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NPR News: 08-06-2020 1AM ET

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My from NPR news on Shea Stephens white house chief of staff Mark Meadows has President Trump is prepared to issue executive orders. If negotiations with Congressional Democrats, do not produce a new coronavirus relief bill, but metal says that Trump will not be able to the demands made by house Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This is not necessarily a new thing. This is a negotiating strategy that the speaker often deployed. Yo wear you down till

this is not necessarily a new thing. This is a negotiating strategy that the speaker often deployed know where you down until finally you say I've had enough and you give in to her demands Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, the two sides remain far apart on key issues. He told Fox News The Upside is that everyone wants a resolution. It's been almost a week since extend a job with benefits expired from millions of laid off American workers when it comes to fighting the new coronavirus finding a vaccine is half the battle the other half is Distributing the taxi to people who need it and PR thing longboards on the World Health organization's efforts to ensure that countries will get access.

The vaccine if they are poor in the 2009 swine flu pandemic who was criticized for getting vaccines to low-income countries long after they were useful. Whs Chief scientist? Dr. Soumya swaminathan says they're planning ahead to do better this time. Uh, I was working on a plan in which every country gets enough vaccine doses to cover up to 20% of its people for a ties for healthcare workers in the most vulnerable before any country gets dibs on more more than three-quarters of the world countries have said they're interested in the agreement. But so far the US China and Russia are not taking part in Wong NPR news of democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden says if he becomes president hillstomp building a border wall.

NPR's Lulu garcia-navarro has two tails building a border wall has been a signature policy of the Trump Administration and Biden went further than before regarding how he would deal with border barriers. There will not be another foot of Wall constructed on my Administration also said that land confiscation that have been proceeding woodend withdrawals are the lawsuits. We're out. We're not going to confiscate the way I fight and said he would focus instead on high-tech border protection's under his administration instead of a physical barrier blue garcia-navarro NPR News, Washington in after-hours trading US futures are mixed following gains on Wall Street, Wednesday. Asian Shares are mostly lower down 1% in Hong Kong. You're listening to NPR news.

You were Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the Trump Administration wants Google to pool what he calls untrusted Chinese apps siding Tik Tok and we chat as examples. President Trump is already threatening to ban Tik Tok unless he thought us operations are sold by September 15th. Microsoft is in talks to acquire those assets.

Former Atlanta police officer charged with murdering Richard Brooks is suing City's mayor and former police chief over his firing Alex helmick reports. Remember station WABE Ralph was fired from Atlanta PD just days after he shot and killed discussion. It ended with Brooks firing a taser and Rolf shooting Brooks in the back event ignited protests in the city with some turning violent roll says his due process rights were violated. He was fired prior to investigation or disciplinary hearing asked to be reinstated with back pay. He faces 11 charges including felony murder and was granted Bond June 30th. The prosecutors have now filed a motion to revoke that Bond. They say raw travel to Florida for vacation without permission from the DA's office for NPR news on Alex helmick in Atlanta Federal appeals court analyst reverse it earlier ruling to shut down the Dakota access pipeline.

Pending a full Environmental Group review the ruling allows pipeline owner energy transfer to keep the oil flowing energy transfer says closing the pipeline could cost tens of millions of dollars that have been given until the end of this week to stop the oil flow. This is NPR news.
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