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Chinese airlines have rolled out flight packages at cheap price points in a bid to attract passengers. This strategy seems to be working. What's the catch for customers? / Are sugar-free drinks good? / Instant river snail noodle is a new fave during pande

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to Round Table coming to you live from Beijing. I'm joined by function and neela it is always to have you with us. We have some fascinating topic for discussion today and everyday on today's program airlines are coming up with all kinds of all you can fly passes with 3300 you on or less than 50 us. Excuse me? 500 500 US Dollars you get to fly to any city in China over the weekend for the rest of the Year. This almost sounds like a dream too. Good to be true. Well, what is the catch and sugar free drinks are the fastest-growing beverage category right now, they are advertised as the healthy alternative to regular soda drinks.

How much of that is true will get into it. You can find us an apple podcast at Roundtable China subscribe rate and review us it will help other folks to find the show. But first time today is Round Table travel and hospitality industries were the first hit by the coronavirus outbreak now with the virus contained in most of China Green shoots of recovery are appearing in the country first sign being more people are dining in restaurants and traveling between provinces Chinese Airlines have rolled out flight packages at dirt cheap price points in a bitch or track passengers. This strategy seems to be working the ol you can fly passes have been sold out in some of these the Airline promotion activities. Give me an update on what's going on with these Airlines and coming up with super smart strategies. Yeah. We all know the impact of coronavirus on the

They're so in order to boost passenger load rate and Revitalize the whole sector many airlines and it carry out this all you can find passes. So we can't use China Eastern Airlines as an example. So the company announced and all you can fly pass on June 18th this year and under this a package passengers can purchase did deal by 3322, which is nearly as opposed to a 474 US dollars. So then they can exchange economy class tickets for any weekend flights 200 cities in the country until the end of this year. And so there's no limit on number of times of exchange. So if you just look at this description, you just feel like wow, it's really too good to be true. But if you read more on this description in Tom's off the movie the additional conditions or specific requirements, you will know where is the cat?

Because passengers they have to use those tickets during the weekend. You can exchange to take his during the weekdays, which means either you choose a round trip from Sun Deus Ex Saturday morning or whatever time is available on the list. And then you have to take another flight back on Sunday, or you can take another week off and you take the flight for next Sunday or next Saturday. Oh, but still it sounds like at least you are given a week and give you get away with you know, a really low price point if you compared to what flights tickets are like and regular day is what what are you thinking you are you sort of tempted by the steel know this is only makes sense for 4. I would say pops maybe frequent business Travelers and family are people who have the bee family.

In a different location and they want to see each other more frequently does Max and I mean for somebody like me like you said if I own if I was just wanted to fly maybe a round trip ticket to go to a holiday saying Sunday and come back. It doesn't really make sense at the end of the day lift tickets and legs so sore. Cheap anyways, so if you're a frequent, it does make sense because then it is this you can still slide more often throughout the the the year or if you have a lot of holidays that you need to take and you don't know what to do with that and then you can eat all you can decide to fly to send in for I don't know for some Cantonese food and then fly to a different city for an afternoon tea and I mean it you just I think it's it's very circumstantial for some people. This is definitely worth it if you're a frequent traveler, but for just a regular person who wanted to just one round trip every other every other

It doesn't really make sense. But let's say if I would like to go to one of the tourist destinations in Hainan province with that weekend. I'd like to be there and then I'm back on Sunday, you know, and I'll be at work on Monday that I don't think so if it's possible.

We still something one can do in his butt. But flying from Beijing. That's like what a 3-hour flight. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I just want to spend a long weekend in Shanghai. This is a perfect deal for me because all you need to do is just pay $3,000 and over overseas 3040 half of a year. I would say and then you can frequently fly to Shanghai enjoy the high tea the restaurant and bars and all I mean like if you have a date there or your husband, is there a date and coming back that does make sense? But if I want to go and enjoy the city and being there first of all, I never counted the travel time as part of my holiday because you arrived at your funky. You're tired. You just want to chill out and then I defrost a is relax a bit the following day do something but that makes sounds like you are wrong.

And then you've got to get busy almost immediately before you jump onto the next flight. Yeah, so it's just one night and that destination then you have to come back for you strategize eyes and use your paid annual leave days and the spend the week there and whatever destination and come back the next weekend right that yeah, I'm thinking of another possibility or another option, which means I maybe you can use the chance of exchange of tickets and their this package and when you come back you can just buy an extra tickets from the normal schedule. You won't just use the coupons or the chances in your package. I didn't that will work as well. But you know now not only like China Eastern Airlines they have like a carry out this kind of a passes but other airlines like Hainan Airlines or spring Airlines China Southern Airlines carry out such a pass.

I stay are a little bit different because they're their package. You can only book the tickets from any from or to the places like from high 9 which means not allow you to book tickets from two destinations with all hi Nan included. So that's complicated and that's how hatch and it almost like that. There's a lot in the fine print by the sound of it cuz it's just it's just it's the same concept as have this is like the buffet pricing and ovulation in the students something. I've never understood the whole comes concept of hitting a buffet restaurant and it's like you have everything you can eat and drink that you can actually consume everything and then after awhile to realize actually it's not it's not worth it, but this is more to me like a buffet ticket for

Half a year is like, oh come every other weekend or something like that people how many people have leprosy exactly depends? If you're a frequent business traveler, then this is a fantastic deal. If you are with somebody who really wishes to see a family member every other weekend. This is a fantastic deal. But if you just a regular person, I need to know my goodness, of course from the from the word girl. It sounds like the greatest deal ever. How many times are you going to be able to be planning a trip a weekend trip from here to there from here to that. It's already exhausting for me at the from home to the airport and having to wait through the night then getting on the flight be delayed and you're driving and you have to hustle this off in a taxi or up a public transport to get to route to your destination. I don't think anybody want to hustle their weekends away like that. So I just want to add one thing that this might not even be a really good deal for business Travelers either because I did mention

For the weekend as people when they be traveling during the week instead of business on Sunday to arrive on Monday to be there at the destination before a meeting for for whatever client me types of whatever and then if you're lucky enough at the next Saturday morning or what not. I think we'll make sense and and these days with the coronavirus still in the background and business travel has reduced significantly. So then if it were someone that doesn't that has a lot of paid annual leave days on their hands and I don't know that person or someone who is not restricted to I suppose counting paid annual leave holiday day of a flexible walking time while you can still walk.

Anywhere, I think this works perfectly for the people maybe who are on a long-distance relationship. Yep, or their family are located in different cities. For example, we can take the Hainan Airlines for an example because it's a destination from one of the cities in the Hunnan Province and also to another cities across the country. So we know why Hainan province is like the retirees Paradise for many people from the northeastern region in China. So maybe they want to occasionally visit their family members in Hainan Province and they can't use this annual decide. What was the official name? Oh you can fly passes perfectly egg is save a lot of money for you because you know from the northeastern area and to do the haunted Providence the best West Aiken flights. Otherwise you would be trapped in the train for day. So it's impossible for you to travel freely with a tranq to the up to the other side of the country.

Starting this will work quite good for people who have those situations, but at the same time those retired. Yeah, and but this is not even you want to get one know that easy which means that if you are planning to buy such a path, but maybe you cannot compete with those text Abby to have really high speed like a internet speed is so popular popular people like three things or something that sounds almost free pictures of what is not the first favorite sweater. Ustick flies a lot safer, but it's not like you would be so, you know without one worried a mind and you just board the flight. It's not so simple either.

Although I'm sure you know, what's with the face mask the gloves and all the necessary precautions then it's it's okay to fly it but it's not like for me, I guess I'm just one of those people that's a bit more anxious about all of this. I just want to be super safe of people have reached that point where it's a matter of now level of risk of congestion update be worrying about it all the time. It's not a matter of like to know it just keep calm and carry on because life has to go on at some point and I'm hoping that they are taking old application precautions. They're taking the airline's obviously must be taking a serious precautions are there and some people have to serve put some trust in Ada themselves and their the steps have taken to protect themselves as well as that the industry in itself. So I'm one of those people if I could I would take a plane and go but the problem is it's just a hassle.

Enough at the timing. The amount of time if I want to travel. I don't want to go to some place for a couple of weeks, which I can have a couple of weeks to do that enough. So there are some other caches how to speak there's the taxes and the fees like fuel charges and Airport construction fee that you one must pay before you get on the light and that has to come straight out of your pocket. Yes. It's what 1550? Yeah. I'm not sure about how much percentage does Ali covers of basic tickets take his fee for your flight tickets, but you have to pay the extra fees as hell. Yeah, I'll mention it on there in a cashier's check the details of the package and they say, oh you can you can cancel the Flies maybe two days before the flight. Why did you cancel that because I can exchange.

My chances in using this dick is multiple times without any limitations until the end of this year. Even if I change my flight schedules and why I need to cancel the tickets, right and then I figure out okay. So if you fail to show up or you stuff a flight you booked for three times your path will be validated. So you have to follow every restrict I could book registration like a procedures like you book a normal tickets and also a same time. So for each flight, they only open 20 seats for this particular package or only 220 seats available for passengers where you see the benefits and hurt his past and also if for example the oversoul the tickets and the you are just lucky one book this tickets and from this flight, they will change you to the next flight.

If you're the 21st person whose wants to board was paid for the the Cheapskate refused entry. Like I want to say cheap is expensive in all aspects of life. I mean, you can't just expect that just because you paid things cheaply that you should you know, get the maximum benefit you if you go to expect and then there's some level of risk you are taking and you've got to be prepared. And so I think if I did buy this particular ticket that would definitely expect maybe like overbooking to her fans or maybe something will happen or maybe they put it in an old plane that stops to stop by and see where ya at.

Are the end of the day people just do whatever they want to know. What what about you get from point A to point B safe. And also I'm wondering little bit too much but with the aviation companies, they have been bleeding money for the last half-year. Do you think that with these so-called like, you know cheap packages would it be able to earn somebody or they are they suffering from this that the business right now? I think this is part of the marketing strategies maybe this for a short time. We will bring in some cash flow and the to help to help the company to maintain his operation. And also I think from the longer-term is trying to reboot people's confidence in

Traveling with the Flies because nowadays after coronavirus even though we really have to need to travel to some other places, but we will still like way too and two on the wait-and-see attitude because we don't know how is this safe nowadays and to travel I asked you and they're the outbreak of the coronavirus but I think like the companies are trying to attract passengers back to this business and also evil also boost a whole sector. I mean the tourism sector because if you want to spend only or even a weekend in a different destination from your home Tower to the city you are working is you can have the if you can contribute to the GDP anyway because you will have to pay for the Commendation that catering service and maybe you will visit some tourist attractions. So as a whole the whole tourism sector will be Revitalize. I think that's very important. I was also is a very good way to shape the used

Experience or the purchasing habits because for a very long time before its run a virus I prefer take high-speed reels them flies. But now it's a free the flights are cheaper than high-speed real truth flies anyway, but of course, this is not the most environmental friendly way of traveling but I think I have been lured by some of this packages is not only about the aviation's was Airlines was I think other like the hotels or those like online agencies and they are the travel agency to also carry out some really attractive packages. For example, I am cleansing of having a long weekend in Shanghai. Maybe I don't know when but when this thing is getting better and I'm checking the hotels and there's one hotels in particular like interested in and I should find out now they all for you a package, for example, you just use the minimum amount of booking one night hotel room.

And then they give you extra benefits such as such as free breakfast Estes simple one coupons next to the swimming pool office signature logo because they have a signature Skyview off the bombs and they give you like to free coupons of cocktails and also they will have to pay to get into the swimming pool for you or how to say that if you are Xscape easier customer likely in this hotel, you can answer that swimming pool for free and you can gather spectacular day or night like a view of the bond and the the Pearl Tower and they give you a cocktail right give you a bottle of sparkling wine for free though. That's okay. I'm in I'm just listening to you say oldest thing that I'm already hurting in my head. What about if I walk to the supermarket doesn't cost a thing for these

If I want to the two to the supermarket and bought myself the makers of them with whatever you say a Brookfield particular Hotel many people would just go there for taking photos and Jordan videos, but not want to fight 182 also at some of my service fee to that. So nice couple cocktails in that hotel benefits different types of Travelers and consumers. There are ones like me like I'm completely just sold by what functions that earlier cuz

Smartfood out and get this, you know and activate my apps, but certainly it's just for some people were kind of Lord by the the freebies the so-called freebies are benefits that come with the steel, but actually there's some other I would say rational customers may be like Nilla you possibly could be a representative of that consumer prove that you look at you do the calculation. I always ask why you don't feel like going any other place you stay there and have five more cocktails and also go swimming. I mean that is one thing I was just like to highlight here, but what if you're just in the pool for the the photos then yeah, that's alright your warranty.

I think it just shows that businesses are just way smarter than we are. Of course. Yeah, right cuz I don't get some outsmarted get go back of an experience is so formal is like why I'm always very like if I get free things I most like who are you know, I'm always wondering to be a reason behind it. Anyway.. Said, I think it's a great auntie. At the end of the day for the particularly the travel and hospitality industry too stimulating demand to one should mention it's a way perhaps with them to try and put some level of confidence in Travelers that things are. Okay. So for example, if we see other people traveling and nothing has happened the most confident, we'll see we realize, you know, I can actually also travel like it safe for me to travel so that's good. I think these days if I'm completely rash

All about this and assessing should you embark on a flights a travel plant? I think it depends on where you're at. If you're in a province or city that has had zero new cases of coronavirus for months or like weeks and then you're probably safe to go elsewhere. And if you're also going to a place that is in a similar situation, then it sounds pretty good. But a few are from a city such as Dolly on at the moment or maybe in sinkiang these days then you're not advised to go to places basically. So I think this is going to be the situation we will be in for some time. That is we need to assess our our current conditions and come up with a cording plants and trouble is not off the table for sure.

Are some interesting deals out there, but I would advise you to listen to Round Table and also read the fine print to really get to the bottom of truly how sweet this deal is you're listening to Round Table coming up next we're going to talk about sugar-free beverages. That's like the hottest thing right now will be back after this break with for discussion.

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You're listening to round table with myself could join by Mila and one shot in the studio coming up sugar free drinks are the fastest-growing beverage category right now. They're advertised as the healthy alternative to regular soda drinks. Is it true and a river snail? Noodle known for its stinky smell is not only popular in restaurants. But at home to yes, I'm talking about Louis loofahs. It's among the top most cooked meals for Chinese people staying at home during the coronavirus. Why is it so stinky and so good you can find us on Apple podcast at Roundtable China and R2 phone typing app. And can I please remind you if you have a question we are here to answer it for you. Please send that voice memo or voice question to Yvette FM around table at Fox will give you that reply on the live.

Joe and now we're at table as we continue our discussion cpnd data or CBN data released the 2019 Team all food industry Trend analysis report. It found consumer preference has tilted towards low sugar and sugar free in the non-alcoholic beverage sector and food sector like Chinese consumers are increasingly health-conscious and that's driven mini to the sugar-free beverage Isle what are sugar-free sodas truly healthier than regular drinks there. There's some debunking. I think we need to do here. So first of all, sugar free drinks are getting a lot of Buzz right now and seen astonishing sales figures for some of these new drinks. That's that claims to be sugar free or low in sugar so market report analysis.

Cabo Sol de sordo's I carbonated drinks. What is that thing called This is not healthy. And you may bring like a roommate help you or help you or a make you gain weight and these are the things we have been criticized about soda drinks and especially for the young people nowadays whenever they pick up a bottle of soda drink. The first thing they will do is turn the bottle back and check the nutrition the chart of the nutrition facts. I called the packaging and they will see. Oh, wow, the levels of for example energy pertain add sugar carbohydrate and contained in this one bottle of a drink. So when you see a very refreshing soda drink, but with the keywords of no sugar and zero fat and it's zero calories. What's your first reaction? I will buy it. What about you Nila you into this new trend?

I want to buy a cola or Pepsi or whatever it is when I like literally at a point where I haven't eaten and I just want to have a couple of sips and then I'm done. I'm not I'm not a huge drink of soft drink that has to go for a nice glass of wine. I got was like water or something. But but it was it supposed to a jenesequa. If you if you like that makes it interesting to drink compared to plain water during one really just drink my hot water winter time. I can drink gallons and gallons of hot water, but I'm talking about when I'm just walking on the street and it's so

What I'm saying and I walk into a store and obviously I'm I feel like I'm dehydrated and so usually walk into a store thinking I should get myself a nice bottle of water. Why drink drink whatever a fridge in the night for the soda instead of water is Coke Zero, right? So it's got the zero sugar zero calories in Colusa was whether the sickness come from discuss your butt. But just before that part this concept is nothing new in the US and other markets this idea to call sugar free or low in calories. It's been working for more than a decade now and put this summer. It's really interesting.

In the Chinese market. Yeah, there's like an explosion of different options of zero sugar or low in sugar cold beverages and how well have they been doing because recently would have seen the writing off of domestic brand which name is skanky forest. And I think this brand has successfully delving into the Chinese use Market because if we check out the cigars buy a TNT mall and in the 2019 singles day and in terms of sales ranking the this brand they beat Coca-Cola and Pepsi to ranked second in a beverage category and the because this brand has do a very good marketing and enter the sugar-free concept and many many of my friends and they who used to purchase a huge box off. Of those fancy fruit.

Reverse now that turns with this friend because it's cheaper and is not is s i mean based on the concept is as healthy as a Sparkling Waters, but also he give you that reading natural sweetness. I think he's using some artificial sweeteners, but it gives you a more refreshing taste than traditional soda and also it taste better than the traditional sparkling water. So you can't drink that you feel guilt free, but I don't know if it's real deal frame cuz even though it's claimed itself is no no sugar. No fat but I don't think just keep drinking, you know carbonated water or beverage will be good for your health points for this company even during the coronavirus outbreak for the first half of the year. Will this is according to the company's spokesperson that is already achieved close.

The sales volume of the full of last year, so it's doing really well right now and it's created all this buzz and it's got a really popular people at celebrities as a endorsing the brand and certainly there's just a lot of a lot of hype around the concept and now let's get to the heart of it. And what about the sweeteners if there is no sugar than what what's the continent that make it taste good. I don't know how I think he just a substitute sugar. But are they just they did trying to give it a re refreshing taste? And also when you drink it you won't feel thirsty, but you can still feel guilty of fruity acids contain in the string by Savory flavor is a cucumber flavor is perfect for summer. We add some items from the flavor.

Go to eat cucumber taste nothing to feel it's like you have ever peeled cucumber melon, cucumber gin and tonic. You must have had that fragrant smell and also a little bit of the freshness and I would attribute that to cucumber cucumber for whatever flavor it's all food additives. Okay. There's no real veggie or fruit that actually goes into any of this.

Bingo popular person, but certainly with this huge industry. It seems like just in the matter of a couple of years or so. There is now this whole separate fridge of beverages that's capitalizing on people's dream and pensions of a white like to cut and sugar or fat. So therefore I can achieve my almost impossible health-conscious cream. That's how I see it. But what did you see this trend continue going on and also what about people psyche behind that as soon as this is something that's when we recently picked up in a matter of a couple of years. I think obviously these companies that have come out coming out. The reason why the industry is going is because it's it's it's which that time when its rightful for some sort of innovation and particularly young people now have

Health-conscious that they want to live Health lady the reading in to help our products made and traditionally is the address of people who are just tired of having, you know, the Monopoly of Pepsi and Coca-Cola. They want to try out something new and so new new company Sonia produces and now capitalizing on on that consumer Society of Health in as an Ender Chest use the password for me. I don't think it does matter for me. It's just they take away one thing and they they they putting another that's equally unhealthy not work so they can put all the buzz words as they what does they like? I don't think just because they claim to be able to get necessarily healthy. I think it's the end of the day for me. It's about how much you continue to go swimming. I can have two sips of Coca-Cola and I will feel so refreshed so nice.

Put the bottle away then of course the following there will be a little bit flat but I will finish that it will take me a week to finish that can of Coca-Cola have people friends who literally every day you see them with this massive bottle of Coca-Cola and you lie and how do you know that's really unhealthy, but the people who just addicted to it to do this kind of stuff. It's the amount that you can assume that really mattered. It doesn't matter if it's the gang kid drink or Coca-Cola or Pepsi or whatnot. It's just the amount of it that you consume that actually makes a huge difference. That's really interesting also serve as a side note.

When you leave a can of opened or can you just need to buy the cat have noted The Taste in the clan of the taste in the plastic bottle is very different. It's very different stronger. The bubbles are stronger for me and Max. I feel like it's much much sweeter. So you should know when I'm eating spicy noodles, and I like to have a nice can of Pepsi Arena can cause I can finish that in one sitting tight and put it in the fridge people find that grows, but

When the fuzz is gone, then it doesn't taste as nice. But sometimes I get I get like a mix less as a Sprite. That's that's a good old making your own car. Listen to into cocktail, but I will take a DeSoto water or I will take a sparkling water to put in the glass on some nice cubes Ice Cube's play fun with that with the remnant of the soda, right? They usually I sort of cut down on sugar soda intake only have a during summer time and only occasionally kind of thing, but just so that I can be accepted by the cool kids. You won't run on the team decided to try one of these.

UNC Sterling drinks and I was surprised she is good at promoting for like employed to do the sell product and jump cuz it's got the fuzzy drink taste which is great. And also it's not so strong and sugar cuz you know those apparently zero sugar right now, so it's quite light and refreshing and that's that's probably what you want during summer time, but I'm curious to know how much caffeine is in there meme usually partial to sort of like Coca-Cola because of the casinos kick I get out of it and also with these drinks there's so much talk about cutting down on sugar and also just for food and beverage all together people really trendy almost when you hear people say, oh I'm

Staying away from sugar for the spirit of time or what not curious about the myth of sugar. Is it really that bad? Why are people so Dove establishing this Fest from it to be honest. I think the popularity of such products or the no sugar drinks and is also in line. What's the trend of anti-glycation because it is a very big topic on social media nowadays, you know how much effort and Chinese females especially the young ones they put into the anti-aging procedures and they want to look as young as possible. They still care about the first wrinkle appeared on your skin is what we energy eyes and they all stay believe and if you just cut out sugar and you just eat low sugar food and or diets and you can keep your face and your skin

And you can slow down the aging process all your whole body or it is the skin condition and also at the same time people believe that if you taking less sugar you can you can contribute to your with a cup weigh weight loss. So which means if you want to lose some weight if he is good for you to cut all the sugar but you know, it's so hard because sugar bring us joy in life. And if you just want to say I want to quit sugar is impossible you will make you have like depression or something but his face is all my own theory is there's no scientific proof read that Siri and the same time people live in Sao. I can't I can't have a beautiful way to do follow this restrictive diet. Maybe I can use the no sugar or zero sugar drinks or died too as a substitute or alternative. But same time there is some like scientific research showed that if you just eat artificial sweeteners, it didn't help because

Well, we eat at natural things for natural sweeteners activate a foot Pathways in your brain and give you a hint. But if you just use it artificial sweeteners just can not fully ask you where this function which means after you drink or eat this kind of thing. You'll feel and set his five which turn out to be you eat more and I sure you may have ability or some other side effects and you will gain more calories to be honest. And so why is pretty tricky here on one hand? We think we are eating and drinking healthier, but maybe if you take a look at a scientific facts behind these products, maybe we are eating unhealthy the other day is really tough actually like with all the good things that's been said about sugar and also, you know, it activates dopamine in our minds and then that's really good in the sense that it makes you feel really good. But also, you know, there'll be a whole different campus.

Scientists were saying oh this is the devil. It is really not good to your health. So I think a lot of things to consider him a note that he'll say, like I said, it's just the preparation ingredients and how much you consume it. If you pay attention to exactly those things cuz I was late. I don't drink soda, but I didn't next thing that sitting down to them with a big tub of ice cream. That's alright just eat whatever you want but eat it in moderation check out the contents. How is it might be healthy or unhealthy depending on how they're made if you put if you use too much saturated fat does vegetable then it takes away the healthy benefits if you steam it the vegetable and you eat a whole

China Wok of it is still very helpful because of the method of preparation and the same thing goes for for fizzy drinks and soft drinks and generous. Just how much you consume excess. I don't agree. We are not quite sure about this whole aging process and less sugar than I don't buy it in the dermatologist don't agree on it. So the end of the day it was still need sugar for energy. Definitely and also even if you try to stay away from the sugar or whatever content you feel is unhealthy in your food or drink, but you can't stay away from it 100% cuz there are bound going to be crazy. So I think it's definitely something that is.

Possibly a good option to sort of pay attention to what we're eating. That's that should be that should be no dispute. Too harsh on the shelf life too short you had with the coronavirus go party. Let's have the most and that's what we're going to talk about right after the strike cigarette everybody looking for 8-year the current events in China from different perspectives then tune in to Round Table where do used Meets West and understanding is the goal.

If the hour of round table with Myself by Young and Nila in the studio, one of the best-selling ready to serve food for folks following stay-at-home orders and the coronavirus outbreak in China is a smelly option called Louis's a river snail noodle known for its stinky smell and amazing taste the instant noodle version of the delicacy has become a new favorite for people stuck at home. So how would you describe the taste and smell of lawyer for this kind of Snake River snail noodle soup for one. I remember one time I before I joined Round Table, I was in The Newsroom and during the lunch break me and two other colleagues. We book The Lost the phone for a lunch that were at the river nail nail.

Rice noodle soup and for lunch and then we just ate that in a very close space and which is a meeting room. And I only remember I need to remember to take a Spur while because I think the pasted it still want me I would say it would just like the rice noodle and with a soup maybe the chicken or the chicken or like pork soup broth and it was some pickles. I remember and also some of some of pickles and of course the the reverse nails, but the only thing I remember it vividly was after we pack up everything and throw them into the garbage cans and there's some other colleagues they look into that media room. Say wow fart in here. That's the only part I remember and I I don't know why they come so popular nowadays or it may be because of one. I try with know that all fantic.

That could be why won't OK before I give my answer and you'll have you tried this thing never tried. It looks really like something I would have to kill a hangover.

Why is it because it's spicy? I think the spice in is on the broth and the Sun and the fact that these ones the stinky. I don't think I'll be ready to eat them. But it was it. I'm definitely curious to try it if I was ever with somebody who was having some I'll definitely have a buy it now. It's a noodle version of Lucifer. And actually you would not see snail meat in it. And it's just the flavor. Is it okay to Noodle version and for the most authentic original version dish of lost the fun you'll have to have it in Leo Joel

And I had the privilege of going to going to see once why I didn't well it was for for work, but I didn't get to go to a little Joe which is the first place of this delicacy and people are very proud about that. And apparently this is also become a way that people get out of poverty in that area because since 2012 when this dish has made national Fame actually through a food documentary about a China then there's a lot of Investments going into this and there's a lot more marketing that happened and gradually this local delicacy became something that everybody in China knows about it and it's even made into instant noodle form, right? So when I first had it at the place close enough to the original birthplace of Lewis, listen, I was amazed by it.

Yeah, like I'm not someone who likes potent smell of food of any shape or form after being kind of smell is a pretty much but not but not but a different kind of thinking that you can really taste us thinking is so it is just like stinky tofu or the stinky mentoring fish and you just eat it is too salty and the spicy flavor take the majority of your feeling is really tasty when you're eating it. Then you don't find it to be stinky before you tried it the first time obviously that this the smell was just like really looking great. You could actually smell it is kind of get used to it.

How did you feel the first time when they saw do the dish? Well, I was a little hesitant in whether I would actually going to take on this mission of trying something completely new. And also I'm I don't like stinky tofu. I know a lot of Polish and likes that you're a bit much for me. But when I had it in Guam see it was amazing and I liked it so much that I ordered another dish when I came back to Beijing but the spell is gone because well the smell was still there, but it's just not as fresh ingredients and it was done the proper way in my opinion. So it's this interesting. Also you see you how these dishes Delicacies become popular and it spreads to different parts of the country or the world and the taste changes and then it.

He is from what it originally used to be and that's that's just not great not satisfied for anyone who's had the original.

Dish the way it should be kind of thing, but you don't want during the coronavirus outbreak the popularity of this dish is undisputable. And you see that this will possibly replace let's say the a beef noodle in the instant instant noodle realm of this country is the most popular selling. I think you looks more like a fool dish and he has been asked for it too many Western countries like the us or New Zealand and also even to some new market like Singapore and the some nearby countries. I'm quite surprised. Maybe it will become the next life. You'll let us know what you thinking right is Stewie's at FM round table at Fox Mill, That's it for today.

How much do you really know about China soon in a state may be that he saw some of the most important inventions in the history of ancient China printed books gunpowder and the magnetic compass already created the first piggy bank notes and the beginnings of forensic science safe trading routes help it reach out to people's across the known world to Mark pizza spot away is East Africa and Europe helping make China at the time the richest nation in the world, perhaps the biggest achievement of old out. Is it today with a whole lot of Science and Technology. We are still marveling at the achievements of assumed Interstate why we love the Song Dynasty on Apple podcast Spotify Google podcasts Stitcher or wherever you listening.
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