NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-04-2020 10AM ET

NPR News: 08-04-2020 10AM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Nora raum tropical storm Isa s is moving up the Eastern Seaboard threatening the Northeast with damaging winds and potential Flooding at least one person has died NPR's Debbie Elliott reports. It made landfall last night as a category 1 hurricane near Ocean Isle Beach North Carolina with 85 mile an hour winds causing coastal flooding down trees and power lines and deadly tornadoes hundreds of thousands of customers lost electricity North Carolina. Governor. Roy Cooper says search and rescue efforts are underway in Bertie County. Where a tornado struck a mobile home park crews are working to clear storm debris and assess damage as the tropical storm moves rapidly up the Eastern Seaboard Debbie Elliott NPR news Greenville, North Carolina dog soap and modestly lower this morning after Gaines overnight and Asian markets NPR Scott Horsley reports the

Dow Jones Industrial Average slit about 30 points in early trading with oil prices still under pressure from a pandemic BP announced this morning. It's cutting its dividend in half the energy giant to expect oil and gas production to plunge 40% over the next decade BP plans to invest more heavily in green energy sources, the FAA has bailed out design changes bowling need to make before 737 Max Jets return to service list could provide a road map for tree launching the plans which has been grounded for more than a year after a pair of deadly crashes the NASDAQ index hit a new high on Monday fueled in part by Microsoft with support from the Trump Administration. The company is continuing talks or possibly acquiring the US operations of the video sharing app Tik Tok. That was the NPR News Washington Presidential nominee. Joe Biden is expected to announce most likely next week his running mate among the potential candidates is former Ambassador, Susan Rice.

She told NPR's Morning Edition. She can do the job. I've not run for office on my own behalf. But I've run for office on other people's behalf where I did actually quite a bit of retail politics and speaking to groups of people, but I think I unfortunately in the current context with a pandemic this will be quite an unusual campaign. She said she's honored and humbled to be considered and that she thinks they're nearly 20 years in the executive branch will help in dealing with the nation's pressing problems voters in Missouri are going to the polls today Missouri is one of five states holding primaries in Missouri voters are being asked if they support expanding Medicaid Health Care coverage the thousands more low-income adults, the republican-led state legislature has repeatedly rejected Medicaid expansion over the years which light supporters to place the issue before the voters Missouri's Medicaid Program has an income threshold. It's one of the lowest in the nation. This is NPR news.

President Trump signed an executive order yesterday that would allow Medicare to cover the cost of Telehealth services in rural communities virtual medical visits Administration officials. Say the order is a signal to Congress that he would support Telehealth as an option for everyone on Medicare the Philippines today reported its highest number of coronavirus cases since the pandemic began more than 6,000 Michael Sullivan reports. It's not just the record for the Philippines. It's a record for Southeast Asia topping even Indonesia, the country of the Philippines is now vying with for the dubious distinction of having the most cases in the region the Philippines as reported record rises in cases over five of the last six days the 6352 total today bring the total number of infections to 112593 with 2115 deaths and those estimates are believed to be

On the low side today's record number comes a day after president Rodrigo duterte ordered a return to a strict lockdown in the capital Manila and surrounding areas where most of the new cases of a friend PR news on Michael Sullivan in Chiang Rai Thailand in Australia authorities are sending soldiers door-to-door to enforce the lockdown in hard-hit Victoria people with the coronavirus for those who are awaiting test results are supposed to be sci-fi self isolating at home. But now banned from even going outside to exercise Authority say some people were using that excuse to leave home for some other Purpose By Nora raum NPR news.
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