NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-05-2020 4AM ET

NPR News: 08-05-2020 4AM ET

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Author Laurel braitman has been running online writing workshops for healthcare workers even ourselves. The space to reflect is really important mental health and how normal it is to struggle right now that's on the TED Radio Hour from NPR.

Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens Six States led by a bipartisan group of Governors are making a joint effort to speed up coronavirus testing as the nation's death count continues to rise is NPR Sarah McCammon reports the state leaders plan to jointly purchase 3 million rapid tests for the virus Sienna, Michigan, Ohio in Massachusetts, Maryland, governor, Larry Hogan the outgoing chair of national Governors Association does each state will receive 500,000 test that can detect the virus in 15 to 20 minutes in a statement. He says the multi-state compact will address quotes severe testing shortages and delays that have hamstrung the Nations response to the virus. He also says the goal is to show Private manufacturers that there is quote significant demand to scale-up production of Rapid test Hogan a republican has been critical of President Trump's response to the pandemic other state and local governments may also join the effort.

By rapid test in the coming weeks Sarah McCammon NPR News, Virginia Beach Health and Human Services. Secretary. Alex. Azar will lead the delegation to Taiwan this month. The visit is the highest level of official visit to the island for public since 1979. And is NPR's Emily Fang reports. It comes amid, heightened tensions between the United States and China covid-19 responders and other Taiwan counterparts and visit Soul quote Springs in the US time on partnership the statement also contrasted Taiwan successful containment of an initial coronavirus pandemic with authoritarian governments the Us and other countries have criticized Beijing for covering up news of the virus in January Taiwan lobbied unsuccessfully to join the World Health Organization remove Beijing opposes, the biggest China Seas Taiwan as its own territory in about overtake the island Republic by military force is needed as us China relations to deteriorate. I want to become a political Flashpoint yet again.

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emergency workers in Beirut or digging through Rubble for victims of an explosion that killed at least a hundred people and injured thousands more hospitals already overwhelmed with coronavirus patients are now scrambling to get medicine for the injured as not a home sale report yesterday's blast ads to a list of crises in Lebanon destination would be launched to look into who's responsible thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate that for several years. What caused the chemicals to ignite remains under investigation?

The newest Futures are higher in pre-market trading on Asian stock market shares or mixed lower in Tokyo. This is NPR news.

Add Radio City Music Hall to the list of stage shows that are not being held this year because of the coronavirus pandemic has Jack London reports the fabled New York venue was canceling its annual Christmas Spectacular. There will be no dancing Santa Claus is on Radio City Music Hall is enormous stage this season or Precision choreography performed by the famous Rockettes picture statement from MSG entertainment says that the Christmas Spectacular quote has been canceled due to continued uncertainty associated with a covid-19 pandemic the company, which also owns Madison Square Garden has already laid off over 6,000 part-time and full-time employees tickets are already on sale for the 2021 edition of the Christmas Spectacular for NPR news on Jeff London in New York.

Meeting with Governor Michelle Grisham and a dispute over enforcement of emergency Health orders that are aimed at slowing the spread of covid-19 some businesses argue that the governor overstepped her Authority by imposing fines of up to $5,000 a day for violations California base Clorox says, it's disinfecting wipes were made in short supply for the rest of the year. The world's biggest cleaning products maker and its competitors are struggling to meet overwhelming demand brought on by the pentamic Clorox reported better-than-expected fourth-quarter sales and earnings. This is NPR news.
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