NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-05-2020 6AM ET

NPR News: 08-05-2020 6AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman officials in Lebanon say more than 100 people died after a massive explosion rocked warehouses in the port of Beirut thousand three injured Leyla. Milani. Allen is a journalist with the channel France 24 and lives near the explosion. Zone warehouses were packed with highly explosive materials in Missouri at Progressive Challenger unseated a congressman who represented St. Louis region for about 20 years St. Louis Public radio's Jason Rosenbaum has more on Cori bush is Victory Bush defeated Congressman Lacy clay in Missouri's first congressional district.

S St. Louis in St. Louis County with clay and his father served in that district for more than fifty years. But Bush Road a waiver Progressive Energy to an Era when wish says she wants to bring the same energy to Congress that you delivered during protests over Michael Brown's death in Ferguson back in 2014. I have open door. I want to be a true representative has the latest Progressive Challenger to knock off an incumbent Democrat Congressman earlier this summer New York, Jamal Bowman defeated longtime Congressman Eliot Engel NPR News St. Louis Republicans in Kansas, if nominated Congressman Rodger Marshall for the open US senate seat need to feed a former Kansas Secretary of State and immigration hardliner Chris Kovach Marshall will go on to face Democrat Barbara bulyea in the fall. The Joe Biden presidential campaign has not always been as active on

Baby has Donald Trump butt ahead of the November election. His team is planning a 280 million dollar media blitz and Paris off Muhammad has this report most of that money is allocated 40 vs. 220 million dollars including in some states where Democrats don't usually compete like Georgia and Texas. Another 60 million dollars is devoted to digital ads in total will be targeting 15 states. The campaign says it's message is not just focused on persuasion, but on voter education given the potential challenges of voting in the mist of a pandemic as if a few weeks ago, the Trump campaign had reserved roughly a hundred and fifty million dollars in TV ads to are between Labor Day and election day. That's according to data compiled by a most all of its advertising is focused on States. The president won in 2016 and is trying to defend its November Khalid NPR news.

Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar will visit Taiwan this month. He's the most senior Us official to visit the island republic since 1979. Azar's visit comes as tensions are very high between the US and China, which sees Taiwan is a renegade Province Amnesty International has documented more than 100 acts of undue Violence by law enforcement during protests against racial Injustice this occurred over and 11 day. This summer and peers Eric Westervelt reports. The group says more must be done to limit excessive and deadly force by police officers the report documents 125 Sheppard access disproportionate police violence against protesters who took to the streets across the u.s. After the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd the Amnesty International report highlights attacks on journalists Medics and legal observers. It describes beatings the use of tear gas and pepper spray and the fire in the rubber bullets that caused severe injuries including loss of sight and broken bones.

NPR requested comment from the justice department and Fraternal Order of Police but didn't get a response from either and the sea is calling for police to comply with its best practices guidelines for police in protest and far more to be done to hold law enforcement accountable for human rights violations against protesters Eric. Westervelt. NPR news has left six people dead as it moved up the Eastern Seaboard on Monday and Tuesday. The storm has now entered Canada. It is more than 50 miles east of Quebec City top sustained winds are about 40 miles per hour.

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