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NPR News: 08-04-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer the death toll continues to rise in Beirut Lebanon after a massive explosion at least 70 people are dead thousands more were hurt their the explosion radiating down from the city sport leaving buildings flattened across a wide area and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky channel is not a home Z lives more than a mile from the port in an interview with NPR says even at that distance there was major damage. I was at home when the first explosion. My windows and doors shattered and exploded in the entire building truck. I went out to the tree. It was completely devastated with glass everywhere. A homes in Beirut. The cause of the blast is still not known the explosion is overwhelmed the country that's already struggling with both of coronavirus pandemic and an economic downturn a video of a black fan.

We being wrongly detained by police in Aurora. Colorado is sparking Nationwide outrage, Colorado Public radio's haili Sanchez has more face down on asphalt surrounded by police officers to are handcuffed and a child is crying for her mother the witness who recorded the video says the officers around at the family's vehicle and Drew their guns. Do you know where police detain the family after officers mistakenly identified their vehicle is stolen the family's plate number match that of a stolen motorcycle Aurora's police chief apologize but says officers followed protocol. The family has filed a complaint the department has been criticized for its handling of several incidents over the last year including the killing of Elijah McLean a young black man for NPR news. I'm Henry Sanchez, Florida is exploring how visitors could be let back into nursing homes as a coronavirus search continues in that state as I was Zander Gonzalez a member station WLRN in Miami reports the plan might involved.

Proof of covid-19 antibodies for several months Florida has banned visitations at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, but at a recent public meeting Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis says one idea for easing the Restriction would be to allow visitors who already been infected with covid-19, Iowa be comfortable saying, you know, if you do have those covid-19 antibodies get that you should be able to go in. I'm in NC your family member I so we may work on that and they get moving on that the discussion about finding ways to allow nursing home visits comes as Florida Remains the coronavirus hotspot, the state continues to report thousands of new cases each day for NPR news. I'm Alexander Gonzalez in Miami. Drifted Roofing losses and gains today is recent rally. Run out of steam somewhat through all three of the major US stock market indices end of day in positive territory the Dow Ponder and 64 points. The NASDAQ was 38 points. This is NPR.

Hurricane east side which came ashore last night and has since been downgraded to a tropical storm is caused damage and flooding from the Carolinas to New York the powerful weather system. Also, they've been more than a million homes and businesses without power the storm spawn tornadoes at least two people were killed after a tornado destroyed mobile homes in Windsor North Carolina to others were killed by down trees in New York City and Maryland the state Department's person on Venezuela says the US will maintain support for a key opposition figure there was opposition groups about a boycott an upcoming election. NPR's Michelle. Kelman is more from today's Congressional hearing on US policy in Venezuela. Elliott. Abrams says, he's working hard to make sure Venezuelan leader. Nicolas Maduro doesn't remain in power much longer the Trump administration supports the head of the National Assembly and opposes maduro's plans to hold legislative elections in December as the interim president.

Venezuela and have since January 5th 2019. We will continue to do so after these corrupt parliamentary elections Nations committee Chris Murphy describes US policy as a quote unmitigated disaster, Michele. Kelemen NPR News Washington side the company Noxen plans to lay off roughly a quarter of its Workforce or just over 4,000 people as a result of the virus. The connecticut-based company says the lamps will begin next month. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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