The What Bitcoin Did Podcast - Has the Bitcoin Bull Woken? With Anthony Pompliano

“Having the #2 podcast, I learned everything I know about podcasting from Peter because he is definitely better than me and his show is definitely better than mine, and he is really handsome and cool.”— Anthony PomplianoLocation: ZoomDate: Sunday 2nd AugustCompany: The Pomp Podcast Role: HostThe benefits of holding a scarce asset have never been more apparent. All over the world, central banks have been printing money at an unprecedented rate to attempt to stimulate faltering economies.With the

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The u.s. Dollar value at this point doesn't matter. This is a game of accumulation and it's going to end up being what percent of the 21 million Bitcoins.

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If you want to find out more head over to sports bet till I O which is sportsbet. Okay on to the show today and I said I got my buddy pump on he has found a partner of Morgan Creek capital and he hosts the second best podcast in the space what was cooled off the chain and which is now the pump show now with the lockdown and so many people being laid off from what it seems like everybody's dying in a costume with Bitcoin. There is no exception. So new shows coming out and I was trying to charge people always say if you got something to add you going to do this get out there make a show but at the same time it's not easy. It's not it's not easy to make money from it. So a couple years ago. I did a poke house in head-to-head with palm we talked about a bunch of this a little too strange is going on right now in New Prague car popping up everywhere. I thought it'd be cool trying to get it back on the show and do this. So we recorded a show together at the shows going out on mine and that when he is just the same show, but it was a lot of fun to do. There's no plan and we just got on and we saw the shit we going into a few things in this

So we talked about his recent interview with George of investing in Bitcoin businesses. And are we at the beginning of the next huge Bull Run Lego store in 2016 and 2017. I love this guy gets it from people, but he's a really good dude. I love having them on and one of my New York and love hanging out with him was like catching up and grabbing a bed do miss the guy anyway, too many questions about the show going to reach out to me when I give me some shit. My email address is hello what Picante. Com have a great week. Love you and see you soon.

What's up Pump? All right, guys, what's up, man? Peter what's going on? Dude was going to see you since you've been married. How did that guy? It was fascinating. I enjoyed it. I'm excited. We got married in the middle of the pandemic in New York City and there was just plain and I my brother was the minister or the officiant or whatever. It's called and he started off the ceremony if you want to call it that with family friends. Thank you so much for coming and making a real have bigger celebration.

400 people are just like it. Are you at are you doing this for yourself or you doing this for the 400 people who are here?

Another thing is your mayor before right?

We had a way to pick one wedding in London Westminister register off this wave like a really cool place and then we have the reception. That was a cool. Pancras hotel, which is a king's cross station peaceful place. But yeah, you would be looking longer married now that I was getting rid of releasing a couple of days but last night good point just absolute Roofing people's faces off and then dumping I didn't know I kind of stopped that whole play playing the kind of Market saying and trying to tell Thompson bolden's my my Bitcoin investment strategy right now is accumulate hold and I said, I wasn't going to sell any four

Tattoo I do if I was going to 74 3 Havel's we got one recently going to 70. It's a fair amount. They contact in 2017 and I fucked up and look like 80% just bye-bye mining equipment in trading and then like when they clean only and then in the last year, I grow my Bitcoin stock by like 40% God by icon have less. I'm not going to lose any and therefore let's see where we on 10 years to fix the plant asset. How do you think about white man has a portfolio construction but just like when you're buying Bitcoin, do you are you obsessive about like? Hay everyday?

Suites on this day at this time. I put a certain amount of money in or do you just kind of opportunistically acquire more Bitcoin explained that interest talked about it? He's at the best pic when you get someone you aren't the one you are. So I've always called least one sponsor wants to pay in Bitcoin. And what I used to do is I used to convert 75% to cash to run my business pay my team and then keep $0.25 in Bitcoin. And that's why I was able to accumulate some then a week and a half ago when Bitcoin was like nine three one of my clients pay that bill when is a quarterly bill paid in Bitcoin and I was like, you know what I got to leave this time for a couple days ago to see what happens and then obviously we shut up now, so

Strangely I am not like thinking I'm going to sell that 75% now because I'm in profit on that Bitcoin. I just leave it on my balance Visa. How do I manage my business? I have Mike my cash in the bank cash out an invoice and then I have my Bitcoin right? I might just leave that pic on the balance sheet. Is that never goes Below in 9300? It doesn't matter what happens. I always had a nice house that goes to 20 30 40 cafe Queens of the matter. So so yeah, I saw it and I also had some playing poker this last two weeks.

Yeah, have you seen the spoke again? What is it like Charlie leaves? Sometimes Luke Walton's so we play every Thursday we play and I think I buy 3 Bitcoins. What are the science like 3.1 sit down three. Like I only I'd like to say I've done about 40% out this year and that's what I'll continue to do. And like I thought it would dump at 12 to 12 seem like the number it would I know where we went. We went from 9 to 2:12 pretty quick like we were all right. I don't really pay attention so much to all of the underlined daily mix

I don't know what all that was showing but we got they went up very quickly from your 995 hundred to twelve thousand. But I mean, it's one of these things where the Assets in the world that go up 23% you know, we literally don't $1,500 in seconds and then recover $700 in you know, a minute later like it's just pick one if we should have done the fool that I was told you about work. I didn't listen to order that and what I did listen to actually it seems okay, it's better than I expected that the reason I didn't listen to hold of it is because there was nothing new that every time so I had it on and I can't come back on this before so I can give it 10 minutes come back and it's like that's all I've heard it before from him. So I didn't listen to like the Lost Hall. What did you get out of it?

So obviously obviously I agreed to do this and Rodger agreed to do this, but it would be heavily scrutinized right and because of that I took an overly serious or more serious than I normally takes things and I reached out to some people I got some ideas in terms of what I should ask about on top of that. I also got you know quite a bit feedback from the audience on Twitter and frankly 80 90 per-cent of the comments were very much like scammer, right? It's like, okay like find if that's your opinion but like what two layers 2345 of the argument and some people were able to clearly articulate that and so first of all to Rogers credit, like I asked him a lot of questions, I think people want answers to and

He didn't not answer that really can't he answer the questions and so things like, you know his portfolio construction his thought process behind why he did certain things what it would take for him to come back to bitcoin and kind of identifier admit that Bitcoin cash didn't work and things that it's very hard to have a conversation with somebody about what is obviously sensitive topics when you're being combative with somebody right and so can you not talk about in Wichita right is respectful respectful back and are there times when people say things and maybe I don't push back as much as somebody who wants to be combative will be sure but at the same time, you know, that's kind of what the audience is their right is that they like whatever I actually think sad.

My biggest takeaways were one. You can't deny what Rodger did in the early days of Bitcoin right in for Bitcoin to he has a very rational thought process behind a number of decisions. He made what I do think and then I set it to home base. We just have a difference of opinion as to whether that was a good thought process and decision-making or not. And the part that I can get him credit for is like at the end we can wrap it up and said, all right, there's two views of the world. Here's why I believe my view here while you believe yours. Hopefully neither one of our opinions matter the market will decide and so far the market is deciding that Bitcoin is the what will be the winner in Rogers based on the fact that that's going to change in the future but understands that that may not happen. And so if that is the path we go down then I think it's some point he would let you come back to pickle.

I also not before and he said he said he often do something else. I'm not sure he will let you know I have always new ones to some of this stuff, right? Yes, and especially you doing an interview and I know what you mean about the combative stuff. When I did the Brian Armstrong interview. I knew they were a group of people wouldn't like it and they made the decision to spike it before it happened. And the reason I knew that is like there was some really good progress in that interview. Yeah, what they did is they found the best they didn't like picked it out and just complain about it. So I know what happened to them.

But you have to construct an interview in a respectful way and you wanted to and fro you know it I know it right but the thing about an about Rodger is like I have some sympathy for him.

Awesome old stuff, right so I have some sympathy for him. He expected.

But that doesn't want to talk Bitcoin does all the time to punch a different people right? And you just have to accept that and he couldn't accept that but he was so sold on this idea that Bitcoin is kind of cash cheap and it just became something else looks like possibly far more valuable. I think it's disingenuous. If you look at them if you can scream about how great still she is just want to be honest about to the white paper you talked about online, as you told about cash. So I think I sent you have to understand that some people believe that's what they were building and then posting stop system. So I have some sympathy about that.

When do you move on from this dude? Like when do you accept what's happened to just move on like focus on taking cast stop fighting and you're not going to change Bitcoin fight shouting it anymore. But I think that that that was kind of like when I went into the interview and I talked to him beforehand before you even did the interview and I think both of us because we knew it'd be so heavily scrutinized and what color is Wonder feel it? Feel it out look like are we both going to be respectful here, you know kind of where do our differences lie, and it really just make sure that it would be worth it and also to for the audience to to listen and I think the piece that was very clear was it's kind of like when you were a kid and let's say you got a sibling if you're nice to them for the majority. They're going to be nice back right if you going over there and you know with a wiffle ball bat black him in the head like you're in it up on the ground brawling.

Initiating something associated with all of a sudden you're just you're trying to get somebody with got your questions and poke them in and catch them doing things. Whatever sure of course, they're going to be on edge. Of course, they're going to be so overly defensive. Of course, they're going to be a little bit more aggressive. But instead you just a look. I just want to go through all of all of this and you to walk away from this thing. I was able to put my thoughts and ideas on the record and also be able to hear the other side. It's a couple of times during the interview. I literally asked him I said, hey, okay, you just describe what you believe and you just described you have to listen to block a dispute. You just described them why it's something else happened. What is the argument of the other side of the table light? Can you flip around and basically tell me the people you disagree with what's their argument and taste credit like yeah, he can actually very it in great detail explain not only his argument but also he could explain they are going to the people

He disagrees with everything is a sign of intelligence and I think you know what people who listen to Adele like this is a conversation that Rodger hasn't had before of just be showing that he understands. There's two sides to this argument. He's betting on one side of people betting on the other side in the market decide, right and insofar the market has leaned not in Rogers favor, but I think the other piece of people have to walk away from this he talks about it, but but doesn't quantify it is he said he's a bad right in in so few kind of back out of that. He lost a lot of money doing this, right. So kind of his belief in something came with upside and downside and so far he's experienced the downside and his credit like he talks about that right about it. And so it's

People are complicated creatures. Right? Like we're just human and so that there's things that you can like about somebody there's things that you can disagree with or not like and in Rogers case. I think that there's a lot of people who are trying to put a binary in a good or bad level on if you look at it from historical context. There's a lot of people who wouldn't be here without Rodgers work in Bitcoin. And on the same side. There's a lot of things that I asked him about specifically like using, but people buying Bitcoin cash and he described his thought process as to what they're doing or people can decide whether or not but I think that's that the keys of people are complicated figures write on a sympathy for early.

The only things he did he did a lot of things to help it going on. I have some sympathy for things. Don't go his way. But obviously a loaded I guess I wrote it away as a time where you just see somebody repeating the same argument was in a bit of trouble bit of Mischief. Is that true, but I'm not like the type of fast and he's going to sit there and just be like for you to be a real PTSD around what happened with segwit2x. See how does a real pharaoh to take over Bitcoin and and development instead of things around that. Of time, but I just want a girlfriend because I don't think Bitcoin cash as much of a future I think as a future something that can be traded, but I think it's very hard to go to court. When is Carnival amazing that it is you so you don't actually strangely enough. I asked you to use Bitcoin quite a bit now, I'd probably do

Intensive send and receive 15 to 20 transactions a month now because it makes sense in all those occasions, but I don't use anything else. I don't have a need for anything else I could imagine a very rare scenario where I may use Monero, but just cuz I'm too much of a moron to use Bitcoin in a private life path Bitcoin cash a bit out of a desire to keep it goin ride. Give it some kind of energy but I think it's awesome shirt today. They want to do a pick my sock bun and they said try to explain Bitcoin. You know, I did always just like

If I didn't try to explain as a way of doing payments associate resistant famous, I think I would have struggled because everyone right now could benefit from a digital code special the money printing do people really care about censorship resistant payment at the other thing. I think the part that screws long time people have to remember is one of the mistakes that many investors or Market participants will make is they look at something as a snapshot today? Right? And so, you know, this is the the Paul Krugman the internet Album never be more important in the fax machine type stuff, right? This is looking at

Bitcoin in 2014 at the end of single point of time and what I think that technology folks are very good at doing cuz I've seen the pattern so many times is there able to understand what this thing is today. What is the structural components of it? And what Foundation does that lay for it to evolve over the coming in of 10 20 30 years and to me we all like to debate the merits of what can it do right now this second but when you can of say hey, look that's not the right conversation instead. It is the structural components. There is nothing you no more powerful valuable and exciting in my opinion. Then that structural component of Bitcoin has a fixed Supply which as soon as we talked about the money printing to is it's fully decentralized. So the decentralization is actually the been kind of

Vacation of that is censorship resistant payments and, what's up with decentralization of the Starship? He's probably the most important in my mind is it has more cat adoption and I think one of the key pieces that those who are not students of history on a technology front missed is the best technology does not win right that that is it complete fallacy it is what gets adoption and you can go back to the VHS Force pay the max you can go in all the all through history with you all these different things but money specifically is a belief system is a network affect business writing. It's very viral in the sense of you send it to people and stuff and because of that, I think that Bitcoin actually has a much bigger Advantage then people realized nothing to do the technology. It is simply the mark of adoption.

Right, he believes that technology is important. I believe that Mark adoption is important in the early days and we'll see how it plays out. But you know that that that's kind of one of the key differences in opinion. Do you think he got anything out of it? You think cuz I'm I'm not going to watch the rest of it now, but you think by the end of it he left with any change of opinion of his and the potential inside sensor why you should look at things differently or do you think he just came to replace these messages were left? Exactly the same I don't think that again I didn't approach it as like let me try to convince you like during it in terms of I didn't want to debate outline. But just like what do you believe what do other people believe y series The you know kind of different options somebody has and why do you believe you're right in what he believed in your water. If you believe there were

And I think we did that. Hopefully what he got out of it is one. I think there's somebody who is in the position that Rodger is in he really believes in the ultimate goal of a digital decentralized currency being adopted globally, right? The disagreement is on the path to get there but be kind of the Finish Line actually think that bitcoiners Rodger and many other people all agree on that and I think that people who are seen as either controversial or you know, there's a lot of backlash right and kind of negative feedback. This would be hurt right and it and I think that in a mini cases Rodger when he's been asked to do interviews or whatever because of the environment in which the interview gets done. It's just turns into this argument and in kind of his very unproductive and he's actually not able to articulate why and so that's my biggest. Hope is that everyone was able to just clearly understand like

Here's why when I was going to the interview and hopefully I was like this either goes one of two ways either going to turn out great. What is going to be an absolute train wreck in terms of people going to listen to this and you know, he mad at me and then kind of do all this stuff but you kind of knew that going into it, right? So you kind of act accordingly and then what's the point of the stuff? I don't search the difference between what is an interview in a debate that some people want to debate but they don't understand interviews about constructing a series of questions to take you through almost like a timeline of a discussion and is very differently from a debate but the ones who did like it made that decision because you did the interview. That was my whole point up front was there was a bunch of people when I said the day before I was going to do it all, you know, upsetting freaking out something. I just responded just wait till you hear it and then and then if you don't like it

I didn't like the idea of all of your criticism is fair an Indigent to some of those people's credits, you know, actually listen to it. They actually you know what this is actually pretty good. Like I actually thought it was valuable haven't heard Rodger articulate ideas in this way, but whatever. So to me like that so win right and I'm sure there's some people who don't agree with that but that's fine. Just can't please everybody thought about Indian motor again. And the point is is like I would interview. I like him to be in a range of people. I like him to be in charge of people. I like to be different if I just interviewed Stephanie Kelton who wrote a book about mmt and she is a proponent of state and that's not approved Bitcoin.

I just can't be bothered to deal with the backlash at times. I don't know. Why should I try to explain to me what size is a Bitcoin podcast? It's not a pug cost just to Chile piquin. It's for my content and to tell you to challenge to critique a bunch of things. And sometimes you almost want to get them. What is considered. I'm going to say quiet in the villain cuz the villain sometimes offer a different perspective again, it goes back to my favorite questions to ask people or what would it take to change to change your mind on x-rays you just articulated why you believe acts? What would it take to change your mind and it literally comes out and do they understand the opposite argument since I think you're right in that when you bring somebody on who has that opposite argument, you're exposing people to a more holistic picture. That doesn't mean it's there if they're going to change their mind, but they're now better info.

To understand it the counter argument writing and we live in a society. That's so like divisive. Right? And it's just like they let me go my echo chamber that fear people actually don't have the intellectual rigor to analyze situations because they're not used to understanding the camera. I think that's a crucial crucial part of a really making any kind of analysis or argument. You will following concept all that can be used to be can be the news on TV to be the radio.

The Detroit Lions have their own just interviewing the good guys. Sometimes they're interviewing the villains the bad guys the enemies I think a lot of people would like to hear an interview right now with ghislaine Maxwell assist. She's a bad human beings. She most likely a an enabler paedophile possibly a petafile herself. I think somebody would like to hear an interview with us. She's a bad human, but they want to hear outside so we can have his like what a Bitcoin and people don't want to hear from the bathroom. So the people they perceive as bad days.

Completely agree. What have you seen with the podcast during kind of this hole by her situation have downloads gone up, down have two guests changed. What would spend a different for you to question it? So they dropped the first had a big drop. I think it was like, yeah, I can tell you I think it was like at the end of February just when it started to kick off when it just started to get a bit weird. Yeah. I just said we had a big drop of every March what up, you know just levels I've seen like a year ago, but then cuz I couldn't travel I focus on the Buckeyes focus on the gas and then I'll see growth again. I don't know if the grossest I think a couple of things went on I think people want gun to the gym the ones commuting and I'll say I'm watching Netflix and just kind of like just no Kissena Park house as much and then I think what happened was life a little bit back to normal and then I think we got some new people come into kind of interested in Bitcoin cuz we're the crazy shit going on and then I was alive just like focus on trying to get like

another record month

Yeah, well, we also different strategies right I make no secret about it. Mine is the volume game and I try to have as many conversations as I possibly can because to me the the podcast I think he will take the approach of like I'm going to make sure that every single episode I do is a hit meets, you know, kind of fit the standard in terms of the guests in the death of the conversation, whatever I think my promise to the audience's little bit different which is I'm trying to learn as much as I possibly can and so my Quality Bar in terms of Navy audio or some other things may be a little bit lower than others, but it's because I'm replacing with volume, right? So whereas if I record an episode and it takes 2-3 days to edit get perfect and I want to do transcripts show notes in kind of all that stuff. I just couldn't do the volume that I did write or I'd have to have them.

I think there's other people who say well I want that stuff and they're finally going to do one or two conversations per week. And so, you know, what's really like you kind of find all that wants what you want. Right? I think that's the beauty of a podcast that there's so many different styles or so. We different show formats people will do so when you rear-ended you started doing a little bit more you said again some gas on it wasn't even like anything to do. I say you can find us so many of them.

Oh, yeah, my friend Dustin part of this again. I want to learn right now. Take take Dawson's a good example. So Dustin is a guy who literally got interested in wine as a server at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in 20 years ago or whatever ends up going through the entire process becomes a master sommelier works at a number of the best restaurants in the world and then becomes the wind director Eleven Madison, which was voted the number one restaurant in the world and then he left and he started retail wine business called Verve wine, and now it's working on a restaurant but there's kind of a couple of tea pieces which is one every single place at guys worked for the last 15 years. There's been this obsession with perfection, right and just absolute everything has to be

All the time. So there's this process and all of that stuff, right? He literally has built a business right? He's worked at some of the most successful businesses. And so I think you can learn from that and the third thing is he just got a very unique view of the world, right? He's interested in financing technology in all this stuff. But he operates in a world that you can overlay on top of all that he's one of 200 of the best people at his craft in the world with 200 master sommeliers in the world and she look at that. You're just like yeah, I'm going to talk to that guy like me cuz I know him pretty well. I talked to him regularly, but when it comes on the podcast my hope that people take away is not like, you know, what's his favorite why all those other lessons and so I won't have those people on every day, but to have one on every once in a while, I think provides now you and you know between you and I and the five people listening to

I don't care if you don't like it has for me to learn and listen my strategy. I know what I want to see what your strategy is just to be able to make any content. I want any day. I might not give a fuck if anyone wants to listen, you know of it. Like how does comedians who does MMA random people like but like MMA in comedians. I kind of want to get to that point. I wanted to I want to be interviewed rockstars basically people who play the kind of music I listen to you after the interview, if you pull and stars recently there was entertaining I want to do more of that. I want to do finances corruption really just everyday just make whatever shall I want not making enough money and not give a fuck about what anyone says, I'm Twitter like that's the goal and that's what I'm trying to do.

Awards and then gradually get into why do the Bitcoin and the financing a car. Through Bitcoin and Defiance. I am about to do in my first time doing a full pot documentary about starts next week. That describe is it supposed to rain in 2015? They're screaming heavy metal band pump, right and they just release their album and they broke out into the Billboard charts which are the band than a year lights are there in a fatal bus crash. It takes 4 years them to get back to pay the next concert cuz that's so fucked from it. So I'm doing a full pot thing about that. But like I am I'm putting these like little markers around of the things I want to do and then trying to get it to what kind of converge like, but I know I know exactly where I'm going with that what I want to do and I'm wondering what for you what is your goal?

I know if I necessarily have a master plan. I think The Guiding Light if you will is I'm just going to do the things that I enjoy and that I find fun in a joke all the time, but it's not really a joke. Right? It's a look. I cry a lot of content. I enjoy doing it. If one day I wake up and it's not fun anymore. I will stop at that. I will not spend a single day if not enjoying it. And so there could be a day in the future when I wake up and I'm not right in the the email anymore not recording of the podcast you guys later was a great run. You know, I'm out and look right because I genuinely do enjoy the stuff. I learned a lot, I met some amazing people, but but but I think that's kind of like my first rule is I don't want to spend a minute. I think that the world is changing that change. I think I am one of many people that are kind of living that you're another wear.

The brand or the thing that people want to pay attention to as an individual not an organization. And so if you kind of see that play out is that starting companies? Of course, is that creating content? Of course, is that kind of doing other things that individuals used to do I think so, I just don't have some like master plan. I just know that we're moving to a world where people want to subscribe to individuals right and all the content stuff definitely helps with that. I don't want social medias that helps with ultimately. I don't look at this as a Content game. I very much look at it as building massive massive audience when you have the chance you can figure out what are the things they want, right? And how do you solve problems for them and do things like that? So, you know, I'm pretty transparent about the fact that like there will be companies that we create the future and things like that.

I have no clue what those are today, but but I'm not really worried about it until in the some idea comes around or somebody writes to me and says hey I really want you to do Axe and I can't stop thinking about it and then we'll go do it seems that weird wild stuff cuz that's an interesting point because I think I think we could say what?

Let's go 5-6 months back. We're all kind of a multi-product prior to the pandemic right now the wells taken along. We're doing off saying we know there's like some problems in the economy the likes of yourself and Caitlin Long and Travis Kling and Ralph Powell woman saying the same thing.

Always believe we're just going to be okay. And now we're at the moment. I'm which is Black History being Rewritten. I told my son I said look when you have kids you going to tell them about what happened in the pandemic shut down because it's completely unprecedented it all the time, but I kind of got this feeling come out the end of this pandemic and it's back to normal. I think it is going to be a lot of expectations for a different kind of water. Maybe it will be maybe it will be a normal bottle. Maybe we will maybe we'll go to that. I don't know but I feel like we're living through that moment now and I don't think it's going to be a smooth paw. I think a lot of weird and scary. She's going to happen over the next few years and I thought like a mixture of fear and excitement about a toll

Bit more on the serious side because revolutions are always bloody.

But also bit more excitement cuz hopefully we can dismantle a I mean hopefully some of the the the bullshit stuff around government of finance and Central Banking just be dismantled 800.

Yeah, I mean, yeah really depends on your perspective. And the thing I keep telling myself is we live in the safest most prosperous time in human history, right? And generally the trend is at that will continue and are there short periods in certain Geographic locations where that's not true or you can reverse course of course, but overall Humanity continues to get better cuz it gets a Forex news get more prosperous. I think that that's like one thing in the back of my head that I was just like just chill out is going to divorce and keep spitting at the same time. I do think that in these moments of uncertainty and in chaos, there are things that happened in history that are not just in history books in and what I mean by that, you know, I always have people like you read about the American Revolution write as an example. Like there was a bloody war and that set up an

Predominant Ever Knows the whole story what makes you think that there won't be more American Revolutions in the future, but that type of situation all around the world tomorrow all at the same time. So you think currencies are going to fail the future. Of course, we're going to currencies which ones when all that stuff is hard to tell these are going to be violent conflict. Of course where with who that's all up for debate. It's all up for a lot of kind of people smarter than and I but I think that even with those things happening we will continue to live in a better and better World Technologies a big piece of that and so are these weird situations where I don't worry so much about kind of the big-picture stuff. I'm aware that I have to talk about it a lot but

Go to sleep at night. I swear by myself. I think that kind of sobering calming effect of the call Aki figure it out for me and I can't you know affect what a central bank does a country does work prevent a war from a current like if those things happen they happen in and I'll respond along with everybody else accordingly, but he's just like yourself right? And I think I've got a slightly different Outlook. Can I tell you why because when I go to bed I have to think about two little people as well. So I got a 16 year old but two years of school left and the other choice of kind of University, which of these reasons don't wanted to go to because yeah, he's not going to be a duck. So he's going to be a little ass so he doesn't need to use the skills and I'm going to do what to use 10 +.

So I have to go I go to bed worrying about the world Wednesday going to be in in say your fights 10 years time. So like when I say I worry about myself like I've said we're about myself pulling up. My brother is my parents like there's a small group of people that I included worry about me, but like can you change the world in the sense of reverse course from any of that happening?

Do you say but if you don't file Yukon influence and democracy is based on the fact that enough people to come but you got that kind of consensus from it. If we look at something like global warming my flights, but if we don't do nothing and if you believe global warming is caused by humans, then it woke a lot was if you think I like on individually make a difference so you have to do a little bit and I just think

Is he cursing which is his mother? I think am I change the world make it a better place. But all that little things I can do to make the part of the world. I live in a better place and maybe that's maybe that's starting with the the boundaries of my house. Can I do things in that to make the world a better place my children tonight boundary around my friends and social communities and then you know, what are the things we can do about it, but I do worry worry. Kind of world. We're heading towards opportunity. They will have opportunities because of a I and I want to make sure you know, what kind of what kind of career should I be kind of nudging them towards they have opportunity what kind of things should I cook beef supposed to swim in the water in 10 minutes to worry about

Maybe just tell him to avoid politics example, right? So take global warming. We don't know. What's true.

Brighton in people get very sensitive about this but I can show you studies on both sides of the argument and also I can show you studies are very compelling from very well respected people that would disprove the other argument, right? So kind of it that there's tons and tons of data tons of studies and ultimately I'm not a scientist right and so my ability to sit through all that and find coke with the truth. Is it a little too not what I do think is you can simply say well it is true or it's not is my life going to change if I basically default to its true and I act accordingly. I don't think that that's going to necessarily be a bad thing. Right so I can make me act as if it's true. Even if it's not my like this is going to materially changed and if it happens to be true then I kind of did my part now what is doing your part and I think the

this is the kind of

Inaccurate thinking but it's where people because we're human they want to feel like they have something to do. Right? And so one of the most popular things from global warming is I'm not going to fly. Okay, if you don't fly do you think the plans for going to fly of course it is right. And so unless you're going to get enough dropping demand to remove 20% of flights for an airline company you choosing to fly or not is not going to change anything right and people don't like that answer because it feels like no I can have you know, I can have an impact right like really work up until you can have an impact you can do something but I think that where you can have an impact is it's less about on the micro level for a lot of these world problems. Like no you actually can't change on Election as an individual right? You're part of a much bigger things. You can't change global warming as an individual right by just simply not flying

Where if you want to have an impact I was told people stop being on the defensive side and go play often. And so if you want to change global warming, like go build a company where you can get access to lots of resources to actually have a material impact on a macro-level, right? If you want to change politics voting is something that you are one of millions better going to do if you go vote or you don't it's not going to change the election right in many many cases. But if you want to change the political thing then going to run to be or go work on a campaign right looks like there's almost this feeling of you've got to be much more strategic and I think intelligent about the impact that you want to have it's not, you know, did I put things in a recycling bin or not? Because that the dent that you can make in the problem is so small if that's the thing that you really care about then like jingle actually work on it and the problem with that is one.

You find out that if there's more friction now, so people don't really care if you want me to like go somewhere on Saturday that really matters that go I don't care about the problem that much and the second thing is there's no way you can focus on somebody you care about social justice issues to environmental issues to whatever and then you say, okay, but you can only work on one. What's the one issue and you find like the actual for me to have the one thing they care about more than everything else, but it's like dude to vote your time energy and resources to that one thing and actually make an impact rather than trick yourself into having little to no impact on a whole bunch of things. Right and I think that the focus is really big piece of it.

Yeah, it looks I know you're right. I know you're right and it's just I don't know. I just think about it differently like we've lived through ourselves like we're similar through property The Best Time Ever by as you said more prosperous opportunity is cheap to travel the world.

We listen to such an amazing time with technology is incredible with relatively safe in the countries were in I just feel very lucky to do that. But but I got a feeling like deathly the next decade is not going to be as good there is going to be the shop economic impact GDP for like $0.11 in the US like GE p42 is -9.5, which is 30 to 32.9% So what was the Great Recession was 6.5% suck you let me here's the thing. Right? So like it in again ditches where you start getting into the nuances all of this stuff is we had a 9.5% drop in actual Q2 GDP billionaires made over half a trillion dollars and same time right now. Why what will the whole thing is? You can't stick a black and

Label on the situation because if we keep heading in the direction we're heading it actually will be a fantastic decade for a lot of people right and it'll be a horrible decade for a another big part of the population is so let's just say for this the bases this conversation's 50:50, right 50% of people are going to do fantastic because they're the ones that own investment Assets in the 50% live paycheck-to-paycheck Heavenly cash savings to invest in assets. They're going to suffer like you can't say it's going to be a bad decade that's going to happen.

Well, I don't think 50% of people. I know you said to this a conversation but I think 50% of people over the next decade. I can have a great time at 50% against I just think I think it's going to drop the most people like it's going to be a bit so we can have a lot of people out of work a lot of people struggling to get by in a country where what and whatever you think of socialism of social safety nets. We have some we have people who rely on welfare programs in the US so I don't see it playing out by that that's the point like I am prepared now for a for a tough decade coming in my mind. I don't think that's different. Right like that's just a natural progression of society which is so in the United States, for example, 40% of government spending is on people over the age of 65, right? So kind of a lot of money

Obviously the baby boomer generation is going to continue to feed into that. There's many people who think by 2030 the amount of money spent on people over the age of 65 at 150% So 25% increase over the next 10 years that is just natural in terms of your demographics get older population. Now with that said you can have two options, right either one. If you want to continue to have the economic boom that what's a over the last year or 10:12, but you just moved here from country, right? So, so if you get really scared like you can move to a country where the economic Prosperity ships right and people debate with that country would be but that or what you can do as you can understand structurally how it works and if you understand structure how it works. There are going to be people who do really really well if you are right in in the snare that you just

And I think that's the key pieces. This is not a access type situation. This is simply an education problem. Right which is people don't understand what is happening in because they don't understand they're going to get hurt if they understand what's happening. They can make very easy decision to actually benefit from the situation rather than be hurt. And so we can change that education in a hopper what percent of the population educated on this stuff. If you can increase that percentage you can actually shipped it from a negative situation to a positive situation. This is from. Yeah differently from you things. Like I said about the kids like I'm thinking I'm in but I have his company agency in London company. We used to put out a

This is which walking seven years ago. We put out a new job position and it said Junior 8290 applications for one row at a funny story. Actually one guy. You got one of the jobs just came and knocked on the door and just said look, I've seen the jobs up. Can I just told you about it? And I was like, yeah, of course, I need a job there. And then another what is an application is an infographic to go to job applications for receptionist at a thousand applications like this going to be fewer jobs available in Mobile people go for the kids leaving school in 2 years and in eight years has higher education. What are the skills they need?

What are the scores are going to need to be have an opportunity to get an interesting job, you know a well compensated report, even if they just enjoy because it is going to be competitive and the what place is changing.

Yes, or no, right which is I think that there's going to be less of the same type of jobs, but there's going to be much more of the new type of jobs and what I mean by that is so to think back there's a point in time in the United States where 98% of people were farmers, right? Obviously, that's not true anymore. And so I don't know what the numbers to percent fight or whatever it is now, but that's not like all the jobs when away it's just that those people went and found different types of jobs. And so if you look you know again, let's call it 20-30 years out. What are the things that are going to be in high demand? Why do anything around technology will be incredibly important and so you can kind of just go through everything from design to computer science to you know, analytics like all of that type of stuff those jobs. If you go when you talk to companies many of them will say we can't find enough people right? And that's why they're paying so much money and I think that it's very vertical specific unfortunately.

You're highlighting is the people who are out of work right now tend to be serviced Hospitality. No kind of lower socioeconomic status, you know, but the people at the lowest end of the corporate ladder and those jobs are heavily, cuz there's a million other people who can do the same job. And so you put out a receptionist. Can you get a thousand applications? If you put out, you know, I need a self-driving autonomous vehicle engineer, right? You actually don't get any applications and you got to go try to find somebody another company recruiting delete now it it's it's not fair to say if he Peter your sixteen-year-old should learn how to be a autonomous-driving engineer in the next 2 years if he's not here, but I do think what it hints at is as a society. We are going to have to retrain entire generations with new skills for those new jobs will happen it just

Oakley doesn't happen and who are the people who get retrained versus the people who get left behind again like these transitions that didn't happen over and over again in history sounds pretty in a bleak, but that's what happens. I guess I guess you.

And I'm not even saying optimistic vs. Pessimistic send it is generally believed humans solve the problems that they face, right and that's part of the beauty of the human race. But also I think that we have a lot of recency bias. We're going through is different then whatever happens before and there are differences, right that is for sure. We've never had a flu pandemic when the internet allowed information to you know, be disseminated so quickly and then have a federal government willing to step in and respond with quantitative easing in the past. But at the same time like there's been plenty of civilizations that have dealt with some sort of massive Public Health crisis. And so what we need to be smart about

Learning from history at the same time understanding what are the unique advantages we have today in a situation. I actually think one of the crazy things is impasse Creed trainings of a society. We didn't have the internet still like it's it's a massive Advantage for us now are people going to be sell starters at what how do we deal with the cost structure for that? You know, how do you get certification? If you're not going to University like there's things that need to be figured out in there, but I generally believed that entrepreneurs will figure that stuff out the people who solve the problems in society. And so we should encourage as many of those people to step up and do that as possible everything from and just emotional support to get to Capital to its other things as well.

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How about we need to do some Bitcoin in before we finish this you started that you tell me. What do you think? We had a 2017-2018? We went through the good times and then we have to be back on the rise. The timing seems right in that we seem to be coming out of hole. So definite signals within the market for why people should be investing in gas as well say that because I still believe God has a role to play stats play just by why do people think but like what do you make what's going on?

Before I answer that and I forget if you listen to my podcast, you should go subscribe to Peter's podcast. What Bitcoin did he has awesome guest and he's awesome as you can tell so please go subscribe and vice versa. If you listen to Peter's podcast Christmas card to mine. That's the whole point podcast. You know, I told the fuck out you I love it. You have it like some people don't get it. Do you like to think they think it's real will you know what, you know, you have to say that we're having fun. You won't like it, right.

This was the easiest call in history and I say that tat joking but last year I wrote multiple times and May June and July about we are ending we're getting near the end of an economic cycle has long 10-year bull market all stuff and at the end central banks only have two tools to deal with that down turn they can do it, right so they can print money and I said look, I think that they're going to have to do that at some point in the coming months. It is likely that it is going to coincide with in a 90-day window the Bitcoin have it. And so one of the things that I wrote was dropping Reitz printing money in the having all occurring around the same time will serve as Rocket Fuel for Bitcoin. Now third upon people who can hear me say this thing right? But how did you know what Global pandemic was going to happen? I did it obviously ain't nobody knew but that's simply served as the Catalyst to drive.

Vegetable markets bunch of issues should inverted yield curve you had all the repo market gyrations and kind of structural issues. You had an all-time record high of CEOs leaving their roles. Like there was a bunch of these issues or alarm Bells going off all through the end of last year and it's beginning of this year. So we were getting towards the end. It was just a matter of what was going to be the thing that accelerated that are caused it to happen in. So now what we see is a world where gold Bitcoin real estate or I'm going to do really well, right because you simply can't print trillions of dollars of a currency and have no impact on that currency. And so guess what we're literally seeing the exact theoretical kind of impact of quantitative easing become reality. They printed trillions the dollar. Weekend when the dollar weakens asset prices all explode it's not because all of a sudden the business is worth more money. It's literally because the dollars being devalued same with

Bitcoin or gold there's not much that change from June 1st to January 30th to July 31st was Bitcoin right to having it already occurred is pretty much doing exactly what it supposed to do was changing is one Demand, right? So there is some change in demand because we're going to the macro-environment value price. And so I tend to think that that piece is from 2019 to keep rates low bigger print money and having occurred. I think that 2021 is going to be absolute chaos in terms of a very high volatile upward price has been a big one but ultimately doesn't matter right the u.s. Dollar value of Bitcoin doesn't matter. This is a game of accumulation and it's going to end up being what percent of the 21 million Bitcoins you are right like that. That's what I think of I don't worry about the u.s. Dollar value. All I continue to think about is what is the number of Bitcoin? I own / 21

And when you think of it that way all of a sudden you start to realize do I own more or less that I did let yesterday or the day before or the week before whatever and if you have that mentality kind of a Bitcoin denominated mentality, I think you end up doing pretty well.

Oh, yeah, I mean I never think that I've actually got particularly a large amount Bitcoin. But if I looked at the gold market my to send you a pic when was in the goldmark. I'll be like fucking I'm good here. Right? So this is a look here. So I continued to tell people named to me a business that was analog and got digitized and the digital version is smaller than the end. It doesn't happen. Right and it's because digitization brings all kinds of advantages that the market expanding technology and so are people debate with the size of the gold market is delicious using number that is 8 trillion dollars that puts Bitcoin at whatever water form 50,000 US dollars today.

Do you think that the coins only going to be the equivalent of the gold market? I don't know right? It is better. It's going to capture more market now. When does it happen?

Right, but when you think of it that way you're like, okay again, don't worry about the individual day today price movements Ransom just look at the underlined structural foundation. And then look at how does technology of all right bit. This is a technology Evolution story in terms of market adoption things and we see over and over and over again Airbnb biggest hotel and I don't think it's different this time. What what's the current Olympic queen?

biggest banks doesn't own any branches

One day I believe we will say Bitcoin is the largest currency in the world in terms of market cap, and it will have no one controlling.

Right, like I ate fundamentally believe I My worry is I won't be alive to see that day cuz it may take that long. Right that's annoying early thirties. Let's say that I live a great life 50 years right is Bitcoin going to end up but kind of ascending to the global Reserve currency status in the next 50 years will we see it Eclipse a 80 90 trillion dollar market cap? I don't know what you said to me between now and the rest of human history. You don't humans future potential Earth in a future years.

Absolutely. No question my mind that's going to happen. It's just what happened my lifetime or not. And so by the way, if it doesn't happen in my lifetime still being along for the ride to end up being pretty good. I say yeah, cuz it's like we're a long for half the lifetime of getting that get it at like I'm pretty sure with my 10-year thesis in 10 years time. I'm going to be very happy with my vestments letting my kids are going to even want me to to die because they can have them take to change your mind.

You said This Is Us. Was going to take to change your mind that you found in the defy stuff that you like fuck that.

All right, sweetheart. We need to settle this for a second. I'm not against defy at all. I actually think it's going to be super super valuable. But again, it's like when Rodger and I talked about a digital decentralized currency ended up being adopted globally super important thing. It's going to happen that's in a quick with the finish line of the goal of Milestone or whatever. I just how do we get there? That's how I feel about the deep side part of my issue with how it's being categorized right now is the aetherium community thinks that they have a monopoly on that terminology, right? They didn't they're using defy as a synonym for aetherium and it's not right and it's why I say things like Bitcoin is the most valuable defy application and they all freaked out whenever decentralised Finance Corps of Finance is money centralized most valuable application that is decentralized.

Is intellectually dishonest when they say no it's not what they're saying is that they're upset right that they don't want defy to actually be successful anywhere else other than aetherium in so we've made plenty of Investments and companies that are building on top of aetherium that support ether that use some version of a decentralized application or do something Rachel forget don't listen to what I say. Just want to do the money and we're making Investments. We obviously think that this value there but I'm not convinced that defies an aetherium only right obviously Bitcoin did proof that and so what you end up getting is you end up getting this religiousness about defy that completely ignores reality and also is intellectually dishonest when talking about it. And so what I think is going to end up happening is that is going to be detrimental to that entire space.

what I hope occurs is that there's enough people who are rational and who kind of understand the structure pieces and that it ends up not actually mattering, right, but if you literally can go I tweeted the other day and said is the most valuable literally was like a bunch of trolls just being like you are you triggering Bitcoin as Andy's head to the same time now,

I think that Bitcoin people

Have this belief that if something came along that had more market adoption and had better pour dentacoin date. They want to see a digital currency 16th, right? And so I don't think actually that bit corner for the most part or married to the idea or nothing right? I just think that they're very very convinced that Bitcoin is the solution. And by the way, the market is validated that on the Fireside many of those people. I do not believe actually are defy or bust. I think that they're aetherium or bust. I think it's very dangerous.

So what would it take to change your mind that they call me or something introduced in the development process of Bitcoin, right? So what do you take to change your mind that like Bitcoin is the only thing you should focus on the money into

Meaning what would it take to convince me to do something else. What would it take to convince me that The Only Thing Worth putting money into let me look. That's what basically what we did. We we hold no tokens in from an investment standpoint other than Bitcoin right beat the actual investment that we make or a Bitcoin. I own nothing a little bit. And so I thought you were putting money is a device of you put into company field companies will be the next Culver's or currency don't know how long it takes but that's going to happen and what actually the value that our cruise is into the infrastructure, right? And so it goes back to the same example of if you invested in the seed round of Kraken or coinbase or any of these companies and bought Bitcoin on the same day the equity investment actually help performed the just holding Bitcoin.

Interested. So when you look at it from that standpoint, is that okay? Hold on a second here. Now you can invest in 10 early-stage startups and 9220 and you got to make sure you're in the one that actually does that Rachel that there's some new on to it. But it it's just a belief that infrastructure is always a much is very valuable more valuable in the future than it is today. That's my belief right and soap or other things going to go up. Of course like it take a theorem. For example of everyone's yelling and screaming the house going up and die you so yeah, of course because Bitcoin is going to lead in terms of Bitcoin halving in the money printing all this stuff will move and in the smooth talker. The smaller market cap assets will just move more in US dollar terms, but I think that it's like what it shows is those people are looking at this from an investment return perspective.

I think that the Bitcoin Community like you said, they're not going to sell right that the number of Bitcoins that have not moved in over a year is like 64 65% the highest ever bet they're not going to sell and so it doesn't matter what the percentage changes if you're not going to sell these ultimately what you're doing is worth how many how many Bitcoins do I have? I don't hear a lot of people in other Assets in the crypto World talking like that. Right? And so what that would ultimately ends up occurring here and I think it's very important is when you look at a market when things go down the the blue-chip large market cap asshats move down the least right and all the small cap stayed in a full really fast. When you then go to market the large-cap they move the least rights and the small cast explode up in value is a market cap thing, you know.

Surprised that weather and I put it in that of course. I'm going to get much more of the small-cap asset because it simply got a smaller market cap of History markets work like not surprised. I think we got a new all-time high this year.

I could see that I don't know if it's going to happen like looked at. The only thing I have you said any sort of racing around price other than all time high by the end of this year station my son yesterday. It was like like I sent this people to think the price can go to 3050 even hundred thousand dollars. He's like you like what you saw someone sit with us a really tough thing because you could sell it fifteen hundred richest on cell. I just I just know that I did like you said, do you know what's your percentage? I just need to know I need to have as much of it as I need and then I'll sell it when to sell it cuz I have to buy this year, but I think of it happened. I think it probably happens before the election which I know sounds soon. But to be honest based on the previous time. We went from 12 to 20 K was pretty easy, but I think I will the u.s. Election because I think

I think the stock market has to stay at a high value for Donald Trump, which means we negotiated another stimulus package, right? So I just think there's going to be a lot more money tree needs more printed before the u.s. Election. And then I think we'll get a new all-time high before the election because of that and I think they look very aware. Now. I think the gold price has been very helpful because I've been telling people they understand that I don't know what like happens to liquid. Is it like a hundred times how many things in a hundred K and they might want to sell it. I don't know if that people have that kind of like psychological reaction to it and they selling pressure understand. What I do think is I think we got a new all-time high before the election I could be wrong and I think next year is going to be fucking crazy. What about you?

So the short term so much harder. Obviously, the only number that I've said is I do think we'll hit a hundred thousand US exchange, you know price or value by the end of 2020 Ember 31st, 2021 will have hit a hundred Tech will still be above it. I have no clue but like that will have happened beforehand. I definitely can see a world where the current Administration essentially people hate. When I described by votes by continuing to pump the the equity market economy is the easiest thing to do with the best campaign in the Deccan do private is if you're sitting there in 50 + percent of country cuz I'm getting rich dumb things or whatever everyone complain about like it might my portfolio keeps going up. So this guy is good for me, right, you know, a lot of people who disagree with that people think that way

But the same time I think generally people are very kind of self-centered and they say who's going to do the best for me and the crazy part of all of that is there's a scenario sweet convinced that this is the scenario but one of the possibilities is they absolutely pump the gas prices going into the election. And as soon as the re-election happens, if a Disney ticket foot off the gas Henderson for the crash, right? Yeah, that's possible. But then who knows what's going to happen? I think that the the beauty here is the one thing we know for sure is that they are only making $900 a day right now and 6 months ago. They're making 1800 and so demand just stays the same. Naturally the price has to go up if demand increases

The u.s. Dollar price got to go up and it sort of prank money. I think the man's going to continue to increase.

Who wins the election?

I think Trump wins in a landslide really. I don't think it's close to two recent. If you turn on American Television right now, nobody talk about anything but Trump is the exact same thing that he did before. He was dominating headlines. And the second thing is I think that the current Democratic nominee is one of the worst people that could have put forward, you know, it's a half a Bitcoin on him losing.

On Trump losing what what's your argument for why he loses?

So I've got it like about three-fold right? I think the timing of the pandemic second wave is terrible for him.

I think it's really bad for him. And I thought the Democratic policy would replace Biden. I just assumed they would because it's so obvious. He's not the right candidate for the job. I mean everyone has pointed out he barely talk. Sometimes he's obviously got cognitive issues. So I assume they replace him. I kind of don't quite get it and I'm not sold on the family. That was so isolated. I thought it was I thought it would be mainly down to a better candidate coming in. So I'm kind of having a meltdown and basically the pandemic being very bad timing. I'm not as confident as I was because it feels like Biden going to get the note but I just assumed they would be replacing him.

I completely agree. I mean imagine imagine a debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden the crime scene tape. And by the way, that's not necessarily me saying that he's even going to say anything of substance, right? It just needs to sleep bully the hell out of them and understand how to get the other sounds like right and people I think are confused in Mike the debate for things. They think that it's about who has the better policy. That's not what it's about. Right? And it's it's basically who can literally overpower the other person and can get the sound bite and and can make people laugh and be in a likeable off his crate Ashley crazy, but that's another thing that doesn't work in Trump's favorite. I'm not into this whole like an election manipulation and voter fraud. I think that's from When I Look to the sides, I just think

I think

people being able to or choosing to vote from animal having to vote from home cuz the pandemic that really suits the Democratic party over the Republican party from everything. I've seen Republicans want to get out and vote in person and Democrats more likely to you're going to see a higher voter turnout on mail-in votes with Democrats and that's why I think Trump scared of that. So that's another thing. I think it's fascinating. It's like

I actually think that you're right in the sense of yes getting more democratic votes is bad for Trump. I think that I would argue more people will not vote.

So here's one of the things that I think people I think the argument is that if you have mail-in voting more people will vote. I actually think it's the opposite which is although we all think it's easier to get the piece of paper fill it out mail it in. I think there's a lot of people who just want to tell me where to go right you get a bigger truck off with Democratic or Republican voters. Like there's a lower turnout voting is worse for the time for the Republicans to Democrats are more likely to still use the man in vote Yes, but it's

Biden hasn't chosen a VP yet. I know I know and so what I'm wondering is I don't think it's over yet in terms of their ability to switch him out or to make him the VP. I think Cuomo would be a natural potential person for them to put in. I think that he's got a very very big problem on his hands though in terms of there's tens of thousands of people that died in New York because of his decision to send covid-19 back into the nursing homes. And I think that the Republican party is sitting on that they have not Hamburger Game on it yet. And I think that he could put forward your going to see p.m. If they're going to ask me up this charade him and say there's blood on your hands and it kind of like go after him and the sad part is like, why do I think that because I think that we haven't seen the mud throwing yet and like this is going to get really nasty and when it gets nasty, there's going to be all kinds of accusations of you haven't seen the Bill Clinton Epstein stuff yet.

All of this is just kind of waiting out there. You can see the ingredients and like starting in September. I came on they're going to throw everything at the wall. Both parties getting nasty. Why do hope the plane to fly because I want to be in the u.s. Election night. I think it's B. I want to be there for a few days. I think it's going to be fascinating to watch. I don't really have a like I'm going to bed. But it sounds as if I wasn't even a bad I couldn't honestly tell you who I would prefer. I I don't I probably Republican just because I'd like I'd like Republican states a lot, but I've been to places like Texas or when I went to Wyoming. I just really likes it kind of felt

really at home in those kind of places by

yeah, but I really think they're all the same. What's the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

I swear it's not in terms of him. I think the politicians will the same but I like and tons of kind of like Republican ideals is a little bit more like leave me the fuck alone. Let me get on my block. So I agree that idealistically that that is what is happening. But a perfect example is right now we're looking at a situation where the Republicans and Democrats both won $2 in the next in this package, right? If you ask me do you want to go live in Portland, Oregon or do you want to go and live in Austin, Texas at Austin is Austin for the same problems Dallas, Texas to Dallas right now, but maybe like I don't know like Jackson Hole.

Like I would not want to go to any of these places where these crazy people are losing that shit of writing every day at the moment. I had a great time in Portland. I'd like to be around this place has it. It's so real in the in the sense of that new white dude. It was born in America grew up here. I was in the Army the whole thing and then you kind of see the videos. You can't believe that that is America. We're like you used to see those videos. I think I saw one from Portland right now. I'm not an expert by any means. I'll tell what's happening there. So it's a new judgment that sense but what they showed him the video if it was real and in all things you would expect to see in like a war-torn country somewhere else, right? They didn't have democracy in all this crazy stuff and you're just like and what's going on.

Listen to in I guess in those places you think you would understand what they want or what they're fighting about. I've got no idea what the hell they want for these kids will tell him I said hello, sir with your kids.

I did a little one on a little one on YouTube on my son the other day off to buy some Bitcoin and I was like, no. No you don't need to do you get on my debit card, but I know he's interested. They understand understand a few things then who Satoshi is 21 million are interested. Did they know all that? Alright my friend podcast on political to see a man. Hopefully see a New York sometime soon and said I said, I love you wifey was mad and you listen to pump, but just if you don't listen to stick with my cuz mine's better. Take care.

What do you think of that one? So it's quite fun to catch up with pump like that. So you have that guy and I speak to me. He helps me out. I'm always bothering him over questions. I want to do this. I want to do that. What do you think can literally every time I do is like alright speak to me in an hour to speak to me in 2 hours he gets on and it gives me at Lowe's or how he's a really great Genuine food, and you don't answer for inside of the mall kids and what's going on in the traditional find out if swallowed and yet he's so helpful to me from people, but I appreciate what he's doing. He's bringing people into the market. I don't agree with him on the ship my stuff, but I do agree with myself as good as mine and going to reach out to me to go any questions. Hit me up on hello at what Bitcoin did. Come outside and I have a great week and I will see you all soon.
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