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Always Ready Podcast Episode 17Jada Pinkett Smith Red Table Talk ENTANGLEMENT | Real Estate For Beginners The Always Ready Podcast Team gives their perspective on the new definition of "entanglement" and react to Jada Pinkett-Smith's confession on Red Table Talk. August Alsina dropped a new single, 'Entanglements,' featuring Rick Ross recently. The song was inspired by Jada Pinkett Smith referring to her relationship with the 27-year-old r&b; singer as an ‘entanglement’ during her sit down with

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Let me so I got two pieces of gum. I got a piece of gum out to eat. I got the other piece of my sucker and I can just wait and he's not going to later. At least. That's what I did when I was a kid, so I kept a routine going.

So I called myself who has like all of these rules split in half.

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Spotify Apple podcast ready to go baby human the last week. This is your fault. That's what you're talkin about teeth and getting and getting teeth and chips fixed. We talkin about the process. Like I have my to chip when I was twelve and I went in and got it fixed and it lasted for like until I was like 32, so it's like 20 years and then I had to get a refill and no problem since then.

It's Still Rock and I'm Still rocking the chip game I ain't getting fixed yet. I've been debating next time next time till Friday. So first of all, one of my favorite candies growing up was when the blue raspberry Blow Pop came out as a blue raspberry Blow Pop terrible, man, so so I got like a 50 pack from Amazon. So, you know, it was a nice routine going on cuz my daughter would eat one. I would eat one and I will let you know. I mean, whatever she even when I eat incorrect, so devastating situation so Friday, I'm like man. I'm about to get a blow pop so I can eat my Blow Pop and then I'll blow pop gets down to where the gum is there.

you know to me and so

What I like to do is the bite top half off of my front teeth like a smooth little cut and me. So I got two pieces of gum. I got a piece of gum out to eat. I got the other piece of my sucker and I can just wait and eat that gun later. At least. That's what I did when I was a kid, so I kept a routine going.

So I called myself who has life split in half.

I'll be ready to go man. So I'm I go to bite it with my front teeth.

It didn't sound right selfish when I looked at the Blow Pop and it was like a small tiny piece of my tooth in a Blow Pop fix my so now all day Friday all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I got to chip to so this is bothering me the whole time. So

Shut up, the doctor Baker by the way over at pure Dental because I hit her up. I listen. I need to get in she like we not

That's good money. She's like not even open to get me and should I get you first thing on Monday and I thought she was just trying to give me the stop bugging her anyway, and I want cuz it cuz it in Kobe. Will they do not open on the weekends in first thing 11 getting a chair brother. I told you 10 minutes. It was 30 minutes actually, not 10:30, but you know, it's low price is basically patching up a hole man, you know, you put like a whole bunch that drill it down to the whole deal got in and out. Like it never even happened. I thought I had to get on always ready podcast. So, what did you learn?

What's a lesson lesson when I was as funny when I was sitting here laying on my back. I'm sitting here this like

seven different drill bits or whatever little headlight unit mean they got it like molded put it on by heated Harden it then go through and with the, you know, first little drill thing second third fourth and you got to look at it. Does it look? Okay. I know it still don't feel smooth and they got to go through it again. You got to look at it again is exactly what you want cuz it look right now look, right. Okay. Now we got to polish it and then dr. Becker had to come in and she had to look at it again. And then they had to smooth in between your teeth and make sure in between your teeth was perfect until it was absolutely should I need to be perfect for you didn't measure up the little color in your tooth and make sure it's all good and I started thinking just in general just the process man. I was laying there like mayonnaise process is dope cuz she is perfect in my tooth right now, but I couldn't just walk in there and it was exactly what I wanted. I knew what I wanted. I knew I wanted it to look exactly like my

YouTube did I got on with no different? This is exactly what I wanted to look like and now I got to go through this process and it was extremely uncomfortable at least the part where they were shaving inside of your tooth, you know Santa cuz they can do underneath but they had to do like almost like sandpaper in between and it kind of caught my gum a little bit. She like I'm sorry. It's going to be a little bit uncomfortable and you know, we always talking about mindset man, but just that process of drilling of grinding of you know what I mean, just being uncomfortable to get to the desired outcome that you want and most people are not with most people will do what you do. I'm in I'm just not trying to go through. I'm just not trying to go through it. But once you go through, you know black man, I should have did it did it a long time ago of drilling a process of grind in the process of being a comfortable. But if it's something that you really want you really desire you got to be willing to go through and then once you go through it and have exactly what you want.

She was worth it. Now. You got your Chinese back. That's why that's why I told my daughter shoe brush your teeth and always thank you. That was that was really the lesson learned that I was going for. Like, you know, you gave me to give a good lesson. You might not get 50% I mean, I just don't understand bro. You are 63260 who's saving a half a piece of Blow Pop bro anything all day SpongeBob pop gun with all that Candace is too much money. They spend it out, like that. That's my point to eat half and half.

Gemini alarm not even that long but it was worth it though. Nobody would ever do whatever whatever. You Blow Pops, but you good. Okay, I got to tell you been do you feel like a new person? They want to call me a you like you not getting the car washed in the blood. I went to the gym today.

Did not want to go to the gym like went to bed late with the bed around two 2 a.m. Alarm clock buzzing at 5 and alarm clock go off in the morning. You really like the Baton Rouge yourself like this is real. This is really happening, but I decided to get up man, and I got it in today, man, and I heard her crying. So here's the deal if I would have never went to the gym.

I never heard I don't never heard Kanye West a lesson in that what you learn what you learn from that from last week. I like the song if you don't get up at 5 in the morning if we end up at 5 in the morning. I don't hear his new song and he just got your vote just on the song man going hard.

Are we in there this weekend though. I've been waiting to hear your perspective on that. So this weekend massive massive relationship right massive relationship news some wisdoms for some people some guidance some anger some confusion with Jada and will and August what you got there cuz you probably only know half the story cuz you don't keep over there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah for real, you know, my my better half keep me somewhat connected to the real world. I'm at times but

I had seen receipt something like a few weeks ago. You know me. Some came out August came out and I saw her just a little bit of post. I remember. Do you remember I never asked for his hair like I had never heard of August until like this weekend whenever I'm out the game.

Never never heard his album. None, like, you know at first glance in the way you talk to yourself like you would you would see himself as a kind of Street. Do you know the name? Maybe you know a street dude?

But you know, he's a singer. He's out. He's the R&B, you know, I mean, you know, so you got that.

He's very emotional. Okay, you know I'm saying is very emotional while back but very emotional very, you know, Captain. I was just confused, you know, whenever he came out a few weeks ago and start talking about this whole dating thing.

I was trying to figure out his hair so you wouldn't even pay attention to hair doing like we're going to be like diving to it all the way out and do crazy and you know, so course when it first came out, you know, do you know must be tripping out course, no relationship greater than Wheels relationship has been in the public Spotlight for years and you know, whatever they do and they and they sit together since 97.

a crazy chef

and what have those around there about 95?

Well, she was on.

Get out of the others probably that was probably hurt her. Come out coming out party Low Down Dirty Shame anyway.

Yeah me know. I really believe that mean I know what to believe I know will in a minute had a little situation we were coming out when you know when she came set herself at the red tape on her own self to the situation that I hear a lot of things, you know her and will rumor going around that takes a lot of humidity right? Like yeah, we going we going to address this as a couple we going to dress it in the public or social media now, right? I mean, I'm going to dress it the right way clear the air which I mean you can argue. Is that like a good thing or bad my head on that when you go go ahead would it serve a story. I'm you talkin 20 million twenty-five million. I mean they pushing major hits and I'm talkin, you know weekend.

6 hour. They was at like 10 million views in the 6 hour. So I don't know what it is right now.

Is there ulterior motive behind any of the stuff? Of course, I mean like Kanye album coming out on August 2nd of may be relevant away and probably like playing. Bring that up anyway, man, so they get to it they talk about it. She comes back she comes out and and she just disclosed the whole situation like yes, this is true is not a rumor, you know, we did have an entanglement me you Dave.

Be a man so she came out said it and people been writing people been people been riding that way bro. It's been funny. It's been good entertainment and no relationship standpoint. What you learned from watching. Am I what did you agree with? It didn't agree with with the whole the whole way. They did it the situation 3394 years ago without her and so I would imagine that Will and Jada, you know, he talked about how they were split they came back together. They seem like they have a very open communication system and relationship and I'm sure they've talked about this particular incident together internally. It was just that YouTube my Facebook YouTube

I mean again, like I said, it takes a lot to to come to that table publicly. I mean they're used to it cuz they State they live very public live, but I think it takes a lot to it to come to that table and and share your business specially with your kids not a kiss is a little bit older but still, you know, I'm and I don't know how much they kids was involved in knowing a sand and now you like no or or or or what-have-you. So yeah, man, it just takes a lot man. But you know, I commend them for you know, having that to that level of humility man to be able to do is do so in a level of respect for each other and you know, I mean just be able to face it and let me be able to face it in the public eye. I think there's

There's two there's two there's two sides if I mean, there's always to take responsibility and lightstrip anybody else has the power to control and manipulate the conversation of the narrative. So you let okay you can say that so now I'm about to go to my platform which is you know, 5 6 7 8 10 times bigger than any platform that you have. I'm a sit-down with my husband. We going to go wake me up at 12 minutes disclose all put it to bed and let everybody including us talk about it here to me and get them views get in touch with y'all can kind of come to your own conclusions. And you know, that's kind of like even like a good movie or a good documentary or anything worth discussing is like you have good and bad to it like a people are talking about it and can discuss and get better. You know, I'm saying like go for we going to throw this out to you and let you all handle that y'all deal with it and however, it lines with your personal values and all that. And so I think that part is always crazy like a I'm going to throw this out there and we out Feast cuz we don't have to respond.

To what we just said, you know, I mean we put it out there so we don't have to say nothing else about it. Cuz we we kind of rely on in there. They're not obviously you think I can't remember what all this started saying off of that once he heard. I remember what his reply to last and I haven't either so I don't know what his rebuttal would have been so that's cool. I like taking control of the situation is to hang man. This is what it is. Do you know me? I don't think we should I don't think anyway cuz y'all was doing your research. I was going to figure out and I would rather created than y'all at the same time. No.

I am more of a private dude. Like I don't want I'm not now you're married. But if I'm married I'm not bringing my wife to the table and now we bout to go through this whole thing that we probably didn't handle on the back and you know, I mean behind the scenes and now I got to sit and we got to sit and do this again in front of everybody and now we include the whole world but the conversation that we had in our living room maybe with our closest family or our kids or people that knew about it or something coming up. We talked to him about it and we moved off of it. Now we bringing and inviting in everybody to our situation and not only that once that many voices get involved as a human you got to work that much harder to try and like make sure we keep everybody out now because now anybody that's attacking Jada

People trying to dig up cell phone will now that what they will do, you know what I'm saying? So what and so while that's going on then them two got to make sure that all the pup tabloids and all the Publications and everybody to send all this stuff and more rumors are swirling. It did Jay to give all the information up in the August come back out and say something now, they got an almost like work even harder now to make their relationship even tighter from inviting everybody else and I'm not saying that they couldn't have made a statement. But if you watch the body language, or will he was sitting there like someone but I mean you got to sit through that and you got to support your wife, but at the same time you get to make a choice on inviting the whole world into your relationship and and hoping for the best buy. Okay moving forward everybody that I look at it and everybody is going to be looking at you like a man, you know, my wife cheated on me cuz I ain't got no marks on him right now, you know what I'm saying? So that's just another

Piece of the puzzle. Again personally, I would have went that far with it. Would you do for 10 million know because she might save it. I don't know that the arrangement arrangement. I just believe in like for defying your family and shielding off all that outside noise. So if I do come out and say something and my family already know what it is, we figure out the best way to put out a statement Android up Instagram post or whatever put a picture of me will in the family like your we kicking it right now in the Bahamas having a good time, you know, hopefully you have a nice album release whatever and just keep it moving. It would have calmed down a lot quicker if they would have just did that, you know, I mean again,

He's not going to fly off the handle. You notice a you know, kind of outlandish things people with a project chalked it up. Okay, maybe it is. Maybe it isn't he got album listen to the album and and keep it pushing now that the the big guns your point then came out big will you know big big big Willie and that's what they have extended. I mean now you got memes you got dancing and in soundtracks who know, they got a whole new world word in the dictionary, but I'm saying, you know now people going to be using that for that's going to be 20 20 more likes on Facebook. I don't know if it's still an option but like for relationship status is like in a relationship Mary it's complicated thing Aladdin Tangled, I mean

I'll be awhile. And I mean you said earlier you said?

August the month of August is going to be Bruno Mars, August 6th.

So yeah, man. Sorry August 23rd is going to be is it going to be forever or it's going to be a reminder? But you know what man and some has some broccoli play a song to his been nothing but entertainment, you know, I know that I know it's their personal lives and you know, sometimes those lines get blurred and gets crossed but you know about them and how when you get when you can bring something to the table like that, especially after it's been some time even though they may not fully be completely healed from it.

Is is in a good place right when you get there and joking you know what man is when we've been there we done that we can joke about it. We can laugh about it. Let's move on right like life is life is too short, you know, I'm saying to be dealing with that. So again, it says a lot about them as a couple says a lot about them individually says a lot about them as a family and at the end of the day, man.

You know, what is it? I don't know the divorce rate these days. I know it's high 60% something crazy for you know, if

Mistakes happen, you know what I'm saying? And if people can

and you know, you don't situation when people can learn to just at least take that.

What would would they show you know, I'm saying they're coming together in at least talk or communicate, you know make make make the right decisions not emotionally cheating through and in together come to a decision man. That that's best for yourselves in the family. I mean, I think you know, we've been a much better situation for that stand for let me see these two.

I can't stand when it comes to personal gain The Whistleblower dog. Like I can't stand it. Like there's no reason for him to bring up Jada.

At all bro, put your album out and just do your music is always like I get it like when if we're talkin about crimes being committed and or stuff, you know, me too me too me too movement was huge. You don't need people doing things and you talkin about assaults and all that like I get it. Keep tell tell it you talkin about a crime being committed about don't like all of a sudden because it's going to benefit you. You got some dirt on somebody you just going to throw him under the bus just because he still he still a little bit he was talking like that he was in love in like, you know I'm saying, but they ain't got nothing to do with it.

Man up bro. Nice. Stop. Just stop talk. Just stop using somebody else's name in a public forum to help yourself the Greek near me. That's that's that's what we at now. I just that that person like come on man. I wouldn't let you know since me talking bad about somebody on a public forum.

Purposely trying to get them to come on this side the kind of battle total told me so I can use a platform in a position to help boost mind right now. I might even give you the time of day and I've been doing it actually meant to bring me to some I've been but let me ask you a question. So since we kind of talking about relationships and and value and you know, whether whether went down or where they went up what can

depreciate and appreciate in the same time

so we can go up and down at the same time.

Brown feel like wasting their seconds

water property real estate

water in real estate property water properties water Waterfront waterfront property in I've been kind of like back on my real estate grind here recently mad last week. We gave some some tiger joke that wasn't like a riddle. I was just a question. I'm getting I'm getting to what I'm trying to say here. Alright I'm saying I've been on my real estate grind.

Back and getting back in the real estate game, you know, I was heavy into real estate properties and things of that nature kind of I was I was dead smack in the in the downfall in the pits in an 08 and 09 when Real Estate was nothing and so, you know, I kind of said the way I kind of, you know, try my hand and some other things I got rid of some properties things of that nature kick myself in the butt to this day wish that I would have had a little bit more foresight Luma wisdom and knowledge to hold on to those properties man. I wish I would be up for five times at this point. But anyway never too late, right? So kind of understanding Market understanding what's going on, you know, who is real estate is always kind of been there been a passion just been a connection and in some kind of diving back into it and been looking at different.

Properties in different things of that nature recently. I saw a lot of property here yesterday and I've been walking through it. It just started at 2 to click in my head in the course of when we talkin about, you know, these relationships in a relationship being depreciated being the value be undermined you and I mean being lower being degraded but then at the same time, I appreciate it, you know what I mean? So and one in, you know, we talkin to Jada and will thing and you got an August stats depreciating their names in the same in their character so forth and so on but they've come to the table to show you how much they appreciate each other in a relationship has grown its appreciated his growing in value their back together as one right? And so why all this is going you going down and you going up is not is not a lot of things that can go down and up at the same time. You know what I mean? But when you think it is real estate, it's like Manic and appreciate and depreciate at the same time.

It's freaking amazing, you know when you think about it and so I gave some tax information. I listen. I'm not a tax accountant. I'm not a tax provider service manager for entertainment educational purposes only but taxes due Wednesday, July 15th. Still got some property looking at depreciation looking at appreciation and I just start thinking man as far as like how that happens. Right and in our lives, you know me. There's a lot of times we're witches depreciated in value. You know, I mean r value is stripper, you know where downgraded, you know, where look down upon and so, you know where depreciated value literally goes down. But when were in the right location right when we're in the right headspace when were in the right mindset when we truly know our value, right and we're grounded and in Foundation then no matter what did the

Jason no matter what we take off of the value, right? We can still appreciate you know, I mean, even in times like this we can still go for we can still go up and we can still appreciate in value man. It's all just kind of thinking about that thinking about, you know, a lot of the things that we've been, you know, bring into this platform and of course, you know, this Will and Jada piece man, and then turn it back in the real estate. If you don't have the real estate in your portfolio and you need to get some real estate, you know, man. It's a great tax benefit and shelter, you know, cuz you can take off the depreciation of your assets assets.

Go get some sets when you asked you can take off the depreciation to work out and you can appreciate in value man real estate is a great way to start creating generational wealth in the meantime. Like I said be able to move around minute and generate cash flow. So just to give me some give me some property. He told me to get something right now. If you need something about that before we jump off is depreciation part and then you mentioned location but a lot of it is connecting to the right people.

That can Envision and see what you can become and if so, you might say hey I'm going to this particular area and somebody else may say that trash. Why would you buy that property? There's no reason for you to buy this is trash and you like 9, I can see the potential what it can become and what it can become if the other area around it gets elevated as well. So you were talking in regards to dealing with your life and it's just about who you surround yourself with and the people that do come into your life. How do they see you? And so a lot of times people to come in as encouragers more people that's helping you through challenging times. They can see the greatness as any that's why everybody needs a coach. That's what y'all should make sure y'all on Thursdays always ready training with always ready movement for us to get on into building to help you grow because everybody needs somebody to push them that can see something inside of you that you couldn't I mean the only reason we

Able to get from middle school to High School from High School to playing college ball from college ball to the NFL's we had coaches that was willing to pull and push us and pull things out of us that we ain't even know was there so I think that's a part of it to man coach and get you a realtor and a tax person get all of it. Is there again, make sure you subscribe if you watching on YouTube If you listening live make sure you drop a comment and make sure you check us out on Apple podcast and on Spotify and Instagram and Twitter and Facebook. We everywhere we on every platform and if you can't do that send a carrier pigeon to it always ready. Com.

He's so good. I'm so grateful. He's so good life is but a dream no matter what you been through.

He's so good. I'm so grateful. He's so good life is but a dream no matter what you been through.

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