The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast - #229: Joseph Morales // HamiltonCHI & Philip Co. // Part Two

<p>In part two of my conversation with Joseph Morales, our friend Nik Walker sends some love, we discuss his final show and how things changed as theaters began shutting down, and Joseph takes questions from the Patreon Peeps.</p> <p> </p> <p><a href="" target= "_blank" rel="noopener">Nik Walker on The Hamilcast</a></p> <p><a href= "" target= "_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Joseph on YouTube</a></p

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Hi, I'm stage and stages lin-manuel Miranda and you're listening to the hamilcast.

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the hamilcast. I'm Julian and this is part two of my conversation with Joseph Morales of the Chicago and Phillip companies. So if you miss part 1 make sure to go back and listen to episode 228 before you get into this one. That's where you'll hear all about his audition process friendships with fellow company members. Hello, Nick Walker Karen olivo, and he tells me about how he makes those stunning Vlogs not just from backstage at Hamilton and tour life and there's plenty of that but just his life experiences and they're really really beautiful. Definitely check them out. So let's jump back in your part two of my conversation with Joseph Morales.

Joseph real quick before we're going to get to the patreon peeps. They have they love you and have a lot of questions, but Nick Walker has some questions for all my goodness, of course.

I'm like, I don't know. I was like, I don't know how I'm going to handle this. He goes from like really like serious emotional questions to just like funny questions. What do you want first? Do you want the funny light ones or do you want to start heavy and gold? Let's start light and go heavy. How much money did you lay down at all the casinos? You went to Walker Every Casino in every city. I would find them if I do love casinos mostly because it was somewhere you could go after the show and you didn't have to talk they're open late and you could just like chill and wine down and it's somehow became just a hobby like the the slots. I just love slots and Michael are hair supervisor. It was kind of our thing was to find the casinos like Kansas City that in every like a big ball of Middle America Wisconsin that there is

There's usually some Casino somewhere within like half an hour and so it would just be like my thing to do on days days off. I could just spend like six hours in a casino. Just like hanging out. Yeah. Yeah, they are no windows. And yeah that time will fly and smoke-free. So there was like no reason not to be there in sections exactly have the old like ashtrays and unlike the old slot machines at the garage and there was like a section when we went to see you and I would have said, playing like let's go. Yes, I would love to yes section which of course I wanted to check out but then it's like disgusting after I see it from afar. What are the slot machines that like that are that you're drawn to go through phases for a while. It was the Willy Wonka

Specifically, yeah because they had I go for the games would like the best bonuses like if I'm entertained then I can just sit there and it's not even about spending a bunch of money. It's just about wanting to win I guess in like the the Willy Wonka ones had like the best bonuses would like the Oompa Loompas that would come out and it was just a Super 8 at least like giant screens and he's great sound effects and you would stop and look at what the payout was. I was a little more superficial house. Oh, okay. Of course, there was like a founding fathers slot machine was I why I have to play this. We're here for Hamilton. I love is like the interactive experiences. Yeah. And at first I was like you I would just like play the things that called to me and then I started getting really calculate about it. Like which ones have the best Progressive rounds and like what pays out and what's the max bed and they were like every Casino was kind of the same so I kind of feel like

I like figured out the system. Although I mean I didn't I would lose a lot but overall in general I probably broke even which is pretty good and casino terms out of there with your like. Yeah hanging like yo, I did on multiple occasions, but then I would get get it back somehow no, never never I never went between shows. Now it never got that bad. Actually. Can you send me some money? Mom never got that bad. Although in isolation. I downloaded all the casino apps are fake. They don't pay any money, but you can pay to buy coins. It's sick.

You can win real money or something. Yes, you can there are ones that you get like Credit in the in Las Vegas, but I don't even do those. But yeah, I just I don't know what it is about that. They're just so entertaining to me. But those are actually before we went to Vegas. I if you play one of those games you can actually get credits for Vegas cuz I got like a bunch of free buffets to play the game, but I would just like to be like, what are you doing on my display the Vegas game? Don't worry and then Mike was like you like when we would have a buffet just like thanks. Thank God. Yeah, I just goes to see you know, you know, you know, exactly exactly I cannot wait for Vegas open up. I was supposed to go for my birthday and to seek help to see Kelly Clarkson. I don't I love Vegas.

In like small spurts, but like I only need it for like a day or two and I'm good for like three years. But for whatever reason I just feel like calling me I was excited about going for my birthday everything got cancelled. So that will be one of my first steps back for sure if that was my first time in Vegas and I agree by we spent a lot of time there friend met us and we have a friend that goes like four times a year and like knows all the shit like I could never do that by day 5. I was like, okay get my hair looks great. But the five days is way too long to nights 3 days. Perfect. You get a pool day a day to recover.

Like the desert in like a wildlife in like there's a lot of shit going on. Anyway, the point was you love cuz you know, I might meet you there. Yeah, okay says ask him if he has multiple pumpkins or if there is one man... One special man... Who will forever hold that place in his heart there multiple pumpkins know they forgot there was only one pumpkin and it is Nick Walker. I do look into me if you look at all our texts always say, hey pumpkin or pumpkin Emoji or inside. Yeah. He's such a pumpkin and hearing that doesn't want anyone to know it but like I see through them.

Pussy like that. So she does he like them or public like the more he quote hates you or like talk shit and you look exactly and that was pretty much our relationship my one and only pumpkin horse. That is also Nick Walker. Yes.

All right. Last one. I asked him how much it hurt when he didn't have someone to walk off with arm and arm after Non-Stop and one last time that a lot like your are backstage.

Let me know if you if anybody out there news is making mistake of falling me on social media you seen how much I love that man. I mean he held me down like it was theirs. So we're doing the show in New York is one thing doing the show on the road is something different because because I don't have I don't have you Sarah because I'm you know, we're all kind of in this bubble of tour. So the things that would normally not bother you at work becomes that much more pronounced because you only have each other and it's very hard to get that perspective of you know, what it's okay, and I think that the thing that I I'm just always so thankful that Joseph was was just like a place where we know we we just because our tracks were so similar we understood each other enough to be like, okay. What do you need? You need to drink tonight? Like where you at?

I like even like like my favorites and I told I wrote this in the in the in my goodbyes to him if it's Indica going into the tavern scene, that's always thought. That was our check in like so we could you know, that fools who run their mouths off wind up dead and then Lawrence Phillips. Dartz. Yu-Gi-Oh. How you doing? How's your day? How's your dog? Like what's going on 2nd and Lake still like in the last show. We were like Rex because like I would always say like like when it when I was when I would go to start seeing, you know, Aaron Burr give us a verse trust knowledge. I was right before that if you like you'll see you soon and then like and that was like the last time so we were just like it was literally the last show I'd say from top of different than Annette.. All the way through my shot was just like here's what I like big but I just I lose FaceTime him a couple a couple hours ago so that that was

See his face hurts and it's weird. It's weird to this thing that like I think for both our lives like, you know, it's I've I've been in Hamilton as long as I've been married do you mean like that? It's weird to not be showing up to the Rodgers or to the to the tour everyday.

I know our our show was so choreographed with like personal moments where we could just kind of check in and it was always, you know the conversation in my shot as we enter the tavern we would always walk off together in one last time just a little checking moments throughout the show and there would be times after we left where I eat. It would just be second nature for me to like going like meet him and he's not there or would like to put my art like it even when he would call out and they're being under say it would just be like my natural reaction to just still have those moments and be like, oh wait. He said he's not here. So yeah, that was really my heart broke when Nick Walker left the show. It was the end of an era totally. Yeah, it sound like I was laughing at that, but I'm not I'm just I was sort of know I understand that. Our bond was was real and dumb. Yeah. I just he was so much of the experience for me.

and when he left he was still it was it was great and everybody who is come into the show and they're all wonderful but it was you know, it was the end of it was the end of an era when when when they walk a lot to show for sure where you are look at where you started me to walk into that rehearsal room and say okay, you know, I know you would rehearse with him earlier on Broadway after saying like that, you walked into those doors together like with a whole new purpose and we created this thing in out together out of nothing and yeah and then to travel the country together and yeah, it was it was hardly left definitely feel my love that guy don't tell him

So if if you don't mind, I would love to maybe talk a little bit about how you had a last performance scheduled and covid-19 fucked it up. Like it has many many other things and affected many other people if you wouldn't mind telling the listeners a little bit about that and sharing that with us, so I was my last show was scheduled for March 29th, and we ended up shutting down March 13th. So two weeks before planned and I kind of knew it was going to happen, you know shows were starting to shut down at think Hamilton in San Francisco at shut down like two nights before and we were having meetings about the possibility of us, you know, closing in Toronto or at least postponing or whatever and the Moriches the producers in Toronto were trying to keep the show open because nobody really knew what the situation was at the time and so it was we weren't really sure what was going to happen, but I was kind of prepare

In my heart for the fact that like any show could be my last show and I remember specifically the last show just taking a moment to watch everyone do their thing. Like I made a really deliberate choice to take it in knowing that like one of these times was probably going to be yet. And yeah, I made it was it was beautiful and simple and very anti-climatic and what kind of the way that I roll any waves is so my style like sneak out the back door and you know, it would have been it would have been really awesome to have a last show and to hang out with everyone but you know what happened the way that it should have happened and it was really special and we were all kind of in the same boat leaving the show together and not really knowing what was going to happen. And that was that was really cool to share with the rest of the cast in those were the last moments. We kind of had altogether where everyone was kind of figuring out what they were going to do next. I remember after our meeting when they announced that we were shutting down everybody like went to

Dinner and interact. I had like a last meal with everyone and yes what in a lot of ways. It was like really beautiful and perfect and I was planning for this time off. Anyway, I was planning on taking a couple months off. I didn't realize the rest of the world will be doing it with me. But you know, I was prepared for it and I'm still like figuring out my co like I didn't really like process that yet and I'm going to take a moment and yeah, yeah before we like officially started and we was kind of going through it and there's all this weird pressure to like create create create. But also there was a time where I was like I should be ahead with all the work but like I was behind suddenly and I was like, I don't understand how what and Fergie was the one who was like G. Nobody planned this week. I don't know how anyone is going to be faring through this and it's okay to do what you're going to do. So

I understand in the tiniest fraction of a way just kind of thinking like what I did know that my last day was coming but then when it comes in this kind of way like no wonder how do you process that never in a million years? Would anybody ever expect something like this to be happening right now? Yeah, I'm in and that's the thing. It's did you eat yet? We have to be loving and encouraging to ourselves because we're all grieving like absolutely grieving. There's no way that anyone is is is not like Life as we know it is going to be different like in a lot of ways. It's strange. I was thinking about this earlier in a lot of ways this whole experience reminds me of when I lost my dad and a lot of the grief comes from like not it's it's like almost every bump into things can never be the same and that it's very similar to the way I feel right now. It's like a man I would I just want things to be like they were to be able to go outside and not fear for my life or you don't have to work.

Play about being too close to somebody or and I'm not sure that's ever going to go away. And that's really that that's really something like that's a deep. Yeah. Yeah that idea of you know, this is Joe cuz I go in the before times but like will those times ever be there again, and I hope they will be but they may not and it's some ways if you think about it, there are some things where it's like all these things could have been happening all along. I've been seeing a lot of conversations online about just like ableism or it's like most of these people who you made like show up to class. They really could take the class online. They really could work from home. Like there's a lot of stuff before it's like now suddenly there's a fandemic like now he was a little more understanding could be interesting to see what sticks there are some things that people are discovering. I mean in terms of working from home, I don't know if you think that's a good thing or not. Our industry can't survive that way but I mean like Twitter just announced that all of their employees can stay home indefinitely, like even when things get back together, they can just start working remotely. Is that going to be the situation?

A noun for a lot of companies I can work from home for everything. I do like Patrick and I like I was telling you earlier like when we were cord to come abscess or like we're doing right now like we can see each other and talk, but I didn't welcome you into my home which is like the whole vibe of the podcast out and see it. So beautiful home to being in person and the energy that the idea of living in New York City having a very very small apartment and to be able to go to an office and work and record and and have some space just the routine of doing that I'll give that up and talk to people like you and still be able to do my job. If it means that like we can get back to I don't know some kind of normal sooner. I'm happy to stay. Yeah, you don't get me to I'm happy to do my part as well. And is it just you know not having a timeline I think is what is just really it gives me a lot of anxiety. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, like somebody there's like a new outbreak and then why why everybody has to be no isolated more you're okay go for such a like weird situation in oh, I'm happy to be able to be with my mother and you know, I got a roof over my head and you know, I'm a know that like yes, I feel very fortunate and very blessed but it is still for sure a lot of anxiety just the unknown is you know, like what is going to happen is specifically with our industry. Like when will it ever who knows? I mean, it's just may be different and who's going to find the solutions how we going to continue and what's that going to look like? And where will this all just dissipate and then suddenly we're back to normal which could also very easily happen. Like who knows? We just don't know you don't know ever getting so so much information from so many different places and everybody has an idea and everybody has an opinion and

It's it's overwhelming absolute and for better for worse. We got our communication is so much better. So we're getting information from all these places where it's like if it were going to like the Spanish Flu in like 1918, you'd only have one story now, we have thousands of stories and nobody knows what to believe and it's just so you know, it's just like your priorities but it's also okay to mourn what used to be like, it's okay. Like we're it's a it's okay for us to feel sad about it. It's like a human and it's a big thing. It's a big thing.

Until it does suck. That's totally okay. Yeah, it's okay and we will survive but it's also okay to be frustrated about it some days and then some days it's some days they're really great like some days to not have anything to do and to be able to like do what you want and hang out is awesome. And then other days it's like what what am I doing? What's next? I don't like every every little thing feels like it's the biggest thing sure. That's weird. Cuz that's not how it used to be mine. Oh and I have all the time in the world. That's weird. It feels like a big like everything feels like a mountain lion. What's that about? I don't know and then how's it going to feel when things kind of go back to normal? But what is that even going to look like it's wild it's wild. So, how are you feeling is? Okay and that's kind of where I am right now day to day grateful for the things I have but it's okay to miss the things that we don't so we can do. All right Joseph. Are you ready to take some questions from?

Ready, let's go. They are so ready for you. They love you. By the way. Thank you. Patron. Peeps Wonder powers activate.

Power Shockwave. This would be much more in French.

and pigeon peas

do you ride again?

Kelly says Joseph Hamilton is very different like quieter reflective worried about what others think more calculating especially in act 1 and I was not expecting that side of Hamilton. Where do these brilliant acting choices, you know, I decided to come from a quiet a place of quiet confidence. He can come from a place of just no-holds-barred just like Straight Out The Gate, you know fire fire fire and that just to me was not organic. That's not who I am. I couldn't have played that honestly. I think the way that other people play it specifically Lynn. I mean he that is who he is. He's got that like Charisma in that Natural Energy and it never feels like he's putting anything on if I were to try that you would feel me trying and so I came from a different quieter more intellectual.

Play based place that was aware of others and was sensitive but still had the confidence that ultimately like built up and led to his demise. So the First Act for me was about this naive kid who just had this this this passion that turned into confidence and then just kind of spiraled out of control by the end. So that was the ark that I guess I'd come up with which I understand is very different than what a lot of people have done about the truth. Yeah, and that's where that's really where it can't I just wanted to be truthful and I vibrate in a different kind of weight then then a lot of the other Hamilton's and thankfully the creative team allowed me to do what I do.

I couldn't put anything on I had to be honest about it. So glad you did because I've seen you know, so many people who are fantastic and lovely and amazing and I'm like James Reynolds, huh? It's like I always make a joke on my guess. What acting is Jillian like I get it right but I also love this conversation of what you said before like, it's just a different color. It's a different vibration. It's a different like acting yet acting but it's just Hamilton is so who you are and also James Reynolds as such like I'm not saying Eddie Lee has any of James Reynolds and him but that's a smaller you have to live in James Reynolds, right? And that was the other thing was trying to figure out how to be able to live in this character afford for you know, a long. Of time and and to get through it. Yeah. It was also a big a big reason and an influence of how you like navigate through it was how to make it sustainable.

Fun to be the bad guy for 15 minutes. Whole life every night for 3 hours a whole complete life is a lot. So yeah, a lot of it was just figuring out how to how to make that sustainable and for me it was always about how can I connect and how can I serve the story? Because it's it's an ensemble show and it was never about it being about Hamilton. It was about everything around him. And so for me it was about how how do I serve the story? And how do I how do I pass it off to others which is a big thing for me. You covered kg3 when you were in the Chicago Company. How did that come about and how was it compared to playing have it took me awhile to embrace playing the king it scared me at first it's you know, because it's just you out there.

Yeah, which is so different from a lot of the other things that I've done, you know, a lot of lives so far away from who I was and the things that I had previously done. So it was is definitely a challenge and it took me a minute to really like me comfortable with it. But once I was comfortable with it, it was really fun. And it's 9 Minutes of stage. It was just so different from Hamilton. It's so different. So yeah, I had a lot of fun doing it no matter what your school of acting is putting on that cost. Yes. It does most of the work for you. The costume does most of the work for you. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah, it all comes together when you're dressed for sure once were very early on his running you forgot the crown. I was like, I'm sorry how I don't know. I think the microphone is in the crown that could have gone. Well, I just live theater.

You're more than just makes everything work. So Lisa is saying I'd love to hear his first reactions to Nick Walker's Burr after playing opposite Daniel breaker in Chicago. They play so differently did Joseph have to adapt anything about his hand when he started working with Nick much. Love to my first eight. Have. Yes, absolutely. I think that's just a part of being in the moment and just playing off of whatever's being fed to you so different so so different, I mean it is different from my me all of the bars. I think I ever before every I've never seen the like, yeah, but both very easy to play opposite of because they're so present and and willing to play and that's all I'm looking for in the same Partners to somebody who's like there with me and then whatever happens is it

Is it happens? There's like no wrong it just you know, you're both just playing my daughter Claire. She wants to know what's the most challenging line or phrase to sing or rap for some reason learning and memorizing say no to this what you wouldn't think would be the most difficult but I think it was because a lot of the versus wear the same in sound but not in lyrics so it took me a minute to really to figure out say no to this for whatever reason also also because every song is like very similar but different lyrics young Nick and Vegas saying all my interests start with how does a and I always get a little nervous with I imagine death because you say that three times and it goes into three different wraps so that I think that is the trickiest part of Hamilton is like a lot of The Melodies and things of the same, but you're saying Different lyrics

Toronto twice before he left the door and it closed but she says so sorry you're stopped in our city was cut short to do you have any favorite spots in Toronto you discovered favorite spots in Toronto, which I frequent did a lot on there a lot of great restaurants. I'm not going to be able to remember the names right now. Do you know that the whole like room where it happens Toronto thing with this podcast when person is like where to put the capital I always heard Toronto. It is in pretty I always heard Toronto. I don't know why every show he decided that he thought it was like a really funny thing.

So the question is what if you were an actor of what do you say during the when I call the Toronto part of room where it happens but company screams and Chaos Congress is Mike Noble where to put the capital is. It isn't pretty and B2 is where the sound has to start. So if you say capital and then you pick up into that be too so it's Capital One Capital if you pick up into that then you're going to be early and the problem is a lot of place to him loved ones. You just mentioned Toronto, Virginia. Your mom's house have like a little pic of you is on the second syllable. Alright.

Are you guys you can't do that? You do a capital c you have to wait until it starts to start your words because what happened otherwise is that if you ever think of people said in the show, it's a really exciting moments because it just literally feels like out of nowhere in the lights change and then stops and it's amazing when it's all different pictures and sounds but if you are the one guy saying Virginia, what we're going to hear is Capitol Heights, we can't hear the Vera Virginia before everybody else starts or else. It just sounds like a solo that is badly. I'd like people trying to fit as many syllables in as they can in the London cast had to make a list of acceptable words.

Chicago and New York and the New York

Am I crazy? It's not a Virginian or why can't I get a one syllable for a New York city? That is like someone appropriate I mean Toronto stretching a little bit like it shouldn't be uniform at all as long as it starts on B2 and ends MP3 you go practice at home rewind the podcast Leo. Meanwhile, the capital.

What is the rating for Hamilton?

Went in Vegas. I think it said like what do you say during the every call it like the listen to call like the Toronto part of room where it happens Toronto?

What I Hear usually is New Jersey or Jersey because we always get the note that you start before people we keep starting before the word you have to say you're not doing what everyone else did I mess it up for a while and so and there cannot be a pick-up so do do something like Virginia where the strong be is on the second syllable, then you can't do it right so you can't help everyone have to come in on one two, and then you say the word and so we just I remember not to put you on the spot, but I remain offender we had to go but I could not get Virginia

guide to say Judea

We have a Virginia or Virginia High rep where I'm from and I live on the edge and I say Philadelphia which is five syllables. I know how comes out but I make it work because I have impeccable timing.

An incredible Rhythm Philadelphia from the beginning every night. Sometimes it's Boston sometimes about Carolina once I said wakanda.

After we saw the movie the movie kind of forever in every show at the same part. I don't know if anyone knows this notice is up to do wakanda forever. And then I then I posed for this but I always say gibberish. It's just always like

yo one time, was that you should try it. It feels amazing.

And I think what I did, I think it was the 100 episode like party where I had like Devon to start. I'd had like a bunch of people who have been on the potty before like Lexi Lawson and they said like what they say.

She-Ra says, can you please have everyone do what Toronto and then share what they actually say during the show isn't pretty Buster leader. How we normally get one two, three. Yeah. What do you say Javon of a mixture? I have a safe fil-A.

That's like for Rhode Island, but I like don't really sound like.

Not like other things but they are just like random things. But I worry that like the one time that I'm going to like say it really clearly really loudly. So everyone else like doesn't say it has something very inappropriate and it was just him so funny. That's what I worry about it cuz I think it's really fun anything and that's fine. We're meant to say was somewhere in America, but I am positive especially with his cast that most of them are saying something absolutely ridiculous. Like I'm a hundred percent sure that Anthony yells Broadway like make us do we have our vocal brush out to be like a real everything that's happening. But remember the stresses on this and it has it has to be here. So he'll like give us the counts as you know.

Geniuses that like he builds everything so everything is a build and if you know every note is important. So even though we're yelling musically, it's still has to fit into into the song. So yeah, but I definitely say it in time.

No pickups started like a dog's name or something else.

Does that follow the rules Toronto? I don't think it does doesn't think it's something like two syllables or something to do with syllables. I never really paid attention, but that would be the one thing that we have to go over and over again because I just forgot say probably in a much nicer way. Michelle is asking what is the most difficult or challenging part of playing Hamilton day in and day out on tour keeping it fresh but let that me not to any show especially in a long-run is keeping it fresh and making it seem like it's the first time and especially because Hamilton's journey is all about first, you know that the passion underneath of it all has to feel organic and real and there's got to be a reason why people are following him and and and allowing them to lead.

And so are you finding that lack passion and that energy in every show was definitely a challenge in the most of that was figuring out how to balance my life outside of the shows that I had what I needed in the show, right? And he was wonderful which cities were your favorite on tour. And do you have a favorite food or meal memory from your time? So I get to Chicago West Side Chicago. I think my favorite city as a whole was probably Indianapolis. It's such a cool head Smart City. The audiences were great the food the restaurants. It was just a really fun time. So I think Indianapolis it was it was surprising me to cuz I didn't know much about Indianapolis. So I didn't expect that to be one of my favorite cities to go on but it's been like that for multiple sores. I actually was there with if then I remember it also being a really great experience. Hello, Indianapolis.

In terms of my favorite meal was just talking about this with Roberto today our musical director on the Philips or a really nice lovely lady invited us to her Restaurant in Seattle and I had to close it all down for us and we had this beautiful Italian dinner with wine and it was just us and like these like round tables and it was it was early on in our runs. It was kind of like the first family meal that we had all had so I think that was probably my favorite experience. Yes. It was just us getting to know each other having great food drinking wine. Yeah. I know. I'm have I know I'm biased are as a pencil Valley Book the big Italian dinner with friends like family chosen family. Whatever that is like each other over that there's no hope and I don't know. What's I don't know what to tell you exactly Lisa is asking outside of Hamilton. What's your dream roll originate something?

So I don't know what it is yet. I'll know when I want to find it next but I want I want it originates. May I want to be a part of something from the ground up weather be on stage or on screen? But I want to create something Dianne is asking more about your filmmaking. She is talking about the Philip tour video from Florida Vlog me 8 year old man, not a video blog. It's just a working on more video projects. And also third question. Does Nick Walker mess up your hard work on purpose fertilizer Isabel. They know our relationship. Where am I working on any projects? Yes. I'm editing the Philip tour footage. Although I'm doing it very slowly because it's part of my heart. And honestly, I take your time, please it'll come eventually I had every intention of that being my final gift to everyone but now that you know things have changed,

So I'm just taking my time with it in terms of like actively filming something if if I had stuff to fill my would totally be filming but it's just myself at the moment. So what we'll see what happens with that but yeah, it might might my goal is for sure to continue with with things but for right now, it's just editing the filter will you know, it'll still be absolutely and it'll be nice to have you and I think to look back on so and I've got some good stuff. So I need the inspiration has to has to meet me somewhere and it got to feel it. I want to thank you so so much for taking the time to hang with me and I know it's been like years in the making but again, like I said, it's all the time. I feel like I know you we've been chatting for for so long and been a long time coming. Thank you so much for having me. Thank you. Tell me an ocean or the social media where they can find you your Twitter Instagram or that's sure it's all it's all the same. It's all Joseph A Morales. So on Twitter and Instagram Joseph

Morales yeah, and my middle name is actually Alexander, isn't that weird?

Yes, a Joseph A Morales all platforms. I think you're great. I want to talk to you always look nice time. I later. I'm going to ask you all the questions about podcasts by I I spent a lot of time Googling thinking that if only I can ask a human about this right, so I'm happy to be your human. Thank you. I appreciate that. Absolutely. I'm like, I love when people start podcast. I'm happy to help so ask me all the things please. Tell Dunkin I said hi and I shot him. I will I want to switch his adorable. I will next time. I'll have them with me. Yes. I got to hang sometime. Okay, absolutely. Thank you again so much for listening peeps. Thank you for all the bad ass questions as usual. Stay safe. Stay healthy stay inside if you can if you possibly can. I wear a mask if you. I love you. Thank everyone for listening. I'm G. Pain


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