NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-06-2020 4AM ET

NPR News: 08-06-2020 4AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump hats do Ohio today to talk about American manufacturing as NPR's Tambor Keith reports that in the absence of rallies Trump has been making re-election pictures through official visits manufacturing since the coronavirus pandemic took hold Trump has increasingly used official travel to drive home his re-election message. In this case. It has he waved the president is also scheduled to attend a fundraiser in Cleveland. Ohio is a state Trump won easily in 2016, but we're pull show it's considerably closer this time around his campaign has also been running TV ads in Ohio indicating. They don't see it as a sure thing either Tamara Keith NPR news.

Open scrapping plants to accept his party's nomination in person. Neither candidate's campaign has chosen an alternative site after another round of fail talks to reach a coronavirus relief package white house chief of staff Mark Meadows has the president is exploring ways to use his executive orders tube resolve some upstanding issues. This is not necessarily a new thing. This is a negotiating strategy that the speaker often deployed know where you down till finally you say I've had enough and you give in to her demands Friday Woodmark one week since the expiration of extent jobless benefits for millions of American workers. The Trump Administration is taking further steps to decouple the economies of the US and China as NPR's John Brewers reports Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announce the measures that take a MIT technology compared to announce to five new steps is part of an initiative called clean Network. He says he and other cabinet

Urge the FCC to revoke authorization for China Telecom and three other companies providing services to and from the United States were working to ensure that untrusted Chinese telecom companies don't provide International telecommunication Services between the United States and foreign destinations and popular u.s. Apps to be made unavailable for pre-installation on some Chinese phones. The administration also wants to limit Chinese Cloud Computing Services in America and ensure that China can't compromise data carried in undersea cables. John ruwitch. NPR news investigators are looking into possible negligence as the reason for massive explosion that killed at least a hundred and thirty-five people and injured thousands more in Beirut. Tuesday's blast occurred at a warehouse where thousands of tons of a highly explosive chemical was being stored. This is NPR news.

The state Department's acting Inspector General is resigning after only a month in the post. Steven akards departure comes just two days after Democrats issued subpoenas for several top aides to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to answer questions about the shake-up in the Watchdog is Watch Dogs office Baker's predecessor was fired in May the US Census bureau's plan to end the population count a month early could have a major impact on indigenous communities in the west the Mountain West use bureaus Meathead. She has the story when mercy McLean heard that the census was ending early. My stomach dropped McLean is with a non-profit Western native voices. She says indigenous communities in Montana have been drastically undercounted so far. She says only around 7% of household on the crow reservation responded to the scientists and other reservations across the West also report low numbers. McLean says and under count would have impacts legislative.

Rotation of our native communities travel restrictions and stayed home orders on many reservations are part of the problem and McLean's group is working to get a broader response before the early deadline for NPR news. I made hetchy a federal appeals court panel has reversed in order to shut down the Dakota access pipeline pending of fool environmental review energy transfer which owns the pipeline said, it would lose tens of millions of dollars if it had to comply with the original order by this week's deadline the Dakota Access Project was the subject of months of massive protests in 2016 and 17. This is NPR news support for
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