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NPR News: 08-07-2020 1AM ET

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Fly from NPR news on Shea Stephens, Ohio governor results from to coronavirus screenings the wind tested negative for the disease Thursday hours after a rapid test administered by the White House before his plan meeting with President Trump came back positive State House correspondent caring Council reports that the wind says he'll be tested. Once again on Saturday the 73 year old wine and Lieutenant Governor. John husted were scheduled to greet Trump as he arrived for a fundraiser and a tour of a washing machine plant in Northeast. Ohio used to tested negative and a video press conference after his positive result. The wind said he had a headache but that's it. I get a lot of headaches throughout my life. So headache is not that unusual. I feel well he was tested again in Columbus along with his wife and staff members all came back negative press conferences away from reporters to avoid contact with crowds.

You should have statewide mask men date 2 weeks ago for NPR news on Karen Kessler in Columbus as the government prepares to release its unemployment report for July Congressional lawmakers. Still have no deal on a new coronavirus relief package extended job with benefits from millions of American workers expired a week ago. The World Health Organization is asking the United State to reconsider pulling out of the institution who director-general. Dr. Tedros. Andom desprecias says he is urging the us to do its part to unify the global community in the fight against the pandemic multilateral organizations can only support life who the leaders always have been.

Countries especially the major ones who can bring the whole world together President Trump hold the u.s. Out of the WHL outside in the organization slow response to the pandemic and what he calls it strongest Centric approach to containing it was a good service is releasing its annual report on mass attacks across the country that latest figures cover 2019 as NPR's Hannah Alam reports authorities examine 34 attacks involving three or more victims has look at Mass attacks in a given year 34 the number of attacks in the US last year a hundred and eight. The number of people killed in of the tax 178 were injured the Secret Service also looks at duration of attacks among the shortest the mass shooting a year ago in a bar District in Dayton, Ohio and just 32 seconds. The gunman killed nine people and wounded 20 the longest with in December when two assailants open fire on a Kosher Market, New Jersey their gun battle with police last two three and a half hours 9 of the attackers in the room.

Forehead study to express admiration for other perpetrators in Mass violence the report also examines motivations targets and weapons and islaam NPR news.

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The Tennessee Valley Authority says it will not replace in-house technology workers with skilled foreign labor after all. They know it's been coming after President Trump fire tva's chairman and threatened to out several other board members over the matter the federal government created the TVA in 1933 to provide flood control electricity and economic development to Tennessee and other devastated parts of the South during the Great Depression Arabia send a hit squad to Canada to kill a former top intelligence official the Dan carpenter shop reports Canada's Public Safety Minister says officials in Ottowa are aware of foreign actors trying to intimidate Canadians of trying to silence Dr. Al jabri a farmer veteran of the Saudi government with expertise in National Security and counterterrorism. Now a permanent resident of Canada, the suit says algebra have sensitive and damning information about the prince.

And that is why I didn't summon wanted him dead. I'll drop reclaims at the prince send a hit squad to North America to kill him. But Canadian border agents denied all but one of the members entry civil complaint is unproven in court Canada's Public Safety Minister Bill Blair calls, these kinds of incidents completely unacceptable and says, they will not be tolerated in Canada for NPR news. I'm done Carpenter. Kanter Auto stocks are lower down 2% in Hong Kong US futures are lower in after-hours trading following gains on Wall Street Thursday on Shea Stephens. This is NPR news.
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