Round Table China - Do plus-size and BM style feed into female anxiety?

The two hottest fashion trends in China are BM style and plus-size. At first glance, they offer different choices to two body types. But, are they essentially feeding into the same kind of body image anxiety? / Disney's long-awaited "Mulan" to debut online rather than in theaters / NetEase to provide counseling services for depressed music fans

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to Round Table coming to you live from Beijing. I'm joined by Guang Shan and Nila in the studio. Good as always have you with us? We have some fascinating topics for discussion today and everyday on today's program. The two hottest fashion trends in China right now is BN style and plus size at first glance. They offer different choices to two groups of body types more choices should be a good thing. Right but are they essentially feeding into the same kind of body image anxiety will get into that and the much-anticipated movie Mulan is going straight to streaming platforms instead of traditional Cinema in North America. How is the coronavirus affecting Hollywood and the film business in China? You can find us an apple podcast at Roundtable China subscriber.

Review us it will help with her folks to find the show. But first on today's Round Table, you know, what's hot in the Fashion World this summer if the emergence of two seemingly clashing trans one being BM style and the other + style up rail BM style spearheads the idea of one-size-fits-all and its size s plus size up real on the other hand looks to dress ladies who wear a few extra pounds and want to look beautiful. That's understandable. When was take a look at what exactly is going on in the fashion landscape right now here in China and how would you describe the so-called BM style is abbreviation. So the so-called p.m. Style refers to the fashion trends representing by the female of female clothing brands of Brandy, Melville.

And I think this brand was founded in Italy in the early eighties and it has open his first store in the US in 2009 so we can check how the clothes you can tell that it's an Italian borba California style and the this brand is famous for its clothes like crop tops and tank tops and skirts, especially the high waist on jeans wear high waist skirt and you should are pretty short and so recently like this has been a very trendy saying on the social media because that's how you order your men that's one-size-fits-most or if it's some because they only offer one size so it so no honor thighs so basically is kind of saying then if you don't fit this particular size, you're not my customer. You're not my target audience. Well, yes, but I think a base on the intention like how to Founders and they

Leave dad. This size could fit most of the people at I mean that time I may be and also the purpose of just establishing 1 sizes because they made the price really afford ball to young girls because their target audience Target customers are the young girls and usually they don't want to spend too much on clothing. And so they offer a very cheap and affordable price and the founder say if we just offer one size it can save the cost in producing these clothes if we add one more size, you may add some extra cost to the manufacturing procedures. So this is their explanation, but now when it comes to social media, you know, the flavor just change that every people just you know, this trend has been taking the Chinese internet by storm because people say wow if I can fit into this BM style clothes

Amuse Armory slammed and I'm really in a good shape. And also we can see this BM girl height and weight table is so Trent is trending online and you can compare your height and your weight and to decide whether you are a p.m. Girl. I don't know some people do but there are others who don't okay, let's just make that clear. So Nila, you've also checked out that graph of height versus weight of what qualifies as the bee girl and also sort of the style that it pertains. What are your thoughts on it was as if I'm 160 cm tall or somewhere around Factory in an according to the graph you sent me. It says I should be 43 kilos. So that means I am because I am

More than this is like way more. I'm just way off the charts, but when it comes to to the BM style as a certified, I didn't know it was actually a style. I've always when I look at the pictures. I've always looked at it as a style for people who who would like to be a little bit more people who are more petite petite with a nice flat tummy with a smaller chest because you could also be a little bit bigger size of the flat stomach and a bigger chest. If you dress, like this people will think the change was your looks a little bit of water. Not sure if I'm allowed to say this

Top and if you have augmented so you might be you know, giving the idea of all I really want people to focus on a particular area and then maybe people have some thoughts but I do agree with you with the crop top you cuz your your case phone area is being shown. So if you don't have a flat tummy then it's almost like hey, you don't have permission to wear this according to mainstream Aesthetics by the look of it. So it's really interesting the kind of body shape that looks good in that kind of attire mean a huge fan of being style It's So Loved Before I knew it. I mean, it's one of those things when I go shopping I would like to sometimes I look at those working on the streets. Are they look really good?

In in in the closet and you can just tell that when they when it comes to dressing themselves. They just dress up effortlessly. They don't have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear what makes you know, what accentuates what did you slide into anything and they look fantastic. They can even wear a skirt from a plus size person and tie a belt around the waist and it was you know, it will look stunning one that I wish I could I wish I could also just effortlessly be able to dress like that but I spend a lot of time trying to sync which color which day was not enough and stuff like that and so it for me I have no problem. My biggest problem is

If you're not actually it's you're not related teeth, then you'll like it and also there are people who can achieve that petiteness without looking unhealthy, but there are people you activate like that. They spend a little time because you just want to be anorexic like to seen and you know, you need to eat something. You know, I'm in that sounds a bit of body shaming but that there is that healthiness of being a BM stop us and just really unhealthy one the person that was what the hell were they doing it which would fill into the latter category that Neil I just mentioned would be someone that maybe starves 1 solve two points. Just so that they can fit into the clothes that comes in one size and that's just

Egregious or brilliant a sales tactic just to sort of position your brand and tell the world what kind of customers you're looking for in this is really interesting cuz that's the size Iams is not the rent is self to give them self and interpretation is usually the people on Z social media day trying to form this kind of style or the self of Trance because I checked the cycle the index of body weight index. I think it's ridiculous because for me actually I bought before and I can fit myself into the dress off this brand if I compare my height with my way time over fade in this chart because I'm like 2 kg more than the weight I should have in discharge, but I suggest you wear the clothes. So it means like actually the table is not an accurate at all. So we should avoid this kind of misunderstanding there when we

Talking about if you are in your ideal shape or not. Just check the number on the scale. It's not right. You should check the comprehensive the body mass index because you know, sometimes maybe you need to have a higher or lower like body fat percentage for more percentage off of muscles because we know that muscles ways happier than fast. So maybe now you're if you just work out a regularly and your number off of your weight hasn't dropped significantly doesn't mean you're getting better or to work out doesn't work. It's only because you gave more muscles but you lose your fat so you will look more toned. So I think it doesn't matter. What are you can fit yourself. Are you can't you squeeze yourself into this dress or the crop tops or not it is what are you feel comfortable off your shape. But in reality so many people are slaves to a perceived Judgment of what a body.

A body image basically, I've actually had this experience when I was a bit younger and just as a disclaimer, you can't see me but I'm very tall for a Chinese lady. Apparently. I taller than average. I'm 175cm approximately and I don't want to disclose my wait here, but I am not overweight for sure. I will probably have quite a bit of muscle content or whatever. So basically once I walked into the store in China, and I wanted to try on something and the shop assistant just gave me a look, you know the look yes up to head to toe and shoulder to shoulder and she said

I don't have your side. We don't have your side. Really. Yeah, and I mean at the time I was I feel a little hurt and I was like I am I too tall or maybe to ask or whatever but I mean, these are some of the really subtle cues in society might not necessarily be aimed at how body-shaming or you know, somebody wants to undercut your confidence or anything like that but need exists and now thanks to social media. All of these images are everywhere and sometimes when I look at the BM girls, I just feel more like an alien of my own people because I'm tall and I'm above water bill. I feel like even when I was the day, I was born I'm not able to fit into clothes like that. So,

It's just not make made for people like me I suppose and here comes the problem. Is that the Brand's faults or who's who are we pointing fingers at if maybe this is just not for you. But what about so many people feeling the pressure when they see oh, oh, this is the popular Trend right now. This is what beautiful girls should look like now. I think this is more like us a side hoe phenomena. I think traditionally in China We Hold Up Hold this beauty standard like girls should be pale skin and they should be slim and it should be taught but I don't think we should give a very particular definition of what a beautiful girl should look like and also for to be m style. I think it just a simple and is also not made for all I would say, maybe it just work for teenage girls or those girls who really enjoyed the styled B.

A comfortable and also being Suites you should you wash your office witness because I think this friend has been highly influenced by the California. So if you just walk into the story feels like Abercrombie & Fitch, but you just add more feminine touch to the design and it has become a trendy phenomena after some female Idol groups. They put his clothes on and trying to demonstrate in South Korea, right? Yes from blackpink and they say wow. This looks really gorgeous. But you know for it to grow whose name is Jenny according to the big apedia or he's like her official like a informational I actually hurt Heights is like when 168 and actually her weight is about 50 kg so just know the super skinny tight, but because like she's very toned. So you think she looks very slame packages not like a underweight I would say

Asian South Asian standards. Okay. She's not super light but for someone let's say from the US and looking at those figures of a person's body. They would go what she's too thin like way so it is hard because even like when this VM cell is trending on the internet some people they showed their appreciation for this tall to say wow. I want to become a better me. So I want to I want to put his clothes on and to show I'm Riesling and meeting the likes of them. I mean a general idea or general standard of beauty, but also there are lots of people out there trying to criticize his friends because it's part of life body shaming and you shouldn't say this is the only standard for being beautiful because by the same time we also talked about which is the rise of the plus size enclosed. What is good to give

People who maybe they were born to be not that skinny like a like me so they shoot be welcome by the society and for you know, giving them the wreck credits of being beautiful damn right to enjoy the clothes and the fashion or everything but also have things ready ironic that when I check those a plus sizing or oversizing like clothes off taobao or other e-commerce platform to use a super super skinny girl to demonstrate what's wrong with that are so what are you trying to sell? And what are you trying to promote?

Hot should Lexie wrote the message trying to send out I just say wow. So now it's a time for us to say we need to be more comfortable with our figure. I think what matters is that whatever you feel comfortable with yourself and also you feel healthy enough because sometimes we are not saying you shouldn't be overweight and that's kind of discrimination is not just like if you were born that way, that's why you were already try your best and but if you just reach that level because some and healthy lifestyle then maybe you need to make some changes Elsa and her weight is also not a good Trend when one is too skinny and possibly has anorexia or whatever eating disorder. But Nila, what's your interpretation? When you see this these two opposing fashion trends this what it what is considered beautiful or okay.

Depends on where you are in the world are parts of the world that can welcome from everybody keeps complaining on to scene where I was when I'm in China. I'm like, I'm plus size uniform entry when people say, oh I'm too thin is actually an honest complaint. It's not like I know so I don't normally normally you'll be like old people look like how your Tootsie need to eat more or you'll see my friend. So I actually will be looking at him like why you have a nice flat tummy but look really nice well-placed cause and naturally you've got this year. You were born to be if you were born Slender's appreciate it, but then they like or I need to eat more the opposite of junk food because I'm trying to gain and just look big and I'm like what is wrong with you?

I think I also it doesn't matter where you are. Like like wanchen said it when it comes to the beauty start some beauty standards around the world. I mean in southeast Asia's more about you have to be super super skinny in some places are there as soon as I've been putting up with a station that I don't think that is right because that's where problems starts with young girls when they're teenagers and they don't know how to handle themselves. And in other parts of the Wall-E fun places where being fat and being obese is what's considered beautiful and at the end of the day, it's actually not because in most cases a lot of people end up being overweight can also mean you're not healthy. Like you said, there are people who are naturally just were born with a big girl with a big booty so big but you can just tell them must have more muscles and you can see the body

But what kind of message are we sending? So I think the problem here is for a really long time the fashion brands and that the runways have been promoting the super super skinny person as their ideal beauty standards of the of the of a female in the world and that's where the problem started until social media came and all social media has shifted the way I should have started promoting body positivity the body positivity all about accepting who you are and accept anybody says it's going to be a good thing on the bed thing. Yeah, cuz accepting who you are. Let's see if this person is massively overweight. I'm sorry to say that but there is a limit to these things when it's you know borderline or it's not already entering the realm of obesity or you know, it's it's something that needs to be handled then.

Should we should we advise that you know lose some weight adopt a healthy lifestyle or I mean this person could also say I'm body positive. I just want to be this big bear faded on what's important should be regardless of whether you skinny or or plus-size. I think the most important thing you should make sure that is that you've got a clean bill of health from your GP from your doctor. If your doctor says your size is perfect to see for those people who worry that I'm too soon. Oh my God, I need to add more weight if it's weight is not coming. Not sure if you eating and you still remain the same that's a good thing and Bryce that you know, and then go to the doctor find out if if you think it's using find

If it's your your your your body size is is you are at the right place and everything is fine. Move on for the big people the same thing just don't think just because now we have model plus size models of people promoting body positivity. Just because your a bitch now you should just sit back and relax because at the end of the day, you might be fighting with diseases like high blood pressure diabetes and then and then just impressed. I have a question for you guys though. It's regarding the plus size Trend and also a reason why that initially this is something for a dry giving people the option at least a few people can of all different body sizes can be able to find the kind of clothes that fit them great until you go to the store or the online store and you see the

The caption says this is great for a plus size person because it hides your muffin top. It hides your tummy. And the magic word. Is it look skinnier. So then it's almost time entering Safe Haven. This is the place that's you doe targeting me as a not as a customer until you see all these kind of words, which is still conforming to that same old mainstream set of Aesthetics than anything to say about that. Ladies. Just stay healthy about your Figueroa shape and this way I think will marry you want to lose weight or keep your weight is it's your personal choice as long as you can make yourself happy. That's the most important thing.

Being a little too naive and idealistic and trying to say hey can these vendors online vendors? Also just change their caption a little bit to the positive message mentioned earlier and they owe you look skinny in this and that's great. We'll be back after this break with Moran table discussion.

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You're listening to Rand table with myself. So young joined by Nila and Hong Shen coming up. The much-anticipated movie. Mulan is going straight to streaming platforms instead of traditional Cinemas in North America is the coronavirus affecting the Hollywood and the film business in China and unexpected ways. And the music streaming platform net Eve has said it will provide 24-hours psychological care for depressed users. How is it going to go about the task? If you're listening to our show on demand you can find us at Round Table China on Apple podcast and Darth sings loan calculator app, and now I'm round table as we continue our discussion Cinemas in North America are getting some more Grim news as Disney announced Mulan will for go as planned theatrical release the Hollywood production of movie.

Turn based on the story of Hua Mulan set in China will debut via video streaming in the US on September 4th. The variety magazine said that this move is a test on an excellent video on demand model for movies. So well, we have the in-house expert on this particular subject function. I know you have been looking forward to this movie. Give us the latest update on it. So recently I just need to announce that I'll call me. Advoc Fantasy war drama film Mulan I'll will premiere on September 4th on this date flies, which is the company's streaming service and the Mulan will also be available to Disney plus subscribers in Canada, Australia New Zealand and some European countries, so it doesn't mean like if you are already a user of this me plus you can watch this film for free but

Charge you an extra 29.9 US dollars for the ticket to I have an access into this movie on September 9th and four countries that based on the condition if they have already reopened their sitters and or for some country safe till has a Disney plus service and the movie will be considerate to release do you on big screen? So I think very likely in China we can see these we can watch this movie on big screens. But so far there's no detailed news about when the movie will come out exactly in the Chinese market and according to ease on chief executive officer. So the company was forced to consider it like different approaches and look for New Opportunities and meet ongoing pandemic and we know that Mulan this movie has Wendy light multiple times because of the progress or the outbreak off the deep end amick. So earlier last month.

The Disney announced that you would postpone indefinitely like the release of Malai. So this film was first scheduled to hear the US theater on March 27th, but then rescheduled to July 24th and before being delayed to August 21st, so well the good news is finally we can watch this movie. I've been waiting for this movie for so long because the leading actress is my favorite Leaf play and I'm relieved I was fascinated by the story since I was a child and it's the Chinese princess, of course and well, let's wait and see when it will be released in China and the book If you are definitely discussing will this change people's movie watching behaviors. Are we just going to video straight up video streaming platforms instead of visiting the traditional seen him. Do you think this is a necessary move right now and they'll what's the business consideration behind letting such a huge movie. Just go straight to

I mean we live in strange times this day is and I think one thing that Disney realize that they don't have a magic wand that will eradicate to the coronavirus old and perhaps free people from their homes and encourage them to go to Cinemas to get to watch premieres. And so I think after so many postponements at some point, perhaps The Producers producers got to a point where they felt like that they wouldn't be making as much money as they had anticipated this year and the only way to do it and also captured the mood of the moment where a lot of people are watching films and and and television on on on smokescreen. So why not also, you know adapt to that in some a particular market and so for them to be able to make a little bit of money as a wait for another theater.

Opening and other places that this doesn't make sense because a lot of a lot of film studios are often forgot because nobody knows when disk coronavirus is going to to sort of come to a stop and that might take ears. When is the when is the boxing going to be found an even? So even even if a theater open Pinterest the fox say there is the issue of social distancing. Where is some country the same? Well, we only allowing 30% capacity. So it doesn't really make sense but just release it and also if people are willing to pay $29 to just watch a movie on a small screen that still that's still that's a that's a lot of money because I'm pretty sure I think we're going to the cinema that might be paying much much less. So if of people that willing to do that, why not then also another Factor here is it's not like you said, I don't think it's being released in China.

China we don't have access to Disney Plus available and this movie having been set having a Chinese setting it make sense for them to wait much longer. Perhaps, maybe give it a secret that their usual traditional theatrical release because most people like Quan Shot Ya really waiting to go to send a message that they still are hopeful that when it's all said and done people in China are still willing to go to the cinemas and pay to watch the movie doesn't matter when it will be released. That's a good a point. Cuz whether you want to restart the economy restart, all these entertainment venues very much depends on the coronavirus numbers is just simple as that end in China thanks to you know, keeping the situation under control. We've actually seen set.

Pause being reopened for a couple of weeks at least now in Beijing for example, and let me just pay to the picture of the have you been to this and I'm already not yet. Not yet, but I might in the near future and we'll get to that part in a second. But we have friends who actually have been to this that these are movie Buffs. I have to say so what does the cinema look like when you still got the coronavirus just lurking at the back the corner of our minds that is even if you go as a couple or you know has more than one person. You're not allowed to sit together. Really? Yeah is one person a seat and then with absent seats next to you and then the person and then the pattern go with so basically to go to the cinema right now, then you will be sitting alone and enjoying the movie alone.

And your and I don't think they're selling that yeah - the popcorn and the drinks. I don't think it's advised. And did you also need to put on mask and you have to do that for sure and the sanitary procedures are definitely in place as well. I think the cinemas are taking much longer to just wipe the the seats and the places that possibly that there could be some human contact to that kind of thing. But this is happening and and I'm just wondering is the company kind of debating whether they would let the the debut maybe do they wanted to happen first in Asia or maybe in North America online. I mean with the situation in the US, for example, it's just it's not even on the table as a discussion to reopen the cinemas just yet.

The possibility might be they want to let the movie come out around the same time. But in the countries where like a coronavirus is gradually under control, maybe they will release the movie on big screens and four people for the country. They're still suffer from the outbreak. They may release the movie through the video on demand platform and also the same time you will like to release a movie around sometimes if you just released a movie on one channel, for example, you release it on the video streaming platforms. There might be the possibility of having pirated version on the internet and if you just released on big screen in particular country's then who will pay 29.9 u.s. Dollars for an extra tickets on the Disney plus to see the, you know, authentic version of the movie because there might be some party version lick it from the movie theater. So you want to keep it release around the same time. And because now I think the same he's also under

Not huge but relatively he looks like Financial pressure and well, and also I have a question for you. You mentioned the 29 u.s. Dollar price 9. Yeah, that's just so too expensive. Do you get to also wash other stuff on Disney plus just to watch this movie for two days on your computer festival at think you need to have a subscription which is still here and try and then when you pay for the movie just the one movie this is like this you have to pay for the monthly subscription fee for 6.99 US Dollars any order to what she has film you have to pay an extra 29.9 US dollars because you see if you wash it in your your house and and that you can watch it with families.

So it means like they can enjoy by several so it might be cheaper before this one is like a tickets for all of the family. Okay that but that's also the under the premise that you have multiple people in that household. What is you just have one or two people than a great deal of experience is not the same because I'm pretty sure they will a lot of people would want to watch the film in 3D or 4D or what not and that experience that you get from the cinema setting is completely different from the one you get at home. But still even though even if they thinking in those terms where it will be a group watching till it's still expensive it is so expensive. How about I think what I think what else would Disney what else would be going to the mind of the Disney guys is this is my birthday.

Realize what a lot of people are now switching to a willing to swap at Cinema experience ways how people should because now we have so many options. We have so many platforms. We can access so many things without having to move to lift a finger or you lift a finger when you're clicking the mouse to change the It movie or forward. It could be using this realizing the pandemic Hazard of hastened what Hollywood had been fearing for a long time. What when when the likes of Netflix came to life and all these streaming services have started, you know, coming up and more people embracing. Unless unless people eventually likely to go to the cinemas less at experiences improve at all with home watching and a 3D teeth television sets being on the market so you can still get that experience at home if you can afford it and if that Trend continues Disney has realized what may be with me.

How to use this time with a lot of people are still at home to test the waters of this market and see if potentially this is where the industry is headed and so they using markets where people have axes and have no extra they can afford to pay for the $29 to sit down and watch a movie to see if this is a trend that will pick up El sueno in the world. That is very interesting and is a good well can't think of another time that people are kind of Trapped in their houses in different parts of the World War II spearmint to happen and also considering that there's kind of a Hunger Games of video streaming services that's happening as well in Disney kind of has been the latecomer to this competition. So but it's got a rich library of awesome content. So I think is also true.

Trying to see if it can compete for more subscribers subscribers to the platform. And if we turn to China now considering that the cinemas are open to limited capacity just to keep people safe. There is exciting news. You've got your thing that you are looking forward to it, which is Mulan, right? Yeah. I got my thing, but I've been looking forward to for a very long time. That is the Chinese war movie the 805. I was mysteriously asked from showing in July last year really and I was so disappointed in the cinema as well as my dad. Both of us were like such a major bummer and then we we we were disappointed about it. But now we we know that on

August 21st, this movie will be shown in cinemas across try. And that is so exciting my dad and I we've decided to sort of well, I'm taking him to the cinema and I will be in face masks and taking all the necessary precaution just so that we can enjoy this movie and this movie has a war Saga which is pretty rare in the Chinese market cuz it's notoriously expensive to make and the plot is fascinating as well because it talks about the Nationalist Army defending China against Japanese aggression in the year of 1937 through a blood lead battle in Shanghai and that part of History. I don't think is mentioned as much as maybe some people.

I would like it to be but definitely I think the thing about war movies is if it's a good one, I think ultimately it sends out the message of the importance of peace and it's the responsibility of all of us to maintain that peace because it's through the blood shed and the tears of so many young lives and sometimes when you look back it's almost like why did people why did the world get into this and it just makes you think it's an important lesson for me people to make I think to take in as well. Anyhow, I have really high hopes for this particular movie rexxar pretty good track record of making some very entertaining but also heartfelt and sometimes quirky movies as well. So this is in my

Opinion of Perfect movie to see with your dad if you do.

And and also we'll see if this movie can really bring in the kind of audience and box office and take like the movie industry in China has been looking forward to and I think we all agree that we need a boost in many aspects in entertainment. No kind of life just so you know a sense of normalcy as we seem to be closer to it. But of course health safety, you know, these are definitely the procussions that we will take and this is just the coronavirus reality that we're all living in an in China was also seem like earlier on in the Spring Festival. There were a couple of Chinese movies that went straight to the streaming platforms as opposed to cinema cuz he didn't really have other choice, right? Do you see that this video to

A streaming kind of model will just become a thing to stay in the future. I think it's due on the trail. Because for some movies you have to watch it in the cinemas with a big screens like the war Saga or the action movies or some 3D cartoons. You have to go to the cinema. So I think it's a very good time for us to realize we do need to send them us. And also I think this think they are super smart or so because you know, when they change their release on platform from the traditional theaters to there a video on demand platforms, they may irritate some of the exhibitors on the released channels to traditional release channel. So they say they are at this this new actions not turning its back on Cinemas, but I just because energy particular situation they can release it in the cinema. So

Denver's Mars to just give it a shot and it was successful and then they can secure more subscribers on their platform. If it fails to guess you'll go back to the traditional movie theaters in to release their movies. Yeah. I just think that as time goes by there's definitely going to be within 2 death. I see an increase in digital delivery from movie studios because at the end of the day, like I said, if I mentioned before we just going to keep on saying more and more options coming off of people to view this movie content the biggest problem here that's going to be like for these films distributions at the Distributors and then Cinemas and studious what note is going to make them think bigger on a in terms of coming up with ideas or or innovations that will make people want to leave their homes to go to the cinema. So Cinemas not going to disappear altogether. They still going to be there.

Piccola for huge movie buff, but for the traditional pasta on the regular pass much space to Branson movie because they're bored. I might as well do that at home. But now it's going to be why should I leave? What was what is that? Is that a compelling reason to encourage me to step outside my home and walk to the cinema to watch a movie and maybe in the future Cinemas will be reserved for the big action films though war movies for the 3D movies were allowed any of them coming from Hollywood family dramas, which don't necessarily get made us so much so frequently in recent years, maybe they can find a place that is online that so I can also be shown and if that can bring in some Revenue, maybe that's good news for those working in the industry and maybe for the viewers to if we get

More good content. But also there's just so much good content of TV production or is that the both of us online? Anyway so many good ones to watch on the recycle video streaming platforms platform put away our Blues stick around everybody.

Looking for passing how about fiery debate want to hear about current events in China from different perspectives then tune in to Round Table or do you just needs West and understand is the goal is the hour of round table with myself Mila and Horsham in the studio net. He's one of China's most popular music streaming platform has been seeing some sad vibes from their users. That's the really depressed comments that this music platform can shelf in the company behind. It has vowed to recruit more than 10,000 volunteer counselors to reach out to users leaving these depressing comments. And of course, this is all happening because coronavirus so

How does this work as soda platform day? They said that they will invite some experts and also volunteers to provide a 24-hour online service for users who needs some all psychological Comfort which means like if they detected some are you search they have been sharing reading negative or like a depressive like her comments under a certain saw they will use they will ask this of volunteers were experts to give them a conversation and trying to see if they need any mental consultas. So because nowadays and the coronavirus we have been paying quite a lot of attention to people's eye to physical well-being but at the same time people's mental or psychological well-being has been interesting meat is so I think he's a very good move because when you feel really depressed or your Ender the state of anxiety may be used

You want to listen to some musics and share with other people maybe some people in a virtual world off of your emotional concerns and also to share just trying to release your negative Vibes. So if this is true, I mean it's not like a fabricated information and you do need to have this kind of help some people will reach out to you or trying to lift you up to some extent I would say like At first Nela, I'm curious if you found this to be weird as what I felt at beginning when I first saw it because he seems like it's almost like a social media platform. Alright, what kind of music is being streamed on these in these on this platform metal made of my reaction was it's got to be maybe a lot of the music on there or a lot of the funds of the only

Denton listen to really sad songs and sad songs are usually not this early songs that talk about that thing. They could be the that the Temple of the of the of the songs are really slow. So slow soft Samba music can also bring about emotions, you know, and that's why it's always like so I'm thinking it could just be the songs that predominately being streamed on the service that they making people feel much much more somber mood which can also lead to a bit of anxiety and depression in people maybe and maybe if you're in a depressed mood anything you see is kind of Grey like anyting you here is like, yeah, and I'm not saying that sincerely

Having feelings of depression or anxiety who called it to listen, but my problem is this is the fast the fast platform iPod that is having this problem. Or maybe I just brings the question like what kind of music is being predominantly streamed on the service as I always wrong address of musics and all types of hip-hop and country music pop music rock music all day like a music genre to casting calls like that. You can find it on this platform. And also I cannot reason why this music streaming platform trying to show their this responsibility is that many people when they feel sad when their in their bad mood they want to turn to music as a way to heal their self. So maybe that's the reason why does platform saying? Oh, wow, we know this is Trend so many people are sharing some negative Vibes on this platform when you do something at least do something to help them because

Person is under the pressure. Usually they could be very introverted won't well, I shared their necks of emotions with people around them. They may feel more comfortable to reveal some traces to The Strangers movie online. And as long as they could feel like they're feeling happy heard. Maybe it's a good way to prevent them for like fell into even more negative emotions. I don't know what else to say another way to help. He's talking to them reaching out just one thing and also because it's a music streaming platform will usually they will recommend more songs that are similar to what you listen to so I tasted these people have a tendency of listening to music that depresses them. They should try and suggested a more upbeat song for the song that put you in a good mood as well. If algorithms could just be that much smarter, but I think it's something shoulder in social responsibility.

They just to sort of when you spot these patterns and try to help people out a bit more and and there's definitely no shame in reaching out and when you're not feeling good about yourself that kind of thing. You're listening to Round Table. That's it for today. We'll see you next time. How much do you really know by China Song Dynasty? Maybe that it's always some of the most important inventions in the history of ancient China printed books gunpowder and the magnetic compass created the first paper banknotes and the beginnings of forensic science safe trading routes helped it reach out to people's across the known world to markets. As far away is East Africa and Europe helping my China at the time the richest nation in the world that have the biggest achievement of old out. Is it today with a lot of Science and Technology. We are still marveling at the achievements of the

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