NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-06-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 08-06-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump used to visit to an Ohio manufacturing plant today the role of a new executive order on government drug purchases from Member station wcpn Nick Castel has the story Trump spoke at the Whirlpool washing machine plant in Clyde, Ohio about 75 miles west of Cleveland and wide-ranging remarks the attack Democratic rival Joe Biden and unveiled a new executive order about drugs from American sources president trip includes a fundraiser in the Cleveland area, Ohio democrats are criticizing Trump for spending time campaigning rather than working to break the deadlock in Congress over more Federal coronavirus age for NPR news on Nick Castel, Ohio Governor. Mike dewine has tested negative for covid-19 Albers after receiving a positive test result before scheduled visit with President Trump.

The first test was arranged by the White House is part of standard protocol before meeting up with Trump in Cleveland. The initial result prompted the wind to return home where he announced plans to self quarantine for 14 days.

New York's attorney general says the state is trying to dissolve the National Rifle Association as NPR's Windsor Johnston reports a lawsuit alleges enter a Leader's diverted millions of dollars and the organization's money to benefit themselves and friends the lawsuit based on the findings of an 18-month investigation alleges that for executives of the nonprofit including CEO. Lil Wayne LaPierre squandered millions of dollars in donations on personal trips expensive meals and private jets the suit also orders the executives to pay full restitution and never again serve on the board of the New York charity the NRA calls the lawsuit of baseless premeditated attack on Second Amendment freedoms longer warning Americans to avoid travel overseas as NPR's Michele kelemen reports. The department is suggesting the Traveler's check its website for the latest health information on the countries. They want to visit

Which the state department issued a global Health advisory telling Americans do avoid international travel because of the pandemic but assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Carl risch says health and safety conditions are improving in some places. So the department is now offering country-by-country advisories detailed and actionable information to make informed travel decisions many countries have restrictions on Americans and the state department says it will try to make that information available on its website to Michele. Kelemen NPR news. Wall Street stocks closed higher today the Dow Jones Industrials Road 285 point. This is NPR.

President Trump has issued an executive order Banning any transactions with Chinese companies that own the messaging app WeChat and video sharing app Tik Tok the order takes fact in 45 days Trump initially threatened to ban Tik Tok unless it's us operations were sold by September 15th. Microsoft says its acquisition of those assets should be completed by then.

Canadian officials are expressing deep concern over 1/3 Canadian in recent years being given a death sentence by China is Dan Carpenter. Reports. The sentence is related to drug charges between Auto and Beijing already sour over Canada's Detention of a Chinese Telecom exec took a turn for the worse after a Chinese court ordered the death penalty for Canadians you weigh Hong Ki and an accomplice were accused of making the powerful painkiller ketamine for years ago and storing it in Jews home Canada opposes. The death penalty. The government is provided Consular assistance does you and is seeking clemency China Canada relations have deteriorated since the extradition trial of Telecom exec Hmong. Lanzhou, China retaliated by arresting two Canadians and accusing them of spying do other Canadians have been sentenced to death by Beijing over drug cases for NPR news. I'm Dan Carpenter in Toronto former. Ambassador to Japan Bill Haggerty has won the Tennessee Republican primary for an open US senate seat.

He overcame a challenge from a trauma surgeon to clench his party's nomination for the seats that being vacated by retiring Republican. Senator Lamar Alexander will face. The winner of Tennessee's Democratic primary November. This is NPR news.
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