Global News Podcast - Anger in Beirut at failure to prevent devastating explosion

The governing elite of Lebanon is coming under unprecedented attack after an explosion in the capital on Tuesday, which killed at least 135 people. Also: emergency departments in the US state of Mississippi are overflowing with Covid-19 patients, and the French Government pledges millions of dollars to save the country's wine industry.

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This is the global news podcast from the BBC World Service on failure of Lebanese politicians to prevent the devastating explosion that killed more than 130 people in the US state of Mississippi Emergency Department is overflowing with covid-19 patients the French government millions of dollars to save the country's wine industry, which has been crippled by the pandemic.

Ultimate Health podcast about the saint of Somalia. Dr. Hawa Abdi has died at the age of 73 after Define Volos and militants to save thousands of people in Colombia a country not used to seeing powerful figures prosecuted a form of president has been placed under house arrest.

A day off the Beirut was shattered by an explosion that sent a mushroom cloud soaring above the city the search continues for the missing for shelter for maybe as many as 300,000 homeless people and 4 ounces at least a hundred and thirty-five people on now known to have died and around 5,000 people have been injured the BBC journalist Miriam to make was sitting at her desk filming a video interview when the blast went off and she was thrown onto the floor.

Bomb disposal experts have now described that blast is one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions ever several hospitals was so badly damaged. They couldn't accept patients as in George University Hospital at least four nurses died and five doctors were wounded the stuff in the maternity Wing continued working to help one woman Emmanuelle. Give birth. She went into labor at the precise moment of the blast alongside her husband Edmond who spoke to the BBC getting my wife out first. I moved the bed outside and then I started helping the nurses and doctors to get them to get them up. If she didn't there was no medicine. It was like all star labor Emmanuel and her new baby. George are doing well despite their ordeal officials the porch with explosion occurred have

Replaced under house arrest and a two-week state of emergency has been declared. So what color was the enormous blast? My colleague James Menendez spoke to lebanon's minister of economy and trade rival name me why it happened exactly. We don't know why but the issue is it came from ammonium nitrate. So why you exploded for now or we are looking into it to see why what made it explode probably a man-made and this is what we are looking into and investigation is going on as we speak. Was it be installed there in the report suggested it be installed that has six he is yes in deed and this is a big problems. There are a lot of responsibilities from people managing this issue. We are starting a pretty hard the investigation to know who is responsible for this is happening, but it started in indeed being stored in 2014 and it should have been shipped back.

For a very long time we are speaking about 2750 tone of ammonium nitrate and which is equivalent to 1200 to town of the end. So you can imagine what is the strength of the explosions at DaVita witnessed a bureaucratic inefficiency or incompetence that meant that it stay there for so long or was there something else going on at the floor? I think it is incompetence and the really bad management and probably intend after such a next version to stay silent on who is responsible for what we were in the Enid very very bad situation. We were seeking IMS Health and then

1 houses. I say not one house not one store not to an apartment. That was not badly damaged. Just keep their Apartments. Where do we certainly don't have the old version needed for that. We are going to turn to friendly countries and request the assistance and lucky. So a lot of people a lot of countries are calling on us and we are going on a lot of countries to to help us many countries are offering Aid among the former colonial power France, which is sending to planeloads of Rescuers and relief supplies president macron is due to visit on Thursday. But with many Lebanese blaming the corruption and incompetence of the political Elite for this disaster on Middle East and West Sebastian a chef says there's much apprehension about how such Aid will be handled.

Boise to become active almost by necessity is saying we welcome the money oversea, but please don't put it through our leaders our authorities. We have no trust in them. If you want to give money if you want to help do it directly to organizations on the ground that what needs to go through the government. They've even criticized the French President Emmanuel macron for saying that he will go to Beirut Lebanese activist another the same be the result will only be in a sense to reinforce the physical teeth. The physical needs is he will be seen with and that will give electricity Promises of transparent investigations are being seen as simply trying to find a scapegoat and shift the blame elsewhere but warned about the dangers that this Warehouse post, but did nothing to to avoid such an incident happening.

Available that have been a spread online and by other means essentially suggesting the warnings have been made that the Port Authorities had been saying that these materials have to be removed. I have to be got rid of some how what's going to happen. I've been saying they received no reply from a thirties. Now that's being seen Again by 7-Eleven is just another opportunity dining and Minnesota leaders, they did nothing and that talkin about it as a man-made disaster. An accident that an accident that was created by the people who run the country Sebastian nydia said that the entire population of Afghanistan that's around 10 million people could have been infected with the coronavirus but I see assessment by the Afghan Health Ministry survey 2 months ago many of these people wouldn't even aware. They had the virus officially only around 1,200 deaths have been recorded so far I asked the editor the bee.

See past due service W. Tell me why so many people have been infected. The biggest problem in Afghanistan has been that way lots of people there were many conspiracy theories in Afghanistan many people didn't believe that this virus is real some people thought it is typhoid fever. Some people thought that noise just a rumor. There is no reality tonight about slowly and Visually people were infected and many people transported to other people. The second biggest problem was the distance. Can you show people live in big families? It's hard for most people in Afghanistan to keep the distance or when they are infected to be isolated from the rest of the family. So they don't have this option. They don't have the choice that says reason was the lack of testing and medical facilities many people live in rural areas.

I have them use to test the hospital's even in big cities didn't have enough testing kits within few weeks at the virus spread and many people got infected the big issues in Afghanistan of poverty or lack of even basic health care food for many people. When you see Western Nation struggling to deal with covid-19 suprising perhaps that threw for the Afghan government this this is perhaps a challenge that they felt like they couldn't really talk about play what it was one of the biggest challenges for the health sector, but it was also a big economic problem because a couple of weeks ago that I want president himself revealed that 90% 9 0% of the population lives under the $2 poverty line of Afghans living on less than $2 a day. So for many of them,

Voice over the dying of covid-19 or dying of starvation if I don't got to work because they couldn't get proper treatment in the hospital did work issues of corruption in the health sector. They didn't have a ventilator that enough ventilators there was lack of oxygen that was like off normal medicine like paracetamol of painkillers. So they was the reason that most people just didn't bother to go to hospitals even the even if they had the option so they stayed at home and it seems that most people recover for the death rate is lower than most people feared private hot spots in the country all she still director of the Harvard Global Health Institute predicts. The states will overtake Florida for the number of new cases as a share of population.

Ann Woodward leads the University of Mississippi Medical Center and is an emergency medicine doctor the BBC America lost her about the situation in the states hospitals simple and short answer it to that is we are full or ICU beds are critical care units are full at our hospital beds are full. The emergency departments are overflowing is this as bad as it's being it is it is weed these last few weeks actually more like a month to six weeks. We have been in a very similar situation as we are today other large hospitals across the state of Mississippi from time to time have also been full as far as the ICU beds go Graphics of the population of Mississippi that makes more people more vulnerable is that part of it? So I think there are two parts. We have widespread Community spread in the state. So that's the first

Piece that's most acutely related to coronavirus. But the second part of it that is equally as important I believe is from the beginning are based on our jumping-off point for this pandemic is was actually a place of having a population that is not as healthy as many other parts of the country. If you look at the states here in the US and you look to see who is number one in rate of hypertension diabetes stroke. All of these things obesity excetera in many of those cases Mississippi is number one on that list age in some cases you're choking poverty levels you play a part in this as well. That's right. Even if you don't just look at the help parameters in the health outcomes of Mississippi, if you look at other things like finances and education level.

Economic standing in all of those pieces we have challenges State officials to do about this advice about mosques maybe rules about mosques a restaurant bars and told her open at the moment. What do you say to State officials will weighing up those kinds of issues and definitely in favor of a Statewide Mass mandate and as of yesterday that was put into place by our governor, so I'm very thankful for that. But he has made that move and I have petitioned that we delay the start of schools in the fall the K through 12 schools, simply because I think that we need to see evidence that our numbers are trending in a different direction that were not on the Steep incline like we are right now before we put the kids back in school.

Luan wood would an emergency medicine doctor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, truly remarkable woman. Dr. Hawa Abdi. She could have fled Somalia when civil war broke out in the 1990s instead. She chose to stay using her wealth and family land to set up a hospital to treat and feed the vulnerable on the displaced for free. Now the woman who defied the world's and islamist militants to save the lives of thousands has died at the age of 73 Africa editor. Mary Hunter looks back at a life many names the thing to Somalia Mama Halle and somalia's Mother Theresa. She dedicated her life to helping both West affected by the country's loan conflict building a hospital School in fitting Center on family land near the capital $90,000.

Coldest place in the area in 2010 from 750 FM militant attacks the hospital. Dr. Abdi studio for rent a daring protest by the women at the camp. The fights has withdrew eventually writing an apology something unheard of in Somalia unlike many others tamales who fled the country when they could go to update stay behind during the 30-year conflict something. She says, she was proud of my education from Somalia system life and loves of the children family, and I am happy that they just text me about 200 girls and young boys now they call me Mama.

I'm hugging me with it is mine. So I thought it was very difficult. I think I have not the right way to update. She was modest courageous and firm. She was always adamant that she stay working at a hospital continuing to care for the tens of thousands of displaced people despite the huge daily risk. She was especially proud of tattoo. Daughter's doctors came to continue their mothers work from any of us the year 2020 haven't been a great vintage has no wonder that fewer people celebrate in France sales of wine and champagne have plummeted this year as restaurants and bars closed during lockdown for the French government has promised 93 million dollars to help the struggling industry has Hugh Skinner field.

Explains among the many sex is clamoring for State age in France. The wine industry has a significance that's not just economic but also symbolic is a part of French life that everyone holds their husbands have been testing in GTO next States and restaurants serve real the sector reckons. It's lost 1.5 billion euros the new A Promise by Mystikal on helping grows. The stocks did quality wine. That's what girls prefer and Elsewhere on subsidies for distillation alcohol or indeed and Angel speaking as an organic Winery at Manitou Salon is the prime minister said that in wine as in other sectors, the crisis should be used as an opportunity for reform in the wine business. He said that meant

Have a greater focus on quality.

Podcast how is South African church that believes being drunk brings you closer to God is dealing with a ban on the sale of alcohol. They must find a liquor already.

It's 75 years since an American Air Force plane called the Enola Gay dropped an awesome bomb known as a little boy on the city of Hiroshima in West in Japan 3 days late on August 9th. Another bomb dubbed fat man was dropped on the city of Nagasaki at least a hundred and fifty thousand people were killed by the atomic blast and that after effects including terrible Burns and radiation poisoning experience left Japan deeply scarred with a strong anti-nuclear movement that injures to this day, but with an increasingly aggressive China on his doorstep and a nuclear-armed North Korea the remaining survivors of Hiroshima are worried the lessons of August 6th, 1945 of being forgotten from Tokyo Ghoul haise referrals.

When you live in Tokyo trendy length of time, you become quite familiar with the groups of right-wing nationalist in the van to drive around the clearing out nationalist musical like today here in the central Tokyo outside shimbashi station. We want to pick it up Groove is trying to Rouse the populists support a nationalist cold.

Paraffin dismiss this Fringe extremist. There are at least one thousand of these groups in Japan with a hundred thousand members School subjects of the great Japanese tempura led by hiromi igarashi 75 years of the Hiroshima. He says it's time for 2 pound of scrap its pacifist Constitution and build its own nuclear weapons need to acquire nuclear weapons, so that the bomb will never be dropped on our homeland the game, especially now use the flat from China China has Tom 300 nuclear missiles aiming at the Japan and we have North Korea. Countries like a mad man holding a knife.

Each year on August 6th, Japan stops to remember the tens of thousands incinerated at Hiroshima and recommit itself to the abolition of nuclear weapons, but three years ago prime minister Shinzo Ave broke that tradition he refused to sign a new UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons that refusal shocked and angered many Hiroshima survivors people like 83 year-old Keiko Orca. She told me she fears Japan's commitment to never building nuclear weapons is weakening Survivor have a strong was here. We have a many power plants that means there are materials that we have and we have the technology to create your new girl Rapunzel might be easy if we are set go

It has a stockpile of 47 tons of plutonium more than any other nonnuclear weapons State few people here want to talk about it the histories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki mean it is still a taboo subject even today the view that you have to be to The far-right Fringe even into the ruling liberal Democratic party. The reason Japan hasn't gotten you clear up to now is because it's protected under America's nuclear umbrella that was until Donald Trump was elected president. Maybe they would in fact be better off if they defend themselves from those quit maybe it would be better if included with new gifts in the first time in history who is openly and repeatedly said it is time for Japan to defend itself including building its own nuclear weapons Weldon, the Obama White House on national security policy is the biggest change the biggest

Pause for concern if Japan is moving in a direction of relying more on its own capabilities. I believe that's primarily because of a loss of credibility in US security guarantees for Japan and that's the most urgent task for a new Administration is to restore confidence.

Has Hiroshima marks the 75th anniversary of its Annihilation World attention is focused Elsewhere on a difference between Japan and in Taiwan. And even in South Korea politicians are now starting to consider what would happen if America's Finest military really did go home.

That report was referred Wingfield Hayes in Tokyo is prosecuted. The former president of Colombia. Alvaro Uribe has been placed under house arrest. The order was issued by Columbia Supreme Court, which is investigating allegations. Mr. Oribe was involved in witness tampering and fraud my colleague James Menendez. Ask Michael Reed senior editor at The Economist who specializes in Latin America just how significant is house arrest is I think it's a big moment. I'm in a little bit. I haven't been sentenced at the Supreme Court did rule that he should be under house arrest season. Hugely powerful and controversial figure in Columbia. I haven't been president twice and at the last election golden selfie elected to the Senate and the current president even Duque is

Harry Potter basic details of the allegations against him

Where is the case has been smoldering away for several years that it is it rises from statements made in the Columbian Congress pie a left-wing Senator claimed that in the 1998 Mr. Oliva was involved with right-wing paramilitary. One of his ranches are in the north of the country of mystery bag claim that baby. I made a comment at Annunciation. This sentence Idina bride and witnesses to cookout evidence against them as a conspiracy has investigated and it is found that some payments were made on. Mr. Rebates Tudors air when it says he denies all knowledge is not

He does have his supporters in the country doesn't it? How many is popular amongst a certain section of the population? Is that right? Absolutely. I mean when he became president in 2002 Columbia weather today for the security situation was terrible and gorillas. And in many ways a president change the course of Colombian history only imagine country must be laid the basis on which is 6 + 519 + 10 + was able to make a piece. That was that's the main character group. For his critics. Security Drive involved abusive and controlling. Usually is it to Columbia to go after a former leader in this American recently?

That's true. And that is a sign that prosecutors and Colt have been acting in the more independent wife. It is very unusual in Columbia. I think it will be very controversial were they trading him guilty in Bellingham given that sell many Gorillas and committed crimes of violence are walking free. So it's going to be very tricky case. That was my did U2 start counting ballots in the country's parliamentary elections turnout was large despite phase about the coronavirus. It's an important moment for the nation whose economy is heavily reliant on tourism. How much is struggled deadly attacks on hotels in churches last year which kills more than 260 people in Colombo. These people said it was crucial to

It is important for several reasons. Currently we Face a lot of issues and there should be Unity. Mainly I look forward for that. I'll be safe. Everyone is scared. But something that we have to go through in life these things come unsavory Millenia. So we have to face it experience and I'm glad that I did it. So I think it's going to be a close call again, but I think every election is important to the country but the right now with everything that's happening this. Yeah. I feel like this is very important to figure out how he facing a divided opposition to strengthen his grip on power.

We had earlier this podcast about the struggling wine industry in France. It's a similar story in South Africa, but for different reasons, the government has banned the sale of alcohol during the pandemic to ease pressure on hospitals and to keep beds free for covid-19 patients, but the bond has also had a big impact on the Harbour Church south of Johannesburg the congregation believes. The best way to connect with God is to drink large amounts of alcohol during service coping during these dry days the BBC visited the church and spoke to Lord heaven on Earth.

Mikey T. I am the founder in the leader of a bullet Chase meant to accommodate the so-called that drank cats that were rejected from the colonial churches or Church's so that the day may come together as one in Kabul access to can enjoy worship and drink Delica is the witch at the same time.

We are connecting to go. Under the influence of liquor. Doesn't it matter what kind of alcohol it is, but we are connected to Our Father God. We are not promoting alcohol. Is it from today? We're going to go straight on it run without liquor because now we don't want to defeat the ends of justice. That is the aim of today, but we are

Supposed to be drinking is inside the stomach already swallowed before they come to the church and then they sanitize their stomach so that we may be able to cane meet with our God in the tree God because it snow in hubologist when we are under the influence of liquor. We are meeting our data so far today because of the lockdown rules and the police. We all miss Spotlight update of the police now, we are going to drink at home and then come to the church under the influence of 50 can arrive limousine find any zuccaro.

We are excluded from above that is.

May God bless us now and forever more.

To see it see McCarthy updated version of this podcast or topics covered in it. You can send us an email address is Glanville podcast at BBC. Co. Uk until next time.
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