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Hello, everybody. Happy Monday. Welcome to Round Table coming to you live from Beijing. I'm joined by Patrick Slattery and lime a long time. No see old friend. Hey, hey next AG in case you were wondering is it? Alright? Well, this is Good Guy Family Guy.

I'm taking his annual leave days and he's looking after the family in the baby wash the bedding of the father-in-law weirdest storyline. I have to hear it was all washed for half a year. So it was an emergency numbers you look out for each other and your family your mother-in-law. She's she's got two families that she's looking after texting.

Great to have you guys here and I'm always curious to hear what you guys have to share about all the topics the fascinating topics for discussion today and everyday on today's program. The covid-19 has cost people's jobs. Some are turning to food delivery. Also, it's become a trend that young workers prefer delivery over Factory. So we're going to look at this job Trend. And also what are the Deep implications when it comes to our economy is on the menu. We are on a mission of starting your week with a motivational kick. Don't miss out on our most inspirational segment motivational Monday. You can find us on Apple podcast at Roundtable China subscribe Raider movie was it will help other folks to find the show, but first on a day's Round Table

Reports have found a new generation of Labor is in China is ditching factories for deliveries, and now coupled with the impact of covid-19 those who are laid off as well as college student. We're looking for a side gig. I've also rushed to join the swarm of food delivery workers. It's what industry observers to question. If so many laborers go to delivery wilmetta facturas have enough workers on the factory floors and actually for somebody who doesn't watch you know, what's going on in China so closely you might be a little bit confusing or out of the blue white these two of parts of economy gets connected delivery verse those manufacturing it out before we get into all of that limey. Please give us an update on the coronavirus outbreak and it's driven all kinds of workers to food delivery apparently.

Play Release by Ali Baba's online catering flight from anything for news agency and the report shows that they're looking for specifically and their engagement with the food delivery service and according to the report during the covid-19 epidemic about 12,000 college students are taking part time jobs in food delivery service the report which focuses on delivery workers born after 2014 out that the number of riders registered at Delamar has doubled compared with the same. So we so we saw an influx of joining the food to delivery service on an extra $3,000 a month on average and I'm on the post 2000 generation who have taken part time jobs to deliver food 26% of them have bachelor's degree or above.

And 47% have some higher education and tend to Shanghai in Charlestown are the most popular locations for these young delivery men. And so that's that's a very interesting reports that we are saying in the sense that is looking at specifically people born after the year 2000 time jobs, but nonetheless we are we will be looking at mostly people who didn't make it to College if they were working e v r 20 as well. We'll just we'll be the 28th. They are 20 and they're working in the delivery business than most likely there are not have not made it to college and may have been there may be a Dropout from high school. Maybe they finish high school with it if you decided to take out on job, so when we talkin about people who didn't didn't necessarily have a very high education level.

It's no sew with the company that's issuing the survey. We realize that it's only looking at food delivery as opposed to delivery in general. And in China is called why my when when is food delivery and Spidey when it's done Courier guys who deliver all kinds of goods and actually these are kind of like two separate categories of General Occupation in a way and wheat we might also need to make a distinction in that regard. And also what else is happening right now is that Juju covid-19 people have been laid off and they go to delivering food. Yeah. So what's in the food delivery business you need for the customer for the deliverer?

And on a pressing time schedule as we know rushing to get food to the door of people able to be outside if it's raining it's raining but the stress of it and you see this as a just as a customer, these guys are under extreme pressure to try to make timely deliveries in order to pay if they don't do it, but I think there is some freedom in their line of work because you get to have human contact and you get to have sort of a it's a routine but it's not always the same whereas you might characterize a factory position as the opposite of that but I think it just depends on so perhaps your your attention span in your interest to a certain degree. If if you've got zero attention span like me, I might be better suited to

Do the delivery but then I think yeah, but then to the factory it's it's a little more routing. I don't know see I'm already it's playing out as I speak. So just stop what do you think is attractive about it? Obviously, we don't have very very general. We don't have very very specific figures about how people are making depending on what industry they are coming understanding is there people don't make a lot of money in the manufacturing business for sale will be about three thousand yen, depending on where you live and where you work. 3010 would be my best guess I mean for somebody that's only starting in the manufacturing business. Obviously, if you are more skilled you get a minute more and that's the situation with manufacturing business. But if you were to work as a delivery guy for instance in Beijing my gas

Would be the starting salary would be about 6,000 to 7000 Yen, or you'll be able to get closer to about 10,000 in a month. So provided that you are diligent $1,000 or more per month can a picture for those listening you don't live in Beijing and just about a little bit of the difference in the delivery culture forget what you know about pizza delivery guys coming in a car the folks here are on motorbikes and will they will go up sidewalks, but they get it done and they do it efficiently and

On there on the back of the bike is the food stored. So, you know hot cold whatever it is and they get it to you timely because their job really depends on it you go into the hole financially first delivery. If you're if you're late, does this usually a punishment the penalty about about a hundred gun? If you were late I'm in but then again, I'm not aware of their specific rules pertaining to a specific type one, obviously, and Jamaican they will have their own rules.

If a delivery person gets a complaint from from the person who ordered the food and that's really bad for them waiting through the app like you would do for a Rideshare or something like that. So in case that they feel like they may not be able to fulfill the order in time. I call you you the customer just say that I'm caught up in traffic at least twice the button for delivery accepted. I will be there in a moment. What do you want for the edge with any claims? And I think people will see that's also something that's worth debate because out of the goodness of heart as kind people.

I totally understand that. We don't want to make the lives of these delivery people any worse and therefore you should refrain from actually giving a bad rating or a complaint but also just out of the justice and fairness & accuracy of the app itself. Shouldn't it the final rating reflect the True Performance people isn't that sort of the point of having a rating system that may be his last day and now you've got one fewer delivery guy and it would have to be something egregious. I mean like eating your food and then delivering it which we've seen surveillance receiving half-eaten orders of food, and I'm sorry that point that's when you go beyond to review and yet you get the the company involved. I've never dealt with anything like that here because really time is of the

Since and again when there's so much stress and making certain amount of deliveries within a given amount of time efficiency rules the day to follow up on what's going on right now. We're in the recent months as we saw there has been a lot of people. If not, let me see here like a 40040 forty thousand more people signing up on the Maite Kouns food delivery platform alone showing that there is this influx of new delivery drivers that's joining the business and what does it mean for those were already in the industry or what does it mean for the industry in general be 19? A lot of them find they don't necessarily have a lot of challenges in terms of fulfilling the order obviously people are ordering less than x us catering.

Because they were few arrived that they were losing a lot in terms of their income and also the number of orders that they get to fulfill every day, but after starting from March when we began when we began talking about I getting back to work and that's when a lot of people who may have been fell out or who may have been on fire from the previous jobs know. I'm looking for a minx to make a living and therefore more more people came to the flutes delivery service and to be more specific may try actually they added the 450,000 New Riders to his ranks between January 20th and March 30th. So that's that's that's huge thing float in times of new arrivals in the job market and as a result, I delivery guys off finding it's a lot more competitive there may be the oldest are

Back to the prepaid emic and etic Louisville or about 90% of the pretended pandemic level. But now the last they are well well be at what we talkin May time, they have more than 500,000 extra what goes to to grab the oldest and therefore they find it a lot more difficult to maintain the same level of eating because remember they don't just have a basic salary. They have not getting paid the based on the number of orders they get to fulfill every day. So many cases some workers are saying they have to work an extra three to four hours in order to maintain the same kind of income epidemic like Uber Eats, you know, if you know of uber it's the Rideshare but overeats is sort of a sidebar of that but it's becoming a huge piece of that because

Last year did capri coronavirus ubereats made up about a third of Uber's ride bookings that tells you just how much growth is going on in Factory breeches growing more than Uber itself. And but there's a problem with that guy who buried sand GrubHub and so many others entering the market you start losing market share. Sorry to use a corporate turn but that supply and demand really starts to kick you a little bit because hey, we're no longer the only only delivery platform on the Block. It's three or four now in the neighborhood and I think a lot of people are sort of agnostic about where they get it. They just want to pay the least amount that can so you have people struggling at the same time as you're seeing a lot of growth also comes from the US market competition in a market. I suppose you have the first thing we see as consumers is that we might be getting a cheaper deal, but also interior should be a competition end up a chance to

For the Riders the delivery drivers too because you know, you get a different commission fee from different platforms. I mean if the corporate overlords have decided to well, you know, there's sort of they have a similar kind of a fee that's giving out to the drivers then I guess there wouldn't be too much of a lure. Now. We're seeing that with there's been a lot of points and just flashed from the consumers in China when we see that the delivery fee has increased recently, but it doesn't seem to go to the pocket of the delivery guys. And so I mean, of course the companies have their side of the story which is cost is rising and all kinds of things but it's enough pressure to make them come up with policy. That is more favorable towards the the delivery drivers, but with one side note that is these

Bunnies are starting to pay for insurance when these guys and women on scooter bikes are sort of rushing through say they need that insurance that is happening. At least that is one change and let me do you have any dad a delivery job has many advantages and in terms of his social contact and is instead of pain, but nonetheless both jobs. They have something similar in the sense that they don't have a very high threshold in terms of the skills that are required for as long as you can ride a bike. You can ride electric bike or as long as you have and you can run upstairs at and you'll be able to do it. So that's exactly the same the thing that's driven people into Manufacturing.

A lot of people. I may be older generation. They were not necessarily very well-educated. They didn't have a lot of choice so that they have to work on the factory floor and they have to make a make a living in water. So they're our kids have a future in essence. They didn't have a choice but it nowadays obviously these poles to 2000 generation. They have a choice in the sense that there are are the food delivery job so they can do remember a few years back. We were talking about how how how hard it is to be a manufacturing worker on the production line. I think Fox, infamously had a number of accidents involving at work is committing suicide jumping off buildings. That's what I think to the fact that it is so so hard to be a manufacturing worker in China or or in other countries as well in the manufacturing business. What goes they live on the premise they live in a dorm along without a federal worker.

The life is is consisted of love going to the factory floor going to the campaign and going to the Dollar Tree and that's it. So the kind of emotional toll man. That's just well I can only imagine so so as a result, nobody wants to nobody wants to know what nobody will want to do food delivery if they have other choices.

Play just between the two will okay. So with all that said and and I have been fortunate enough to not know firsthand the the stressful working conditions of factory, but does it offer job security where delivery doesn't I mean if I if I'm working on the factory floor, is there room for advancement or short of that? At least unless I really messed something up. I'm there a while I can count on it. What right now, I think that your employer would want you to stay cuz they're having problem recruiting people account that for job security. But yeah, I wouldn't I wouldn't take it for granted in the sense that you're not going to be well paid, right? Okay. Yeah.

Lifestyle, if you can even use that word in this kind of circumstance the way that people are managed for these two very different kinds of jobs one almost screams freedom and the other screens repetitiveness and also being tied to one workstation on one spot in and just doing that one same action repeat it a thousand times over one day and I also read way back. There was a report on what kind of workers are preferred on the assembly line and apparently is young female workers because they listen to orders they have fingers and they do the job well, but this is all at the expense of you noticed people's sweat Blood and Tears that feels because it's these are all very high demanding jobs, but also lightning it's interesting one makes this connection or a comparison between the factory work and delivery out of

All the jobs out there. Are we seeing that delivery is a sucking so much lifeblood out of medicine. They came up with be the actual number of work is being added to many times delivery forces mean that stuff 158000 and 12000 college students taking part time jobs in the food delivery service based on common sense. We know that Tech Industries particularly Alibaba and there are some of the eye the apple of the eye for a lot of investors here in this country right now. So it is so popular so much. So that investors are willing to withstand some kind of short tumbler glasses in order. So the company can keep going so as a result, I mean the industry has been able

Grind on me even without consideration for profit. So that seems to be the status quo is ever-expanding. We're not just talking about big cities about smallest cities that people are that investors are hoping to expand mean a few weeks ago. We were talking about how many times he's trying to expand his fresh food delivery service in in smaller cities as well. So that seems to be an old investment for now and that I wouldn't blame people for wanting to give to joined it in the field as well of higher pay attention of some people that it's only after I suppose the pay is adequate to people start thinking about is the the benefits good or or some of the other.

Aspects of employment but that's also kind of on the change as well when you've got a new generation of workers joining the force and the job is temporary anyway, right? I mean if they were young twentysomething suit need a side gig if they're not thinking in the realm of okay, I'm doing this forever to say nothing of the difficulty of the manufacturing and the driving and delivery or we are going to have so many entry level low Skilled Manufacturing jobs available in the future anyway, right? Well heard animation and the and the impact of increasing right? I think seeing if you in a few years since China has replaced Japan is the biggest importer of automated Machinery that sort of thing. So automation is to

And and it's not the future is here. Also, even before automation started to kick in I think in since the year 2017 we saw us on the power industry some textile Industries. They are moving outside of China than moving to Vietnam to Cambodia to what's the other country. I'm about southeast Asia. I thought so I'm just being some kind of relocation of manufacturing business already. So I wouldn't worry so much about the lack of laborious and Industry stopping guys. So we'll make it brief when you got so many young people going into delivery. Let's say Ten Years Later, what are these people going to do?

Well, we don't know it it's it's this job will inform their next step professionally. We can say that for living muscle Segway will be back after this break with more round table discussion.

Informed opinion and heated debate find out what's got China talking or Round Table discussion.

You're listening to round table with myself. So young joined by Patrick Flanery and lion mane coming up a new occupation has emerged from the billion-dollar gaming industry in China professional gaming companions is what it's called or you'll see. In Chinese what's expected of their companionship? It's totes meta that's all I can say. Hello language. Are you speaking adopted for like 5 seconds? Is it for a while? So okay just mind my element here a little bit today, but really we can do it.

What's the gaming? Yeah, so you be in the middle in terms of the true gamer or he was okay, whatever that means in tendo switch games.



Coming up after that is our special segments motivational Monday will give you that adrenaline shot for the start of the week podcast listeners can find us at Round Table China on Apple podcast and art seems only helping app. And if you have a question, we are here to answer it for you to participate, please send a voice memo or a voice question to ease Ed FM round table at Fox It will give you that reply on the live show and now Iran table as we continue our discussion when a game fanatic wants to spend less time to achieve more but he's not a game for Natick.

His or her own gaming skills are limited a game and companion could be the answer. What's the game companion?

The professional is like the genie of the lamp in the realm of video games and what's best this Pro is for hire the job description for a professional gaming companion one of those games where they let you get married that sort of thing. So,

In case you haven't noticed this being games like that. I don't know. Where have you been?

I'm going on in these days of leave to take a break from all the child-rearing in the play isn't one of the officials was you get it you can propose for somebody and get married.

Mobile games that you play on your phone and there's just so much to be talked about here like me that you can hire do to help you get better in the game. So you were playing different types.

Who's like, you know, we fly strips?

Good enough is really pushy.

View to your limits and that's when you break the wall when you before you after you hit the wall kind of thing, and I just go to the next level in walls.

Yeah, I mean my my last just just here's my background on on my gaming experience. I mean, I'm old enough to have gotten the Atari and the original Nintendo Entertainment System and there were a couple of days after that but then I sort of faded away. I guess I just didn't have as much interest doing it, but I can see where people would want to hire or pay a freelancer to play with them because games are more fun with another player. I'm in there very few games where you can Excel as one player I would think cheating is about Solitaire you can do you can try to hire somebody on Fiverr. It's one of these sites where you can hire one of these folks and say hey, I need a solitaire partner just to see who responds to be slightly more expensive.

Play King of Fighters before and didn't have coaches. We didn't have money to pay for coaches. So what we learned was we washed other people do play their games and also he could do that move also that that's possible on that sort of thing. We wouldn't memorize them. Yeah, and we also sometimes we do have enough money to challenge good players like so he's a good play of king of fighter by challenge you and then let's send my losing and loosing or losing you get to give it or something. I don't understand this kind of a community of Friends games that get so many people they construct their own community community.

Obviously the massive like I said, I have massive open online games, I guess and it will make some kind of sense work for people to want to be better at a game really fast. Cuz that's when they can go live TV people playing with player player versus player. So you want to be Resource One powerful nonetheless people live in communities, like a more experienced taking somebody on the way things and it's very helpful. Cuz if you are a beginner you, you're too weak to survive in other areas of the game. And if somebody was attack you they're the kind of experience.

For you to level up quickly or items so wealthy enough to pay people to do this more passive than say piano lessons or or learning how to I don't know how to change your oil in your car. Those are in a one-on-one lessons. I feel like instead people want to achieve gaming so badly and so rapidly that he'll say okay with his $50 for the hour. Here's an anonymous person to different country. I'm basically going to watch you play. I'm going to follow along and take notes and I don't know there's nothing wrong with it seems like much easier money than somebody giving instruction to somebody else.

Online community. Maybe they would say that. Yeah, this is all happening virtually, but for them, it's almost like it's in different from Les a learning how to change oil for car or anything that happens in real life. Like this is part of life. This is like every other thing it's just for gay people like myself would like but like a different sphere and the joy of getting Sweet Revenge or as competitive player any different from the joy of reading a super fast car on the highway, but it's really interesting that just confirms that saying of the 21st century. There's an app for everything there is an app for these professional gaming Companions and it's called be soon would take it as an example established in 2000.

15 it has over three million paid companions registered on the app and look at the average age is years old and the oldest, you know pensioners and that world 39.

I'm on here. It's great to be on the old end of the spectrum on something. Finally. It's wonderful that actually sign up that part of their career to helping others, you know acting as gaming companions. I can I can monetize this. You know, it's a part-time thing. I can do it whenever I'm not working right from the perspective of the the person paying for the service perhaps there is a component of wanting some companionship is anonymous is it might be it still cool because you are engaging with somebody living human breathing person rather than the computer. Although I will say not to bring a downer into this but there is running through this culture reports of sexual harassment.

Women who are contracted to play, you know, what they are paid by by email who is ordered the service and we'll get her ass to the course of learning the game and it sort of hit on. So this is this is prevalent even in this this culture of of the world interest interesting decision model.

Best game in the world to be a place that hey so easy to fabricate things. I don't play. I know some of my life real life girlfriends play as a man cuz unless you turn on the mic or four you don't have to turn on the video cam. You can totally go in Artemis and the game in the world. If you could probably charge more if you know, you look like you, you know what I mean?

Another less Revenue stream, but I just find it to be fascinating cuz you never know who's that at the other end. It could be somebody in a different continent to be Grandma display. However, you let you know if it should be for business only you you pee and you trying to learn something and that's that's the whole but you know, this stuff festers and creeps into every aspect of society and this is just another one of those these professional gaming companions. They're retired professional players that have actually competed in Esports tournaments. Oh, yes, they can freelance rate.

Monthly turnover of more than 200 million whenever estimation generated from this getting involved. So yeah the real size of the Rock.

Sea of Justino generation after generation of gamers are just more willing to pay to get ahead or just to pay for all the ammunition Armory whatever you call it, or you know has the mentality of people sort of changed or dicing people. I think it's not changing. But the Revelation is well, some of the demand is being revealed to people like the other day a friend of my wife came over and she brought amiibo amiibo for for the game Zelda on Nintendo switch and just spent 80 run for this on top of it must have been because of gun for one piece and then she brought in 20 study something so I but nonetheless I mean she spent a t u n and that was a lot more then let's say I have a monthly subscription for ite.

The video streaming website about this. So I think I'm more than willing to spend any rain for for this thing. I think is a lot of money and I don't commit to this so easily cell phone. My my response was well, you are aware that you get a lot of Joy from cheating the game Zelda real Joy. When you pay for a subscription on this video platforms. They have this special show once in awhile, maybe a few months later. They have a different show. That's very very popular. Very interesting but not always interesting. You don't you don't spend a lot of time on this iPhone.

Even though it's just study right but the real Joy you're getting from playing this game, and that's that's real and if we're willing to pay for it, so I think it's a revelation rather than than changing.

I definitely I'm sort of like an outsider onlooker, but just looking at the growing Revenue has gaming companies managed to rake in and I'm not just talking about like a fraction of the business the companions which kind of astonishing and number but they are sort of like a small fish in the state pool and mega companies as they grow so quickly as it is it now that gaming has simply replaced things like reading or even watching movies to some extent and you know that all those traditional Avenues of entertainment and it's just become so mainstream for people especially during the Throne of virus outbreak. Unfortunately, yes and in a way and I know you're interacting with another person when you're playing these games, but you're not really interacting with another person you're playing these games. I feel like

How much wood would you think lightning in the game? There's a disconnect. You're playing somebody but you don't know them. You don't really even if you're talking to them. There's something different on a different plane or real Avatar of you online and tracking on social media. But yeah where the video game composer I suppose but yeah, it's something less interpersonal about it to me. I don't know. I just another like you were interacting with somebody that is Mighty Mule playing the same game. I mean that you already have something in common aside and then you spend so much time and money on that. Yeah, but like the differences in other areas, it doesn't seem to matter at all. And that's just a new kind of relationship.

between people during the community

I wonder if

Say somebody who's married or who is in a committed relationship?

Lake Mary. Lydon in video games for a small fee. I'll marry you at the gig economy. Just just say

I think some people delete lead like a juul double life because there is that video game World which you reserve part of you too. And there is the real life you and what are you talkin about Julie existence of game? So this is okay. There are people who can multi-task so well, I guess

Are we promoting? This is just see how human relationship has changed and involved and it seems to be okay. It seems to be something that if you were the significant other in real life, then you wouldn't necessarily be very happy about it. But discuss with your spouse or keep it away. Just keep it under the rug that you're saying. Oh boy that's worth revisiting. Well with any kind of profession the more mature it gets there will be guidelines or will be industry standards and apparently with this version of a professional gaming companion. That's no different either but I would caution people when they decide to pay for a professional companion.

Because the fastest way to ruin your game is to muster it so challenged is gone. It's no no more fun time to move on to another game or something completely different Monday.

This week. Let's start with Patrick. What do you have for us? I don't know who said this unless the person's name was Anonymous in which case then Anonymous said, this is Joe and I missed you or none of this Jane a year from now you will wish you had started today.

So a year from now you'll wish you had started today.

That could mean a lot of things I guess to me. It speaks to the value of our concept of time. We think we have so much of it. We were talking before the show about time management and how it's it's it's it's difficult and we put so much off in procrastination is one thing we all do it. But you know, there are certain things in life that we don't want to force to get down to quickly. But sometimes we don't want to wait too long either because as we find from covid-19 over the past six months time is precious and we really need to sort of season while we have it it is as much as we can so you don't want to have regrets but you know, you want to stop and smell the flowers you want to live and not put too much pressure on stuff because life is going to happen whether we plan it or not and reminds me of the other saying that the best thing to do to take action was the best time to take action was yesterday and the neck

Best was now just never mind you didn't do it and now thinking back in again. Our concept of time is so stretched in in broken when we have an international crisis under way and so much politically and socially going on and not to mention what's going on in our own lives day today. We just we lose track, you know a minute doesn't feel like a minute anymore. Just as a day doesn't feel like a day and messed up my my feel towards time. It's just almost like time flies of moments and sometimes it's like it's impossible. What you doing right now for you while I'm enjoying my time now because I'm around table and also the shows going to finish them.

For you is I need to set the table a little bit on July 31st, the Trump Administration announced the Blockbuster 2.1 billion US dollar vaccine development deal with two major drug companies and I just like to say right after that just a matter of hours European union strike a similar agreement and in exchange for 3 million doses. Where is the u.s. Deal is the 1 million vaccine Doses and it's raised his fears of vaccine nationalism. Basically just shortly after the news came out. That's a lot of discussion is generated and is the vaccine development becoming a situation in which each country gets on their own and if so, what does that mean for the world is what I was thinking at the time and I just

And certainly see that there's the arguments for and against right there is a sense of you know, what the oxygen mask on an airplane analogy. It's like, you know, you got to like save yourself before you can save the person next to you sure. I understand that but in this situation if the situation The Mask seem to only Drop In First Class is not like it's throbbing for everyone. So it's got me thinking about a lot of things and here's the quote I have for you on this motivational Monday competition makes us faster collaboration makes us better in a global coronavirus crisis at the international level.

I mean this might sound a little too idealistic but I'm saying it anyway cuz it comes straight from my heart collaboration should be the new competition and it's best when we create something greater than the sum of what each can create on their own and it felt the greater good visual level life is not a competition life is about helping and inspiring others so we can each reach our potential that is truly how I feel about this right now and it's extremely tragic in my opinion that we Trump didn't see that we're coming humanity and each we look out for our own in that in that regard. So yeah just a moment of reflection and thought for you feel better. This is a story and all competition for a vaccine that sort of thing actually a competition makes us faster and we do need this vexing faster and the other thing is this

How long after production capacity for a company of running a country to mass produce enough Max things to cover the whole world? And also there's no guarantee that this give me one plan is going to work like like you could put the Chinese the dino virus. There's no guarantee at the end of the day Productions capacity. I think it helps actually floor for us for all Humanity to pursue multiple ways for a referral vaccine vaccine Solutions sell feel better about this. Thank you for that attempt very much appreciated live. And what do you have for us on this motivational Monday and you still have very translation of the Chinese is too lengthy. So he said a man must always be mine for no matter what he does and we got to the

He's anxious to speak clearly and we got to the use of his ears. He's anxious to hear distinctively distinctly and we got to his countenance use anxious that he should be better and we got to his demeanor. He's anxious that he should be respectful and we got to his speech. He's anxious that he should be sincere in regard to his doing a business. He's anxious that it should be careful and when he's angry he thinks of their difficulties, he's not going to involve him to be God. He thinks of righteousness. So Confucius always strike me as somebody that's too thoughtful.

Recommending people to think twice and to be mindful and obviously some of the suggestions you can take it with a grain of thought but nonetheless the generous spirit is to be mindful of what you do. I think that's that always helps. That was a masterful set up to a match played. That was but Noel. Okay, both of you today have inspired me. That's how I feel every week because this is the segment in a way. I think we show our true colors cuz usually on round table we discussed the topics the issues that matters in society or generates your interest kind of thing, but for this particular asset mid-segment we go straight to the heart and the deeper quarters of our minds and share something with you that hopefully will make you feel better with you.

That brings us to the end of today's show. You can find us an apple podcast at Roundtable China will see you next time.
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