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NPR News: 08-06-2020 10AM ET

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Buy from NPR news on Korva Coleman stocks showed little movement this morning as the labor department reported a dip in new claims for unemployment and PR Scott Horsley reports the Dow Jones Industrial Average was slightly higher in early training nearly 1.2 million people apply for state unemployment benefits last week another 655,000 file claims under a special Federal program for Gig workers in the self-employed who ordinarily are not eligible for benefits. Both. Those numbers are down from the previous week though. They remained very high by historical standards as of mid-july more than 31 million people receiving some kind of unemployment insurance the extra $600 a week that Congress authorized early in the pandemic is now run out lawmakers are debating whether the additional benefits should be renewed Economist say those benefits for an important crutch for consumer spending during the Spring Time, Scott Horsley NPR News, Washington.

According to a published report NPR is Brian man reports new court filings suggest abroad criminal probe of the president's business organization is now underway Cyrus. What is district attorney in Manhattan? According to the New York Times? He subpoenaed Deutsche Bank last year for Trump's Financial records. The bank complied fans has also been fighting to get Trump's tax records in court filings this week Vance's office also signaled a wider investigation into what prosecutors call public reports of possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump organization Vance is a democrat in Trump has called his investigation a continuation of The Witch Hunt by the president's political enemies last year Trump was forced to disband his charity in New York for the State Attorney General found. He broke the law by misusing donations for personal and political gain, Brian Mann NPR news. Lebanese officials are using bulldozers to push aside wreckage in

Reopen roads around the destroyed Ford in Beirut two explosions, including one Mammoth one killed at least one hundred thirty-seven people on Tuesday and injured about five thousand others NPR's Ruth Sherlock it damage from this explosion is catastrophic there miles of smashed buildings and officials as to make hundreds of thousands of homeless. People are still very much trying to come to terms with this age groups on the ground and the rescue effort is ongoing and also let you know. I'm just a regular Lebanese who just coming out into the street. Some of them have had their own homes damaged, but they're rallying to help the West affected and tried to clear the debris French president Emmanuel macron has now arrived in Beirut to offer French Lebanese officials say they believe 2750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate used in bombs caught fire and then exploded

I'm afraid the Dow was up 49 points at 27000 258 NPR.

Twitter and Facebook have removed posts from President Trump that spread misinformation about the coronavirus both social media company say the post broke their rules against the misinformation Twitter banned Trump's campaign account from tweeting until the misleading post was removed 75 years ago today the United States dropped a nuclear weapon on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima as NPR Jeff Brumfield report historians. Say the anniversary should serve as a sobering reminder estimates are anywhere from 70 to 100 and 40,000 people perished in the blast the overwhelming majority were civilians for a long time the Hiroshima bombing lived on in the stories of survivors, but historian to Yoshi Hasegawa says that generation is all but the memory of the bombing. I think he's fading which is unfortunate. He says because nuclear weapons still exist in the thousands the US and Russia are canceling arms.

All treaties and new nuclear rifles like China and India are classic a full day in 1945 Geoff. Brumfiel. NPR news has increased the death toll from tropical storm. Ezio's to nine people it roared up the East Coast on Monday and Tuesday and left the fatalities from North Carolina to New York City. The AP says among the dead or a five-year-old girl. She may have been swept away by flood waters.

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