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NPR News: 08-06-2020 3AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens house Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blasting President Trump for floating the idea of using the White House to accept the Republican Presidential nomination later this month. Lucy tells MSNBC that Trump had no right to even suggest it is going to completely politicize. It is something that should be rejected right out of hand to hold the Republican National Convention in Florida and North Carolina due to coronavirus concern for the same reason, Joe. Biden says, he will not travel to Milwaukee to accept his nomination for president at the Democratic party convention there later this month.

Nation's top infectious disease expert says he's hired bodyguards following threats against him and his family doctor Anthony falchi says his prominent role in the White House coronavirus task force has made the vulnerable more from NPR's Robstown. He has concerns about the threats to himself and his three daughters during an online Forum sponsored by Harvard getting harassing my daughters to the point where I have to get security. It's just I mean, it's amazing. I wouldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams. Kakashi didn't reveal any details about the threats and harassment episode of family was faring. Well, despite the stress. She has made some statements that have contradicted President Trump Rob Stein NPR news, Japan Mart the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima today with the ceremony that was scaled down because of the pandemic as NPR's Anthony Kuhn reports, the bombing killed a hundred and forty thousand people.

Mostly civilians participants observed a minute of Silence at 8:15 a.m. At a ceremony in Hiroshima Peace Park prime minister Shinzo Ave remark that has the only country to suffer an atomic bomb Japan must work for the elimination of nuclear weapons Hiroshima mirror Kazumi Matsui pointed out though that Japan itself is refused to sign the UN treaty to ban atomic bombs in a videotaped message un secretary-general Antonio guterres lamented the fact that post-war Arms Control Agreements are unraveling Japan still has more than a hundred and thirty-six thousand survivors of two atomic bombings. Their average age is over 83 and there are 9200 fewer of them than last year Anthony Kuhn NPR news. Soul Lebanon is observing three days Morning has been investigating continues into the massive explosion that killed at least a hundred and thirty-five people injured thousands more and cause damage for Miles Tuesday's blast occurred.

The Dockside Warehouse, we're nearly 3,000 tons of a fertilizer had been stored near heavily residential area. You're listening to NPR news.

The bank of England is predicting. The British economy is facing a longer than expected return to where it was before the pandemic. The bank says it's policy-makers are making no changes to its key interest rate nor its bond-buying program. The US Treasury Department says it plans to continue with shift to longer-term notes and bonds as it takes measures to offset. The impact of the pandemic economic minister is charged with laundry millions of dollars and cocaine profits Maria Martin reports that the case reveals how much corruption and Drug Money have infiltrated the highest levels of government there a federal court in Miami says acyclovir. Yeah. That is the former economic Minister for President. Jimmy Morales help to launder close to 10 million dollars of a legal cocaine profits and that for four years diabetics use this dirty money to bribe other corrupt politicians that has had close ties with a telecommunications company theeagle you as a turning out of yarn.

The Heart of the Ocean since this case demonstrates the quote unfortunate links and Central American countries among drug traffickers business people and corrupt politicians fire that has been a fugitive from Justice since January for NPR news on Monday on Martin executive order effective immediately. It does not require payment of victim restitution or any other fine and it excludes people convicted of more serious crime such as murder this is NPR news support for
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