NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-04-2020 12PM ET

NPR News: 08-04-2020 12PM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston tropical storm East Side. He has who's making its way up the East Coast after lashing the Carolinas with heavy rains and high winds at least one death was reported from a tornado in North Carolina overnight. The storm is also knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses and PRC friend has more from Virginia Beach to storm has brought wind rain and tornadoes to the southeast and Mid-Atlantic in recent hours hundreds of thousands of people in Virginia and the Carolinas lost power after he said he has made landfall as a hurricane in North Carolina overnight it since weekend to a tropical storm but forecasters say flash flooding falling trees and tornadoes remain a concern for price of the Mid-Atlantic and New England. He said yes is expected to be felt as far north as made as tropical storm conditions move up the coast in the coming hours Sarah McCammon NPR news.

Dania Beach a new poll from NPR and it says shows Americans want the federal government to take a more aggressive approach to solving the spread of the coronavirus and helping those struggling financially NPR's Brian man reports. The survey also shows that three-quarters of Americans support rules requiring facial coverings in public Americans with the federal government's response to the covid-19 prices so far with two-thirds of people pulled saying the u.s. Is doing the worst job in other countries, Sophia McClelland took part in the survey from Florida, which is in a surge of new coronavirus cases for one. I don't think that we have adequate testing for a nationwide shelter at home order lasting 2 weeks to slow the virus spread 2/3 won a national plan for when schools and businesses should reopen Brian Mann NPR news.

Who says it's pushing out the deadline to complete the 2020 National headcount to September 30th and PR Tela Tela long reports funny sentence responses online over the phone and by mail website. Early on September 30th recipe for of 10 households. Nationwide have not yet been counted and shortening the time for counting risks a severe under kind of people of color were less likely than white people to do the census on their own and statement of yours director says the decision to speed up account was directed by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross who oversees the bureau on do the walkie NPR news New York stocks are trading on Wall Street at this hour the Dow was up 122 points the S&P up 7-second positive to your listening to NPR news in Washington.

President Trump has signed an executive order designed to give oral areas of the US broader access to Telehealth under Medicare and PR Salinas him and stuff and reports executive orders has Aaron who say brown professor of health law at Georgia State University. Does this trucks agencies to develop ideas to address a broad goal in this case expanding access to Telehealth in rural areas is speaking to a real crisis. So this is a real problem, but on whether expanding Telehealth will save struggling rural hospitals getting more space to expand Medicaid is not supported by the Trump Administration Selena Simmons Duffin NPR news.

Tonight's game between the st. Louis Cardinals and the Detroit Tigers has been postponed after 7 Cardinals and six staff members tested positive for covid-19. The Cardinals have been in quarantine since Thursday in Milwaukee where their series with the Brewers was also postponed due to positive test Philadelphia and Miami Marlins have also been forced to push back after players and staff members tested positive for the virus on Wall Street 103 points vs points in Washington.
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