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NPR News: 08-06-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer. Canada is reacting strongly to President Trump's decision to impose new tariffs on some Canadian Aluminum Products as NPR's Jackie Northam reports audible cost to move unwarranted and unacceptable especially during a pandemic about the Trump Administration using National Security concerns to impose 10% tariffs on Canadian Aluminum Products from said, the punitive measures were to prevent a surge in Imports Freeland said Canadian aluminum does not undermine US National Security and that in a time of global pandemic and economic crisis. The last thing u.s. And Canadian workers need our new tariffs that will raise cost impede the free flow of trade and hurt local economies Freeland said in response, Canada will impose dollar-for-dollar countermeasures.

Jackie Northam NPR News Washington active order at the White House to address when he calls the threat posed by the mobile application you order basically Banning any transactions with tik-tok's owner bytedance starting 45 days from now open sign on your side of the US citizens is also added a similar executive order regarding WeChat owner tencent Holdings. The Secret Service is out with his hands. Look at Mass attacks across the u.s. Latest figure covers 2019 Ford has recorded 34 attacks in which three or more people were harmed and an alarm has more that's when is a by-the-numbers. Look at Mass attacks any given year 34 the number of attacks in the US last year a hundred and eight. The number of people killed in those attacks 178 were injured the Secret Service.

She looks at duration of attacks among the shortest the mass shooting a year ago in a bar District in Dayton, Ohio and just 32 seconds. The gunman killed nine people and wounded 20 the longest with in December when two assailants open fire on a Kosher Market, New Jersey their gun battle with police last two three and a half hours 9 of the attackers in the report had studied or expressed admiration for other perpetrators in Mass violence report also examines motivations targets and weapons and islaam NPR news midsize. The number of State jobless claims last week fell by 249000 even is nearly 1.2 million people were signing up for unemployment at slightly better than anticipated still at March 20th a straight week. It was at least a million people that found first-time jobless claims on Wall Street that I was up 185 points the NASDAQ Rose 109 points today. This is NPR.

Health officials in Arizona say the number of covid-19 deaths in that state continues to rise now surpassing 4000 cording to State Health officials the States Department of Health Services reporting today worth another 1400 confirm coronavirus cases with 70 more deaths with people dying at a rapid Pace Health officials in Maricopa County recently confirmed that somebody's have been moved to portable storage units at least 70 NFL players have decided not to play this season as NPR's, golden reports. It was the deadline for opting out because of concerns about the covid-19 pandemic half of the reported 66 players opting out our defensive or offensive lineman there in close contact with opponents and teammates on every play upping their risk for the highly transmissible coronavirus. The New England Patriots have the most players opting out with eight including veteran defensive Stars Dante Hightower and Patrick Chung voluntary opt-outs will receive a $150,000.

Salary Advance players for the existing health issues Dean high-risk opt-outs get $350,000 not counted against their salary NFL players still can opt out if a close family member gets seriously ill with covid-19 or if they're newly diagnosed with a high-risk condition. Tom Goldman NPR news operator Hilton for the second quarter lost 432 million dollars Hotel occupancy. Also was only a 20% in the US and 15 percentage points in Asia during April to June quarter. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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