NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-03-2020 10AM ET

NPR News: 08-03-2020 10AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman the National Hurricane Center's is tropical storm. Ezio's is about 100 miles off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida it slowly moving North Topsail State win at 70 miles per hour senior hurricane specialist. Daniel Brown says when it reaches 75 miles per hour. He said he has will regain hurricane status and when to become a hurricane and appears as if that Spike Lee and so therefore a hurricane warning has now been issued for portion of the coast of Northern South Carolina and Southern North Carolina is Rhode Island stocks open higher this morning as negotiations continued over a new coronavirus relief bill NPR Scott Horsley reports the Dow Jones Industrial Average Rose about 130 points in early training.

Administration officials report some progress over the weekend but so far no breakthrough in talks with lawmakers over how best to prop up the economy supplemental unemployment benefits that were providing an extra $600 a week to tens of millions of people have now run out that's expected away on consumer spending retailer Lord & Taylor filed for bankruptcy protection over the weekend as to the parent company of Men's Wearhouse and Joseph A Bank stores many traditional retailers were struggling even before the coronavirus hit business at Clorox on the other hand is sparkling demand for cleaning supplies during the pandemic go to the company's sales last quarter by 22%. Where's the NPR News Washington julerose reports infections are now extraordinaire Willi widespread in rural areas. The number of new coronavirus cases is leveling off in some hard-hit Sunbelt States, including Texas, Florida and Arizona.

The case numbers are surging in parts of the South and Midwest the Trump administration's coronavirus coordinator. Dr. Deborah birx warns that the virus is now spreading widely in rural areas as well as City what we're seeing today is different for March and April. It is extraordinary widespread and to everybody who lives in a rural area. You are not immune or protected from this virus on CNN State of the Union Berg said the people living in places where cases are searching should consider wearing masks in their homes if they live with older relatives or people who are especially vulnerable Joel Rose NPR news officials with Microsoft say they've talked with President Trump about buying the US operations of the video sharing app. Tik Tok Trump is threatened to banat the Trump Administration alleges. It shares personal information with the Chinese government Tick Tock denies this

Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average use up 221 Poinsett 26649 the NASDAQ is up more than 1% This is NPR.

Officials in Afghanistan say at least 29 people have been killed after Isis militants staged a jailbreak at a prison in the eastern part of the country fighting is now spilled into the streets of the city of jalalabad hundreds of prisoners have escaped one of America's most celebrated pianist Leon fleisher has died. He was 92 and pears Tom huizenga reports that flashers resourceful career spanned more than seven decades and for much of it The Pianist played only with his left hand was a child prodigy debuted at Carnegie Hall with the New York Philharmonic at 16 and released a string of acclaimed albums beginning when he was in his twenties.

But it was all over at age 36 when he suddenly lost control over his right hand Fleischer considered suicide. The only way out of that funk was to realize that music was certainly more than two handed piano play Usher reinvented himself as a left-handed player with both hands in 2007 Tom huizenga NPR news the family of Northern Ireland politician. John Hume says that he has died. He was 83 Yuma Catholic politician shared the Nobel Peace Prize with former UK first Minister and Protestant politician David Trimble. This was for their worked and 30 years of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. I get them treated as now up 215 points.

This is NPR.
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