NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-03-2020 3AM ET

NPR News: 08-03-2020 3AM ET

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Live from NPR news underarm White House officials and Congressional Democrats are to meet again today and a new relief package to help Americans dealing with the coronavirus pandemic white house chief of staff Mark Meadows told CBS. He's not optimistic an agreement can be reached anytime soon. White House coronavirus experts say the US has entered a new phase of the pandemic isn't the artist Jewel Rose reports infections are now extraordinarily widespread in rural areas. The number of new coronavirus cases is leveling off in some hard-hit Sunbelt States, including Texas, Florida and Arizona, the case numbers are surging and parts of the South and Midwest the Trump administration's coronavirus coordinator. Dr. Deborah birx warns that the virus is now spreading widely in rural areas as well as cities what we're seeing today is different for March and April. It is extraordinary widespread and to everybody who lives in a rural area. You are not immune or

Protected from this virus on CNN State of the Union Berg said the people living in places where cases are searching should consider wearing masks in their homes if they live with older relatives or people who are especially vulnerable Joel Rose. NPR news. Microsoft says it consulted with President Trump over the purchase of the US operations a video sharing app Tik Tok as NPR's Bobby Allen reports Trump has been threatening for weeks to ban. The Chinese own app from operating in the US Microsoft says its CEO Satya. Nadella has talked to President Trump about the software giant buying Tik Tok if I was the president initially saying he opposed an American company taking over the viral video app the deal which would be worth in the billions of dollars would undergo a Security review before completing Microsoft says it would ensure the date of American citizens stays and remains in the US. The company says it is also in talks to acquire Tik tok's operations in Canada, Australia and New Zealand Microsoft.

25 trillion-dollar company already owns Xbox LinkedIn and Skype a deal to buy Tik Tok would allow Microsoft to tap into a user base of tens of millions of teens and twenty-somethings Bobby Island NPR News San Francisco Microsoft financially supports NPR to NASA astronauts are back on Earth after a two-month mission to the International Space Station the returning spacex's new human Space Capsule blushing down off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. Remember station wmfe Brendan Byrne reports and Doug Hurley took spacex's crew dragon on its first flight with humans on board. The mission was a critical test of the crew Dragon capsule designed to Ferry NASA astronauts to the International Space Station ending a nearly decade-long Reliance on the Russian Space Agency for ricin station work now begins reviewing data from this test flight before launching another crew from Kennedy Space Center later this year and Reporting. This is NPR news.

One of America's most celebrated pianist Leon fleisher has died. He was 92 NPR's Tom huizenga reports that slicers resourceful Cambria spend more than seven decades and for much of it The Pianist played only with his left hand and pleasure was a child prodigy gave his first recital at age 8 debuted at Carnegie Hall with the New York Philharmonic at 16 and release the string of acclaimed albums beginning when he was in his 20s.

But it was all over at age 36 when he suddenly lost control over his right hand Fleischer considered suicide. The only way out of that funk was to realize that music was certainly more than two handed piano play playing with both hands. He was awarded the Kennedy Center Honor in 2007 Tom huizenga NPR news falling on the east coast of Florida from tropical storm eases. It's now heading up the Eastern Seaboard. The storm is expected to move offshore by Georgia and Southern South Carolina today and then Inland over eastern North Carolina tonight forecast for his bad to be near hurricane strength when it reaches the Carolinas thousands of people out of their homes in Riverside County, California because of a wildfire The Blaze and mountains east of Los Angeles has consumed more than 31 square miles of dry brushing.

Kimber the causes under investigation when home in two outbuildings have been destroyed. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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