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NPR News: 08-05-2020 8AM ET

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My from NPR news on Korva Coleman. There are scenes of Destruction in Beirut today following yesterday's massive explosion at the city's Port Health officials say at least 100 people were killed in about 4,000 were wounded at Vera's Ruth Sherlock reports aerial footage of the port and surrounding areas shows a wasteland of flattened buildings and crashed vehicles with a smoke still Rising rescue at his dig through the rubble in search of victims trapped underneath families posted pictures of loved ones on an Instagram page setup to help locate the missing ostrich was hurt every 50 miles away has quite destroyed more than half. The Lebanese Capital he said hundreds of people have been left homeless lebanon's main grain silo. It was also destroyed reportedly leaving your country where people already struggled to afford bread in the economic crisis with less than a month's results of wheat Reese trailer Lock & Beyond use several US states hold primaries Tuesday in Michigan democratic congresswoman Rashida tlaib,

It has a lead over a strong Challenger many ballots remain outstanding and no winter has been declared in a contested Primary in Missouri voters in the st. Louis area back nurse and activist Cori Bush over long time in comic Congressman William Lacy Clay St. Louis Public radio's Jason Rosenbaum reports, which was a leader in the protests over Michael Brown shooting death in Ferguson some thought she was the underdog against Clay who built a formidable connection with black voters, but with a disciplined and well-funded campaign Bush Prevail by a narrow margin and will likely become the state's first black congresswoman next year Jason Rosenbaum reporting in Kansas Republicans picked Congressman Rodger Marshall to run for the US Senate. He'll face Democrat Barbara Bowl. Ye who was a former Republican Marshall defeated Kansas is former Secretary of State Chris Cobalt and Ally of President Trump and a hardliner on immigration and voting policies Florida's governor says his date.

Examining how and when to allow visitors back into nursing homes, amid, the coronavirus pandemic from Member station WLRN in Miami Alexander consalus has this report for several months. Florida has banned visitations at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, but at a recent public meeting Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis says one idea for easing the Restriction would be to allow visitors who already been infected with covid-19 high would be comfortable saying, you know, if you do have those covid-19 antibodies and that you should be able to go in. I'm in NC your family member I so we may work on that and they get moving on that the discussion about finding ways to allow nursing home visits comes as Florida remains a coronavirus hotspot the state continues to report thousands of new cases each day.

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former deputy attorney-general Sally Yates will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee today Republican lawmakers want to ask her about investigations involving President Trump's allies as a review of the Obama Administration Democrat State lawmakers should focus instead on threats to the 2020 election by Russia and China. The Apple fire is still raging in Southern California after burning about 42 square miles from Member station. Kvcr Benjamin purple reports. The Blaze is now 20% contained in San Bernardino County helicopters in about 2500 Personnel on the ground are working to contain it. The blaze was started Friday afternoon by a malfunctioning diesel vehicle that started three separate fires that eventually converged into one. It's spreading north and east into the San Bernardino Mountains and it's injured one firefighter and destroyed 12 structures Lisa Cox with the u.s. Forest service says the blaze could be fully contained but not necessarily control.

As soon as August 17th to when they're estimating that their Crews will be able to either dig or bulldoze that that constructed line around the perimeter of the fire talk says it could take additional weeks or months to completely control the fire for NPR news and Benjamin purpur in San Bernardino National Weather Service is forecasting strong to severe storms over parts of the Central High Plains today. Also more showers could fall on Mid-Atlantic States and the Carolinas today the day after a tropical storm roared over them.

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