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What if the Heart holds the key to helping us access a deeper state of alignment, peace and clarity? HeatherAsh Amara believes it does. In her new book, the Warrrior Heart Practice, HeatherAsh lays out a revolutionary system based on the four chambered structure of the human heart. Walking through each of the four chambers―Feeling, Story, Truth, and Intent―readers learn to take stock of their current emotional and mental state and reframe their situation in a new healing light.

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You're listening to Quantum conversations with Karen Curry Parker. Join us as we explore New Frontiers in Consciousness science and evolution. And now here's your host Karen Curry Parker.

Science shows us that the heart literally has its own brain. It has an intelligence that informs the rest of the body in the mind about what is true and what isn't we can feel truth in our hearts heart intelligence also known as HQ or heart IQ is a higher level of awareness that arises when you are able to integrate your physical mental emotional and spiritual intelligence when fully embodied an integrated heart intelligence gives you the ability to fully rest be present connected and Hart directed in every area of your life so that you can experience greater levels of performance creativity intuition and higher order thinking

What is the heart holds the key to helping us access a deeper state of alignment? Peace and Clarity? Heatherash Amara believes that it does in her new book The Warrior heart practice Heather Ashley's out of revolutionary system based on the four-chambered structure of the human heart walking through each of the four chambers feeling story truth and intent readers learn to take stock of their current emotional mental state and reframe their situation in a new healing light the warrior heart practice leads to deep insights as readers learn to step outside of their preconceptions to realign with their true purposes and goals helping them tap into the chew intelligence of the heart. Join me for this Heart full Quantum conversation with Heather, Ash Amara.

Hi and welcome to Quantum conversations. I'm Karen Curry Parker. And I'm so excited today to have someone has been on her show a couple of times heatherash Amara talking about her brand new book and the warrior heart practice and we talked that you're incredibly prolific writer Heather brings with her experience and her knowledge and open-hearted inclusive worldview a blend of Toltec wisdom. You study with and and work with him tonight with Don Miguel Ruiz European Shamanism Buddhism and Native American ceremony and woven it into this incredible practice evolving practice cuz this has a lot of the work that you've done that serve led up to this and evolving practice of personal transformation and growth in her new book The Warrior heart practice. She introduces a powerful new method to reconnect with your sense of authenticity and

Align with your true nature welcome heatherash. It's so good to have you here again. Thanks Karen. So good to be with you heart practice. What is this? And how is this different than some of the work you've done before I first downloaded the practice we can say I was talking to a friend of mine who is really suffering had a story that you would tell an anytime anybody would listen to tell this terrible story of the thing that has happened to him. And how much is it hurt him and about the third round of him telling you the story and me rent blessing back honey. That's not exactly what happened. I was there. He was actually what he was actually the truth and he just couldn't hear it would keep going back into suffering and so at a certain point, I just opened my arms and my heart and prayers. Is there. Anyway I can help this man person that I love so much and this process drop in and it's really a process to help people to untangle.

Their feelings from their stories and their stories from the truth and use their intense than to start cleaning up our lives and I think about it. That's the heart has four chambers. And so the where heart is all sides for Chambers and Chambers are important in our system. And so anytime that you're triggered or that or find yourself struggling or in a story you start in the feeling chamber. What am I feeling when you moved to the story chamber, what's the story? I'm telling myself the trip chamber what's actually true here and then intent what is my intent? What do I want? And then you can Circle back through the chambers, you take your your intent and your troops now imagine that you hold hands with them and go back into the story to see how else you can perceive the story and then we always closed and the process in the Steven chamber so that we really learned how to come back into our bodies and

Bodies as wisdom and as guides review what is a story because I have found in in the 35 years that I worked as a coach that and and I'm not talking about people as if this doesn't have to meet you. We have spoken stories, you know, you get stuck in a story and I keep telling my husband I'm like you have stories and you kind of like them because if you didn't like them you wouldn't keep retail, but I got divorced with many many many years ago different husband different time frame. I caught myself about a year after my divorce. I had this ritual but I would push get kind of the kids to bed and I had like this one like Dave Matthews sad song and I would turn on that sad song and get my glass of wine and I would sit in the story and I finally realized

Rich lising this weird Siri that I had was very painful but you a question that I asked you is how do we own our story? I mean this part of my life is divorced part of my life. It was a very catalytic process they went through and I I love the story now because I know I wouldn't be who I am today without having gone through this experience. But how do we own a story and not be a continued victim of a story? How do we how do we get from point A to point B on that one to realize you're telling yourself a story and like you said like that when you were doing that process of like your ritual of sitting in the story like we just don't even realize we're doing it to ourselves. We think this is just what is I'm in this amount of pain. This is exactly what happened. And the truth is that we're telling special stories constantly.

Anytime we're thinking we're telling yourself a story cuz we're describing something and what we're learning to do is become empowered storytellers rather than our story telling us who are supposed to be loved you can think about all the ways that you have and I'll just start naming things like a story that you should be perfect. But I just would have posted X. I realized I started telling myself the story I should be able to do this on my own. This is ridiculous. And so that's a story not smart enough that they don't like me because our minds are so creative and what we do with our stories and so the first step is to to really start to become aware and get curious about your stories rather than what most of us do is become aware of our stories and we judge ourselves. So we have a story which is another story.

Get serious. I like it like being an archaeologist and start to explore. What are the layers of the story and where we create the most suffering and what you explain so beautiful places that we get the ceilings in the stories tied together. So we have a story We Tell ourselves the story the story creates an emotion the emotion feels yucky in our body understand why we're having that emotion and they just go back and forth and most of us live Tangled with the story and the stealing weed eater cycle the feelings or we have a story that we shouldn't have to press the feelings which never goes. Well as they always come out sideways always so how is craft as you got these for seems You've Got Feelings story truth and intent. Can you walk us through an example of like how would you go?

Through this process and if you're stuck if you catch yourself me bust yourself in a storage. What do you do exactly for me? So I've been exhausted. I've been seen a birthing something new and it's a lot of times when we touch yourself by yourself and it yesterday. I felt really really emotional. I'm on a plane and I stopped and was like, all right, sweetie what's going on? And the first thing I did is just ask myself. What do you feeling? What's the feeling sense in the body close? My eyes went towards the ceiling sense and there was a mixture of sadness and Elation and joy and exhaustion all mixed together. And so what I found with the process is you just sit with each of the different emotions. OK, where's the sadness in the body.

Going to head up in my truck. I just breathe into my chest High sadness. Where's the elevation and storage chamber again. If you want to just have the feelings without the story which takes practice.

Cuz often together hook together, but you just practice just be with the saddest. There's nothing to do. There's nothing to change. There's nothing to 6000 and then you go into the story and be honest. What's actually going on in your head? What do you thinking? And so I started looking at the store in the story was no a combo of like this has been so hard and so wonderful is taking me so long to get this booked into the world and as I sat with it because what triggered is somebody had asked me. Can I help you tomorrow? I'll drive to New York. I'll get the hors d'oeuvres. You know, I'll get everything for you and my response was no I'll do it and I had to go. Okay, but something's going on right in the story was I need to do all of this myself. I can't I asking too many people for too many things right now. So I have to like to handle all of it and it's an old story. It's not a new story. It's an old story of I need to control everything. I need to do everything to feel safe. So I just sat with

And then again that willingness to go through the layers of what else is underneath it. What else is there? And then I stepped into the truth chamber and most of us when we step into the trip chamber. What we do is we write a better story. We call it the truth and I watched myself do that a little bit like a really easy to for me to get the hors d'oeuvres.

And I looked at that I'm like that's actually a story it's not this is not going to be easy for me. That's not easy. It's a story but what's what's the truth? The truth is I could use help. And how you know the difference between a truth in the story is the truth is simple. And also there's a relaxation in the body the body just goes. Yeah, just the wise card of us knows what's true or mine tries to like make the story that to keep us safe to keep us whatever it wants to do, but the body your wisdom knows what's true and there's no justification. There's no trying to understand that there's just this like I am so I could use help. And then I went to the intent chamber and my intent is East

I just want to act like I want to be able to show up fully.

At these different lunch parties, so he's presents. So then I went back through and the going back through is really the key because again, you're getting these new allies and the allies of I need help. And then I went back into the store and it's like let people help you sweetheart like you feel vulnerable right now and that's what I realize. I'm feeling vulnerable. It's always, you know, it's it's in a way. It's like taking all your clothes off. Of course, I feel this way and so that I can just go in honor the tenderness of this time.

So that's a simple overview of how the process can work in that literally took me, you know 5 minutes maybe.

To just go through and unwind it. I love that. I love that and I love how you talk about really recognizing the story and I I really think it's important and I think there's so much brilliant send this awareness that you just shared of knowing when you're rationalizing a better story food. I hope your key into how deep is the story. So I have another question about stories because you said oh hear the same old story.

There's an expression that I heard one time from this woman who I was coaching. Who is this beautiful older Southern wise woman and she said new level same devil. Do you find that when you up level so to speak does the old Story come back in a different disguise or a different way exactly. The truth is we don't have that many core stories. Like I believe as humans we have maybe three. I'm not lovable. I'm not good enough and I'm broken and we tend to have those it cuz part of the dream that we're in right now the way that were domesticated and then we get creative.

But Oxford like our kind of our next level stories are just always connected to those and and they're either around Perfection around not asking for help around the world isn't safe is just that next level that each of us then create experiences for sure, but also from just the way that we perceive the world or what we've taken out of my parents or culture or the the piers are our religion and then we can get really creative. And so the really fair part for me is the way that will take an experience in her life and twist it. So it's reflecting an old story submit matches. It aligns with the old story and we're Geniuses at this right exactly what we think the story supposed to be based on her history. So we're not even in the present.

That way I can imagine this is why the truth chamber is so important.

Yes, and learning to go towards the truth and no part of why I shared the story that happened yesterday for me as it's an ongoing process. It's not that you do it once in your done. And yeah, you're good. It's that as we as he said like as we up level sometimes it gets more more subtle. And so that willingness to be honest and go through the process and separated out is a mind is like, oh, yeah, you know the story don't worry about it just jump to the truth sometimes and it doesn't work to bypass.

You might feel better for a little bit, but it's going to pull you back down using the method helps you to unwind to really clear out the story so that you don't keep going back to it over and over again. And if you do go back to it you realize that you recognize a super quickly like always yeah.

And the truth is critical. Why is this works? So important on the planet right now? We are being faced with so many challenges right now both in our personal lives and also collectively globally and in order for us to meet those challenges. We need Clarity. We need creativity. We need compassion when we're in story all the energy that we could be using to change the world with our own world in the outside world in creative ways goes towards maintaining the story and doesn't allow us to see clearly. What's my action? What's my gift in this moment? And so I feel really passionate about people having tools to help them to clear up those Pastore. So there will be present in the moment and able to be flexible and open to let the information come through about what their action is or what their

their Stillness needs to be both of those things and our conversations with

A vision for what? You see, we are heading towards in the world. So what what's up on the planet right now? And what's your vision for the future of the world?

We're in a big Paradigm Shift right now. And whenever we go through Paradigm Shift, there's always a lot of upset. And so the vision I've had is of this huge storm on the ocean that is turning and that what we need the vision is that for all of us to realize we're all in the same boat together truly and that also if we're going to

Jump to the next level. We have to have an intent to point ourselves towards and so each of us individually to get clear about. What do I want to put my energy for me? It's about love. It's about loving the challenges. It's about loving ourselves and each other fiercely so that we can come together and work together for also for love of the planet. So that is my vision is that we all are able to bring our love of the planet each other to be creative and crafting the solutions that are needed right now.

Beautiful. Thank you. So Heather answers book The Warrior heart practice. You can get it on Amazon. And if you go to her website heatherash Amara., you can learn more about programs that she has to offer you've got lunch is happening all over the country, right that is all over the world. And of course connect more deeply with Heather Ash this amazing work Harold body works like publish a book a year. Good night and thank you so much for joining us and we're sharing this really powerful body of work. What a great and easy thing to be able to do just in 5 minutes to shift your perspective and change the way you create your world in the world around you so

Thank you. Thanks Karen.

According to the Institute of heart math, their research has discovered that the human heart has approximately 40,000 neuro cells. This means that the heart has its own nervous system, which actually sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart from a biophysical perspective every heart contraction creates a wave that pushes blood through the veins and arteries providing the energetic signal that help synchronize all the cells of the body including the brain from a hormonal perspective. The heart is a hormone producing endocrine gland producing a&f to control blood pressure adrenaline dopamine and oxytocin the love hormone oxytocin reduce his fear increases eye contact and increases trust and generosity from the electromagnetic perspective. The hearts electromagnetic field is 5000 times more powerful than the brains.

Our hearts electromagnetic field expands and touches those with 1/8 to 25 ft of where we are positioned.

If we embody and live from heart in a way that allows us to live from the heart of who we are the truth of who we are is seems to be that not only do we improve our own state of well-being but we amplify our ability to increase the quality of well-being for others through the power of questioning the appearance of our reality and connecting with our hearts. We have the ability to uncover deeper truths and to break free from old condition patterns that keep us stuck in limiting and even divisive and victimized perspectives. If the heart knows what sometimes the brain cannot at least initially. It seems to me that connecting to the heart is vital for us to create not only personal peace, but it is the lodestone of creating a world of peace.

Want to discover how to lead from the heart of who you truly are get your free human design chart and report at free human design chart. Calm when you use your heart as the compass for creating an authentic life you tap into a deeper richer intelligence that has the power to transform your life. I'm Karen Curry Parker inviting you to live from your heart. Thank you for joining me for Quantum conversations.

Thanks for listening to Quantum conversations with Karen Curry Parker for more information visit. Joyful mission.com.
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