be out of your hand is to get care to give care to go to and from work will be at work at police will be out in force and you will be stopped and you will need to demonstrate that you are lawfully app an executive order first used during the Bushfire crisis earlier. This year has the power to enforce curfews to suspend acts of Parliament and to repossess properties supposed to be PCS Henry Bello who's from Victoria Melbourne Compares with other major cities.

Did the number of cases in Melbourne and Victoria the state of Victoria more widely? It's very low compared to other comparable cities International contact is bigger in terms of population than Los Angeles. But if you look at those two cities the wildly different on 377 in the past few days La it's been recording somewhere between six and eight thousand cases a day. We just heard about South Africa. There was a thousand cases that's more than the entire title of Active cases in Australian Open in the entire country in the world is full of history. Of course people sensitive anxiety and fear is quad relative. What mods guess I'm a little bit

Been relatively unaffected by this pandemic. So it's been watching really with horror. The number of people who died for this originated in China that it swept through Europe. Of course now the United States and Latin America and to the Australian government and the state of Victoria from public health officials East to learn from some of the mistakes. I brought a note to shy away from taking strong action to really it get in early to try to keep the numbers load to be proactive rather than reactive. But of course, they really be able to deal with this given its going to have such a big impact on the economy. That's what's being divided in Melbourne at the moment. And one of India's most senior politicians, the interior Minister Amit Shah is in hospital after testing positive for covid-19 India it now has more than 1.7 million cases of coronavirus the third highest confirmed infection rate.

In the world Reggie. Neeraja Nelson ripples

It comes as a virus cases in the world second most populous country continue to rise rapidly on Saturday in recorded 57,000 new case has the highest daily total to date one of the most high has tested positive for the volume by Jonathan open the podcast because fire the Ahmanson masonry poets by Chico clearing land and then bunny it's when the dry season salt even more fiercely than last year.

Sri Lanka goes to the polls this week to elect a new Parliament where the divided opposition president gotabaya rajapaksa Sri Lanka people's front steps to get a two-thirds majority in Parliament critics say, mr. Rajapaksa is trying to capitalize on a rise in nationalism among the country's Senate majority of the elections are expressed concerns over the government's attempt to silence dissent and criticism the TV series Amber s edited version.

It's an election this time. It comes nine months after a presidential poll, which gave a landslide victory for president.

Now history Lanka People's Front is looking to secure a two-thirds majority and he wants to install is brother. Mahinda as the Prime Minister may be speaking at the rally was President twice before defense secretary on both are out on the campaign Trail.

The election is happening at the unprecedented coronavirus crisis Sri Lanka has managed to contain the outbreak with debts. Only just into double figures. The Sri Lanka people's friend argues that the successful handling of the crisis will swing divorce in. Mr. Rajapaksa stable entire world is now subject to covid-19 in Sri Lanka is one of the best countries to visit successfully and to save its own citizens has shown is a unique leader and because of that people have a new hope

However, the rajapaksa brothers Still faced accusations of Rights abuses during the nearly three decades on civil war with the Tamil minority levels, which ended in 2009. They denied any wrongdoing but the rajapaksha supporters mostly drawn from the majority sinhalese this mr. Criticism over rights abuses.

Sri Lanka has enjoyed relative political stability and security for the last nine months, especially after the devastating Easter Sunday attacks last year Middleton sewing allegiance to the Islamic State group carried out a series of suicide bombings targeting churches and high-end hotels in Colombo and in the East more than 260 people were killed President gotabaya rajapaksa party wants to capitalize on that and wants to secure a two-thirds majority in Parliament so that it can change the Constitution for example to give more power to the president.

In another part of Sri Lanka hundreds of people wearing face masks. I turned it around by such as one of the main opposition leaders is promising a more inclusive Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka's minorities Hamilton Muslims have been worried about Rising cinderlite majoritarian nationalism, which helped to become the president late last year Mr. Supporters. Say, he's the best man to unite the country. They believe in ethnic how many in this country by all communities are treated equally and and there's no discrimination towards the minorities.

Batman Supreme Odessa is facing an uphill battle as the opposition is divided splitting Auntie reduction horse.

Activist 8 2/3 majority for any political party in the current election doesn't augur well for the country like Sri Lanka where ethnic fault lines run deep.

That report by Amber Ascent data Rajan at least 15 people have died in a displaced people in Cameroon. Local officials told the Reuters news agency that the attack has struck while their victims were asleep fighters from the militant group Boko Haram are suspected to have carried out the assault near the border with Nigeria Africa tell people according to eyewitnesses a number of assailants arrived at the camp when people are asleep and there some reports that a woman carried a device a bomb into the area and detonated killing 15 people and wounding 6 out of people who is everybody be wondering why this kind of attack would happen if we simply don't know the answer to that but sent you the people in that area expecting that it was carried out by Boko Haram and the reason attacks like this sometimes happens because the civilians are really stuck between

The minute tree and the jihadists and if they seem to help the military at Old then they can be punished by the jihadists and vice-versa. Were they trying to achieve with his campaign which has been going on for more than a decade is the campaign began back in 2009 or so it in Nigeria which is where the group is from an initially it once it to set up its own place under its own rules, which it cools Islamic but many people would say that Rob a twisted version of Islam. What happened over the last few years. Is it gradually become more of a regional problem in the Boko Haram jihadist who wrote the strongest survive in 2014 or 15. They were thin beating Bank by the Nigerian troops, but they never really diminish to an extent where people can live in peace in these rural areas of the Lake Chad region. So we've seen broker. I'm carrying out a taxi.

Chad and in Cameroon Cameroon initially with a set of rear guard place where the jihadist could hide a house and make a Transit that weapon through that but over the last 5 years or so, the attacks have been quite frequent not always on a large scale but suddenly enough to make people's lives very difficult in those areas of the farm north of Cameroon. Human Rights Watch says the in Cameroon this year there have been two hundred attacks on a hundred and twenty-six people have been killed Wells Ross Amazon region raised uncontrolled last year to the horror of environmentalists and then he questioned government this year that raging even more fiercely is estimated that in July the fires have risen by 28% compared to the same time last year. Did Marshall spoke to Professor Edward Richard share of global change crafting of the University of Edinburgh.

So not too surprising figure expected has deforestation in the Amazon has beat up by about 25% this year compared to last year we have for the expecting father has to be shocked because fire the Ahmanson mostly caused by people clearing land and then bunny it's when the dry season start around July many Lowe's in Brazil around is very different mechanisms of people clear alarms. A lot of days have been relaxed will not enforce principles of our Administration came in January last year at the international outcry last year and policies that supposedly came in to try and reinstate slower and picked it up and the Army's been called into the Brazilian Amazon in active military trying to stop things other than Sebastian the stoplight. They said it seems as if it is in the Brazilian size.

Turn out all the isolated or have they come together to sort of Triton Inferno region and the oldest ACH urban areas that far as I can see that have been cleared by deforestation. So these aren't biting virgin rainforest areas that people have cut down some trees left to dry and then set fires to clear the land nobody cattle pasture because clearly last year and it fits me watch this year. They'll be lots of smoke coming from these fires that will go to these cities in Brazil in the surrounding countries that are suffering very badly from from covid-19 increase in a position is found to exacerbate serious people with Monk & Sons and ask her inside one that will make them much more susceptible to covid-19. So it's ready something that we should try to stop already and

What's the trying to say this but not just the sake of that the planets and this largest area rainforest People's Health in the short-term looking to to do that Western governments again. I think Western governments could put some more pressure on Brazil for this. There is a EU meccasaur trade deal that could be worth billions to Brazil's economy. You could walk to try to stop the UK is trying to create trade deals with this weekend and we can put those on Holt's to try and put pressure on a royal Albatross chick in New Zealand whose life has attracted millions of views from around the world by a live YouTube channel may have found Fame but as yet no name, so it's keep his lost. The competition was just closed on Sunday to find a name before the chick leaves its nest in New Zealand. Otago peninsula.

This will take her away for the next few years Sharon brownie is one of the chicks. Keep is she told you you're Marshal about the albatross chick on the neighboring competition this year. We've got a new camp and it means we can pain and we can zoom in and we have not fishing now. So previously checks might be out of here for a while, especially once they stop moving around this year. It's been constant feeling and down and countries all around the world people running and more. So huge amounts of Interest. Some people are just interested because they look amazing. This chick is Ivan knowing kilos now massive wingspan when her parents come flying and it's really quite impressive people who know lots about birds who training as well very long-lived species and their breed really slowly. So happy it will raise a check every two years the, Texas

Winona House, Memphis Southwind Ice Age and then come back on for 5 years time to breed in the same boat and take three years to choose the nightstand typically makes a life. No, not that we wouldn't know the winner for a little while yet. But can you pick any of the names for something like a chick chick size for instance? Yes that the mix faces aren't going to get onto the shortlist Ameritrade hot wheel drives a lot of countries all around the world to enjoy looking at the Royal can pick boots themselves when they leave here though, eventually circled the entire southern accent so that way they're reaching out to feed the power of being able to engage people through the internet is connected a lot of people to get their own people have gotten to know each other.

Little bit true connecting online and talking about the albatross together.

Old must for now that there will be an updated version of the global news podcast if you want to come in is BBC. Co. Uk on Jeanette giulio until next time. Goodbye.
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