NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-04-2020 9PM ET

NPR News: 08-04-2020 9PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer President. Trump says he is considering moving ahead with executive orders that would cut payroll taxes and extend Federal unemployment benefits in PRC cherasco reports. The White House are members of Congress and negotiating a new coronavirus relief measure, but have yet to reach a deal it take if Congress does not approve additional AIDS. He said he's also looking at extending a freeze on evictions in response to the pandemic the shelters and this is not a time. You never want to be in the shelter, but this is not a time to be in a shelter with the Cove it executive orders alone Trump Administration officials. And top Democrats in Congress has said they hope to reach an agreement by the end of the week ice Roscoe NPR news.

Ocean causing massive damage in Beirut Lebanon radiating out for a long distance to be some time before it's clear exactly who or what was the blame the reports at least 70 dead some 3,000 people were injured do the massive explosion videos on social media show what appears to be a large clouds by there a blast or fire and then a huge explosion after that. It left a bridge over a wide area of residents initially thought it was an earthquake Amnesty International says it's documented 125 instances of disproportionate violence against protesters. Do you watch earlier this summer NPR's Laurel Wamsley reports researcher studies 11 day. Following the death of George Floyd pepper spray and the firing a so-called less-lethal Munitions the left some individuals partially blinded the instances band 40 States and the District of Columbia Embassy International says excessive force with

By state and local police as well as National Guard troops and federal agents damage to report says it in the five years since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson Missouri. There has been quote a disturbing lack of progress in ensuring that officers use lethal Force only when there's an imminent risk of death or Serious injury night of the justice department nor the Fraternal Order of Police responded to a request for comment Laurel Wamsley NPR news start of school will look like in the father traditional back to school shopping season has been up and it will be starting to look toward buying back to school items for kids. But so far less of that kind of shopping is taking place two things parents do appear to be buying protective equipment and electronics National Retail Federation on the back to school shopping season on pricey items like computers, but others think you could be a major disappointment for retailers stock close higher today the dollop 164 points the NASDAQ Rose 38 points. This is NPR.

European Regulators say they're opening an investigation into Google's 2.1 billion dollar acquisition of wearable Fitness Tracking Company Fitbit that use executive commission expressing concerns a proposed deal with entrenched position in the Online Marketplace by increasing the already last November, but the British energy giant beep. He says it will significantly cut oil and gas production over the next decade as for Ian Martin of Houston Public Media reports BP's announcement comes after a multi-billion-dollar losses this year. BP says, it will reduce oil and gas production by 40% and increase investment in low-carbon technology tenfold by 2030 Ken Medlock at Rice University Center for Energy studies says the move is less about the oil crash and more about climate change.

They're taking steps to ship their own investments in that direction because at the end of the day, it is about profitability Medlock says European energy companies such as BP are ahead of us companies in the shift away from fossil fuels for NPR news on Florian Martin Japanese automaker Honda says, it's recalling upwards of 1.6 million minivans and SUVs in the US to fix problems that include possible faulty backup camera displays malfunctioning dashboard lights and sliding door problems problems were revealed in for recalls put out today by the government covering late model Odyssey minivans pilot SUVs and passport SUV. I'm Jack Speer NPR
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