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NPR News: 08-05-2020 9AM ET

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This message comes from NPR sponsor KPCC. What if someone told you that buying a piece of empty desert land was your ticket to the American dream and you believe them find out on California City a podcast about money power and deception available now.

My from NPR news on Korva Coleman the Joe Biden presidential campaign has not always been as active MTV is Donald Trump butt head of the November election. His team is planning a 280 million dollar media NPR's alcoholic reports that money is allocated for TV at 220 million dollars including in some states where Democrats don't usually compete like Georgia and Texas. Another 60 million dollars is devoted to digital ads in total will be targeting 15 states. The campaign says it's message is not just focused on persuasion, but I'm through education given the potential challenges of voting in the midst of a pandemic as of a few weeks ago. The Trump campaign had reserved roughly a hundred and fifty million dollars in TV ads to are between Labor Day and election day does according to data compiled by adage and most all of its advertising is focused on States the president won in 2016 and is trying to defend this November.

NPR news officials in Lebanon say dangerously explosive material stored in a warehouse in Beirut sport blew up on Tuesday the mammoth blast killed at least 100 people and wounded about $4,000 or three Journal reporter died on nissenbaum was trying to protect his four-year-old daughter in their living room in Beirut by body to Shield her from as much as I do our house and then ricocheted off the building behind us and talk my computer in are so far out into the front of the street residents say there is no part of a route that is not affected hospitals have had to turn away wounded people.

Latin America is one of the world's epicenters for covid-19. According to the World Health Organization as healthcare workers and resources run low preventable deaths from other health problems are now on the rise as NPR's ping Huang reports Carissa at NWA Regional director says health conditions like HIV tuberculosis malaria and heart disease are y'all killing people who might otherwise have survived across our region are dying from this treatable condition at a higher rate than normal.

2D the Americas add risk of losing years of have gains in a matter of months children are now getting vaccine preventable diseases like measles and de Feria intense does hospitals have to find safe ways to bring Primary Care back to care for people with diabetes and hypertension and pregnant mothers and to restock essential medicines because covid-19 is just one of the many health issues people face ping pong NPR news NPR

The Commerce Department says the US trade deficit got smaller in June is more American goods were exported to other countries. It suggests improvement from the pandemic in June. But separately a private payroll processor reported us businesses sharply cut back on hiring in July as the coronavirus spread ADP says us firm's added 167,000 jobs in July in June more than 4 million jobs are created water levels in the Great Lakes have been setting record highs in recent months Dan wangshi of winterlocken public radio reports four of the five lakes now appear to be declining with the exception of Lake Superior. Each of the Great Lakes have likely reach their Peak water levels for the year. That's according to the US Army Corps of Engineers in Detroit Lakes, Michigan and Huron set a new monthly high water record for July at about 34 in above-average that continues a trend for those two Lakes which have broken high water marks every month this year mark breeder land.

The field instructor with Michigan State University with the fall storm season approaching the u.s. Army Corps says those living on the Great Lakes should brace for Shoreline flooding and erosion over the next few months for NPR news on Dan wanshura in Interlochen Michigan tropical storm. He said he has left six people dead as it moved up the Eastern Seaboard on Monday and Tuesday. The storm is now entered Canada and is more than 50 miles east of Quebec City on Coralville Coleman NPR news.
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