NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-02-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 08-02-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Nora raum. The head of the White House has coronavirus task force. Dr. Deborah. Birx says the virus is everywhere in America marking a new phase for the pandemic NPR's Matthew Schwartz has more at first the coronavirus hit the densely populated Urban centers, but now Deborah birx told CNN State of the Union things have changed what we're seeing today is different from March and April. It is extraordinary ride spread its way into the rural as equal urban areas and to everybody who lives in a rural area. You are not immune or protected from this virus Americans are going on vacation authentic obit hotspots getting infected and then bringing the virus back to their communities without even realizing it Brooke says that people in multigenerational households with an outbreak in their area should consider wearing a mask even at home Matthew Schwartz NPR news.

Washington white house chief of staff Mark Meadows says, he's not optimistic that the White House and Congress can reach agreement anytime soon and a new relief package to help Americans dealing with the pandemic. He stopped today on CBS His Face the Nation White House officials and Congressional Democrats are to meet again tomorrow tropical storm Isa s is pelting Florida's East Coast with heavy winds and rain, but so far is remaining offshore Howard Tipton is the administrator for St. Lucie County. He says even though the storm is not a hurricane. It can still be deadly avoid the beaches for the next few days as rough Surf and rip current warnings will remain in effect as the remnants of the tropical storm continue when the surf is pounding. It is not the time to go in the water tropical storm watches and warnings are post at Northwood along the east coast of the us including the Outer Banks of North Carolina to NASA astronauts are back.

After making a dramatic Splashdown this afternoon off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. NPR is Nell greenfieldboyce reports. The success of the test flight is a milestone for both NASA and SpaceX. The last time any NASA astronauts came home by splashing down was in 1975. They were in an Apollo capsule this time the astronauts were in a capsule owned by SpaceX the company's been taking cargo to and from the International Space Station for NASA for years. Now, it's showing its capsules can safely carry people and NASA is already assigning astronauts to Future SpaceX flight that Will Blast Off from Florida. That's a big change for almost a decade after retiring at space shuttles. NASA has had to buy seats for its astronauts on Russian space capsules Nell. Greenfieldboyce NPR news.

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Thousands of people are out of their homes in Riverside County, California because of a wildfire The Blaze and mountains east of Los Angeles has consumed more than 31 square miles of dry brush and Timber the cause is under investigation 1 home in 2 L buildings have been destroyed. No injuries have been reported. The firefighter is are being hampered by steep rugged terrain and the heat temperatures reach 109° in nearby Palm Springs today. The Marine Corps says eight troops missing after their craft sunk during a training Mission last week are presumed. Add Steve Walsh of members station KPBS reports, but maybe I've been searching since Thursday evening after the 26th and 50th assault vehicle same quickly inside of other vehicles during an exercise in the water is off of San Clemente Island 8th Marines were recovered quickly including a marine who died and two others still remained in critical condition.

After searching a thousand nautical square miles the Navy called the search for the remaining eight overnight unmanned Vehicles will search for the landing craft, which is believed to have sunk in several hundred feet of water the head of the Marines David burgard ordered a temporary halt to all water operations for the Aging aav NPR news. I'm Steve Walsh in San Diego classical pianist Leon fleisher died this morning in Baltimore. His son said he had cancer he was one of the most celebrated penis and teachers in the US given his first recital at the age of eight. Leon fleisher was 92. I'm Nora raum NPR
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