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This comes weeks after the embattled former King was linked to an inquiry into alleged corruption. Also: red card for footballers caught deliberately coughing, and other mammals lose out in panda conservative drive.

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I'm Jeanette Toledo and in the early hours of Tuesday, the 4th of August. These are all main stories weeks after he was linked to an investigation into alleged corruption. The former king of Spain. Juan Carlos has left the country more than 300 escaped prisoners including many jihadists of thought to be on the run after Islamic State militant attached that jail in the Afghan city of jalalabad Peru has Exempted foreign doctors and nurses from validation that agree so they can help deal with a coronavirus pandemic.

Also in his podcast giant pandas are living proof that conservation works the numbers in the wall the recovering after years of decline, but why is saving the panda causing other endangered animals to lose out?

Just weeks after he was linked to an investigation into alleged corruption. The former king of Spain. Juan Carlos has unexpectedly left the country. He announced the move in an emotional on the current King Felipe to whom he handed over power at 6 years ago. Juan Carlos. It was best for him to go elsewhere. Although he didn't specify where in Jews being Supreme Court opened an investigation into the alleged involvement of the 82 year old former King in a high-speed rail contract in Saudi Arabia, He wrote a letter to his son who is across the current King Felipe the Sig to basically say that in order to not be an obstacle in order not to be a problem for the monarchy and for the future of the monarchy that he has decided that the best thing would be for him to actually leave Spain. I expressed my will and desire to

Stop counting out institutional activities people their institutions and you as king communicating my thoughtful decision to move outside of Spain at this time. I just had some I make with deep emotion, but with great Serenity, he'd already abdicated his role way back in 2014. So it wasn't that he wasn't that in any way responsible for any of the involvements at the monarchy has but I just think that the problems that he's facing the allegations that is facing have just let him to decide that the age of 82 he could still be a problem for the reigning monarch, but she doesn't want to be I'm so he is quite happy to not just step aside, but I should step outside and away from the country altogether the very interesting thing about this statement though is just that he has said it will be making himself available to Orland.

Geishas and for all the financial investigations are taking place against him. So this is not really being seen even as a step of trying to escape and not facing any punishment but it really is being seen as an attempt to try and save the name of the monarchy and then which he himself is created so much when I leave the standing of the monarchy in Spain Clinic character in the Democracy of Spain when Franco died yet designated the Mauna Kea two to the three placing and what happened was when when Carlos became incensed the head of state he could have gone Wenatchee ways. He could have decided to build a government around himself or he did what he did which was to say where we going to go into democracy and he entered into a partnership with the governors of Spain to build a democracy to build a platform of the democratic Spain, whereby you could have parties and vote in the people decide.

And he wasn't a line that process and really he was the only figure that people could turn to at that moment. So it was very much in his hands to do what he wanted and he chose to go down that road. That is his greatest Legacy because when he could have taken the power he actually devolved. I'm not stayed with him up until these recent allegations that have come up and you ask a question about where does it need the money cheat while his son did one thing which will also will give him a lot of credit. He said recently that he was going to announce any of the hereditary money that he could possibly learn from his father because of the dispute or the allegations that are facing a lot of the money that he has and he says that he will live as a king only on the salary that he owns The King and I can imagine. Spanish people was a very big moment for him to say that he's a young mutton Dynamic King very much in tune with the people. I'm so coming out and saying that really helped his

forced now to Afghanistan

Aftershock by Islamic State militants on a prison in the eastern city of jalalabad more than 300 prisoners in Afghanistan have to leave to be on the Run official said more than a thousand inmates have been recaptured that many was still missing Sunday night with a suicide call bombing outside the prison Gates gum and then made their way into the compound nidhi 30 people mainly civilians have been killed along with 10 minutes and again in the firing started and then people started to get injured detect started at the entrance to the prison then they started firing from all over the place. So they destroyed the prisoners were trying to escape through this way even is American and NATO forces always screwing following a peace deal in February between

U.s. In the Taliban. I've been speaking to a correspondent who covers Afghanistan. This is a city of jalalabad it again Sunday evening with a car bomb that exploded outside the gates of the prisoner number of gunmen then entered the prison compound others took a position in nearby buildings and opened fire and the fighting raged on throughout the night only really finished it in the afternoon in Afghanistan with 10 attackers in total being killed. This is somewhat surprising because Islamic State Group, which is claimed responsibility for this attack. They like you lost a lot of territory that they control in recent months a number that senior leadership figures have either being detained or being killed get this is supposed to be quite a sophisticated well-planned attack.

Understand what I think it tells us that clearly. This is a group that retains the ability to carry out deadly attacks of this sort. Even if it doesn't hold the kind of territorial, how are the groups like the Taliban does with the Taliban are able to exact taxes on a population that has a whole Villages that are under their control fire don't have that an important thing to note about the Islamic State group in Afghanistan is that it's a source of a lot of debate between both the Taliban and the Afghan government the Afghan government routinely claim that the 11th. Tuesday is Brian. Does it what to carry out attacks if they don't want to publicly so that the suggestion is we have gone government even didn't today's attack upon MD Connie Network, which is the part of the Taliban. We're actually really responsible for this attack, but it was more convenient for them to it out is to claim responsibility for it. Now. That's something that

I'm always denied a say that we fought against the Islamic State group in eastern Afghanistan play with lady not in any kind of Alliance government a Taliban attacks like this one show that any peace deal. They agree in the violence began on Sunday evening. That was actually the final day of a brief Beast by Between the Taliban and the Afghan government free days of of the festival Head Post of pretty peacefully Taliban.

The Peruvian President Martin vizcarra has signed a decree that exempts foreign doctors and nurses from having to validate their degrees during the coronavirus pandemic. Some people have contracted covid-19 improved and more than 19,000 of them have died. He is our America that is Russia Venezuelan health workers to join the Peruvian public health system, which is struggling to cope with a pandemic more than 800,000 Venezuela Nationals have arrived in the country in recent years is Flynn an ongoing police claim economic crisis at home Peru has one of the highest infection rates in the world in the number of cases continue to go up but you're going to make pressure is huge. Especially from low-income workers in lockdown measures are being gradually eased across the country Russia.

The country was still shocked and angered by a video that showed a teenage boy being mistreated by security forces. The video went viral. And now the Prime Minister has stepped in on Middle East and list and Johnston text with story.

Social media video is disturbing several security Force officers of crowding round a boy looks about 15. He seems to be in strips completely naked is crouching down in a doorway on the street or an Alleyway. He's frightened and pleading with the man who had towering over him. One of them is using the knife of chunks of the boy is being accused of stealing a motorbike when the footage of social media. There was widespread anger Minister Mostafa El kalliny was also shocked by what is so he invited the boy to his office and express the sympathy Academy set. The officers have been sacked and that they will be prosecuted. He said the security forces women to pretend not humiliate the people and the prime minister went to step further. He promised that he would pay for the boys education.

Johnston China's efforts to save giant pandas have paid off but has failed to protect large carnivores that live in the same areas. That's the conclusion of a study which found dozens of Chinese nature reserves set up to conserve pandas for other species leopards snow leopards wolves and Asian wild dogs have all but disappeared as Helen brakes reports experts say the findings underline the need for a brooder conservation strategy the decline and protecting the mountain first in which they live has been good too many other animals including birds and small carnivals. Yes, according to a new study is a different story for the larger Predators such as leopards. The Wolves Asian wild dogs have disappeared from 95%. Set up to protect Panthers leopards and wolves for more than three coats and snow leopards.

What is in China say these for carnivals have been driven to extinction by poaching destruction of a habitat conservation specific Flagship species such as the panda but experts argue for a more holistic approach to Aims to protect whole ecosystems rather than focusing on a single species.

The guidelines say that I should be sent off if they come early and from close range or official featuring the covid-19 pandemic.

The Philippines is County reporting the second highest number of confirmed cases in Southeast Asia on Sunday the country recorded more than 5,000 cases in a 24-hour. Restrictions with East in June, but not imposed in and around the capital Manila which will affect some 25 million people and lost with two weeks the earlier lockdown lasted 8 days and protests of a job losses and food shortages were met with a strong police response president duterte has threatened that he would order please just shoot that anyone who violated the restrictions Razia Iqbal Howard Johnson. So many people around the world listen to this a hundred thousand cases and more than 2,000 deaths doesn't sound that much compared to hot spots in other countries like Iran or America, but let's not forget in Manila. We have a very big population 13 million people living cheek-by-jowl and

Tight-knit Community has one of the highest population densities in the world. And this figure to look at is the number of testing that have gone on 1 million in total as a percent 1% of the total population. And so what we're looking at there is really a very difficult number 2 compared to other countries. So these medical group sang Fords and and set to the president. We need some help because hospitals have completely inundated covid-19 Wards have been completely. Exhausted how many of them of being infected by the virus PP has been in short supply in some places and so they pulled on the president to take action which he has done now, but as you alluded to in the in the queue that he also bring up these issues I saying if you want to bring about Revolution White

Have a go see if you could do better than the government of doing in the face of this crisis under the Loft lockdown and it will probably be quite difficult call me and police officers on the streets the police officers wearing camouflage. They walking around with guns that have been some skirmishes and incidents where they've abused their power that they've been told by the media to really respect. We seen in recent weeks that have been handling of cases here in the Philippines. Just me driving around the streets have seen jeepney drivers the classic local bus that used to have seen jeepney drivers on the streets begging for money.

The second issue is social amelioration. The doctors also hasn't get more money to people in in terrible a situation. He has time in 22 years Howard Johnson in the Philippines covid-19 demek has caused an increase in domestic violence across the world. And in Kenya is been particularly Fernando Monday reports from makueni County near the capital Nairobi. Some listeners may find this report upsetting.

I want to come afternoon outside her home in McQueeney. I made Purity be 25 year old is Seated on a plastic chair at 6 cuff covering several times with your bandage at the elbow less than a month ago are estranged husband came to my father's home demanding every Union in my room if I can strongly me. I begged him to stop and let us talk. He told me he decided that one of us had to die. That's when he started cutting me up my head my arms. I screamed in people came from there. I don't remember what happened. I woke up in a hospital to discover. I had no arms.

Purity is not receiving treatment and counseling domestic violence is right in Kenya government figures show at least 4 out of 10 women have reported physical abuse by intimate Partners in the past five years, but such cases of recently the coronavirus pandemic and an alarm 2:30 is the latest briefing by the Ministry of Health says reports of gender-based violence of Reason 7% during the pandemic compared to the same time last year.

If a safe house for women who have escaped violence in McQueeney children run and play in the corridors. They have made a home of the rescue center here. I meet a woman was rescued for my alcoholic and valin partner who is now looking for her. She says the last fight was over a missing SIM card to protect her identity. We have not used a real voice. He bit me and punched me while I was feeling this baby when he thought he wasn't beating had enough. He went out and picked up a twig he can back lock the door and beat me with it. I tried to Shield my baby with my body willing to die to protect you according to the United Nations measures taken to manage covid-19 like isolation have made the home a particularly dangerous place for women globally back. When is Deputy Governor? Adelina Mall tells me that safe spaces like the one that was shown a temporary measures authorities are taking as they seek lasting solution.

How to make home safe on the way forward come up with Jack come up with a systems to come up with what happens when a Survivor comes and the process of healing psychological support emotional support medical support account-wide investigation on domestic violence during the pandemic is underway in Kenya on the orders of the president, which will hopefully ensure that the country's covid-19 recovery strategy includes protection and prevention plans for gender-based violence Outdoors compulsory as France flights the Resurgence of covid-19 infections speaking in roubaix in northern France, the prime minister's on cats dick said all sectors of French toast.

98 must work together to stop the virus spreading are we doing since beginning of my term of office as my predecessor? Did I call and every Frenchman and woman to remain very Vigilant? Because the fight against his firest the fight against this disease depends, of course in the state and local authorities or institutions of immobilized but those two on each and every one of us one of the places that has already begun enforcing the wearing of masks in public is Atlantic town of La Rochelle. Usually a favorite destination from British tourist from where are Paris correspondent Lucy Williamson reports.

How far along the edge of a flower child support 18 year old child with a clipboard stuff is to enforce new rules requiring everyone to wear a face mask in the City Centre Street take no for an answer. The new rules have been compulsory here since mid-july breaking them now brings a fine and tourists likely are Never Ever from Dublin States helped ease anxiety about coming here. There's no social distancing in the market except that it's it's very well at least in. Everybody is wearing them up you feel somewhat protected.

France has been recruiting more new cases of coronavirus each day than Spain La Rochelle itself has had very few but there are currently more than a hundred and forty smooth cluster around the country Europe's covid-19 local not National and counseling Michel sabatier says that means National policies can only go so far in the French government, like any other government across the world. I mean, he's groping in the doctor's face it so and you can make out from the the free-throw rule that Europe looks like when it comes to take the measure of the virus in one does one thing the other one does another thing inside the same time during the best. There is no formula. That one could follow the French Health Minister has given the green light for local authorities to follow larochelle's lead and make it mandatory to wear face masks on public streets some mellow or Leo and Leo.

Who were the announcers restrictions? I think the mass is a barrier when you're speaking French to come today and you're a bit Rusty you kind of the knights in the face in this truck. Even with a Jackie Dean and Tim's Neri drove over from Bristol in that camper van safety measures along the route from the ferry to the Campsite in La Rochelle compared. Well with the UK they said well, it's been amazing. We came over on the ferry, which was incredible oil safety was Freddie very few people on that. We did have a cabin on the way over when they gave us the dorky. They even wiped it they were door handles before we entered everything was absolutely perfect.

Britain is normally the number one provider of international tourists to France and La Rochelle is one of their favorite destinations this year though. The beach is full of tourists from France and Belgium Germany and the Netherlands a survey by the French tourist boat found that just 6% of Brits would consider a holiday in France The Lure of the waves in La Rochelle no match for the other wave so feared in Europe so much harder to ride or predict.

Lucy Williamson reporting from La Rochelle in France who deliberately cough at other than the page could be sent off their face. Such Behavior should be classified in the same way as using offencive language or gestures and could result in a red card. The refereeing guidelines have been updated for matches played during the covid-19 pandemic and apply to all levels of the game sports reporter. Laura Scott has more details Pitbull and punishable with a red card. It's a sign of the times that the refereeing rules which applied to all levels of the game now make specific mention of coughing the guidelines say that a person should be sent off if they clearly and from close range coffee or official as it wouldn't be in the spirit of the game. However action must not be taken against routine coughing.

Plasmus take responsibility for social distancing at goal celebrations and price match handshakes must not take place. And I'm holy English Village of Oakfield fitzpayne off the local church announced plans to pull out some Vape use the church Council said it wanted to create an environment that could adapt to the communities changing needs an to replace the old wooden seating with options better suited to the larger more than body shape. But permission to say the only became aware of the move when they spotted the pews for sale. The decision has led to angry protests as Joan Kay has been finding out.

On a hill overlooking faxed Cottages with Immaculate hanging basket stands the Church of st. Andrew a place of worship and it's painful golden 700. Yes, but in this chocolate box Village things have changed our Victorian wooden pews for sale on Facebook that being replaced with more flexible molding facing for bigger 21st century bodies that dress. I love the peace and Tranquility of the church and the Pew sepanta thought they'd be ready changing the character of it. Yes. They do need to keep up with multiple times, but the alien icing a lot of paper.

Guitarists of souls great denies that it has failed to consult for the reordering of the church. It says public meetings of being held.

What you see here is what the victorians needed a hundred fifty years ago inside outside from the church Council being removed just to allow obese couples more space to walk up the knave off the wedding ceremonies. We're wrong. She said it was about more than that. If we both won't be able to have disabled people coming in here soon. Have a toilet with all the people can come an o that they're not going to get cold short going to be able to welcome paper with a cup of coffee out from that Michigan and pulling over electric cable in killing yourself. The parish council will meet later this week.

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